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Eternal 2 - Free to live lyrics

saw the future dying And heard her baby crying And wondered why it had to be She sat and watched the sunrise And felt the tears of compromise A young girl learning to be free Her days and nights were so cold She longed to share her heart and soul With someone willing t

E-type - Free like a flying demon lyrics

m calling upon your attention Now is the time, we're talking serious redemption Come follow me red light wasn't warning when I first saw her body move I wasn't sure it was a jet stall. I thought I had it all, now I am down and low Memories on the wall, I have

Cryonic - Free like an eagle lyrics

to be a perfect gentleman What you don't see it's eaten you Not long ago I act just like you There wasn't time to serve all my needs Hard to please do let it go Hard to say no Free like an eagle I'm cute my wire I'm flying higher I'm flying higher Free like an eagl

Divinefire - Free like an eagle lyrics

like an eagle My eyes are red and open wide Those scars everywhere I see I'm thinking about the other side I'm scared but I know I'm gonna be I'm the lock and key, so many wasted years Free like an eagle, flying high above the clouds Free and nothing's gonna t

Vanessa Paradis lyricsVanessa Paradis - Bliss lyrics

smoky room Stardust in the eyes Anything will rise Our bellys bloomed Sunset red fly toes Haunted mind Where I go there it goes Your soul within mine I'm a book in my dreams See what I love you means Far from the ground Below the sky No

Paul Gilbert - Bliss lyrics

am a mountain I stand a mile high Free and I'm all alone You never slow down You want to know me But don't lose your way to go I am the green forest, desert sand Deep valley's the palm of my hand If you dare, climb on top When you make it up Just

Jen Foster - Free lyrics

wake up and welcome another day The singing outside makes me smile I used to sleep in until noon would break But now this is my favorite time I walk out the door and a stranger’s there When they wave at me, I wave back now I used to look down

A Hero For The World - Free forever lyrics

in world’s so far away Born into a brand new day Once in world’s so far away Taken to another land Brought into a whole new world Taken to another land You’re free forever You are free when all is said and done Now fly on angel You will still be flying when I’m gone Free

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Bliss bliss lyrics

was going haywire, feeling out of tune Sipping drinks slowly, early afternoon Always calling me a drifter but you’re diggin’ what I do I dance so lonely, dark untruth Bliss, bliss, bliss when you’re gonna see Your every little heartbeat gets to m

Scooch - Flying the flag (for you) lyrics

is your captain speaking; I’d like to welcome you aboard this Eurovision flight The duration will be 3 minutes exactly – now sit back, relax and enjoy the flight Ba-ba-da, Ba-ba-da, Ba-da-da-ba, ba-da Duty free madam? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ba-ba-da, Ba-ba-da

John Denver - Flying for me lyrics

I guess that you probably know by now I was one who wanted to fly I wanted to ride on that arrow of fire right up into heaven And I wanted to go for every man Every child, every mother of children I wanted to carry the dreams of all people right up to the

Alyson Stoner - Flying forward lyrics

is my time A send off to you Separate lies from the truth How I'd run to you And believed I was safe in your hold Now I see through you As I let go I'm flying forward Above the past Into who I am Soar above the skies Flying forward I see the path I know wha

Emjay - Flying to the moon lyrics

I see the world Seems to me it's the same old thing The same old beat with the same old song It's time to move to another place Take me up to the sky I need a new beat, take me up off from my feet Take me high to the sky Where the stars and the moon still shine Flying t

Roman Lob - Flying lyrics

wine out of paper cups At least three times I fell in love They said jump inot the river While you watch the stars above And the moon it shone so bright I wasn't sure if it was night time Or day time Or both at the same time Where were you when I

Blaque - Bliss lyrics

bliss. wha what wha what Somethings on your mind Cus you don't seem happy Know a place where there's no misery You don't have to worry ohh Forget all you know And everything you heard Take my hand don't be scared Just believe in everything you dream Yo let me tell yo

