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Febe And The Chosen... lyrics

Browse for Febe And The Chosen... song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Febe And The Chosen... lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Febe And The Chosen....

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Nine Lashes - The chosen ones lyrics

sky We are fighters till the end and we will pray for ... love Cos there is hope for us and you ... us once again We are The chosen The chosen The ... chosen ones The chosen ones We are The

Borealis - The chosen one lyrics

in my bed, eyes wide Leave the past behind, I don't have ... away I give him mercy from the light The only prayer from ... In my dreams, you're the only one Close my eyes,

Electric Wizard - The chosen few lyrics

this is it A 1000 amps toll the end time riff The sky a ... condemned beneath its shadow The chosen few, the chosen knew ... Spelled out in the stars His prophecy Raise

Hearts & Hands - The chosen one lyrics

are the chosen. We are the chosen ones We are the ... chosen. We are the chosen ones We are the ... chosen. We are the chosen ones We are the ... chosen. We are the chosen ones We all

Defiance ( Usa ) - The chosen lyrics

be made&Chosen I may be the one Chosen I just might be the one to live I never heard ... a word they said But now I see the ... Or planned to take my life The will to live my mind sets

Ferry Bryan - The chosen one lyrics

and silver walk the main street (The chosen one ... Sons and lovers learn to suffer Born ... shadow where we first met (The chosen one) Dreams that ... river I've been thinking (The chosen one) Words of

Atb - The chosen ones lyrics

running to better keep the faith before it’s gone another day - a brand new warning ... what if we believe - in what others cannot see what if we are

Forever In Terror - The chosen one lyrics

re the chosen one Taste hate at the ... hands disposal You pretend to be the chosen one.. But who you are ... from the outside in Take these answers and throw them away

Human Fortress - The chosen one lyrics

god would know – that I’m the chosen one Is this the end ... of the world? Take all the things I cherish and love ... Defeat the demons deep inside of me

Sister Sin - The chosen few lyrics

it up now for the chosen few! Fed lies of ... future, where bullshit rules and they want us all to believe ... prayers, blood red greed... and now they're coming for me!

Last Tribe - The chosen one lyrics

that she would call her home There is no place that hasn't ... fight She places her soft hand on your bleeding shoulder ... Touches your frozen soul and speaks to you I can

Maher Zain - The chosen one lyrics

a time of darkness and greed It is your light that ... Allah You were so caring and kind Your soul was full of ... light You are the best of mankind Muhammad ... Al Mustafa Peace be upon The Messenger The Chosen One

Rival - The chosen lyrics

that all had foreseen There was no denying The ... millions who vanished upon their demise For only a few a ... few would remain To restore their world from All that

Dream Evil - The chosen ones lyrics

are the chosen ones, we sacrifice our ... We kill for honour We are the holy ones our armours stained ... with blood We killed the dragon In glory we return, ... destination's end We slayed the dragon! No more living in

Breakdown Of Sanity - The chosen ones lyrics

it's up to you to feel alive the time is too short to wait for ... salvation arise the time is now to rise follow the clouds in the sky from ... ocean we will cross the cold ocean you will see

Crom ( Spa ) - The chosen one lyrics

a sword Searching for the stone to draw it Poor fools, ... the chosen one Will be one ... between the crowd? And he will come to rule the land ... And now it's time He doesn't

Don Omar - The chosen lyrics

cancion Y esta presion explotandome las venas... Sigo vivo ... la bruta salida de mi voz cuando se descontrola agendo de ... anetica... (choro) I am the chosen they want me.... And

Lunatica - The chosen ones lyrics

times of fear and loss, of staving and of pain, ... trying in vain A group of the bravest men, born to change ... Awaited but not expected, they came to turn things right

Ereb Altor - The chosen ones lyrics

on this water we will go Ask and Embla, the chosen ones The ... wise god gave us the breath of life The god of ... wish gave us our mind The god of holiness gave us our

Brainstorm - The chosen lyrics

I'm about to cross the line An eye for an eye makes ... I'm telling you lies Is this the end of my disguise? The fear ... dread, in my sleep All hopes and dreams are yours to keep The cold feel of my skin, look

Destruction - The chosen ones lyrics

rumours or lies? The circle of blood and force ... Under the seal of secrecy Ritual acts ... - no remorse Call them: skull and bones Scroll and ... key Call them: wolf's head Book and snake

