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Figurative Language In 3005 lyrics

Browse for Figurative Language In 3005 song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Figurative Language In 3005 lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Figurative Language In 3005.

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Christian Death - Figurative theatre lyrics

the shallow holes of a thousand eyes In the knee deep graves of future survivors The fleshless guests live off children of the past And their aging fingers cast the shadow of death Their razor sharp tongues invite to relax As they slip the skin on your eyelids back Invasive spect

Childish Gambino - 3005 lyrics

Hook] No matter what you say or what you do When I'm alone, I'd rather be with you F*** these other niggas I'll be right by your side 'til 3005, hold up [Verse 1] Hold up, wait a minute, all good just a week ago Crew at my house and we party ev

Scars On Broadway - 3005 lyrics

s clap our hands, for the president and Jesus Christ and did I mentioned Charlie Manson and everybody else, who was nice. Let's sing a song, for the people scared.. searching in the air for your searching hard to see that I'll be there. Shot

Heart - Language of love lyrics

been trying a long long time To write a love letter, perfect lines What I want to say is hard to find No cliches or tired rhymes But words turn on me Hard as I try It's your look of love I can't describe I'll use the language of love You'll un

Lukas Rieger - Language lyrics

my type, I don't wanna see you wasting no more time Honestly you're worth way more than the hype I could see us slow dancing through the night And I know you like it baby Tell me in your language how it feels... when we're together Tell me in your language how it feels.

Bloods - Language lyrics

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Indigo Girls - Language or the kiss lyrics

don't know if it was real or in a dream Lately waking up I'm not sure where I've been There was a table set for six and five were there I stood outside and kept my eyes upon that empty chair And there was steam on the windows from the kitchen Laughter like

Mcrae Tom - Language of fools lyrics

cannot use this language of fools to communicate with you The things that you say to mark the time of the day are calculated to bemuse And hey yeah...hey hey yeah Won't you hide me, won't you hold my life, let me have this time And lie here while i close my eyes, hold me through

Porter Robinson - Language lyrics

me release Let the waves of time and space surround me Yeah Cause I need room to breathe Let me float back to the place you found me I'll be

The Contortionist - Language i: intuition lyrics

hyper-communication Restore our vision Of natural progression Rise in groves to reclaim the source The center We will be the salvation the Mother seeks Traversing in all directions Reaching Expanding Balance finds it's place Reaching for the Mother Sun Root

The Contortionist - Language ii: conspire lyrics

are primordial sound Outward and in; omnidirectional We are existence Salvage the mother sun Destroy the rift Bring knowledge back to light Our vision's detrimental to progressing Now rise Balance seeks its place Moving backward towards the centre sun Rooted i

Culture Beat - Language of love lyrics

wine as we dine by candlelight Mary J. serenades the mood right a moonlight night wit' my cutie pie no two more compatible than you -n I gettin' intimate in the way we stare catchin' feelings from the atmosphere relationship delicate as silk sex appeal mad real you know t

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - Language lyrics

language were liquid It would be rushing in Instead here we are In a silence more eloquent Than any word could ever be These words are too solid They don't move fast enough To catch the blur in the brain That flies by and is gone Gone Gone Gone I'd

Hawthorne Heights - Language lessons lyrics

hope this song can tell you how I feel tonight You are my first dissection spilling my insides Lets write our names with the blood that's in our cheeks So it won't wash away if I don't come home for weeks If I don't come home... I never said (never said) This would be easy I le

Deafheaven - Language games lyrics

re still laughing over lore. Still talking about a stream of smoke in the head of a shelter tank, swimmingly bored. Swimming in monotony. Swimming in ponds where our knees scrape the bottom. And still, we swallow the surface. We brought our boredom to the lights. Spoiled

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - In lonesome dove lyrics

was a girl on a wagon train Headed west across the plains The train got lost in a summer storm They couldn't move west and they couldn't go home Then she saw him ridin' through the rain He took charge of the wagons and he saved the train And she looked down and h

Andromeda ( Swe ) - In the deepest of waters lyrics

the depths I saw something beckoning me An ugly shape deep down in the sea In the corner of my eye, an inner world so blind But I know, yes I know; it's only in my mind In the depths I mirror myself, twisted reflections It is not me, must be a wicked imagination In the langua

