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Orange Blue - The sun on your face lyrics

know a lady with a face like tasty wine And if I was ... someone else, I'd wish that she was ... mine No I won't drink too much with her I ... for My pretty lady, your smile could stop a war And the blood that flows through your

Earth Wind And Fire - On your face lyrics

t it funny that the way you feel, shows on your face- and no ... you try to hide it'll state your case- Now a frown will bring ... your Sprits down to the ground And never let you see

Earth, Wind & Fire - On your face lyrics

t it funny that the way you feel, shows on your face- and no ... you try to hide it'll state your case- Now a frown will bring ... your Sprits down to the ground And never let you see

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - Sunlight lyrics

we don’t know Who we are Ashamed, ... hiding behind the scars Too many times We let ... the things we feel Get in the way of letting us Heal the ... wounds That open in the dark Did you ever feel Sunlight on your face? Did you ever

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Sunlight on your skin lyrics

Lil Peep] 'Ko let's watch the rain as it's falling down Sunlight on your skin when I'm not ... around Shit don't feel the same when you're out of town

Brian Mcknight - Your song lyrics

we're alone I get beside myself Can't ... you get home It's you and no one else When I look into your ... To be this is what's meant The way I feel for you There's no

Konshens - On your face lyrics

[Chorus] Girl I can see it pon your face Seh yo body a ball ... self an yo dash out yo hole Then yo turn it back way an stuck ... Let yuh out meck yo party pon Saturday Gyal yo heart cold

Radio Moscow - The look on my face lyrics

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ... ... ....

Mnemic - The eye on your back lyrics

have an eye on your back, so No need to run ... against me Don't fight against me, you, you ... don't want me to be close anymore ... to be part of What you call your future No, see me interfere,

Secret Illusion - The light on your way lyrics

day I try to set and light your way Never asked you a thing ... to sacrifice seek and choose the best from life is my advice ... What has been done now you see Still there is

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - The movie on your eyelids lyrics

dozen cancer sticks Imagine there are two or three ways To ... love me And not dream of someone else Become the movie on your eyelids The reflection of yourself The reflection of yourself I cry when I listen to

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - 1 sunlight on your skin (feat. ilovemakonnen) lyrics

let's watch the rain as it's falling down Sunlight on your skin when I'm not ... around Shit don't feel the same when you're out of town ... Come let's watch the rain as it's falling down,

Matt Pond Pa - Sunlight lyrics

See all my mistakes Watch the whole thing coming down ... that bad Oh no I'm already gone Kicking down the open ... a scrape All this blood is gonna wash away Sunlight on your face On these too cold

Matt Pond Pan - Sunlight lyrics

See all my mistakes Watch the whole thing coming down ... that bad Oh no I'm already gone Kicking down the open ... a scrape All this blood is gonna wash away Sunlight on your face On these too cold

Fool's Garden - High time lyrics

at the sky and feel the sunlight on your face tell me again ... appears from outer space don´t dream about the dreams you ... to comprehend see all the lonely girls and boys they

Rival Sons - Lucky girl lyrics

got a feeling about you I got this feeling about you Feel the sunlight on your face Just realise we ... can't replace The time, it seems to slip away

Kenny Rogers - The wind beneath my wings lyrics

must've been cold there in my shadow To never have ... sunlight on your face You've being content to let ... a step behind. And I was the one with all the glory You

Jerry Ropero - The storm lyrics

you searching my soul Don't know if you know i'm ... i'm nothing without you and the storm is calling yaeh i ... miss the sunrise on your face the sunlight the rain is

Bodyrockers - Handel on your face lyrics

got a handle on your face It's in stone cold place ... Why don't you move it over here-ah ... And let me battle all your fears I got a handle on your face It's in stone cold

Leatherwolf - The way i feel lyrics

Nothing at all Will ever be the same When you need my touch ... Night after night With your golden glare The candle of ... flame I'm lost in your stare I'll be there for you