Kenny Loggins - Flying dreams lyrics

by night Wish by day Love begins this way. Loving starts When open hearts Touch, and stay. Sleep for now Dreaming's how Lover's lives are planned. Future songs And flying dreams, Hand, in hand. Love it seems Made flying dreams So hearts, could soar. Heave

Glory Bells Band - Flying dutchman lyrics

sail away, we started today London can't wait Captain on board talked to us Don't be afraid Don't feel a panic, don't loose your head Cause that will bring your death If the ghost ship comes Comes my way If the flying Dutchman Comes my way Sea shell, sea pearl, what can I do

Oliver Onions - Flying through the air lyrics

through the air Side by side we dip bend and climb Flying through the air so free Feel them left behind below us Flying through the air Mad old you and me We are going at it just for kicks for kicks you'll see That they'll wish they were you Right along here with me You and

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Bliss (john legend ft. teyana taylor) lyrics

Verse 1: Teyana Taylor] Ooh baby, the day you stepped into my world You noticed I'm the kind of girl who loves her diamonds and white pearls So tempt me to jetset away in London To sip on some tea, you surprise me with gifts from Tiffany Ohh (La la la la la la

Hadouken - Bliss out lyrics

on my way up, So high off life I’m floating in the clouds ‘Cause you make me bliss out I’m on my way up, So high off life I’m floating in the clouds Yea yea yea So this is my weekend story I won’t fly the newly glory Wake up, outside the rain i

Dark Moor - Flying lyrics

with you I want to stay Flying across (the) space away I am feeling like a real king And beneath us is everything I haven't treasures nor estates But I offer something great Over the tops of oldest trees Your flying soul plays with me (The) wind is a stroke w

Cage - Flying fortress lyrics

took to the skies And broke through the clouds on that fateful day Into a formation we never should break What some called the Flying Fortress Was wings on a bulletproof Cage With 13 machine guns a crew barely of age As we fly into enemy space The air is alive with the sc

David Hasselhoff - Flying on the wings of tenderness lyrics

guess I'll never understand it A billion people on this planet And here I've found the one who's made for me Just when I thought my hopes had faded I found the one who was created To hold my hand and share this world with me We're flying on the wings of ten

Dario G - Flying part 1 lyrics

1: Where do you go when all is falling down Around you? How do you cope with all those lies? The sound of thunder rolling in, do you ever wonder? If you’ll ever find your way, to clear blue open skies Chorus: Free you mind and spread your wings, Set your sights on higher thing

Hinder - Bliss (i don't wanna know) lyrics

I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) (I don't wanna know) I'll go ahead and pour myself a drink I really couldn't care less what you think Well I don't have to listen now Live this day down If I can't feel a thing You might as well save your

Anathema - Flying lyrics

a search to no avail a light that shines behind the veil trying to find it and all around us everywhere is all that we could ever share if only we could see it feel there's truth that's beyond me life ever changing weaving destiny and it feels lik

Destiny - Flying dutchman lyrics

the man that was lost at sea See him leaving the comforting land Icy wind rips the deep apart His vessel gaining on the roaring waves Don't go to far, stay close to the ground No one to save you if trouble occurs The sound of his loved one echoed in his head

Hasselhoff David - Flying on the wings of tenderness lyrics

guess I'll never understand it a billion people on this planet and here I've found the one who's made for me Just when I thought my hopes had faded I found the one who was created to hold my hand and share this world with me We're flying on the wings of ten

Revenge - Flying to hell lyrics

this journey I'm going to hell Devils are calling my name The Dark Lord Welcomes me And so I feel free Flames burn all here Satan Master show me the Steel And joined the Metal rings Wake up! is not a dream And evil desire is growing in me. Fly

Pm Dawn - Free from humanity lyrics

know some just can’t understand It’s not about the downfall of man Let’s drift safely on a journey to forget the past Where happy people cry with me And those full of life will die with me Our final destination is peace at last And I wonder how it would b

Isole - Bliss of solitude lyrics

: Let your rain wash my sins away A gentle stream down my face My skin is stained and bruised Crimson drops on pale flesh Ease my pain Erase this despair A nendless sleep Would be the bliss Of solitude My soul is soiled and tainted By the guilt

