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Nine Lashes - The chosen ones lyrics

sky We are fighters till the end and we will pray for ... love Cos there is hope for us and you ... us once again We are The chosen The chosen The chosen ones

Atb - The chosen ones lyrics

time to make up your mind - it’s time to start ... running to better keep the faith before it’s gone another day - a brand new warning ... what if we believe - in what others cannot see what if we are

Dream Evil - The chosen ones lyrics

are the chosen ones, we sacrifice our blood We ... kill for honour We are the holy ones our armours stained ... with blood We killed the dragon In glory we return,

Breakdown Of Sanity - The chosen ones lyrics

it's up to you to feel alive the time is too short to wait for ... salvation arise the time is now to rise follow the clouds in the sky from ... ocean we will cross the cold ocean you will see

Lunatica - The chosen ones lyrics

times of fear and loss, of staving and of pain, ... trying in vain A group of the bravest men, born to change ... Awaited but not expected, they came to turn things right

Ereb Altor - The chosen ones lyrics

on this water we will go Ask and Embla, the chosen ones The ... wise god gave us the breath of life The god of ... wish gave us our mind The god of holiness gave us our

Destruction - The chosen ones lyrics

rumours or lies? The circle of blood and force ... Under the seal of secrecy Ritual acts ... - no remorse Call them: skull and bones Scroll and ... key Call them: wolf's head Book and snake

Dream Evil - Chosen ones lyrics

are the chosen ones, we sacrifice our blood We ... kill for honor We are the holy ones our armor stained ... with blood We killed the dragon In glory we return,

Hearts & Hands - The chosen one lyrics

are the chosen. We are the chosen ones We are the chosen. We ... are the chosen ones We are the chosen. We are the chosen ones We are the chosen. We are the chosen ones We all

Dreamland - Chosen ones lyrics

take my hand and tell me That I can rule the ... But something's Get stuck in the wheel Diffusing eclipse and illusions We're caught in their web alive The ladder to the sky to short to climb We

Shok Paris - Chosen ones lyrics

man. A very long time ago. They stood before me and ... preached away. These things I had to know. ... Time will tell us of the Chose One reigning down from

Megadeth - Chosen ones lyrics

doubt your strength or courage Don't ... surely wants you With sharp and pointy teeth An animal so ... vicious No others fought and won So on the fields of

Crash Test Dummies - The unforgiven ones lyrics

guilty and the innocents The prisoners and the free The ... ugly and the beautiful The ones who are yet to be Some are ... repent Some are never done And then there's those like you and I The unforgiven ones The

Banco De Gaia - Harvey and the old ones lyrics


Disturbed - The brave and the bold lyrics

your life you just stood there questioning Feeling your ... ambition crumble away As the power within you began to ... what you were searching for And feeling a longing you couldn

Moving Mountains - The earth and the sun lyrics

your hands away from your face So I can see everything ... you are And everything you've been to me ... wanna be You, you're like the sun And I am earth Together

Light Your Anchor - The old men and the scene lyrics

in time, where we lived the stolen phrases that you ... when did talk get's so cheap And now I feel like Ernest I am the old man and the scene every ... time I hear them talk my heart screams

Josh Groban - The mystery of your gift lyrics

single note passes out of the ashes A flickering ember ... begins Its the courage of turn When the ... pages have burned And your story now seems at an end

Hawkwind - The only ones lyrics

flew too near the sun Into the blue his red wax did run He ... fell to the earth and sealed the scroll The daredevil angels ... unknown would unfold They are the only ones The chosen only ones They are the only ones who are free Half-human,

Brainstorm - The chosen lyrics

I'm about to cross the line An eye for an eye makes ... I'm telling you lies Is this the end of my disguise? The fear ... swallows me I'm counting my blessings, you're haunting me My heart

Aevum - The white menace lyrics

away from their ignorance Looking beyond ... all their believes His regulations they took as faith Knowing not ... what would be set free The new reign of darkness will be

Sacred Steel - The oath of blood lyrics

XU:] "Descending from the Heavens, cloaked in Armour ... shining bright The grim foretold Messiah, ... wielder of the Power and Might The Punisher, the Oath

Rival - The chosen lyrics

that all had foreseen There was no denying The ... millions who vanished upon their demise For only a few a ... few would remain To restore their world from All that

Metal King - For the fallen ones lyrics

which inspired us all Their essence is still coming ... ll always be in our feelings and memories You'll live inside ... of us for good For the fallen ones We're

Beyond Creation - The deported lyrics

place, I wondered where the clouds were As wind became ... my eyes to what was coming there Pushed and Tossed by an ... Something was falling from the sky Crystal eyed flakes

Silentium - The fallen ones with you tonight lyrics

fallen ones with you tonight They fill your dreams with ... butterflies Smiling as they watch you sleep Flames ... devour their tiny feet They're winged and horned, their

Mudhoney - The lucky ones lyrics

m overwhelmed and I don't know where to start ... I tried to cut out the ugliness living in my heart ... They tell me I'm lucky, lucky to ... Well, I don't feel lucky and nothing feels right The

Sleeping Giant - The army of the chosen one lyrics

fire, we break all chains, the foolish bonds of carnal minds ... far beneath us We see the leader transfigured light, he ... Gives us a new name, on stones of white, and then we stand

God Forbid - The end of the world lyrics

it's our affliction The remains of yesterday Help us ... get away from the destruction of our world ... Running for cover as the ghost walk as man Running

Nofx - The brews lyrics

morning Cause hey, we're the Brews Sporting anti-swastika ... tattoos Oi Oi we're the boys Orthodox, hesidic, O.G. ... making, kicking through the shin Reputation, gained

