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Feel Alone In Crowded Places lyrics

Browse for Feel Alone In Crowded Places song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Feel Alone In Crowded Places lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Feel Alone In Crowded Places.

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Crimson Glory - In dark places lyrics

so warm I know she's waiting there for me In ancient ... rhymes she whispers in the wind a strange and haunting ... As it fills the silence, I feel the shivers cold embrace my

Mike Oldfield - In high places lyrics

down from in high places. Lift off the ground ... through open spaces. The wind, it pulls. The sky gets ... night, yeah. Shoot out into the shining, That devil

Edguy - Alone in myself lyrics

m trying hard to match the picture ... That you paint of me You don't know how ... I speak a word and then I feel like losing mother tongue ... when You wanna make me feel That I belong right here

Framing Hanley - Alone in this bed lyrics

up without you, it doesn't feel right To sleep with only ... night And sometimes I think I can feel you Breathing on ... my neck Tonight, I'm reaching out to the stars I think

Isole - Alone in silence lyrics

m hiding away from all, in a coat of dark With a ... reach through The surrounding world seems so distant for ... close but yet so far away In silence alone - my tears flow

Olivia Lufkin - Alone in our castle lyrics

it chased you out of your mind just when I started to grow ... of me But I need something to build on to You can't ... leave me here Alone in our castle alone in everything we have I'll never see your

Minnie Riperton - Alone in brewster bay lyrics

fly Hear the geese out honking' on the bay Feel the fire ... Do they sigh your name Think of you, my love, so far away ... m three days without you I feel a lot like cryin' I feel

Tobias Sammet - Alone in myself lyrics

m trying hard to match the picture ... that you paint of me You don't know how ... I speak a word and then I feel like losing mother tongue ... when you wanna make me feel That I belong right here,

Roger Daltrey - Alone in the night lyrics

hear the sound of the rock'in chair Rocking in the dark, feel it in the air Searching for ... The world keeps on turning, every night and every day ... The fire keeps on burning calling to say I'm alone in the night, the silence in the

Satan ( Uk ) - Alone in the dock lyrics

the Mourners song, Just your Innner Conscience betrays your ... you'd see? Shrug away the chains that bound you, You'll ... stand alone in the dock, But still you don

Cold - Feel it in your heart lyrics

away from love if yo cannot feel Everything falls apart in a ... be here Everyone forms apart in my symphony [Chorus:] Can ... you feel this in your heart Can you take it

Skyclad - Alone in death's shadow lyrics

gladiators lie restless awaiting the dawn Slaves to their ... hand The arena was life but alone in deaths shadow they stand. ... so cold and heartless you can feel no shame That we allow a

Skyrion - Alone in darkness lyrics

your eyes and see the rising moon Release your ... conscience Alone in darkness I cry Alone in ... darkness I stand Alone in darkness my life Alone in ... darkness Alone in darkness Seems to never

Becky G - Alone in december ft. aaron fresh lyrics

to the ground It just don't feel right when you're not around ... time of the year Well just ain't that for me Wrapped up in ... my winter coat, walking down the street Trying not

Adair - Alone in the city of robots lyrics

s the best in midwestern technology. this ... place, this town, is breaking me. excuse me but you don ... only one? can you still feel anything? anything at all?

Projecto - Alone in a mirror lyrics

what we have said Now I know in what we've always believed I ... can feel indifference I can feel what we have lost in our ... to survive By now we live thinking of ourselves I can see

Agathodaimon - Alone in the dark (soundtrack version) lyrics

Faces ever pale Voices thin with fear Wither beyond the ... veil Writhing whispers that I hear To ... fear I'd never known I'm alone, I'm alone in the dark

Faith Evans - Alone in this world lyrics

I dont know how Im still standing on my feet So turned around ... and incomplete Im not that happy ... When you said that you were mine, you knew that was a lie

Hollow ( Swe ) - Alone in darkness lyrics

sets the pace for man Luring with deceitful plans Conjuring the demons from our souls ... kiss Never did I have him in control Yet my son could ... I enter darkness – A life alone My grief is endless Can you