Kmfdm - Free your hate lyrics

is golden Ingorance bliss Better off not asking What you'd rather forget And as the vice grip choke holds All of our freedoms are meeting their end And for the wars they wage Numberless troops lie wounded or dead The beatings will continue Until morale improves Free your h

G.b.h. - Flying high lyrics

I got the tickets I’m standing in line We're twenty minutes ahead of time The drinks are free and you get a snack We lose a hour going coming home we get it back We're flyin' high We're flyin' high We're flyin' high, what a way to go Flyin' high, so look out Look out do

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Free bird lyrics

s a tongue in my mouth. There's a lock on the door and I can't imagine wishing for more. I've paid for my crimes and I've unlied my lies. And now I'm adorned with a clever disguise. I'm free as a bird. I'm free. There is a pill I've been meaning to swallow and it's shaped lik

Sheppard lyricsSheppard - Flying away lyrics

I'm flying away from a state of decay What a mess, my princess Everything we made eroded away I promised a game, it's a shame you've been tamed Never mind, you're too kind, and I'm only trying to save some face.. I'm flying away I'm flying, I'm flying

Mary J Blige - Flying away lyrics

you will go flying away I'm gon' take you lil' higher We'll go flying away Where the sun is wet and the rainbow's fly Flying away Unto another star Where I'm mines and our hearts will find a way Baby, here's your only chance Call me your sunshine On a rainy day- love is on the way

Iron Fire - Riding free lyrics

free as the wind Like an eagle in the sky No rules will ever hold me down (Down, down) My soul will never fall Destiny wont you hear my call The chosen one, who is born to wear the crown (Crown, crown) Riding fast through the night I am the ke

Love - Flying lyrics

flew in I fle out Yeah, flying's a wonderful thing He dropped in And I dropped out Oh, flying's a wonderful thing Now if you find someone who you think you can love And they tell you that your love with your big brother Flying's a wonderful thing Flying's a wond

Army Of Lovers - Flying high lyrics

m flying high across the sky I'm flying high across the sky I'm flying high, I'm flying high I'm the person in charge of the aircraft I'm the pilot, we're hit by a flash When I tell you to fasten the seat belts Say a prayer 'cause we're going to crash Calling air tra

Bell Book & Candle - Bliss in my tears lyrics

there was a time When all seemed strange and cold Out the dark, saw the day You´re a danger to them all- Watch out - I guess nothing will trust them from Their goal Now I´m crying But there´s no fear to die with you Hold my face in your hands And

Delirious? - Bliss lyrics

feel lonely when it's you I miss I feel crazy when I dream like this I've travelled all this way for just one kiss Is it bliss? Is it bliss? Yes it is Rock 'n roll is everything Everything to a lonely man And never will I bow to you I, I

The Maine - Bliss lyrics

is where we belong This is where we long to be Reposed in hell Just breathe And I say, "What doesn't kill you Will keep you sane" Just go lift the veil Off of your left brain Is this not what you're here for? Is this not why yo

Angel (us) - Flying with broken wings (without you) lyrics

nights, never end, They come here again and again, Whenever I'm alone, without you. This love, it seems, to keep taking me higher. But I'm flying alone, without you. I know I tried and tried before, (I know, you know.) You know I need you more and more. Were you tellin' me li

Modestep - Flying high lyrics

was fighting for this feeling I'm flying high Never got just what I needed I feel alive I was fighting for this feeling I'm flying high Never find all the minute I've been alive I was fighting for this feeling I'm flying high Never got just what I needed I feel alive

Anvil - Flying lyrics

to Chicago down to New Orleans Cross the Atlantic wind up in Aberdeen Spain to Australia a daze in the heat Then hack to Alaska sled dogs race to compete Taxi the tarmac let's go Leaving the ground the engine's groan Into the blue sky we go Flying, flying aroun

