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Axxis - The war lyrics

gotta think about the way we're living I gotta ... about that life Can see the worlds collide - there's no ... ignore... ...we're in a war - the war The war is

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - The war is over lyrics

watch the days rush by me like a river ... wait, but I'm scared to touch the water I let the phone ring, ... I know you're gonna win (The war is over) but the war is over

Eye Empire - The war isn't over yet lyrics

My worldly view has changed There are scars upon my brain ... Insane War Took a warm heart Left a cold one ... (Truth told the war isn't over yet) War Took a warm heart Left a cold one

Coldrain - The war is on lyrics

after lie The truth is abused by the wise ... sight whenever questioned all the answers Can't you see it's ... time to draw the line BEFORE ALL THAT'S ... LEFT IS NOTHING BUT THE LIES OPEN YOUR EYES We

Running Wild - The war lyrics

wanna tell a story Of worldwar No. 1 How lies of &quot ... glory" Feeding on the gun "This is the war of intrigues This is the war of pain This is the 'One

Krayzie Bone - The war iz on lyrics

We so thuggish ruggish (the motherf***ing war is on) You ... do like Krayzie Bone Cause the motherf***ing war is on What ... nigga we marching stompin in the big black boots With my

Sarah Brightman - The war is over now lyrics

statues are falling Like feathers of snow Their voices are ... whispering world Waiting for the morning glow Heaven is ... wounded lights falling Into their dreams Still searching for

Freternia - The war of the crown lyrics

come a king has been born As the years have passed and the boy ... to enter his throne And so the legend told That in this ... land blood will flow And the king will loose his crown To

Hawkwind - The war i survived lyrics

comes like a glacier from the peaks of all wars Reason and ... logic, the generals cry "more" ... poses Fogged by the scent of mustard gas and

Josh Record - The war lyrics

sore I promise you we'll get there, this war is almost won ... This war is almost won And lose if ... we will find a way to heal The bruises that will appear,

Blutengel - The war between us lyrics

it always turns into a war A war between me and you Between ... me and you It's the morning after the war It's the morning without you Every ... it always turns into a war A war between me and you It's the morning after the war It's the morning without you We

Culture Club - The war song lyrics

1: War war is stupid And people are ... quarters Chorus 2: War war is stupid And people are ... stupid And I heard them banging On hearts and ... fingers People fill the world With narrow confidence

Nordic Union - The war has begun lyrics

is the line This is the place And when we cross it ... we got is faith This is the time It's here and now And ... only pain awaiting On the other side Oh mother, oh father

Saint Vitus - The war starter lyrics

have seen a thousand wars And I will see a thousand ... more I have heard the children cry And I have seen ... place You can call me warrior But I'm actually the war

Sentenced - The war ain't over lyrics

.hear the sounds of Thunder feel it ... pressure... sweat and feel the air too thick to breathe! ... hatred, fear hatred... wait the chaos that shall breed - the

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - The war is over lyrics

the war is over, got to get away ... day You and I we used each other's shoulder Still so young, ... this heart away When the war is over, got to start again

Rocka Rollas - The war of steel has begun lyrics

Force is rising, ride above the flaming skies Kings and ... queens, are long gone with the curse of time Live forever, ... nothing can stop us at all The War Of Steel Has Begun And

Cassandra Complex - The war against sleep lyrics

s dark outside, the screen is lit I'm sitting ... submit And once more play the hypocrite I need this life, ... I'll grit my teeth and take the shit I must admit I will

Phil Ochs - The war is over lyrics

in dream Unpaid actors of the mystery The mad director ... got to do with me I declare the war is over It's over, it's ... land Prove your courage in the proud parade Trust your

Pandaemonium - The war of races lyrics

away, we're here to kill Dwarves and Elves. Your end is ... drawing closer, we got the magic power. Gather around ... young warriors, only the strong survive. [Solo:

Becoming The Archetype - The war ender lyrics

spoke to the heart of darkness Let there ... be light Let there Let there BE LIGHT I Spoke. To. The. Heart of DARKNESS Let there Let there BE LIGHT I

Joel Faviere - The war against ourselves lyrics

day alone Another night Another knife I ... guess I'm on my own The lights are on my eyes are ... And no one understands The Dark I'm dealing with And

Boy Epic - The war outside lyrics

and Hide Hiding from the war outside from their guns ... close our eyes and Hope by the morning we find a little ... life to get us by they’re burning the city and all

A Band Called Pain - The war song lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Celkilt - The war in my head lyrics

all of these things that I’ve lost All ... of these mistakes that worked out ... put my head down Fear of the distance Fear of the words I ... speak Fear of the war in my head Don’t let the sun

Gorefest - The war on stupidity lyrics

to the tribes, Back to the nations. A global war On ... Arm yourself for the sake of common sense. Shoot ... straight in the name of life's defence. ... is my plea. Death to the slumber, And the apathy! A

Defiance ( Usa ) - The war inside lyrics

the misery these wall are full of pride ... Fire the shot for which the stand Can't heat these ... left to lose Help defend the war Divided by the truth

Eterna - The war is over! lyrics

at the window, to see the destruction And maybe I´ll ... never go back to the streets again. I heard at ... midnight the sirens warning And maybe I´ll never go

Harris Lauren - The war sins lyrics

Scream for me Praguuuueee The Waaar

Angels And Airwaves - The war lyrics

War The ocean is on fire The sky turned dark again, as the bugs came in And the ... out with soldiers, With their arms and guns, it has ... my head inside out? And the houses, laid out like targets