Nightmare (fra) - Alone in the distance lyrics

life goes on in the distance It's heavy like ... chains of steel I feel we loose our existence Maybe ... secrets day by day Have nothing more to say A dangerous

Nightfane - Alone in the dark lyrics

die and your horns will be mine. Your empire will be ... is start of your end. RF:Alone in dark, MY FRIEND Alone in ... dark, MY FRIEND Alone in dark, MY FRIEND Alone in

Pandaemonium - Alone in the dark lyrics

I stand waiting under the moonlight Hidden ... behind the trees and the snow I ... and watch every movement Again and again, again and again ... Alone in the dark I have to keep on

Chaotica - Alone in the crowd lyrics

is broken, Nothing here is real. All the ... s no chance To heal. Drowning in the sorrow of Self ... Hopefully tomorrow, Things aren't As they seem.

Iron Fire - Alone in the dark lyrics

demonic eyes all I see is burning skies Vision seems so real ... trying to break free This place is ... Lost without a key Try to find a open door That leads the

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Alone in love lyrics

me away. But now I'm lost in the dark. Set me on fire. ... now I'm left with a spark. Alone, you got beyond the haze and. ... I'm lost inside the maze. I guess I'm

Electric Light Orchestra - Alone in the universe lyrics

in the Universe All alone in the universe That's how it feels now you are gone I knew it ... way from home, oh-a-oh Alone in the Universe All alone in

Norther - Alone in the end lyrics

in the altitude of minus 6 feet Sleeping in the bed ... of broken dreams Walking on the same streets of ... forgotten needs Floating in the sea of blackened deeds

Elize Ryd - Alone in the universe lyrics

bite your lip You say it's fine And turn away You hold ... I don't know what I was doing Without you I am so lost ... you're gone my world is ruined I'm alone in the Universe

Glasseater - Alone in a world without you lyrics

one, you've been away And since then you... You've made me ... stay Alone in a world where I'd like to ... hear The words of approval ringing in my ear Cause I don

Neil Sedaka - Alone in new york in the rain lyrics

somewhere's been neglecting things. I've known all along, It ... s wrong to go about expecting things. But lookin' for ... love in this city Is like gettin'

Agathodaimon - Alone in the dark (death angel's shadow) lyrics

that avert are pale Voices thin with fear Silent streets and ... alleys wind Windless skies so drear ... constant follows me And tints the sun so red? What is

Ataris - Alone in santa cruz lyrics

I really love you... And I think about you all day? I really ... you so far away? (chorus) Since you’ve been gone I’ve ... over and over about you inside my Head And where I

Nok From The Future - Alone in the suburbs lyrics

m alone in the suburbs, you don't even ... You don't really know, I'm alone in the suburbs (2x) My ... friends are chilling on the internet Smokin purp poppin

Opera Ix - Alone in the dark lyrics

suffering. Everlasting oblivion of tears falling into the dust. I want to die. ... to be completed. I'm walking through this autumnal mist ... where everything dies and where everything's

Code Orange - Alone in a room lyrics

above my head It screams in green and black and red ... and pantheons Write my name in blood The same story that ... Take me from room to room in the dark Pair me with what I

Cattle Decapitation - Alone in the landfill lyrics

my plot. And listen to the winds ripe with trichloroethylene ... on the horizon. Knee-deep in a concentrated stockpile of ... manufactured scraps foretelling human downfall. Grisly.

3 Feet Smaller - Alone in the dark lyrics

t survive the night's haunting me, I'm sweating I can't ... kill me just don't leave me alone in dark it's haunting me ... I didn't meantion anything But it meant everything I

Kaktus Project - Alone in the dark lyrics

in the dark The fear is in me I look at the sky moving ... away Falling asleep in a strange land Now where am ... I I woke up in another land Everything

Iu - Alone in the room lyrics

jinan i bissoriman gwitgae ... seureureuk heulleoga heeojin ihu gidarineun iyu ajikdo ... du pallo naega nareul ango inna bwa honja inneun bang ... tteun nal bureuji nae ape inneun (seo inneun) baro ape inneun neoege soneul ppeodeo