Secondhand Serenade - The last song ever lyrics

Wish my life was this song cause songs they never die ... to cry I’d show you how I feel with out saying a word I ... sounds absurd and i saw the tears on your face i shot

Embersland - The mirror of your soul lyrics


Mark Medlock - Put a smile on your face lyrics

if you're not here I see the tears will disappear I hate the way to be alone there is no ... heart there is no home there is a heart there needs some ... without you Put a smile on your face no I never give up it

Skyline - The highest mountain lyrics

through runningthrough the maze. Where´s our love when ... through a blaze . I can feel our lives spinning through ... a daze. We will fight the wrong running through running

A.c.t. - The cause lyrics

s Clear Why You Ran Away My Conscience's Gone I Get The Feeling That I Am Not Alone A ... Glance At The Wall, Did I See Him Frown I Feel He's Aware Of What We've Done

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Your face lyrics

heard a song tonight on the radio Another girl sings ... about a boy She sees his face in every space, every room ... that if I turn around you won't be there If I close my

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Turn up the radio lyrics

down And nothing seems to go your way And the noise of the ... maddening crowd Makes you feel like you're going to go ... insane There's a glow of a distant light

Of Montreal - Was your face a head in the pillowcase? lyrics

under the ghost on your face kind of ruins it for me I don't want to see you toss it's ... hair No I don't need you to show me its ... m learning yes I know about your mask so I no longer have to

Eddie Rabbitt - Plain as the pain on my face lyrics

honky-tonk hero Met the honky-tonk girl She took him on ... a heartbreak ride All around the world So, bartender, don't ... this place It's as plain as the pain on my face She had a

Abigail Washburn - Song of the traveling daughter lyrics

World sits outside the door Men wai you ge shijie ... A voice in your heart is calling Xinzhong ... you ge shengyin The ends of the world await

Fearless Vampire Killers - Taste the iron on your lips lyrics

Let all purity be stained In the court of carnal vice May our ... bones lock in dismay Now all ... is Left behind We lay alone, drained of all pain Two ... seated baths and the scent of lavender Thick in the hot summer air and now there

George Jones - The real mccoy lyrics

on a bar stool sippin' on a glass of tea Well, when ... by and she tried to put the make on me She had fake eye ... And it makes me realize that the real thing is hard to find

David & Devine - Leave the light on lyrics

ve been too many years, there've been too many tears ... we both have changed, but it don't have to be this way We've ... kept to ourselves for so long I can't count the days

Prince - The morning papers lyrics

drink and be back in time for the morning papers They could ... take a walk down the oceanside Make a wish on ... every wave They could find a carousel And ... ride or kiss in every cave They could contemplate the entire

Firehouse - The day, the week, and the weather lyrics

up and took daddy away The way that dress wore her, a ... Mom was so young, now she's feeling so old No matter how she ... from me to her I remember the day and the week and the weather The smile on your face as

Memphis - Your love is gone lyrics

heard the voice and I'm back there You know it's time to be ... man I got no chance, many feelings I hate the words I'm ... babe I'm standing so close Don't leave me this way I think

Marie Digby - Your love lyrics

can never find the words to describe what you do ... sound like a hundred symphonies The sun would descend ... from the sky Just to see who stole ... change all of history Your love, your love, your love, your love, your love Is all that

Dr.alban - Feel the rhythm lyrics

the rhythm in your heart And put your mind into ... it Feel the rhythm and let it blow mind Feel the groove, it's deep inside ... Feel the rhythm 'cause I love you to the bone 'Cause the rhythm's so

Ray J - Feel the funk ii...(outro) lyrics

feel the funk on the horizonj I'm realizing that funk is ... ] Everybody talking bout' the real way to do it anyways the ... right way Come on let yourself go it's on me.