Julia Holter - In the green wild lyrics

shoes found ways down green fertile valleys See I never could fall down straight in line so sure Someone with a thing to say writes on a leaf and lets it fall onto my feet I receive the news so small a child who cannot understand I can't hear and I don't know And

Katatonia - In death, a song lyrics

came back to a place without sun and you don? t seem to know what you've done to me now I see darkness is what you left in me you went with nothing to fear came back with nothing to lose and with summer leaving us here now we? re thinking of what to chose I know so

Satellites - In a city lyrics

live in a city but I don't speak the language But everybody speaks mine Not the best environment for a paranoid mind I live in a city But I don't know the history But fortunately it doesn't know mine But I guess it's just a matter of time Will you call my name when

Shape Of Despair - In longing lyrics

the words On open wounds Head in hands Dragging feet Cortege is waiting Moving slow All this life force Now fallen to stone Your name is written With the language Of

Fabolous - In the morning lyrics

you autumn time cool But they don't see your beauty f*** all them blind fools Body so mean that it's border line cruel Work 8 to 3, then from 4 to 9 school Dominican girl who knows more than mongul She say let's stay in the room and order Dom Cru

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - In between lyrics

me apologize to begin with Let me apologize for what I'm about to say But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed But somehow I got caught up in between Let me apologize to begin with Let me apologize for what I'm about to say But trying to be someone else was harder

Alghazanth - In your midnight orchard lyrics

When we close our eyes and withdraw from the world around us, we awaken to perceive another beyond it. If we explore this limitless realm with willed steps, we are granted the opportunity to come in contact with the denizens of the Otherworld, to experience initiation and to even convers

Darzamat - In red iris lyrics

two or maybe a day I glance over yellowed pages Touch the scares of your unpure soul I drown in sticky passion of your memory Born from chaos wind of hatred human faces it posses The sand of the sarcophagus of memories blows And every seed is a diamond blade In the

Janel Meilani Parrish - In the eye abides the heart lyrics

the eye abides the heart. Every pure and tender feeling, All emotions worth revealing, Through the eyes their charm impart. Words are often clothed in guile; For the lips with fear my falter: E'en confiding smiles may alter Oh! believe not in a smile!

Ragnarok - In inferno i drown lyrics

that I never have seen before Illusions, that I never have illustrated before. Anger, that I never have felt before. A night; that I never have touched before! Something strong is growing deep inside of me So dark and mighty, that it takes my breath away, But still you're my ecstas

A Jealousy Issue - In the shape of stars lyrics

overcome blistering rain the truth of you arrives and i wish i could let this die like each wasted breath but these things never mend it must always end with your head held up high and star shaped slits carved into each of my wrists your hands are held against my face craving f

A Wilhelm Scream - In vino veritas ii lyrics

up the walls, scratching out her name. Staring up the walls, dulling up the razor blade. I'm washing it down. Watch me call the port on. I'm washing it down. Watch me fall. It's the shock of the sound of the ants. to carry me off towards home. I'm better now, not behind the eyes

Ad Hominem - In power lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Afterschool - In the night sky lyrics

It's brave sound After school I don't wanna love I don't wanna love I don't wanna love don't wanna love you again Siltago hal tten onjego Ijewa jakku nege weire weire Baby ijeulman hamyon jonhwal goro Nesogeul dwijibo nonneunde baby Utgiji ma

Alice's Garden - In the shadows lyrics

far from all your lies You know you can not ever hide From the side line you decide What to take up to the sky You know you can not run away From the things you do and say Though you try to hide the truth Many see the terrible you Every time you come my way Not

Animal Collective - In the singing box lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Another Way - In my rave lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Another Way - In these times lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Architects - In elegance lyrics

your time to find me I can't promise where I'll be these nights I felt so restless Tonight I feel useless take your time to find me I can't promise where I'll be these nights I feel so restless tonight I'm useless Blaming myself for every woman I should have thought this

