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Children Of Bodom - War inside my head lyrics

inside my head War inside my head War inside my head War inside my head War inside my head ain't a pretty sight But I ... a harsh reality CHORUS War inside my head-can you sense

Paragon - War inside my head lyrics

that went wrong Deaden my senses - numb is my heart It ... can do [Chorus] I lead a war inside my head And now my ... brings back... the tears into my eyes I miss your face - I

Eradicator - War in my head lyrics

is conquering my mind Feels like my brain would explode ... Bloody writings on the forehead Going to take my last breath ... War in my head Growing up from down below

Grudge Connection - Inside my head lyrics

me f***ing go!!.. inside of me. there's that beast. ... that eats me from the inside dont let me go, dont let me ... grow, slowly my head goes unsure let me

Shpongle - My head feels like a frisbee lyrics

head feels like a frisbee; Twice its normal ... size Feels like a football and someone's ... This one brought me down to my knees I had to hold onto the ... wall My knees shaking, quivering My head feels like a

Digital Summer - Inside my head lyrics

are ´Cause I don’t cover up my scars And inside my head ... You don’t know what it’s like I can feel this ... surrounding me Like a nightmare though I’m not

Orgy - Inside my head lyrics

time you think of me like your g*****n trophy It just ... the time I know it's not my vivid imagination Telling ... me Psychos all around me Like to say my head's not right My head's not right

Fozzy - Inside my head lyrics

s so hard but it it's right Inside to feel the fight To keep ... you help me kill the sound inside my head? Why do I burst? ... you help me kill the sound inside my head? Now that I call

Meg&dia - Inside my head lyrics

s got inside my head He's sleeping in my head ... He's got hold of my hand I am not anymore ... You try to write me letters like you've transformed into

Modestep - Inside my head ft. teddy killerz lyrics

Cause now I've got you stuck inside my- Too colour clear, living ... But now I've got you stuck inside my head You're stuck inside my head You're stuck inside my head You're stuck inside my head We argue every day, try to

Anette Olzon - Like a show inside my head lyrics

Darkness cold and blind Like a show inside my head Keeps ... Darkness cold and blind Like a show inside my head Keeps

Radiohead - Inside my head lyrics

from me? Now you got me Now my fingers bleed Now they're ... staring at me I'm a coward now I hold my peace Now ... You won't let go You're inside my head Inside my head

Liveonrelease - Inside my head lyrics

a sound your breath is like a flood, and i wanna drown, ... believe me you're not inside my head you're not inside my ... eyes so black that they take my breath away we'll forsake

The Connells - Inside my head lyrics

my head I hurt a lot 'Cause I'm ... star Or would you have been like me Nothing but a fool I ... reaching down fro you. Inside my head I hurt a lot 'Cause

Inspiral Carpets - Inside my head lyrics

show The picture of you inside my head The picture of you inside my head has just been burnt ... been The picture of you inside my head The picture of you inside my head has

Godgory - Inside my head lyrics

to a trip with me Inside my brain to insanity A guided ... I don't know you, you know my name We sit and talk and you ... almost cry It cuts so deep inside of me But at the same time I

Morgoth - War inside lyrics

t worth to be (forced) by my own hand, no (howl your life ... god Connect the strings War inside those head (to never) ... can return from the past (war is the way to reteliate when

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - Feels like we only go backwards lyrics

feels like I only go backwards baby Every part of me says ... "go ahead". I got my hopes up again, no no... not ... again. It feels like I only go backwards darling.

Dixie Chicks - Voice inside my head lyrics

you Ten summers ago But it feels like yesterday Lost, scared ... way I can hear the voice inside my head Saying you should be ... I wonder What would it be like with you around So I, I

Celkilt - The war in my head lyrics

Pray that no one calls out my name That nothing changes ... I’ll put my head down Fear of the distance ... words I speak Fear of the war in my head Don’t let the sun

Asia - Feels like love lyrics

As we rush into the sea Take my eyes, and I will show you ... be strong Rushing through my head, I can touch the thunder ... as the world stops turning Feels like love... Tell me, does

Sacrety - Storm inside my head lyrics

The raindrops fall down on my skin. Can somebody stop the ... I wish you right here by my side I'm blinded by a ... you now, I need you here Like the desert needs the rain

Assemblage 23 - The noise inside my head lyrics

I can't sleep for the noise inside my head. The world ... Flooded with the thoughts my mind has bled. The ... a thousand racing thoughts, Swarm around me like a vulture

Hopes Die Last - Stuck inside my head lyrics

can do it by yourself. Just like I used to do in these days. ... can be. And so you're stuck inside my memories. Just like I ... this. Now you can smell my fear. This is the place

Ra - The voice inside my head lyrics

in You found a reason to be my sin Perfect time, perfect ... disgrace I didn't have a warning before the fall You ... what you've become? In my head while I sleep You're the

Red - Confession (what's inside my head) lyrics

It’s a constant fight Deep inside And I wanna forget it I ... always ashamed Of what’s inside me I confess I’m always ... always ashamed Of what’s inside my head And I can’t breath

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Feels like home lyrics

I'm there with u Hold my hand while u sleep So when u ... I'm there with u Home Feels like home I hurry to make my way home Cos you are my ... truth and my light And when night falls I

Hüsker Dü - What's going on (inside my head) lyrics

s going on What's going on inside my

Fractured - Fractured - you are (the voice inside my head.. lyrics

You are the rope around my neck, you are the voice inside my head, you are the sound ... I write these words to all my friends and all past lovers

Ceremony - It rained today inside my head lyrics

skies above are closed to me forgetting names when shaking hands friends and lovers i've left behind i'm as apathetic as the wind...

