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Find The Answer lyrics

Browse for Find The Answer song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Find The Answer lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Find The Answer.

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Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - The answer to our life lyrics

here A smile upon my face The time has come but you know ... That it's not too late There's been too many things ... Together we have seen It's not too ... Can we try to erase all the pain So please Show me a

Lord Vicar - The answer lyrics

skies light up the night In shades of burning ... me with no place to hide The naked truth it makes me blind ... Next day is just like the other I’m locked inside a

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - The answer's in the question lyrics

answer's in the question Will you be home ... late again Will you find the courage When truth come ... broken Faith is hard to find The answer's in the question Will

Ashes Of Ares - The answer lyrics

face You're holding on for the ones Your heart embrace ... Fly away... fly away And find the answer Life will never ... be the same What you've given us

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - The answer lyrics

re the answer All this time I've tried to find you I've been yearning You ... re the answer to the question That's been burning ... When they ask me who I love You're the answer You're my answer

Celtic Woman - The call lyrics

Sometimes it's so softly there Sometimes it is in the ... sea Sometimes in the sky Sometimes it's in you ... I am calling you Right from the very start Your wounded

Automatic Loveletter - The answer lyrics

Summer and fall I have been there though it all From ... when I wonder what I'll find... I look up to the sun ... hurts my eyes Maybe it's the answer I've been wanting in

Richie Sambora - The answer lyrics

Rode fiery chargers through the clouds That answer scared ... me into tears And all the grownups laughed out loud ... Now the years roll on, tired voices

Attacker - The unknown lyrics

Blackest of hearts Escape the unknown Be led to your ... demise Escape the unknown Spiraling down ... can't know Being pulled To the left and right My faith is

Heaven´s Guardian - The answer lyrics

listen to me, my friend There´s Something in the book, ... You should read... The answer! Walking alone, just with ... my eternity.˝ Falling down the signs, and lies. Knowing the

Ledisi - The answer to why lyrics

life ever changing And the pain, will it ever go? ... Please let me breathe I just wanna know the answer ... to why Everyday I breathe I just wanna know the answer

Heartist - The answer lyrics

But she melts away in the light. I could never stay ... I'm just looking for answers. You're not the answer! ... I just keep running away from the pain. I swear, I swear, I

Five For Fighting - The riddle lyrics

I asked him Wait, what's the sense in life Come over me, ... Dylan song or some eclipse of the moon Let an angel swing and ... make you swoon Then you will see, You will see

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The answer lyrics

with a vision of truth and the way to a better life he was ... convinced he had the answer and he complelled people to ... follow along but the hunger never vansihed and the man was banished and the

Josh Kumra - The answer lyrics

It fell away, now I'm at the end Just a sky, the fall, ... So many questions in my head Then you say Never gonna find ... all the answers Answers will find you Don't know how I'll feel

Josh Kumra - The answer (comix remix) lyrics

It fell away, now I'm at the end Just a sky, the fall, ... So many questions in my head Then you say Never gonna find ... all the answers Answers will find you Don't know how I'll feel

Pay Money To My Pain - The answer is not in the tv lyrics


Memphis May Fire - The answer lyrics

hit the bottom of my lowest lows. ... My darkest hours are the times I grow & every ... didn't realize I was lost in the first place. Amazing grace

Bachman-turner Overdrive - Find out about love lyrics

from all this madness Cause the situation changes day to day ... I been searchin' the world to find the answer I ... just got to find some time to slip away I

2 Wolves - The answer is no lyrics


Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The man who would be king lyrics

he travels on the beast of burden Moving up ... along the mountainside As he gazes ... looking down the valley No regrets but his ... over him His reflection of the beauty round him Feeling

Nightmare (fra) - The bridge is burning lyrics

I see the light? (Is it my temptation?) ... Is there a sunset for tomorrow? (A ... Am I out of sight? I feel the shivers cold and our sorrow ... (The shivers cold...) Will I see the light? Is it a sacrifice or a

Christina Milian - The answer lyrics

To My All To You I Am Your Answer No Matter What We May Go ... Thru I Have Your Answer You Know You Can Call On Me ... You And Me See, We Are The Answer [S-WORD] kizutsuke

Savages - The answer lyrics

Ain't you glad it's you? There are things I know we should ... I'll go insane Love is the answer I'll go insane Love ... is the answer Wish me luck This was a

Myka Relocate - The answer lyrics

yet? Are you ready to be the only one To be the only one ... yet? Are you ready to be the one I need? [Chorus:] I ... Knowing only you could be the answer (The answer) Walk on

Air Supply - The answer lies lyrics

heart when you are near me The answer lies at hand Throw ... too much time waiting by the door For you will never see ... walk right inside and I'll be there The answer lies there for

Del Shannon - The answer to everything lyrics

a mountain of questions When there is only one answer to it ... love me, as I love you It's the answer to everything, if you ... love me, as I love you It's the answer to everything, if you

Example lyricsExample - The answer lyrics

motion When you walked into the room It's like they're ... frozen Just sit back, enjoy the view If this the ocean You ... questions on my mind Where the hell you been all of my life?

