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First Things First Im The Realest lyrics

Browse for First Things First Im The Realest song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed First Things First Im The Realest lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to First Things First Im The Realest.

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Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - First things first lyrics

million yet Fame, money and the finer things Called you up ... a price tag on it? Earn it first, don't have to flaunt it ... flawless Wait a minute, first things first Take a second, first things first Wait a minute, first things first Take a second, first things first Hold up, slow

Neon Trees - First things first lyrics

you want in this world First things first Get what you deserve ... a note and we went and hit the road Me and Chris and all the stuff I own I went out to

Cartel - First things first lyrics

Haves and Have-Nots Things could be worse But they ... could be better First things first Always remember to Keep ... your head up Don't let them slow you down Because they

Eminem lyricsEminem - The realest niggaz (ft. the notorious b.i.g. .. lyrics

your stomach 50% is 50-Cent The other 50% is who's color skin ... for your own benefit Cuz then it's gunna get to the point ... where it escalates into some other shit Then Im a flip Then Im a get to stompin in my Air

Konshens - The realest remix feat bounty killer lyrics

Intro:] A di realest song Dis is a prayer to the ... father Guide my steps as yuh sit ... mi a call pon di strength of the father To help mi fi work fi ... me yeah [Verse 1:] Well father Di strength that mi woulda

Machine Gun Kelly - The illest, the realest & the trillest (ft. t.. lyrics

blow with Drain-O, bust it on the table Everybody say they ... loyal, tell me where the f*** is they though? We ... that I see angels Came all the way from the kitchen, frying them potatoes And y'all can talk

Issues - The realest lyrics

of headspace I got dumb on the tracks Never knew the facts then I wised up For years I ... been toe to toe with the heavy weights Never thought ... It’s got me thinking bout the rise up You said no strings

Breathe Carolina - Im the type of person to take things personal lyrics

but I'm calling you out These eyes, they see more than ... make a move, everybody on the ground Let me see your hands ... bring the f***ing cameras out You

Front 242 - First in-first out lyrics

All in one wave None on their side Or in-beetween

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (d.r.u.g.s) - Im the rehab youre the drugs lyrics

on let's do this the right way. 'Cause it's over, ... it's over, And things will never be the same. I ... over. I'll think of you when the curtain calls. And now your

Adept - First round first minute lyrics

has strength to carry on Another day around the ones who ... down. I make beliefs around the thought that we could be so ... much more We're glowing like the sparks in a fire. Through the smoke you change your f***ing

From Autumn To Ashes - Im the best at ruining my life lyrics

ve boarded up the windows to keep the morning ... intrusion I've left it on the doorknob, could you please ... in favor of I have so many things I would like to explain to

Coolio - The winner lyrics

Verse One:] It's time to take you to its full ... this and drop some game on the instrumental and it's ... better tell your folks that the loc has spoke first things first since your date of birth you

Infected Mushroom - Im the supervisor lyrics

m the superviza can i get a taxi ... (x2) come on (many times ) dance with me come ... with me (x4) i'm the superviza can i get a taxi

Jedi Mind Tricks - The president's wife (hidden) lyrics

Kidnap the president's wife without a ... plan. 2x Ya'll ever smell the stench of dead bodies? ... Kidnap the president's wife without a ... plan. 2x Animal thugs who bust slugs in the

Gedina - First time, first love lyrics

time, first love What a feeling is this? ... Electricity flows With the very first kiss Like a break ... in the clouds And the first ray of sun I can feel it

Mxpx - Im the bad guy lyrics

me sick i wonder what makes them tick i wanna go puke on it ... so what's it gunna take? there's no getting thru to you ... so what's it gunna take there's no getting thru to you i

Day26 - Im the reason lyrics

don't understand there's no equivalent to me ... got affection Not to mention the thug in me You got to see ... you know who really runs the show You was just a pile of

Buddy Guy - First time i met the blues lyrics

first time I met the blues People, you know I was ... , I was walkin' down through the woods Yes, the first time, the first time I met you, blues ... , I was walkin' down through the woods Yes, I've watched my