Beck - Feel the bunny lyrics

the bunny Feel the bunny on my mind Feel the bunny Feel ... the bunny comin' down on you Feel the bunny runnin' all around ... you Feel the bunny, the bunny Feel the bunny when he

Kids Of 88 - Feel the love lyrics

we're on for a good time Free that ... worry from your mind I can take you to a ... place, I won't be hiding Everybody's ... letting go and they're inviting I don't wanna

Kiuas - The new dark age lyrics

s a sign of the times That dead are the ... minds of men And how long before the world grows cold ... See the scars on your face They tell the future you are

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Lien on your dreams lyrics

s a lien on your dreams That keeps you going ... under And a hole in the floor That drops us all ... together You can fight all you like ... There's no way to hide All the

Devin Townsend - The fluke lyrics

am a Fluke in the world I haven't spoken a ... I'll have to wade through the bullshit Baby just to find ... my own vision of pearl I am a fluke in your world And even though it's a

Alesha Dixon - The gift lyrics

with purpose Trying to hold on, [?] frozen, trapped in a ... circus Holding onto yesterday The paining ... never lasts If the gift is in this moment, we ... should let go of the past Caught up in the future

Polens - The calling wherever you will go lyrics

lately, I've been wonderin Who will be there to ... take my place When I'm gone, you'll need love To light ... the shadows on your face If a great wave should fall

Feist - The limit to your love lyrics

to give us a little sun There's a limit to your love ... Like a waterfall in slow motion Like a map with no ocean There's a limit to your love Your love, your love, your love

A Thorn For Every Heart - The prediction lyrics

Pulled out from under Your crashing your cover now (Oh, ... were feeling lost in the dark) It's the end of it ... all We know it's only our(my) fault Pulled out

Bush lyricsBush - The afterlife lyrics

got the antidote she knows the other way She really ... understands I don't what the hell to say I'm on the other ... side I'm on the other side I'm in exile to left

A Call To Sincerity - Your last rise of dawn lyrics

This is a fight for victory, there's no second chance It's ... just you and your enemy Hear the screams of ... hitting blades The dust on your face is washed by the rain Don't be deaf to our world's yell

Archive - The empty bottle lyrics

colours run away as the sun fades the day I find it ... so hard to find the right words to say I know ... from green to grey Defeat the impossible finish this war

Aura Noir - The stalker lyrics

see a figure in the mirror An eerie abstract ... cold blue fire Now you know your future's desire The realm ... Safe heaven, but nor you wonder Is this life, granted to

Beck - The golden age lyrics

your hands on the wheel Let the golden age begin Let the ... window down Feel the moonlight on your skin Let the ... desert wind cool your aching head Let the weight

Dropkick Murphys - The torch lyrics

away all the lines on your face that show how you've aged it ... s a long way down your back's been broken you can't ... make the rounds the tables are turned as the

Eluveitie - Your gaulish war lyrics

imperial needs. Satisfy your hunger for might and blood! ... With greedy claws the eagle flew Leaving chaos and ... widows on his hunt. We do not accept

Hurt - On the radio lyrics

could go outside today but I won't 'cause I won't Yeah I ... could look alive today but I won't 'cause I won't But ... somewhere on the radio could you hear me? Can

Peeping Tom - Your neighborhood spaceman (feat. jel & odd n.. lyrics

m your neighborhood spaceman. You don't know who I am, or where I ... a satellite. Sigh post in the sky, look at me. I'm ... really just a tamborine The world is shaking me, so

Shins,the - The past and pending lyrics

someone sets light to the first fire of autumn We ... Cough and twitch from the news on your face And some ... foreign candle burning in your eyes Held to the past too

Major Accident - The man on the wall lyrics

he on the wall, or is he in your head He's watching you, he's ... just ahead He's off the wall, he's a bird of prey He ... can't run away Believe your eyes, it can't be right

Dark At Dawn - The oasis lyrics

Step you take You'll find yourself attracted by the Glimpse ... every Moment, to every Direction - the perfect Angle sends his ... Light For the mercyless Judgement to be

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