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Sodom - Get what you deserve lyrics

so strong Close about me to ride for a fall My time ... is passing, my chance is getting low Incredible hate my ... for tomorrow I can't forget the day you tapped my vein

Emilia - Tell me why lyrics

can't remember when we use to share the same bed ... You have your arms surround me When I was afraid No one ... else could make me feel the way Like you did

Ballard Frankie - Tell me you get lonely lyrics

re kickin yourself for lettin me walk away Makin yourself a ... it's gonna ring Chorus Tell me you get lonely when it's ... cold outside Tell me that you're only barely gettin by I need to know it

Barnes Dave - What we want, what we get lyrics

we are lying here Pretending ... that we're both asleep I can hear ... find the words to say When we both hurt like this I close ... my eyes and pray Time will heal what we're bound to

Rpwl - We are what we are (the keeper) lyrics

makes me shiver and creeping on my ... your place Till the night came down I've seen your mothers ... and your fathers The world from where you ... came but never saw your home And finally we are what we are what we will ever be

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - We found what we were looking for lyrics

found our strength - we found our way at last We ... - by building on our past We paid our dues - we stick together - come whatever We're ... - never stopped believin' We found our wings and now we

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - We do what we can lyrics

His trombone sings so sweet This is the room Where ... they all come to meet He said I do what I can ... I live for the moment And that's who I am Yeah

Marillion - Deserve lyrics

it's so unfair They know something you don't know They've ... and rich and they don't care We get the dreams that we deserve The magazines that we deserve Page one and three that we deserve The joy and the pain that we deserve The sun and the rain

Jenix - We've got the right lyrics

news today? Do you trust in what they say? Sometimes I wonder ... I’m blind? Why, could somebody tell me why? It is just ... another lie! Common tell me now! We’ve got the right To

The Exies - What you deserve lyrics

Losing My Nerve Wasted My Time Why Do I Always See This ... Through The Hurt I Can't Get It Out Of My Head I Can't Get ... Out That I Do This To Myself Me and No One Else So Help Me Tell Me How To Break Free I'm To

Blowsight - How i get what i deserve lyrics

happened to joy? Whatever happened to luxury? Whatever happened to girl meets ... boy? Whatever happened to me? Whatever happened to fame ... Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

Jerrod Niemann - I hope you get what you deserve lyrics

I'd change even your last name but it's way too late for ... the high road. Hope you get what you deserve. And now ... our past like mental photographs I picture you

Big Star - You get what you deserve lyrics

to understand what I'm going through Don't blame me for what folks will do ... For some of us it's not a good time ... But you've gotta to get used to it And you'd better

Misery Inc. - They all will get what they deserve lyrics

don't fit in, you're not welcome anymore, you're vanished. ... see you suffer begging for mercy. You should beware! ... one learns. They all will get what they deserve! Fury

Ill Niño - What you deserve lyrics

(through bitter days) What you don't know. Won't leave ... a scar. What you don't know. Hasn't ... killed you so far. What you don't know. Is who you ... are. I just give you something to talk about. What you

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Tell me why lyrics

11th, I woke up about 7am, west coast time, French toast ... my Turkey bacon, taking my time, awakin', turning my TV on ... To my surprise, saw what everybody in the world saw Me & my children, images

Jump5 - Tell me why lyrics

I'll never deserve it I realize that You will ... give me all of Your love I couldn't ... reason enough Your love came over me You found the way to ... my heart Tell me why What have I done I got You Now

2cents - Get what? lyrics

you came to fall in love baby You're ... Cause everybody here just came to get What!? We came to get what We came to get... Go ... it happened so fast The moment just passed you by And you

Destination Anywhere - Tell me lyrics

back I've been trying to forget What we had what we said ... How you kicked me in the back And I cried I ... denied You were slipping out of sight ... nights And I couldn't get me right And it's okay it's what I learn What I do is what I

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Tell me it's over lyrics

ain’t playin no games ‘cause I got nothing left to ... circular motions, they leave me dizzy and confused My heart, ... not your revolving door I get stuck spinnin’ and spinnin’