Lil' B - Im the bada$$ lyrics

Intro:] These niggas think they badasses now, huh? This ... [Verse:] Can't f*** with me these niggas know my history I ... can make your life into a motherf***in' mystery Niggas

Bruce Kulick - Im the animal feat tobias sammet lyrics

just a pretender You've been there to make a memory To make a ... soon you'll see Psycho on the radio Tellin me to get over ... you got under me Oh baby I'm the animal You walked out on me

Gary Glitter - Im the leader of the gang lyrics

wanna be in my gang, I'm the leader, (2x) I'm the leader ... of the gang I am I'm the leader, (2x) Well there's ... no one like the man I'm I can take you

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - The first noel / born is the king (interlude) lyrics

First Noel The angels did say Was to ... Poor shepherds In fields as they lay In fields where they ... may Keeping their sheep On a cold winter's ... Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel Noel, Noel,

Jackson 5 - Im the one you need lyrics

you say... everytime you need some affection The ... one you love goes in another direction You just sit back ... ’cause you know some other lips, she’s been kissing

Gob - Things happen all the time lyrics

door two men grabbed 'em by the throat Mixed up with another ... guy couldn't fight they were way too strong Beat me ... down threw me in the trunk what the f*** is going

Eminem lyricsEminem - Realest niggaz - 50 cent (feat. notorious b.i.. lyrics

how black niggas get With the hoods fatigues with the boots ... at niggas that open spots On the avenue, take my loot, and I'm ... baggin you Pimpin hoes that drive Volvo's

Merkules - Nvs - the realest ft slaine madchild & merkul.. lyrics

I started as a artist with the largest pair a balls Barely ... stop world wars I seen all the shit blacked out a whole ... out on a girls floor They said the world's yours

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Realest u ever seen lyrics

shit you ever seen! This the realest shit you ever seen! This the ... week I blew like twenty for the hell of it Bloodhound, I find ... could get it cheap You know the feeling when you burn a

Angel Haze - Realest lyrics

H. Swag. Triller than the trillest F*** that bitch the ... fingers up, It's like motherf*** your feelings I said ... triller than the trillest F*** that bitch the

Chamillionaire - Realest niggas in it (feat. rasaq) lyrics

myself correctly I am the Man on Fire, A.K.A. the Mix ... Tape Messiah A.K.A. the Chamilli-nator ha-ha, Smallz ... let's get em You know what time it is, H-Town stand up you

Chamillionaire - The realeast eva lyrics

Chorus - Chamillionaire] I'm the realest eva, no I don't need ... no proof I'm-I'm the realest eva, no I don't need no proof ... I'm-I'm-I'm the realest eva, no I'm the realest eva

The Game - Let me put you on the game lyrics

kid... First things first, AfterMath. The Chronic is ... burnin' rubber inside the Range Rover. Chain Smokin, ... Purple haze. This ain't another one of those, This is the

Pitch Perfect - The riff off lyrics

re mine I'll be yours till the end of time Cause you make ... Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like Like ... bad (Come on Come on) But Im perfectly good at it ( I

Machine Gun Kelly - The pledge lyrics

my man”, the crowd's screaming †... to corporations and i know these streets are a dead end, but ... #128;, that's what the streets named me f*** where

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Livin' it up (live rock im park 2001) lyrics

in the fast lane This is dedicated ... You are my favorite mutherf***er I told you, didn't I? ... Drama makes the world go around Does anybody ... Can I get a witness? First things first The Chocolate

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - The one i love with keri hilson doe lyrics

O.E.: Girl gimme dat mmm ah cmon girl get ... down girl gimme dat mmm ah D.O.E. got you ... you talkin that how you got things in control come and sit

Nick Drake - One of these things first lyrics

Could have been a clock As simple as a kettle Steady as a ... I could have been One of these things first I could have ... been One of these things first I could have been your

The Game - The documentary lyrics

Boy talks to lady to start the song] [Verse 1 - Game (DRE ... That got pac and big shot The thicks blocks Now every ... rapper claim He let his clique pop But

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The scroll lyrics

about it, man Yeah, word, similar story, you know? ... ninjas, and got money, But the theme of the story Is yo, ... checking how they came for me (This is it,