Borealis - The chosen one lyrics

in my bed, eyes wide Leave the past behind, I don't have ... away I give him mercy from the light The only prayer from ... In my dreams, you're the only one Close my eyes,

Electric Wizard - The chosen few lyrics

this is it A 1000 amps toll the end time riff The sky a ... condemned beneath its shadow The chosen few, the chosen knew ... Spelled out in the stars His prophecy Raise your fists now you exist The bell

Overkill - The goal is your soul lyrics

up with a bow Justifies the greatest answers, that you ... may never know The fallen is the viper, reap now ... what you sow Screaming from the mountain tops, let his people

Defiance ( Usa ) - The chosen lyrics

what is to be made&Chosen I may be the one Chosen I ... just might be the one to live I never heard ... a word they said But now I see the ... is a twisted image That was chosen for me I never questioned

Ferry Bryan - The chosen one lyrics

and silver walk the main street (The chosen one ... Sons and lovers learn to suffer Born ... shadow where we first met (The chosen one) Dreams that ... river I've been thinking (The chosen one) Words of

Forever In Terror - The chosen one lyrics

re the chosen one Taste hate at the hands ... disposal You pretend to be the chosen one.. But who you are ... from the outside in Take these answers and throw them away

Human Fortress - The chosen one lyrics

god would know – that I’m the chosen one Is this the end of the ... world? Take all the things I cherish and love ... Defeat the demons deep inside of me

Maher Zain - The chosen one lyrics

a time of darkness and greed It is your light that ... Allah You were so caring and kind Your soul was full of ... light You are the best of mankind Muhammad ... Al Mustafa Peace be upon The Messenger The Chosen One

Sister Sin - The chosen few lyrics

it up now for the chosen few! Fed lies of this ... future, where bullshit rules and they want us all to believe ... prayers, blood red greed... and now they're coming for me!

Last Tribe - The chosen one lyrics

that she would call her home There is no place that hasn't ... fight She places her soft hand on your bleeding shoulder ... Touches your frozen soul and speaks to you I can

Nocturnal Graves - The great adversary lyrics

will come crushing down At the dawn of iron blades False ... prophets fear your mighty nemesis It is I, ... Satan, the Dragon I Look within into the endless Abyss Seeking the

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - The crazy ones lyrics

the crazy ones, the crazy ones Will never forget it all ... Cause it's the crazy ones, the crazy ones Who make our life ... a beautiful mess Woo, even the worst times were the best

Requiem - The tower lyrics

power Guarding the rising tower A monument of ... misery Alliance of the night gathering Nations ... divided Lead astray by hand of the chosen ones Ooh,

Allen-lande - The forgotten ones lyrics

now No one here to guard your soul Only emptiness ahead ... Waiting for your fear to win But there is ... waiting for a sign that leads the way to you Someone who

Chastain - The last ones alive lyrics

heard the early warnings, I heard the ... prophets call I heard the final broadcast, Of our fall ... I heard the silent screaming, I heard the ... anger sing I heard the last beginning, Of what it

Crom ( Spa ) - The chosen one lyrics

a sword Searching for the stone to draw it Poor fools, ... the chosen one Will be one between the ... crowd? And he will come to rule the land ... And now it's time He doesn't

Forefather - The last battle lyrics

chaos has reigned, the battle has been won No time ... to rest, we must re-group and march The final hurdle lies ... upon the horizon One more push, our ... fight on we must Away from the carnage we ride Bloodied and

Dia Frampton - The broken ones lyrics

know they've hurt you bad. Wide, the ... Baby let me straighten out your broken bones, All your ... I can't help it, I love the broken ones, The ones who,

King Leoric - The warrior's tune lyrics

amp;M:Kiehne We´re the chosen ones, we´re the hand of fate, ... No mercy for betrayers of the king !!! We force his commandment and finally anchor In

Lords Of Black - The grand design lyrics

s the ultimate question The nature of all you can see ... to believe Black holes and stardust we are Coming from ... Where everything comes from The reason why you exist The

Thomas Anders - The sweet hello, the sad goodbye lyrics

like fire was the day I met you Tell you now - ... there are no regrets In this ... room there are many mem'ries Some are ... to forget I thought we were the chosen ones Who were

Atrocity - The hunt lyrics

gift you have to make blood and sweat is the nourishment ... bloody victim the hunt is your painful eend nervously your skin is turning wet ... merciless i stab you in the back steel of sword is

Armory - The dawn of enlightenment lyrics

fear Judged by his spirit The last rite is here From the ... dark the pure have survived The age of enlightenment Now has ... for signs to show him the way A call from within To

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - The beautiful ones (feat. dru hill) lyrics

. You were so hard to find. The beautiful ones, they hurt you ... life a vision in one's mind. The beautiful ones. The ... beautiful ones Always smash the picture. Always every time.

Crystal Eyes - The fools' ballet lyrics

to earth, a circus where the clowns are in control ... of hysteria programmed in your soul Pre Chorus Don't ... don't feel, stay out of the way Just be glad and

Crystal Eyes - The halls of valhalla lyrics

falls on the battlefield where the blood ... Still dying with sword in hand I await the northern lights ... Borne on the wings of fate they'll come to grant my final

Don Omar - The chosen lyrics

cancion Y esta presion explotandome las venas... Sigo vivo ... la bruta salida de mi voz cuando se descontrola agendo de ... perfecion Y de equaciones matematicas es la voz perdido

Seven Gates - The dragon'kiss lyrics

to the ancient times Brave heroes ... of the past An old legend says ... indeed Beware of the kiss or your love will be gone He reaches ... you in the dark Smiles while you sleep

Evenmore - The lost ones lyrics

can deny that we are lost in the haze Crawling to get back ... can deny things are no longer the same On dreamer’s night I’m ... alive How can I live When the world that's given us birth

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