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Grant Nicholas - Black clouds lyrics

out onto the sand, I feel much better Left the black clouds way behind, now I search for laughter Don't lose your grip, don't lose your grip Situations test our faith, self-confidence I feel my heart begin to burst from the evidence Don't lose your grip, don't lose yo

Horrible Histories - Flame lyrics

776BC Olympics were begun Greece was the only country, so naturally we won Cheats built bronzes of God Zeus were we honest winners The answer's no we had more statues than you've had hot dinners Our games meant truce was called in war a peace every 4 years B

Onslaught - Flame of the antichrist lyrics

Church of christ breeding hate the flame of hell shall rise Satans force rains from the throne to slay the priest of lies 1,000 years was bound by chain Satanus seek...

Edenbridge - Flame of passion lyrics

could it happen, that I was wrong? Speaking those words, a malicious tongue It chokes me, I'm scared and I can't breathe Another day's passed, to crown it all A trial of patience before the fall It never rains but it pours Waiting for this one dawn T

A Life Divided - Clouds of glass lyrics

m in a hurry, I got no second to lose I'm leanin a furry but wat else could I do? I've been ready for this moment through all of this time Over and over again that I brought it tonight I keep waiting till the dark destroys the light And when the moon's arrived Up f

David Gray - Flame turns blue lyrics

went looking for someone I left behind Yeah but no-one just a stranger did I find I never noticed hadn't seen it as it grew The void between us where the flame turns blue Different places yeah but they all look the same Dreams of faces in the

Montgomery Gentry - Clouds lyrics

rolling by way up high Sometimes I wonder if you're up there in the clouds When it rains, skies are grey Is that you crying up there somewhere in the clouds I hate sunny days Nothing but empty blue skies so I pray Ooh, how I pray for clouds taking shap

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Flame lyrics

ve been searching I've been searching for so long Now I'm chasing the shadows away I've been trying, yes I tried to find my way No more crying in the make or break decade There were times when I was down There were times I felt so low My whole life

Cassandra Complex - Clouds lyrics

up there, there's clouds above us They're watching us now You don't believe me? Go somewhere else then They're always around They see the factories and corporations They see the hotels and shops But I know their plans, their little secrets With them I'll go to the t

Neil Diamond - Flame lyrics

call her Flame For obvious reasons And I'll admit that's its frightnin' Whenever her lightening flashes Only ashes remain Don't get to close My friends all warned me And maybe I should of learned By the boys who were burned by the fire When they p

Hide - Flame lyrics

my sun. Should I know how low & low? Dear my moon. Should I know how low & low? Dear my stars hoshi no nageki kikeba Like a wind honno chisana koto darou Kanashimi wa mune hirogete Kimi no kata wo daku darou Yasashigena furu mai de kimi ni karamaru I

Silentium - Flame still burns lyrics

all the dreams I've ever felt Failing to reach or comprehend The essence of you... And all the times I've feared for you I've shut the door and passed right through The flame burns for you The emptiness in me Was filled with you within All the hope you sowed

Freedom Call - Flame in the night lyrics

call your name and I wonder why I should die to be free Will I ever get a chance to try Turning back the wheels of time Back to the dawn of my days Send me a sign and reopen the gate Send me back home and release me from pain And my star will s

Ram ( Swe ) - Flame of the tyrants lyrics

standing tall, Our heels upon rotting world. Tenacious to the bone, Striking fears int the hearts. We break the walls, We break the laws, Tyrants of the iron faith, No respect, No remorse, No conformation. We bring the pain, Power insane,

Redrama - Clouds lyrics

mom working two jobs, struggling What she wouldn't do for some calm, she juggling Two sons, a daughter on her arm, she love her kids Never ever she'd let somebody harm or cause suffering People telling her: "talk to God, put your trust in him&qu

Neil Sedaka - Flame lyrics

it around, there's a fire in town And you'd better come quick 'fore it all burns down. She's real hot stuff and people tend to leave her alone, Her name is Flame and she burns to the marrow in your bones. There's a big bonfire in my heart and I can't put it

George Jones - Flame in my heart lyrics

cheated on me (you cheated on me) I tried to be fair (I tried to be fair) But you don't believe enduring your share But I've learned my lesson (I've learned my lesson) And now I can say (and now I can say) The flame in my heart is dying away. (is dying away.) Your kisses don't t

A Firm Handshake - Clouds lyrics

fell down, down, down into this dark and lonely hole. There was no one there to care about me anymore. And I needed a way to climb and grab a hold. On the edge you were sitting there holding a rope. And we'll go up, up, up but I'll fly a little higher. Go up in the clo

Bat For Lashes - Clouds (digital edition only) lyrics

rush through your eyes Clouds, black and white I am lost until some day When you will come and love me Rain, I will take as a sign Rain, heavy grace I did find Rain, will you wash me through the night? Rain, divine, divine, divine Clouds brush past my window Clouds

Raised Fist - Flame still burns (youth of today cover) lyrics

their threats ruin your name thought I was broken but the spirit remains and this flame will keep on burning strong and I will continue to sing this song bad-mouthed behind us, taken their shots but this tattered body will never be stopped and this flame will keep on burning s