Chamillionaire - The evaluation lyrics

50 percent maniac (It's time for a Psychic Evaluation) ... I'm ready (I'm a hold up these cards and you tell me what ... sign (Uh, I see... well there's obviously something wrong

Emmure - The hang up lyrics

do you see? ... Go buy a motherf***ing ... ... Nobody ... shades You wanna talk about gimmicks? Look at yourself ... You wanna talk about gimmicks? Look at yourself When

Ruff Ryders - The hood lyrics

this shit right for the thugs in the street Do yall ... here...will get you mugged in the street [Beanie Seagal] ... Trademark niggas eyes, give them perminant scars Twist

Bison B.c. - Last and first things lyrics

and first things, true nature sings Got it the first time, what does this time bring Burn my wings off, ... a hole Cut my hands off, for the things I stole My memories

The Game - Put you on the game lyrics

Intro-Timbaland] Go tim, go tim, go tim(do the crip wit me,oh ... Go tim, go tim, go tim(do the steak wit me,oh) (la la laaa ... la-la-la-la-la) Go tim, go tim, go tim(do the walk wit me,oh

Dope D.o.d. - The island lyrics

Reaper : Im on a higher level nigga come ... and test the double barrel Heavy metal ... for your chest / I even shoot the shadow /Put the pedal to the ... / Nah, he will never settle / Im gettin’ sentementle / see

4 Minute - First lyrics

.First..First.. You´re my first..first.. First..First..First ... . You´re my first..first.. Atama ja rikai dekinai ... ga hajikeru kankaku Hajimete oshietekureta no wa Kimi

Eminem lyricsEminem - The reunion lyrics

bitch) [Intro] Cause some things in this universe Don’t make ... talk to me like you talk to him, I’ll f*** you up In fact, ... get in the backseat, like the rest of my dates No bitch - First kiss lyrics

i’m falling Beautiful first kiss nunbusin first kiss ... ppajin dalkomhan tteollim oh Cheoeum neukkin fantasy ... neomu tteollyeosseo oh first love Cheot kiseue

Seals & Crofts - First love lyrics

has a first love, they have left in yesterday. ... Feelings they have left behind, it's just ... a place in time but not so far away. ... Everybody has a first love, when the dream they

First Blood - First blood lyrics

drew first blood NOT FUCKING ME. The ... I should live my life. With their traditions they expect me ... to fall in line, but their will, their way is not for ... my own kind is justified. They drew first blood it wasn't

M.i.a. - The turn lyrics


Maggie Lindemann - Things lyrics

You make my hair a mess Im not wearing make-up, you say ... get it off my chest It´s the little things you do that ... make me want you And the not so little things that

Sunny Choi - The man who can't be moved lyrics

Back to the corner where I first saw you Gonna camp in my ... people try to hand me money, they don't understand I'm not ... you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet And you

Neil Diamond - First time lyrics

uh, uuh uh First time, how do you feel? Little ... to little unreal That first time, you're far from home, ... Finally out there on your own And it's your

First Signal - First signal lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found No...

Danko Jones - First date lyrics

Heeeeeeeeeey do you kiss on the first date (X 2) Cause I do, ... do (X 5) New York doll, On the catwalk I like to play it ... Heeeeeeeeeey do you kiss on the first date (x4) Cause I do,

Keke Palmer - Cause im the new vp theme song of true jacks.. lyrics

up (Custom Made) Take it off the rack (Custom Made) Then Re ... (Custom Made) I gotta flip the style 'til it feels right ... Made) That's why i got the job as a VP I'm different

The Misfits - Die monster die lyrics

things first, Ms. Monroe rises from the ... dead The henchmen came, knocked down the door To my never never world ... die Die monster die First things first, We must find out

Cannibal Accident - Fist things first lyrics

maggots Behave like the scum you are Deserve to get ... a cunt, I'll fist your face There's no room for mercy F*** the moralist slaves Spit on the

Death Grips - The hacker lyrics

shit Post chicken-or-the-egg-addiction shit Pass the ... sherm stick Neo-reality Be the freak you wanna see Just don ... me I'm on a journey to the center of three Grab your

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