Brian Mcknight - What we do here lyrics

been down for the kiss n' tell And I realize that you don't ... know me well I'm talkin' 'bout grown-up ... things Don't let the words get in the way I know that you

N-sync - Tell me, tell me...baby lyrics

Oh Hold on Uh, you know what? Can we back it up just a ... said bye! I said bye! Why? Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me ... Oh oh! Yeah! We were born the same day We even

Babiixjenii - Tell me why lyrics

blind nothing feels the same cuhz i`m so used to being ... friends would be concerned of me but never would i tell that ... i was gettin` hurt by the only one i

Limahl - Tell me why lyrics

wedding day was is the year we're met 18 year ago And soon ... enough with children we were blessed Made a happy home ... But now we talked divorce And lawyers

Josh Henderson - Tell me its ok lyrics

we are. We've been here, yes, we have. ... Can you tell me, we're okay? We're face to ... face. But are we still apart? Can you tell me ... it's okay? You can't know what you've done No, you don't

Phillip Phillips - Tell me a story lyrics

a story and it starts with time moves to how you live and ... everything you see because what you want might not be what ... Hold your breath jump with me and we'll survive 'cause

And One - Tell me lies lyrics

the sign Stop the tries Tell me lies Tell me lies ... day depends on your hate What a low Hate to know Angel ... in this skies Tell me lies We don't blame the

Henderson Josh - Tell me its okay lyrics

we are. We've been here, yes, we have. ... Can you tell me, we're okay? We're face to ... face. But are we still apart? Can you tell me ... it's okay? You can't know what you've done No, you don't

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Tell me why lyrics

a heart that can't feel Shame with no convictions and a ... view to a kill Tell me why? Why must we fight? And ... why must we kill in the name of what we think is right?

Logic lyricsLogic - We get hight lyrics

front door Little bit of weed, little bit of crack, whatever you need While I'm ... hours in the snow just to see me flow So you know I gotta ... no gloves in the wintertime 'Cause I'm hungry like

Reba Mcentire - Why do we want (what we know we can't have) lyrics

come for the music Some for romance You gotta be ... dance Then across the room comes a casual glance And you be ... making some dime even half the chance Now

Ricky Nelson - We always want what we can't get lyrics

door behind me closes- I know for sure this ... loving eyes A million times before I've seen When ... opposites attract to me The flame burns ... fire dies But I'm not sure what I'm asking for - Why if I

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Tell me a story lyrics

I do to take a holiday Show me a bill that they can make me ... pay Tell me a story And maybe I'll ... believe it Me I'm just a lucky guy Young ... Lorna from my school she's twenty one She's good looking

Knoc-turn'al - What we do lyrics

shop bitches That don't come outside until they look ... Let's all unite and make the west coast bigga Bring your ... chrome out, shine it up Escalades ... You can ride my shit, let me spit for you This California

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - What we don't know (demo 2007) lyrics

I feel I should've said what I hear I should've let ... clear So this is how we fall apart This is how the ... ending starts And when we find we lost our minds We

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - We do what were told lyrics

s 37 we do what we're told we do what we're ... told we do what we're told told to do we do what we're told we do what we're ... told we do what we're told told to do one

Kaleo - Way down we go lyrics

tell me, we get what we deserve Oh we get what we deserve ... And way down we go-o-o-o-o Way down we go-o ... o-o-o Say way down we go Way down we go You let

John Michael Montgomery - What did i do lyrics

true so I don't have a clue Tell me What did I do to deserve this This high this smile ... But she says she likes me just the way I am I can't ... believe it, it makes me nervous What did I do to deserve this She was looking for a

Lafee - Tell me why lyrics

You're dreamin' next to me Afraid to close my eyes ... cause I don't miss a moment of you Don't want to dream ... be as beautiful as you are Tell me what have I done to deserve Somethin's beautiful Tell