Air - Alone in kyoto lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Jon Lajoie - Alone in the universe lyrics

re floating in space on the edge of time In ... a universe that we can't define Billions of stars in the ... endless night Try and find purpose for our lives Yet

Brokencyde - Alone in the dark lyrics

to you I know you don't think I'm there I'm right there ... walking with you I'm disappear in ... the darkness, Just waiting for you I can't escape what ... done, So I'll just sit here in the shade and wait for the

Donell Jones - Alone in the universe lyrics

re floating in space on the edge of time In ... a universe that we can't define Billions of stars in the ... endless night Try to find purpose for our lives Yet

Dj Tiesto - Feel it in my bones lyrics

by blow I didn't see it coming Blow by blow Sucker ... Punched Rushes in Here to stay Rushes in ... [Pre-Chorus :] What rushes into my heart and my skull I

Joe - Alone lyrics

It's like being in a crowded room with no familiar faces Alone It's like thinking that I see ... your face in unfamiliar places Alone It's waking up to a ... you used to lay your head on Alone And I don't wanna be alone

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - Places ft. ina wroldsen lyrics

come back to the places where we found us Where ... somewhere in a place between love and lust ... I could go anywhere, never feel alone I come back to the places where we found us, yeah

End Of Green - High hopes in low places lyrics

you spend your last evening? Like a ghost on your way ... High hopes in low places Exceed to hide of the shame ... Cruel Games Sinful, under your spell And you

Nine Shrines - Friends in low places (cover by. garth brooks.. lyrics

all on my roots, I showed up in boots And ruined your black ... saw the surprise and the fear in his eyes When I took his ... But you'll never her me complain" Cause I've got

Front Porch Step - Private fears in public places lyrics

cold is the wind that blows your hair. So ... warm is your touch upon my skin. How tired am I of being ... another. I'd rather freeze in your arms than be warm under

Kimbra - Love in high places lyrics

ll will save you Be your shining light Galvanize Make you ... burn all up inside But there’s a space ... that I’m saving To keep me strong There is ... a place that I’m saving We can’t stay for long I

Mario Lopez - Alone lyrics

feel alone without you tonight I feel alone without you by my side I feel alone without you tonight ... I feel alone without you tonight too ... much crying without you by my side feel You've been lying too

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Friends in low places lyrics

all on my roots I showed up in boots And ruined your black ... the surprise And the fear in his eyes When I took his ... you'll never hear me complain 'Cause I've got friends in

Kelly Rowland - Love lives in ( strange places ) lyrics

Verse1:] Clover walked in In his baggy jeans and his Prada ... with lots of class Something inside me made me hesitate So I ... made him wait Didn't think he was the one to treat me

Aglarond - Alone lyrics

m swimming all alone in a pool of darkness, And I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under, I yell for help, ... drip down my heart. I'am alone, so very alone, There is no

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - We feel alone lyrics

got good grades and trees in yards meant to climb we left ... home but never looked behind To feel alone We feel alone You and I parted ways I ... don't think I'll ever see your face

Moving Mountains - Parts in different places lyrics

were driving down furnace woods Long ... sleeves, striped shirts Throwing my hands out the door But ... all in fun. Did we kill him? (Wait ... up Come Up. Hold your head in the place But shake off your

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Sex in crazy places lyrics

Chorus (Bobby Valentino)] I wanna do you at yo Mama ... house, on the couch, Do you in the bathroom of the Airplane. ... Do you on a balcony, in the Taxi, Cause I can't get

Ihsahn - And he shall walk in empty places lyrics

Of all who defy the predestination That divides mankind Into the saved and damned He ... was the first. The lurking punishment With blood he ... no rest. And he shall walk in empty places With a claim on

Jj Demon - Alone together lyrics

of her glasses? Spellbinding and tragic. Wrapped in it's ... Separation is just an incision, listen... It's like ... but it's real. I'm talking about the way that both of

James Labrie - Alone lyrics

Don't want to cause you pain But it's all I ever do And ... it's driving me insane So how much deeper ... will I sink So how much further will I ... ve gone so far that I can't think Can't take it all away But

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