Zach Sobiech - Clouds lyrics

I fell down, down, down Into this dark and lonely hole There was no one there to care about me anymore And I needed a way to climb and grab a hold of the edge You were sitting there holding a rope And we’ll go up, up, up But I’ll fly a little higher We’

Cryptopsy - Flame to the surface lyrics

precise, burn the man A promise of scorching We hold a torch to the sun Flame to the surface We hold a torch to the sun Flame to the surface Cruddy crud epidermis Skin melt fashion Burning man passion Seek a sense of shelter Within an oasi

Hole lyricsHole - Clouds lyrics

boy. Rows and flows of angelf hair. And ice-cream castles in the air. And feather canyons everywhere. Looks at clouds that way. Moons and junes and ferris wheels. The dizzy dancing. Way you feel when every fairy tale comes real. I looked at clouds that

Omd - Flame of hope lyrics

a flame of hope Burning in my heart And there’s a strange emotion Tearing me apart Cause I know I know Cause I know There’s a flame of hope Calling out your name But when my arms embrace you It extinguishes the flame Cause I know I know Cause I

Hole lyricsHole - Clouds lyrics

boy. Rows and flows of angelf hair. And ice-cream castles in the air. And feather canyons everywhere. Looks at clouds that way. Moons and junes and ferris wheels. The dizzy dancing. Way you feel when every fairy tale comes real. I looked at clouds that way. But now they on

Kshmr - Clouds (ft. becky g, dillon francis) lyrics

ve had the rest but I can take you higher now Hold your breath, the lights are getting brighter now Take a step closer to the clouds now I know you hear the music getting louder now Have no fear, your heart is beating faster I'll take you there, closer to the clouds now Closer to the clouds

Gordon Lightfoot - Clouds of loneliness lyrics

can you do, you'll never win, where will you go, when night closes in? Where will it lead, will it ever it end, where will it stop? Losing a friend isn't what we had in mind exactly. All we need is a friend I guess, with my midnight star to guide through clouds of loneliness. You

Devildriver - Clouds over california lyrics

forth for the cattle call Confront the evil river you can't control Wicked ways and venomous eyes Just human nature in disguise Lost in this world, Out on the edge With death by our sides Today I sworn that I wouldn't Mourn ya Cloud over California

Edyta Bartosiewicz - Clouds... they block my way lyrics

spent a lot of my time Looking at clouds from all sides I saw them roll in the big sky So much crying in the rain I keep all the lights on To ease my soul but all in vein So I'm running Trying to get Out of the rain I'm running Still I'm running Bu

Eldritch - Clouds lyrics

the clouds start their moving When the angels are falling straight to the ground I gotta find a way to carry on… I gotta roll the dice to get a match point for this game I’m playing… Year by year I kept on growing Day by day my life kept rollin

Filter - Clouds lyrics

dreamt I flew away with you tonight, across the universe at light speed. Alright. And just as soon as we arrived I woke to something wrong: the crystal glimmer of your eyes had vanished; you were gone! I thought you'd take me to higher places. I thought y

Pain - Clouds of ecstasy lyrics

forty, cracks on her skin Needs to get out, she's ready for sin All dressed up and no one to blow... She's so low Silicon tits and silicon lips Grammy awards and playing your tricks Let the champagne flow And powder your nose Walking the white line of fantasy Glamorou

Heatmiser - Flame! lyrics

always find out too late i always find out too late you wouldn't believe what i'm on in all this time i found nothing to live without it for help me only help me only help me get on my feet i feel like turning me down i feel like turning me d

Skyline - Flame lyrics

don´t wanna be held in in the times that keep repeating But together we´re lost in every single way that we know (that we know) I don´t wanna get stuck in and trapped in everyday living And our minds they´re losing all that is certain, all that we know (that we know) A

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Clouds lyrics

Oh-Oh (4x) Looking at the lonely telegram, I crept into your room Listen to the breathing voices of the ones around the tomb The radio is playing, but I can't hear them sing The people are explaining, but they don't know a thing Give me a sign, give me a

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Clouds lyrics

I know you said, That you don’t like it complicated. That we should try to keep it simple, But love is never ever simple, no. Louis: Someday, you’re gonna see the things that I see. You’re gonna want the air that I breathe. You’re gonna wish you never left me. Harry+Al

Prince - Clouds (feat. lianne la havas) lyrics

should never underestimate the power of A kiss on the neck, when she doesn't expect A kiss on the neck, when she doesn't expect A kiss on the neck And every time you catch her singin' in the shower You should go and get a flower Don't matter what the

Candlemass - Clouds of dementia lyrics

and demented In the attic the bonemen soared I slammed the door behind me Reality was no more The screams of the demented Follows me where I go A secret door I entered Leads to the everflow... oh no... And the days before sunrise are the

Enslaved - Clouds lyrics

the void of chaos life endures In the gap of creation, the ancient wisdom breathes Inheritance of fire Inheritance of frost Yet it lay there weeping Afraid to see the light Inheritance of fire Inheritance of frost No one comes to unveil No one finds the key Inheritanc