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Deserve lyrics

Chorus] Sometimes I don't think I deserve you ... So I say some f***ed up shit just to hurt ... 'cause I love you So, baby, tell me I'm the one that deserves

Taio Cruz - What you need lyrics

you need girl, what you need What you need girl, what you need ... What you need girl, what you need What you need girl. ... with you nightly, don't take what I'm telling you lightly

Jonny Lang - Get what you give lyrics

Father speaking out Wants to tell ... you what it's all about But you don't ... you don't care No one tells you what to do around here ... misunderstood You'd love to get him off your back You just

Phora - Tell me lyrics

you should come through, I gotta party for ... two Relax, recline and tell me what you want me to do You ... got twenty-five missed calls and all ... girl in every mans dreams So tell me how you ended up with me

Ja Rule - Father forgive me lyrics

at all the lonely people Father forgive me... For I have ... have been warned, nobody tells us That you will live your ... people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people

Griffin House - Tell me a lie lyrics

my bones I'd do anything to get you alone, if just for awhile ... my bones I'd do anything to get you alone, if just for awhile ... Blame it on the way that I talk

Falsettos Musical - What would i do lyrics

(left alone): What would I do If I had not met ... you? Who would I blame my life on? Once I was told ... That all men get what they deserve. Who the hell then threw

Cage - Tell me everything/the expedition lyrics

battered to the bone My eyes were glazed with craziness I ... into his chest I said tell me what have you done or I'll ... place seen by no one So we set off on the expedition No

Amy Diamond - What's in it for me lyrics

s so confusing You sure been messing with my mind Eh eh eh ... eh yeah You cut me loose and Suddenly we're ... little girl But I should get what I deserve And I refuse to be

Escape The Fate - Father, brother lyrics

tell me, where did I go wrong You ... never made me feel like I really belonged ... I'm not satisfied with where we are today And I just don't ... know, don't know Don't know what the hell I just keep high

Josh Wilson - Tell me lyrics

me again, tell me again, tell me Tell me again, our ... redemption story Tell me again, tell me again, would ... You please I never get tired, never tire of hearing

Kate Nash - We get on lyrics

exist Ain't good enough for me But asking for your ... you walk by And that time you shook my hand It felt so ... nice I swear I never felt This way ... d originally planned It was well embarrassing and I think

Usher lyricsUsher - What is a man to do lyrics

Hey, I didn't want it to be something. You deserve much ... won't believe it But girl I swear That I got love for you, ... they both look right. Someone tell me What's a man to

Big Bang - Tell me goodbye lyrics

you go… (here’s somebody…) Letting you go… ... (here’s somebody…) Yo I got this, yeah ... this thing alot You got me shaken up (Please tell me

Big Bang - Tell me goodbye (remix) lyrics

this thing alot You got me shaken up And it got my head ... for you, move on Uh huh we break it break it Or thought ... we make it make it And now we cover it up Girl I swear

Mystic Prophecy - Father save me lyrics

With blood he scrawl my name of the wall Reborn to get ... again now will be free Father save me when I fall Every ... night I hear you call Father forgive me for my sins Don't

Chris Rea - Tell me there's a heaven lyrics

little girl she said to me ''What are these things that I can ... see Each night when I come home from school When mama calls me in for tea?'' Oh every night

Bethany Dillon - Tell me lyrics

me of a time when all this gray wasn't ... a cliff, it's about to kill me All the reasons why You ... wouldn't want to love me Could I be loved by You? ... ve got so much to prove So tell me when this night is over

Liquido - What the heck! lyrics

another day drowning in rain we`re scratched and broken down ... i hope we`ll always stay the same remember what we had sleepless ... and endless days feels like we`re locked in a cell

Chinchilla - Father forgive me lyrics

waiting still It´s payback time for me, Oh what a sin To ... for silver, not for God Father forgive me for the stupid ... light, I´m always on the run Father forgive me for the stupid

Maze - What goes up lyrics

do Has a reaction in kind What you give is what you get ... Since the beginning of time If you hurt someone it's ... your way You can't play games without any risk Better

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