Javier Colon - The answer is yes lyrics

are you still there? This long silence is more ... try to hear me out anyway? The space between us just keeps ... Will our love still stand the test The answer is yes,

Epica - The cosmic algorithm lyrics

of a computation Tap into the digits to write A set of ... rules to form the universe Find me the reason Why are we ... here Find the answers in these digitalized times How do

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - The answer (hidden track) lyrics

got masterpiece i only hope there will be more for me if ... i knew the answer making me understand i'm ... counting the hours, counting the happy days there's so much

Manilla Road - The riddle master lyrics

lies in the dungeons Of Holy men's fears ... life worth living Who's the master today That's how the note read Slipped under my ... door The reason I know not I have to

Mors Principium Est - The distance between lyrics

many miles away from the place Where this journey ... once begun I was sent to find another place And a reason ... Now I travel deeper into the space I may even find another race Do you know I'm

Dream Theater - The answer lies within lyrics

Don't be afraid You're not the only one Don't let the day ... t let a day go by in doubt The answer lies within Life is ... mistakes And stand behind The choices that you make Face

Hillsong United - The answer (this means love) lyrics

remains through time Love is the way! You gave your life away! ... for us! Chorus: So wheN the world fails, we'll be ... standing, On the One Name, that's never

Sabbat - The answer is hell lyrics

in the eternal greedy desires The ... fairies by priests under the holy cross Devils drink up ... final mountains Angels get the source of lust Instead of the sacred bible God's

Bloc Party - The answer lyrics

It's your turn to take the map and it's your turn to ... drop the soap Pretty pretty boys ... us Isaac and Ishmael The magazine says it's okay ... as a billboard If you are the answer We are going

Raised Fist - The answer lyrics

we help to comprehend the limits of the human mind Can ... someone influence the media so it can control us? ... The Question is that can you -- ... Walk away Without finding the answer to that? Can you --

Grip Inc. - The answer lyrics

in the answer All in the answer Battle call of the fathers ... Personnal war of the elite Hypnotized by symbols ... Contradicts a way of life Brother fight my brother Heritage

Incubus - The answer lyrics

...... hemp?!) Step outside the bounds and take a big look ... at the times we live in. Who ... A.R.E. to think ourselves! The answer's waiting content.

Seven Witches - The answer lyrics

do we go when we move to the great beyond? It really ... you Please tell me what is there left for me to do? I ... know that someone must feel the same This cold hard

The Dubliners - The call and the answer lyrics

called and I ran As wild as the wind which rows across the ... moor All we needed was each other Like the eagle we will soar ... You are the call and I'm the answer You are the wish and

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The answer´s at the end lyrics

You know his faults, now let the foibles pass Life is one ... friend So read on, read on, the answer's at the end Don't ... be so hard on the ones that you love It's the

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - The answer lyrics

You might think you found the one Until your heart gets ... But I'm not searching for the answer I'm not looking for the truth I'm just talking

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - The answer lyrics

You might think you found the one Until your heart gets ... But I'm not searching for the answer I'm not looking for the truth I'm just talking

Abominant - The fallen lyrics

I plead in silence, cry to the world Like a fallen angel I ... s my salvation gone Wipe these tears from my soul Gaze ... into the pool and looks back at me ... hell Temptation to fall is the unbeliever Painting a picture

Celtic Legacy - The sentinel/celtica lyrics

within your soul Deep are the valleys that you have to walk ... Hard is the task that you must fulfil To ... Celtica we go To try to find the answer This is our enigma The holy path we follow on and on

Crazy★shampoo - The answer lyrics

at the answer, and end a beautiful world. ... One day, the world has come to an end ... abandon. You don't care to the sad fact. One day, the ... alone. I would be bored for the well-being of fake. This

Custard - The sea lyrics

taking life Right hand of mother nature. Bright as the sun, ... dark as the night. You will drown and ... can help you. A loving mother - a merciless killer The

Dungeon - The power within lyrics

me Where I can believe Seek the truth my own master, my own ... is free Seeking gold and the treasure external Fight ... within for the chance to grow See the real

Sung Kyu Kim - 너여야만 해 (the answer) lyrics

I want you back nan nega eopseumyeon gaseumi teok makhyeoseo sumeul swil suga eopseo I want you back nega eomneun nae moseup sangsanghaebon jeok eopgo wonhae bon jeokd...

Ganglion - The answer lyrics

aa shidai ni senritsu wa kasanatte sono me wa doko o mitsumeteiru no kasumu haiiro no sora no you ni hikari ga atareba ataru hodo ni kage wa ookiku natteyuku no...

Infinite ∞ - The answer lyrics

I want you back nan nega eopseumyeon gaseumi teok makhyeoseo sumeul swil suga eopseo I want you back nega eomneun nae moseup sangsanghaebon jeok eopgo wonhae b...

Dream Theater - The answer lyrics

don't pretend to have the answer Never said I have the key ... But somehow they see, a light inside of me ... Am I not the man who I was meant to be ... As the people gather round me I never felt so

Her Bright Skies - The best you'll get lyrics

you would tell me to define the space i think i need to clear ... take what you came for) it's the best you'll get did you find the answer? did you win me

Firehouse - The meaning of love lyrics

me Now I know it's true Now they say this will last forever ... Just as long as we stay together So now we can see just what ... and to you Well I tried to find the answer in the book of

Kilmara - The dark inside – you better run lyrics

strong sometimes And when I find the answer though all I do is ... turn arround – to hide inside the dark It was too late to run ... little spark I just released the beast inside – the shadows of

Blue October - The answer lyrics

self esteem. But to picture the pleasure is making me want my ... a bow. But in my head... There's some shelves that need ... book. But I'm real shy. There's a part of me seeking and

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - The answer for unequal world lyrics

man Wooow Don’t let them trick you Do not get fooled ... is to talk trash Picking on others who’s weaker than us Are ... in this world is untrue There is nothing for us to

Man With A Mission - The world's on fire lyrics

we are standing on the edge Here we are right ... behind the end Can't believe in what I ... see But they keep saying let it be ... Wind it back backwards to the start To the day before it

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