Kasabian - Clouds lyrics

Verse 1] Walking through a shopping centre On a very strange adventure I tilt my head to the gap you walked on before Sifting through the magazines Crawling on the baggy jeans Looking at the pile of all the things we took As it bounces out, let's go, we

Lana Lane - Clouds lyrics

the clouds adrift so far below Ever changing as they come and go Makes me wonder why I'm up so high Of all the wonders I was one allowed I think that I would always choose a cloud Always brings my feelings right out loud Whether I'm ashamed or

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Clouds in my coffee lyrics

do you remember the moment When the sky turned to a sad shade of grey As darkness crept over the ocean Then you turned - To walk away I looked to the place at the table Your face - No longer I´d see The reflection I saw in your coffee Was a bitter reflection

Dead Boys - Flame thrower love lyrics

got a nuclear explosion Breathing down my back And my brain is burning Look through the pins in my eyes Well I don't care about living (well all I care about's singing) And I don't care if I die I got a flame thrower love Honey can'tcha

Barren Earth - Flame of serenity lyrics

when the dawn''s Left hand was in the sky I heard a voice Within the tavern cry Awake the little ones And fill the cup As the well of life Will be drying up The bringers of hope Set their hearts upon Turning to ashes It prospers and anon Up from

Bound By Entrails - Flame and hammer lyrics

the purest grounds Which were once not poisoned. The Rendezvous' for the conquerors of lands Slaughtered by the christian man Blood shed for the sake of expansion. Futures gone, forgotten pasts Burning. By Flame and Hammer Bring it down Burning. Spill their blood

Graveland - Flame of doom lyrics

star outside the galaxies From the abyss of the universe Born in the darkness From non-existing matter A non-existing star An icy vacuum Filled with cold light The unknown priest noticed the blaze The light of a star pierced his heart His eyes saw the blaze of glory And the

Khors - Flame of eternity lyrics

is burning out the tops of the trees The death has come a moment before The glow is dying away, everyone is falling asleep The shadow is covering all by itself Power of night birds is coming to life Their shouts are carried away by frightening echo And where life was re

Perkele - Flame lyrics

can´t stand there with your hands in your pockets Coz you get nothing for free You got to work hard to deserve your pride And for your dreams to come true Some days it´s hard to think positive And everything feels upside down But keep on working,never give up You got to keep up

Saved By The Fortune - Flame clouded ocean lyrics

post been sent and bound to you as leech Sleep in a cave and bleed an infinite sea This ocean won´t just dry out until you hit the shores only the wind is worth breathing, breathing of I´ve asked your name - they call me Spring Tide I don´t know

Seven Kingdoms - Flame of olympus lyrics

rolls in the sky On wings of Icarus I fly Broken Judges under me In ruins for all to see Bloody rage left behind Of where I've been and where I'll be Show me child how to see Time has come for this to end Upon the mountain Fear grips his

Chelsea Wolfe - Flame lyrics

I wake up another day Knowing I lost you along the way When you came for me I was not ready When you called I was not able to move When I ran from you I lost my head Thought I couldn't belong to anyone And the anger flowed like a river And the water tasted like your love But we're

Bill Withers - Clouds of sadness lyrics

in enchanted woods I can't find the path My ancestors so solemnly found Lost in darkness Afraid without hope In the sacred forbidden forest Where sad dreams blow through dark trees The silence cry out thy name Clouds of sadness Begin to rain I float on the water Night is so dar

BØrns - Clouds lyrics

forget all my dreams I forget everyones name I meet I forget about time and space But I can't stop thinking 'bout your face I can't stop thinking 'bout your face Clouds are rolling by I open my mouth and I breathe them right in All my thoughts stoop away But I can't sto

Bloodthorn - Clouds of sadness lyrics

in enchanted woods I can't find the path My ancestors so solemnly found Lost in darkness Afraid without hope In the sacred forbidden forest Where sad dreams blow through dark trees The silence cry out thy name Clouds of sadness Begin to rain I float on the water

Level 42 - Clouds lyrics

walk in the clouds Walking together You feel yourself Walking forever The feeling that this is Everything to amaze And the Universe shines bright in your face The love we had was once in a lifetime When I held you close you were so precious I will s

David Nail - Clouds lyrics

the turn signal's clicking And the seconds are slipping away Just a little bit more of this turnpike And so much to say The airport traffic, it slows us to a still I turn the radio down And leave one hand on the wheel Well I don't know what to tell you What do you wanna hear You

Elliott Smith - Clouds lyrics

disipate, disperse and recoagulate Breath in and out, there is nothing more I am mist, you are steam, we are clouds We are drifting away, drifting away To one of many heavens where blue light prevails We dream perfect music, we hang from our ta

Junior Boys - Ep lyrics

is barely a word If I can hold on to a page And if I don't, will pass soon You might forget it again And you're so careful with the terms But they slipped in your hands 'Cause you wrote 'Love' and I know you mean it Yeah, you wrote 'Love' and I know y

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