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Labrat - Father son and holy goat lyrics

won't if it goes on this way And what if you discovered that ... much Feeble-minded, fickle and worthless Sickened by my ... Can't even pay the rent And I can't see a way out

Skyclad - Earth mother, the sun and the furious host lyrics

Who dreamt of fame and riches His teachers took him ... to one side And promised him the earth When ... wanted Was a taste of wine and mirth. They said &quot

Amon Amarth - God, his son and holy whore lyrics

me Of a man from southern land How ancient Gods are enemies ... But I don't understand Hippocritic voice of love ... talks of peace and Christ Blasphemer of Gods

Lloyd - The seven joys of mary lyrics

Christ when he was first a son when he was first a son, good ... man, And blessed may he be, O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, For all ... was sent to school, good man, And blessed may he be, O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, For all

Jon Oliva's Pain - Father, son, holy ghost lyrics

t think when you're scared And is the end really approaching ... Revolution coast to coast Father, Son, Holy Ghost Watch, ... to think when you're scared And is the end really approaching

Loreena Mckennitt - The seven rejoices of mary lyrics

had Was to see her new born son. To see her new born son ... good man, And blessed may he be. Sing Father, Son and Holy Ghost, To all ... the joy of two. To see her son Jesus, Make the lame to go.

Rick Ross - "holy ghost" lyrics

be illuminati Talking to the Holy Ghost In my Bugatti He ... followed Touch him with the holy's ghost, can you hear me father? [Diddy] Father, please

Bo Burnham - Rant lyrics

school for four years, and I also went to garage band ... for 20 minutes, and this is the product of that. ... another allegory story, The father, reads a little bit farther,

4him - All creatures of our god & king lyrics

creatures of our God and King Lift up your voice and ... Alleluia! Your rushing wind and breezes soft Your clouds that ... above ye heavenly host Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Let all

Fates Warning - Kyrie eleison lyrics

on a cloud. Never really a holy man even though I understand ... the father son and Holy Ghost He's the on that scares me ... death card she held in her hand. Kyrie Eleison Christe

Cryptopsy - Swine of the cross lyrics

was denied Heavenly father, son and holy ghost, save your ... The sun is shining on a brand new day Blackened corpses ... him to confess: Bless me father, for I made this mess

Bauhaus - Stigmata martyr lyrics

continuously Holes in head, hands, feet, and weep for me ... plight Look into your crimson orifice In holy remembrance ... et filii et spiriti sanctum Father, son, and holy ghost

Canton Jones - Holy ghost girl lyrics

I've ever seen Was a holy ghost girl And when she ... what I mean 'Cause she's a holy ghost girl The prettiest ... Woman in the world Is a holy ghost girl Who's living in

Dag Nasty - Dear mrs. touma lyrics

saw a piece of birthday cake and I heard my mother crying ... was run down..." your son was taken and he spoke so ... of the day he'd go to heaven and I will believe if only for

Byron Cage - Praise him lyrics

I like to do is lift my hands and tell God, "thank You ... will give to You right now, Father, Son and Holy Ghost power, we ... goes down. Bridge: With my hands, I will bless Him. With my

Behemoth - I'm not jesus (ramones cover) lyrics

no special powers Sacrifice and sacrilege Hey man, I wanna ... It's not me It's not me Father, Son and Holy Ghost Say your

Ramones lyricsRamones - I'm not jesus lyrics

thorns Got no holes in my hand Don't accuse me of that ... no special powers Sacrifice and sacrilege Hey man, I wanna ... It's not me It's not me Father, Son and Holy Ghost Say your

Flaw - Whole lyrics

Have A Bad Effect Your Rules And Contradictions I would ... Be Your Only Goal I`m Left Standing Here Desperate In The Cold ... Stood A Scolded Child The Reasons Never Questioned My Pains

Heirsound - Choke lyrics

if I Choke on robes, the father son and holy ghost, what if ... knows Separate, soul and body went different ways We ... is the way I cope I wrote and wrote in my attempt to know

Brand New - At the bottom lyrics

I'm alone now in my bed And there's a lake And at the ... 'Cause I make little lies and then I pull them apart Think ... s living down in my heart And if I wanted to die before I

Sarah Mclachlan - Dear god lyrics

God, Hope you got the letter and I pray you can make it ... that I should be heard loud and clear. We all need a big ... in the amount of tears And all the people that you made

Low - Holy ghost lyrics

holy ghost Keeps me hanging on Hanging ... on Some holy ghost Keeps me hanging on Hanging ... on I feel the hands But I don't see anyone ... Anyone I feel the hands But I don't see anyone It

BØrns - Holy ghost lyrics

in the morning The hot water and the steam Oh the way you ... feel between Both my hands, on your hourglass Hours ... to be Well baby, you're my holy ghost And I need you close,

Leeland - Holy ghost lyrics

said I wouldn’t be lonely and in defeat You wouldn’t leave ... You in the air Oh God, come and take me over From my head ... to my toes Holy Ghost, fill me up From my head to

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Holy ghost (feat. joe fox) lyrics

Really? Church bells and choir sounds, tell 'em, &quot ... High's around cocktails Guys and gals miss me, ties and gowns ... Cause church is the new club and wine is the new bub And lies

John Mark Mcmillan - Holy ghost lyrics

If the wind doesn't sing her song And I'™m speaking in ... tongues Cause I need a Holy Ghost The geeks they can smell ... unravels I know you're blue and you'™re black But there's

Modern Baseball - Holy ghost lyrics

three more But this time my holy ghost is hovering over me And I am passed out on the