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - I like to bang my head lyrics

Everytime I see them shine I like the grace of an eagle ... Everytime I see it fly I like the summer breeze on my skin ... But when it comes to you I like to bang my head There's

All Saints - War of nerves lyrics

time To leave and be free Aware of your destiny When that ... all I see is what used to be My life could soon be a memory ... Wanna be ready when you call my name (ahh ahh) I don't ever

All Time Low - A love like war (feat. vic fuentes) lyrics

in the dark Fingernails on my skin Like the teeth of a ... stare I am painfully lost Like a deer in the lights Of an ... s on fire tonight, Feel my bones ignite, It feels like war, war It feels like war, war

Metatrone - War is pain again lyrics

Before you can hold me again My love's forever And all we ... try to stay Alive Hold on my loving Our names will be ... burns The sky falls on me My will is lasting Can I save

Sinergy - Me, myself, my enemy lyrics

is it I see? Reflection of my greatest enemy When I ... listen to myself speak, was is it I hear? ... I wake Living life was my mistake Will this feeling

Beverly Craven - Feels like the firts time lyrics

it, I tell myself There’s some else ... Maybe it’s too much wine And my imagination It feels like ... I know that it isn’t right Inside me there’s a tug of war And

Godsmack - War and peace lyrics

go! Dance with the devil inside of me I'm longing for a ... seems to remind me of all my skulls and skeletons Live ... let live Die and let die War and peace in my hand - my

Dream Theater - Six degrees of inner turbulence: iii. war ins.. lyrics

showers Showed the cowards We weren't there to mess ... light of the day Waging a war inside my head Years and ... years of Bloodshed and warfare Our mission was only to

Martin Hall - War lyrics

anyone stop the noise That's inside my head a voice That keep ... 10 and then I start a little war Yeah, I start a little war ... and then you start a little war Same way as before Yeah,

Bloodbound - Brothers of war lyrics

say Every day There’s a war inside my head I have had ... Hear machine guns fire in my dreams Tortured souls and ... hallowed screams Like a soldier unknown There’s a

Feeder - My perfect day lyrics

this dagger in my back The blade inside me ... Change these colors in my head Turn to face the real thing ... I´m still hoping tomorrow feels like this My perfect day

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Feels like music lyrics

Better than you ever had Feels like music Pumpin' trough ... your veins Feels like music Coming back again ... a different beat One touch, head rush Drop it one more time

Daughtry - Feels like tonight lyrics

"Come and take a look inside." You believed me, In ... you this time. And it feels like tonight. I can't ... believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Feels like forever lyrics

need And there's a place inside my heart Nobody's touched ... searching for You turned my world around All I know ... Is that it feels like forever All I know Yes I

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - War lyrics

s a war between my head and my heart And I don't know ... to take You made your home inside the dowry on my head You ... know my heart was yours to break

Newton Faulkner - Feels like home lyrics

feel right And you know deep inside It breaks your heart But ... But I hate the way this feels inside But all I wanna do is ... you to understand That it feels like home That it knocks me

Rascal Flatts - Feels like today lyrics

morning With this feeling inside me that I can't explain Like ... it's amazing, you save me My time is coming And I'll find ... of this longest drought It feels like today I know it feels like today I'm sure Its the one

Corey Smith - Feels like love lyrics

situation before. Oh, it feels like love, Ya, it feels like ... don't know 'bout you, But it feels like love to me. By now you ... me, I'm rather simple, Set in my ways, used to livin' alone,

Beautiful Bodies - War inside your heart lyrics

are the words you’ll read on my postcard These are the words ... You need me now There’s a war inside your heart You can’t ... say you’re scarred There’s a war inside your heart You can’t

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - Feels like sunday lyrics

ends the same You´re head´s on my shoulder As we ... - bye ´Cause it always feels like sunday When I drive ... close ´Cause it always feels like sunday when you go

Coldrain - My addiction lyrics

miserable But sometimes it feels like I'd rather die in this ... seven syllables I'll spill my heart on to this song You ... are... inside... my head... too much I hate to have

Mikky Ekko - Feels like the end lyrics

go deaf; bombs are going off inside your chest. I know you ... does time go from here? It feels like the end It feels like ... does time go from here? It feels like the end It feels like

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Feels like sex lyrics


Daichi Miura - Inside your head lyrics

hazu mo nai Cuz the man is inside your head Saa motomete ... Nande? Erase the man inside your head I'm tryna erase ... the man inside your head I'm tryna erase the man inside your head Konya mo kesenai

Hughes Glenn - Feels like home lyrics

only want to say sleepin' on my pillow in a velvet dream ... was wishing for lookin' from my window I know what it means ... have to be alone cos it feels like home now its goodbye

Collective Soul - Feels like (it feels all right) lyrics

All hail to the soul machine Feels like what I taste Always ... better than yesterday Feels like sweet sixteen All sugar ... and nicotine It feels like ready go I'm full throttle

Etta Bond - Feels like lyrics

Ain't had sex for a minute Feels like sex when I hit it, oh ... Ain't had sex for a minute Feels like sex when I hit it, oh ... [Chorus] It feels like making love Feels like

Matthew Perryman Jones - Feels like letting go lyrics

my love help me open my heart again tear it open let ... wash this hardness underneath my skin oh my love let me hear ... I wanna know the love inside of you make this dark heart

S3rl - Feels like heaven (ft. moiminnie) lyrics

close I'll never let you go Feels like heaven Feels like ... I know that you are mine Feels like heaven Feels like ... close I'll never let you go Feels like heaven Feels like

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