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Melee - For a lifetime lyrics

and angels on this old street 22 ... years and I'm still asleep at home, It's all that I've ... known Most of my friends have all moved away, Gone off ... weight in gold Every day is a lifetime, Back to the

Liam  Payne lyricsLiam Payne - For you (feat. rita ora) lyrics

your eyes, I'm alive Inside you're beautiful ... Something so unusual In your eyes I know I'm ... home (yeah) Every tear, every fear Gone with the ... thought of you Changing what I thought I knew I'll be

Teedra Moses - For a lifetime lyrics

give and you give But you never ... seem to get back in return What you give So your heart's in ... through third degree burns And in the end, you just want

Haste The Day - For a lifetime lyrics

know you I know who you are I'm thought with your games I know you I know who ... you are I'm thought with your games And ever-changing Ever ... changing faces Let go Feel it leave

Maher Zain - For the rest of my life lyrics

praise Allah for sending me you my love You ... found me home and sail with me And I`m here with ... you know You`ve opened my heart I was always thinking that ... love was wrong But everything was changed when you came along OOOOO

Clay Evans - For the rest of my life lyrics

the rest of my life I will serve Him I should not ... stray From His love I can't turn back For the rest of ... my life I will serve Him Forever more Soloist For the

Brian Mcknight - For the rest of my life lyrics

light, star bright, Have you ever felt the way I ... feel tonight? Sparkle in your eyes, as the diamond shines, Guaranteeing that ... you'll always be mine. Let me tell you, for the rest of my life I'll be

Gary Numan - For the rest of my life (reprise) lyrics

will love you Miss you All of my life I will ... wonder About you All of my life. I will ... need you Want you All of my life But I've ... lost you Lost you For the rest of my

Gary Numan - For the rest of my life lyrics

Do you see? Everything is fading Everything just fades away Look around Do you ... But there's only you and me Do you wonder How ... we came to be here? Do you

Jenix - For you and for me lyrics

s hard to believe it It's hard to describe it But ... I look in your eyes I see that you're a part of me And I ... You smile shines brighter than the sun And I am blinded by

Mr. Mister - Lifetime lyrics

was a poet, a dreamer For 53 years he had kept in my heart, La Dorada She tried so hard to forget him But Fermina ... Daza would love Florentino Ariza I'll wait a lifetime

All The Shelters - Lifetime lyrics

will never regret my life When everything is falling ... down around me And I don't know what to do I ... Don't ever regret a thing For one day was what you wanted

Liam  Payne lyricsLiam Payne - Liam payne & rita ora - for you lyrics

Ora In your eyes, I'm alive, inside you're beautiful ... something so unusual, in your eyes I know I'm ... home (yeah), every tear, every fear, gone with the

Rita Ora lyricsRita Ora - For you - feat. liam payne (from 50 shades fr.. lyrics

your eyes, I'm alive Inside your beautiful ... Something so unusual in your eyes I know I'm ... home (yeah) Every tear, every fear Gone with the ... thought of you Changing what I thought I knew I'll be

Rita Ora lyricsRita Ora - For you (feat. liam payne) lyrics

your eyes, I'm alive Inside your beautiful ... Something so unusual in your eyes I know I'm ... home (yeah) Every tear, every fear Gone with the ... thought of you Changing what I thought I knew I'll be

Eve - Life is so hard (teena marie) lyrics

Eve] This song is a dedication to those strugglin and ... livin on For those who can't see the light, it's comin ... Stay strong, feel me.. [echoes] ... [Teena Marie] Ooohhhh, yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah,

Mono Inc. - Life hates you lyrics

seconds like seven days Time doesn't pass at all ... It's all the same When love has gone, the ... fear remains Nowhere to lay your head down, when it rains And you wait for

Lifetime - Irony is for suckers lyrics

try not to think about things, just be happy for ... one night. And maybe we could go get a drink or ... maybe you could take me for a drive. I could show you where

M People - Life lyrics

in power waste their time To young and ... creativeto lives of crime. Logic ... s a tool so very unusual We all had enough of the crack abuse. It's time to change our