Dimmu Borgir - The chosen legacy lyrics

I will anoint And whisper wholeheartedly The ... creed of Hades and beyond As I succumb to ... words of salvation The hypocrisy that surrounds my ... Is assisted by pretenders to the throne The winds that

In Flames - The chosen pessimist lyrics

failure Between love and hate Which path to follow ? ... (slowly) In many ways I'm the burden that devide us from the light In many ways you're the halo that keeps my spirit

Sleeping Giant - The army of the chosen one lyrics

fire, we break all chains, the foolish bonds of carnal minds ... far beneath us We see the leader transfigured light, he ... new name, on stones of white, and then we stand commissioned

Dreamshade - The chosen one lyrics

I’m pulled in this inferno These flames, this hate that ... makes me eternal. And all I’ve ever tried to find, and all I’ve lived, all useless

Gloomy Grim - The chosen one lyrics

am Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End. The ... is, who was, who is to come, The Almighty Hear, O Lord, ... hear the voice of my supplication, ... when I pray to thee Come, children, hearken to

Phoenix Rising / Fire & Ashes - The chosen one lyrics

soulless believers Ignoring their unlucky fate but they ... see What’s waiting for them And in despair now I can ... I swear I will fight till the end. Sun has fade into

Firelake - The chosen one lyrics

at night Through storm and wind I saw a bright light ... Deep at night The service over It lures me ... outside Behind the gates Messiah waits For me

Diviner - The shadow and the dark lyrics

For all your crimes Against the children of creation There ... with your own kind Chosen the way Of no turning back The shadow and the dark They've

Sirens And Sailors - The chosen one lyrics

traveled leaning? You have the choice to take control You ... have the strength to defeat them all Don’t you give up, the time is near For all to see,

Javier Colon - The chosen one lyrics

floor Put tv screens in the headrest door Something a ... more mature Preparing for the future Put the down on ... With a fence, a roof, and a door Or the jewlery store

Dagoba - The white guy (and the black ceremony) lyrics

being, like a hidden face of the moon A great secret that ... Orgy of big breasted girls -then- The darkness took my soul ... cruise I' ve passed over the road, Where wine turns to

My Dying Bride - The raven and the rose lyrics

chosen one glows like the sun Pure of heart, wide in ... of God Black as night. Mute and sick Sent by the Lord. The ... boy his sword To reap the gold. To use the stick He

Forgive Durden - The end and the beginning (feat. greta salpet.. lyrics

guest. Across mountain land and serpentine seas, these two ... so chichi. Chased her with their conceited coteries. She's ... panniers of peerless pears and plums, polished. I've been

Grand Magus - The naked and the dead lyrics

blood Bodies flayed down in the mud Mercy never came on this ... day For the naked and the dead There's no glory or ... reward to be had If the spirit travels on it's by

Jimi Hendrix - …and the gods made love lyrics

♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫...

Shpongle - ...and the day turned to night lyrics

not enough ... ( ... ) ...and then... ( ... ) ... it's

Demon Hunter - And the sky went red lyrics

blindly we held your hand and threw you down. We cursed ... your name, turned our backs and begged you to embrace us

Hüsker Dü - The tooth fairy and the princess lyrics

Don't give up, Don't let go, Don't give in, Don't let on. In your bed, Late at night, Red hot red, Don't get up....

Hyades - And the worst is yet to come lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Irish Rovers - The orange and the green lyrics

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------...

Birdpen - The birds and the antennas lyrics

the birds interfere with the antennas. Keep checking

Faderhead - The moth and the fire lyrics

burning like a moth You're the fire Where is your heart

Faderhead - The moth and the fire (candlelight version) lyrics

burning like a moth You're the fire Where is your heart

My Dying Bride - The whore, the cook and the mother lyrics

lust must be fed Lay your hands on me Lay your perfect hands on me You know exactly ... heat rips through me Your hands rip my skin Deep inside ... to you (But only if you're there) Only you. There's no-one

Rwake - The cat and the snake lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

The Butterfly Effect - And the promise of the truth lyrics

the sea, the shining sea You were taken ... our good son set today Is there a better way? In these ... we'll be forever Safe from the world we'll see If we stand now together I'll give my

Dezperadoz - The legend and the truth lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instru...

Freygolo - The gain and the profit lyrics

profit win the game So many words I can't ... stand to hear again Be the first competition There's ... wrong in our education All the things we learn in school So

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