Battlelore - The war of wrath lyrics

northern winds Of baneful colds ... Forever night Of northern lights In the Elder Days ... Margoth's realm in Northern Waste Great threat to Arda ... s child The War of Wrath it to become

Icy Steel - The war within lyrics

can't see the pathway I can't follow the ... stars In the mist I'm riding, the place is ... for an answer I found a war They come to kill me They ... Hiding my weaknesses to their eyes Will come the day

Jamie Christopherson - The war still rages within lyrics

down on the cars on the highway The stream of tail ... Everybody advancing together Do so willingly sacrifice ... rights When people accept they’re cogs in the system Give

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The war inside lyrics

such potential go unrealized The natives speak in tongues and ... Somewhere deep down in the subconscious wrapped in ... riddles lies The meaning of this life we try

Rwake - The war against the christians lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Flowing Tears - The war we left behind lyrics

in the chains we have chosen to ... to stay in our prisons for the rest of our lives We got to ... Wake in disgrace of the fate in our hands We got the ... our hearts and our heads in the sand We got to pay

Reverend Bizarre - The march of the war elephants lyrics

quot;I have seen them, and I will never forget...

Anthenora - The war of the rats lyrics

horizons Far away from fatherland Thunder and lightning ... Try to escape from this - the smoking debris Try to escape ... - this armageddon Reach the demons in your mind Kill the

Reverend Bizarre - The wrath of the war elephants lyrics

Horror triumphant. Where they roam, all life is gone. ... A beast unlike any other. The daughter stands by the mother ... Like thunder the heavy blow. Terror rules the

Okkervil River - The war criminal rises and speaks lyrics

heart wants to feel. The heart wants to hold The ... and calls it “coming home” The heart wants a trail away from ... “alone” So the heart turns a sale into a

Razor - End of the war lyrics

was true Outlaws disturbing the world peace, now you know ... who crush human rights They know what they're doing is ... of organized death squads They march to a different song

Archive - The empty bottle lyrics

colours run away as the sun fades the day I find it ... so hard to find the right words to say I know ... from green to grey Defeat the impossible finish this war

The Smiths - I started something i couldn't finish lyrics

lanes were silent There was nothing, no one, ... too sure I grabbed you by the guilded beams Uh, that's ... means And I doused another venture With a gesture

Abigail - War 666 lyrics

I still got pride I want war Make to the war 666 I'm

Mad Max - War lyrics

is a true story The names have not been changed ... To protect the innocent There's nothing rearranged ... This is a true story The story of war When the war is

Chiara Hunter - War (embody remix) lyrics

me darling I'll be with the white smile Chillin' on the ... Someone getting lost in the dreaming They won't break me ... gently So let the rain turn to gold, fall on me

Playing For Change - War/no more trouble lyrics

one race Superior and another inferior Is finally and ... abandoned Oh, everywhere is war, say war Komos is war ... grown up now, yeah Until there are no longer first class

Shampoo - War paint lyrics

War Paint, Yeah! War Paint... Put It On, Put It ... Bet You Can't Get It From The 7/11 Charcoal Is Our Body ... Yeah! Yeah! Slapping On The War Paint Got No Class But

Intense (uk) - War of angels lyrics

speaks, truth the final prophecy That spells the end for you and me They seek ... vengeance from all of us Their glory now soaked in blood ... With bitter, bloody tears they kill Their fallen brethren

Sodom - I am the war lyrics


77 Bombay Street - In the war lyrics

country heard some rumours in the night That some other evil ... all his generals And asks them what to do And with ... sternness in their eyes they look at him and say it’s

Cage - War of the undead lyrics

all have been emptied The earth lies disturbed from the ... mist Humanity caught in the middle Of a pestilent ... shift Breaking our from their coffins And pouring out

Debauchery - The last crusade lyrics

War War War Into the killing Into the killing ... Into the killing Into the killing Into the killing ... zone Into the killing zone Into the

Chinchilla - After the war lyrics

the night raises the power all over the earth The ... coldest atmosphere, the whole world invaded This ... would be the last time and the last place Where (the) human

The Decemberists - When the war came lyrics

all the grain of Babylon To ... And hidden here behind the walls Are shoulders wide and ... timber on 'Til the war came 'Til the war came A ... you and me Our trust put in the government They told their

Dew-scented - War ensemble lyrics

be Corpses rotting through the night In blood laced misery ... Scorched earth the policy The reason for the siege The ... pendulum it shaves the blade The strafing air blood raid

Grand Funk Railroad - People, let's stop the war lyrics

goodness sake, Let's get together, what does it take, To make ... you understand the value of a man? I'm talkin' ... Chorus People let's stop the war. People let's stop the war. People let's stop the war.

Mono Inc. - After the war (extended version) lyrics

many came before you The prisoners of fate A history ... will you be standing When the battles have been won? ... Inside your lonely fortress The battle's just begun After the war Who will you be fighting

My Morning Jacket - War begun lyrics

as the war's begun, this time your soul ... is my one Stolen as the war's begun, this time your soul ... out my one Anytime your war gets out of hand I'll take it

Planet Funk - People lets stop the war lyrics

goodness sake, Let's get together, what does it take, To make ... you understand the value of a man? I'm talkin' ... Chorus People let's stop the war. People let's stop the war. People let's stop the war.

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