Machine Gun Kelly - Life lyrics

up Me and my dawgs old, day one You would think we ... didn't, grow up Cause all they say "The good ... die young, all the good don't last"

Outlawz - Life is what you make it lyrics

is what you make it nigga Get up off your ass and get ... some Always hollering about you want something nigga ... Young Noble Yo, I've been abducted by the block But I had to escape Imagine my fate

Lily Allen - Life for me lyrics

the day's over and I have a second to myself I lie on ... the sofa watching TV Get on the computer ... and start checking up on everyone ... On everyone else Looking at all the pictures Up to all

Jethro Tull - Life's a long song lyrics

you've fallen awake And you take Stock of the new ... day. And you hear your voice croak As you ... choke on what you need to say. Well, don't you fret

Acid Reign - Life in forms lyrics

s some paper, spill your history Nearly each day I enter a world ... Of paper people and paper mentalities The sponge away all my facts No matter what

The Beloved - For your love lyrics

your love there's a place in my life I will give to ... you for your love every beat of my heart every day for ... your love I will travel the world I'll go anywhere

Crematory - For love lyrics

years for this feelling of intimacy ... This pleasant well-known shower Of endearment My love for you burns ... like a fire In my deepest self ... Your life is the absolute Perfection on earth

Edguy - For a trace of life lyrics

go. Don't know if I know what is good to be known I ... wonder if madness is just a child of my urge to know. ... The more that I ask The more I get down. A

Fat Joe - Life goes on lyrics

Intro - Fat Joe talking] Yeah, uh, yeah, Loyalty, haha ... She was sixteen maybe seventeen, uh Who you ... gonna trust? And Life Goes On (2002) The timin ain

Gang Of Four - Life, it's a shame lyrics

t stop out too late at night Stop! It's a caution ... the red light Stop! It's a caution To act for the good for congressman is money A balance of power will ensure our safety (Making money is making sense) Life! (Making

Gp Wu - Life bid lyrics

out, breathe in, breathe out Yo yo hold on hold on ... on hold on hold on hold on Before we do that, before we do that before we do that Let my man burn, let my man burn real

Isyss - Single for the rest of my life lyrics

..oh... Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah Ooh, ooh Oh, yeah, yeah Sitting here Daydreamin’ about you Oh, ... everything we had Wish I could get it back

Ja Rule - Life goes on lyrics

This one goes out To all my niggaz across the world ... Going through that struggle Feeling that pain ... We wit you my niggaz But no matter what God has

Love Like Blood - Life lyrics

this was your life ? let's think about it, let ... s take a look back, before you die ! what do you think ... ? too less, too much ? was it all right ? was it enough

Mac Dre - Life's a bitch lyrics

Chorus:] Bitch Life's a bitch Life's a bitch and ... then you die Life's a bitch and then you die Lifes a bitch ... and then you die Lifes a bitch and then you die It

John Michael Montgomery - Life's a dance lyrics

I was fourteen I was falling fast For a blue-eyed girl in my ... homeroom class Tryin' to find the courage ... to ask her out Was like trying to get oil from a water spout What she would've

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Life won't wait lyrics

watch it all change, Take the news of the day And ... throw it away Time will kill all the pain, Fate will cure ... the decay of all this blind ambition, The greed brings us

Simple Minds - Life in day lyrics

In A Day The price that you pay For time that you ... spent It's such a fatal event Take a look at your ... watch There is no time to wait Take a look deep inside

Richard Smallwood - Life that shows lyrics

need a life that shows Every single day, ... every way Light that glows You need a life that ... shows Peoeple deal with you every day They see ... you come, and likewise go They listen to

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Life goes on lyrics

me , if I use you in my dreams You throw those angel eyes ... at me Or could the beautiful woman be more than she ... she is not in love with me All of my life I been looking for someone to carry my love away

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - For you are lyrics

Don't miss out on love, Tear you down, It'll make you wanna, Break down and cry, Don ... t miss out on love, Take a long time, Remember baby, ... Kinda makes me feel alright I feel the need, Say I feel the need, Everybody