Ayumi Hamasaki - In the corner lyrics

nai de anata o hitori Okizari ni shite kie tari shinai Dakedo watashi no aishiteru toka Shinjiteru toka eien da toka tte Kotoba o ichiban utagatteru no wa Hoka no dare demo naku watashi na no Anata ga amari ni kirei sugiru kara Tokidoki hidoku osoroshiku nar

Bauhaus - In fear of fear lyrics

fear the lesson And fear to walk And fear to pass on Your fear to talk The teacher was feared Your parents too Then you became The fear of you Fear Look to yourself Climb over the wall And see behind That you're not so small Then you won't blame fear W

Bi Rain - In my bed lyrics

deureosseo nege saero-un namjaga saenggyeotttago beolsseo ni chingu-ui ibeul tonghaeseo modu da peojyeosseo niga eotteoke sagwigo inneunji neomu nollabeoryeosseo Na-ege ju-eottteon ttokkkateun seonmureul mandeureojweosseo ttokkkateun naeyongi damgin pyeo

Big Star - In the street lyrics

out, down the street The same old thing we did last week Not a thing to do But talk to you Steal your car and bring it down Pick me up, we'll drive around Wish we had A joint so bad Bust a street light Out past midnight Ahh ahh ahh ah Ahh ahh

Boards Of Canada - In the annexe lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Boyfriend - In tomorrow’s clear skies lyrics

wa hitori janai Boku ga soba ni iru yo Mugen ni hirogaru mirai Kagayaku kibou wa ashita no harewataru sora ni Ue e mezashite yukou ze My way tsuranuite kou ze One day wasurezu Subete ni kansha shite Yume sakashite ikou ze Don’t know kinou no koto wa Highway k

Mary Mary - In the morning lyrics

text text text text text text text text texttext text text text texttext text text text texttext text text text texttext text text text texttext text text text texttext text text text texttext text text text

Burial - In mcdonalds lyrics

it once upon a time it was you who I adored Was it once upon a time it was you who I adored You look

Jon B - In too deep lyrics

you ready for love Ohh girl I don't know what you been through Can't imagine the pain boo Whatever it is It's all over now Was it waves crashin' over Like the sand on a shore I got so close to someone Just like you but I had to let them go Cause your hear

The Cataracs - In love with a swisher lyrics

....................................... ........................................ .......................................

Cataract - In ashes lyrics

ruins and dust - pain, tears and distrust Corpses, blood and waste - empty fields of the past Smoke and Stench rises from the fields - ashes, ruins and dust The battle lost under iron shields - pain, tears and distrust The swords of resentments

Cemetery Of Scream - In the cemetery garden lyrics

has fallen, and my burnt-out inner self has been plunged into complete darkness. and not so long ago, the spark of my stray humanity used to glow with thousands of irrational colours. Now... is already here. it's impossible to move away from its intrusive presence.

Ceremonial Castings - In my madness mystique lyrics

Realm Of Madness... Has Taken Possession Over My Mind... Over My Body A Burden Of Flesh... Self Infliction Upon The Oceans... Of Madness Crazed By The Blood Of My Ruins This Horrid Hurt Which I Endulge Alas, This; The End Of Me Father Here I Come

Cipher System - In perfection lyrics

is the beginning of the end From this point on and on Nothing will ever be the same again My life is going its own way, running its own race I need structure, I need belief Now I can't find a single word... speechless Now I can't find a single emotion...

Perry Como - In the garden lyrics

come to the garden alone, While the dew is still on the roses, And the voice I hear falling on my ear, The Son of God discloses And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own, And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other, has ever,

Dbsk - In our time lyrics

ga futto warattanara kimi mo kitto waraudarou Kimi ga motto warattanara dareka mo kitto waraudarou Lalala~ Boku ga zutto nai teitara kimi wa kitto kabaudarou Kimi ga zutto kabattanara dare ka kimi o mamorudarou Lalala~ Sekai no namida o atsumetara sorezore no michi ni makou

Dorsal Atlântica - In line lyrics

got feet, lots of fingers, oriental patience, ebony of the doomed Lines have life, condemning the steps which crawl Awaiting endlessly, back to the row Toe decode, ring sink, index relax, little

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