Billy Ray Cyrus - Flying by lyrics

s bottles and bibs, rattles and cribs Three am's again and again Comfort the cry Man, it's flying by Swings and slides and tricycle rides Skinning up knees and falling out of trees It's like it's never gonna end But it's flying by You better hold on tight to t

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Flying to my home lyrics

sun is fading in the west Out where the cattle roam I'm like a bird at the end of the day Flying to my home I'm flying to my home sweet majesty I'm flying to my home The sky is like a painted flag Above a sea of chrome I've got a woman living in my life L

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Flying high again lyrics

Daisley - Kerslake - Osbourne - Rhoads) Oh no, oh no Here we go now Oh no, oh now Here we go now Got a crazy feeling I don't understand 'Gotta get away from here Feelin' like I should have kept my feet on the ground Waitin' for the sun to appear

Pegazus - Free as a bird lyrics

night I had a dream I had wings and I could fly away I could see mountains and the sea And what it was like to be free Free as a bird in the sky My wings would take me up so high Now I feel as though I'm floating away Above the clouds in a different kind of

Captain Hollywood Project - Flying high lyrics

're flying high We 're flying right up to the sky We fly so high We're flying right up to the sky We fly so high, we fly so high Rap: Yes I don't need no stress 'Cause that's the kind of stuff that makes a mess Breakin' me down and takin' me to the test Keepin' me

Hawkwind - Flying doctor lyrics

sneaks through the door of the surgery He's got the drug cabinet key He did something funny and he tied up his arm It's just the flying doctor, no cause for alarm He sprinkled out a powder and spread out a line He sniffed it up his nostril and he's feeling so fine Fe

Anvil - Flying blind lyrics

you are lost and you can't find your way Look for a landmark, as an eagle looks for prey See the horizon, watch the sun going down Into the darkness, light fades all around [Chorus:] Flying blind Flying blind Look at the ground as you fly overhead Not the same as the flig

Chris Isaak - Flying lyrics

was playing a club by the Eiffel Tower. Taking a break for half an hour. A girl from the bar came out to talk. "Come on" she said "Let's take a walk". Monday was the day we met. Tuesday I was flying. Wednesday she was far away.

Nazareth - Flying lyrics

I am flying Looking down at mother earth below Above me only blue skies Below me is a cotton candy world Here I am dreaming Plane I’m on flies gently as a bird Captain said something But I never heard single word Here I am flying Look above you I’ll be watching you Maybe you w

Nu'est - Flying angel lyrics

haruka tooku no suiheisen ni toketeku Sky high hikari abi hohoemu kagayaku kimi wo mitsukeyou Ichi ni tsuita mama de mada samayou labyrinth (Nukedasenai fuan na eyes) Chiisana kata wo sotto (Kimi wa mada yume no naka) Dakishime (You got your wings. It's like an angel

Passionworks - Flying lyrics

was an open-minded child Flying so high with winps so light A fairy in the meadow So suddenly the clouds appeared The Old man grabbed my little wings with a deranged desire So I will never be flying Flying above the ocean And I will never stop hiding The scars th

Dj Splash - Flying high original lyrics

I, you´ll be mine, I be back and then you´ll be mine! I, I, you´ll be mine, I be back and then you´ll be mine! Time is passing by, you gotta make it throught the night until the morning you say "Goodbye, for now darling." Maybe you will

Neil Finn - Flying in the face of love lyrics

must reveal your infinite sorrow Show what you’re made of and what you’re afraid of You’ll have to leave the comfort of shadows The places you came from, the troubles you played on out on the landing leaves are descending summer is ending and daylight i

Kdrew - Flying bass kick [ nickelz] lyrics

Let the bass kick. Get ready for the kick-off. This is hardcore real deal no rip-off. Beat down the track with a bat no Wiffle, And I go hard like your girlfriend’s nipples. Back to the basics let the bass kick Like a face kick MMA shit knock-out. Ste

Kid Rock - Flying high lyrics

know I spent a little time out in Malibu I spent quite a bit down in Nashville too Cuz I like the beach and loves to honky tonk But the place that I call home Is where I never have to feel alone It’s the place where I was raised and I was born And the grass don

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