Princess Nokia - For the night lyrics

Intro] Smash my heart in pieces, it looks so good ... on the floor [Chorus] For the night, for the night State to state, back to back, all ... the time Get the bag, airtight I could change your

Babylon Whores - Life fades away lyrics

high the Sun For the Lovers, for the Moon For the Hanged Man ... For the Fool Tread gently with your dancing ... feet Over past men in righteous sleep The

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - For once in my life lyrics

my own world, surrounded by walls I can’t take this feeling ... no more Patiently waiting for signs and for calls Give me ... strength and faith to open that door I hold on, don’t let

Sophie B. Hawkins - Life is a river lyrics

t let Fear stop me now I can't bear to find out That I ... ve lied to myself And risked not asking for your ... help Life is a river And it flows to the sea I wont

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - For u lyrics

a look in your eyes again Just to lay in your arms ... Just to be the first one always there for you Just to live ... in your laughter Just to sing in your

Kottonmouth Kings - Life rolls on lyrics

day gone... Sittin in my ... bubble berry so I settled for the blue Snapped it through and my lungs start to hurt ... put your dick in the dirt And people go bizerk tryin’ to

3 Years Hollow - For life lyrics

get up and run! Just give into this ... of mine, you're tucking away all those things inside, ... remember the truth. You'll fall and you'll know i'm right

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - For your love lyrics

know how it feels to be all alone. In the darkness of the ... gone, I just close my eyes. And I'm going to start to fantasize. I touch your body, kiss ... your lips. And I even need a love inside. Shadows, dreaming, and I start to realize.

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - For the record lyrics

the record You oughta know You wasn't thinking ... When you let me go But whatever That's how it goes Win ... some you lose some And others you hold in your heart Why it gets so hard Tears you all apart Even though

10cc - Life is a minestrone lyrics

m dancing on the White House lawn Sipping tea by the Taj Mahal at dawn Hanging round the gardens of Babylon Minnie Mouse ... has got it all sewn up She gets more fan

Daedalus - Life lyrics

quot;Life, life is the most enchanting gift ... you have" you said to me when I was crying and I felt your embrace hearing your sweet voice and

Dark Age - Life for blood lyrics

it all away- but who is riding all fault ... Bassel and affectation have become your ways But I want you to know that the remedy ... is already here Just another downfall of all

Dvsr - Life and death lyrics

1st VERSE) So far it's been tough So far it's ... been rough But I can't sleep now with a prison in ... my head will I be forgiving the minimal living? I ... don't want to see death no more But I want to see life and I want to see a lot of

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - For heaven's sake lyrics

those clouds of trouble We have to find a world that’s new ... Buy a new dress and go out dancing Do all the things you wanna do For heaven’s sake, you

Greg Kihn Band - For you lyrics

card she sends me With her regards Ballroom eyes shine vacancy To see her, you gotta ... look hard Wounded deep in battle I stand stuffed like ... some soldier undaunted To her Cheshire smile

Hole lyricsHole - For once in your life lyrics

just don't love me And I just don't care Oh, I ... never said I would play fair Something so perfect and ... so rare There is no cure There's ... not a prayer, a prayer Look what I can do I am the only perfect choice You

Courtney Love - For once in your life lyrics

just don't love me And I just don't care Oh, I ... never said I would play fair Something so perfect and ... so rare There is no cure There's ... not a prayer, a prayer Look what I can do I am the only perfect choice You

Marty Liar - For my name lyrics

say I'm crazy in the world, Every day I ... say strong: For my name you go. I am very strong ... emotion I have a little situation I can say for my name

Nomy - Life is a bitch lyrics

me my machine bring me gasoline That is all I need ... When I wake up in the morning just to ... see another day at work awaits me But I dont wanna go ... No I dont wanna go Dont you f***ing make me

Petra - For all you're worth lyrics

by Bob Hartman Music by Jim Cooper Hold on ... to life for all you're worth You know He ... died for all you're worth He loves you ... You have the greatest value He gave His life for all For all you're worth By this time

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