Coin - Holy ghost lyrics

ve been this soft and simple You've barely seen my ... now, I'm caught between And I was always running from you ... the truth But I'm not your holy ghost When your wrists are

Dagoba - Son of a ghost lyrics

of a ghost Raw is the loss Lifeless. ... Fear the damned ! Cross me and die! You'll find a reason ... Fear the damned! Cross me and die! You'll find a reason

009 Sound System - Holy ghost lyrics

could be the holy ghost I could be the one you love ... Flyin on a dream tonight And comin back just wanting A

Letters From The Fire - Holy ghost lyrics


Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Father, son lyrics

son Locked as one In this empty ... dad by my side Dogs, plows and bows We move through each ... in our separate ways Mantras and hymns Unfolding limbs

Glay - Father & son lyrics

Jidai wa meguri megure do Sono imi wa kawara nai Honto

Queen - Son and daughter lyrics

want you Tried to be a son and daughter rolled into one You ... expects a man To buckle down and to shovel shit What'll you ... Tried to be a teacher and a fisher of men An equal

Pegazus - Our father and the holy ghost lyrics

are people that lie And try to deceive you Through ... words of the lord They try and brainwash you And they hope ... you will believe them And follow them in their ways

Patti Smith - Ghost dance lyrics

the most high, Food from the father, tayi, taye aye. We shall ... live again, shake out the ghost dance. Peace to your ... brother, give and take peace, Tayi, taya, it

Pillar - Reaching out lyrics

started with a new song for our friends. Something ... keeps opening up doors. This song is for y'all people that are ... with us to the end. The Father, Son, the Holy Ghost, our

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Best friend ft. eminem lyrics

I head that way To the father, son and holy spirit I hold ... you wish me Hell upon my soul and spirit Behold these lyrics ... I don't know much about holy Bibles But I grew up in the

Sammy Hagar - Three lock box lyrics

t go far, circle close The father, son, the holy ghost To the

Kaasmos - Theriomorphic pandemonium lyrics

Divine in Darkness Pandaemonium, Abode of Demons ... Ones Theriomorphic Pandaemonium Down There In the ... Expelled In Chasms Thrive Unholy Essence, Cryptozoic

Astral Doors - Of the son and the father lyrics

twilight Forever damned to holy ground Behind the walls it's ... black,but evil shines And none can leave until it's ... Be wise, hear the unholy rime Loud & clear of the

Gloomy Grim - Chainsaw blast lyrics

before I am dead They stand in front of you, weapons in ... their hands Those armies of gods lambs ... Send them to meet their father, son and holy ghost Let

Blackberry Smoke - Shaking hands with the holy ghost lyrics

to go Yeah my baby's out and mad at me Yeah she tearing ... got the Tennessee champaign And the moon just fine And my ... Johnson said it baby Yeah she helps

Aesop Rock - Holy smokes lyrics

many parables to grown-ups and children alike He told them ... simply and sincerely, in words everyone ... could understand So that all might learn the ... lesson he was trying to teach...]

Escape With Romeo - The visions of the holy ghost lyrics

these are the visions of the holy ghost Silence became my ... it stops me going faster and faster I'm riding on an ... off the light because the holy ghost won't sleep tonight

Arthemis - Church of the holy ghost lyrics

night has come And the spirits are awake The ... something strange In the sky and in the air The sunshine has ... light is shining on The abandoned Church Is still kept by

Paul Brandt - Virgil and the holy ghost lyrics

Creek Fishing holes and skipping rocks Down the ... be the same Virgil met the Holy ghost A little younger than ... spoke He travels with the Holy Ghost Holding tent-revivals,

Dio - Jesus, mary and the holy ghost lyrics

the teacher? Sister Black and white What she's gonna to do ... was nothing in her eyes And then there there in the air ... soul to keep away From the holy spirit, holy ghost They're

Chris De Burgh - The son and the father lyrics

the place that was my home, And the memories of a life go on ... s the village, here's the sea and here's the place where it ... in the arms of Lady Madonna, And then I listen for those

Slaughterhouse - Rescue me lyrics

Because my ship is sinking And I'm drowning at sea So can ... shot of my own spinal fluid And my momma knew it, she saw ... me, Porter Sat it down and made peace over Porterhouse and Piesporter [Verse 2: Joell

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Ghost lyrics

s a ghost There's a ghost inside of me Not like those ... quot; Different Oh this ghost is different Not one that ... a way I'm no longer afraid And the ghost is to blame

Frightened Rabbit - Holy lyrics

alone. Ah you’re acting all holy, Me, I’m just full of holes. ... of a sinner, face like an un-holy ghost, Will you save me all ... me alone. You’re acting all holy, Me, I’m just full of holes.

Leaves' Eyes - Angel and the ghost lyrics

looked for love and then I found disgrace My ... I will not sacrifice My holy virgin pride Ring out the ... My heart sleeps so lonely My ghost will seek you at night

Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost lyrics

ghost I know you live within me ... we tore in two Now wings and rings and there's so many ... waiting here for you And she was born in a bottle ... spine All drenched in milk and holy water, pouring from the

Parkway Drive - Snake oil and holy water lyrics

in crowded rooms, I am a ghost in forgotten tombs Widow ... alone with the night And I'd rather belive in nothing ... lie I'd sooner fail one thousand times than regret I never

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Holy holy lyrics

lie low lie slowly, it's good and holy Helping one another, ... Feel the devil in me Holy, holy, hold on to anyone, ... anyone But just let me be Holy, holy, hold on to anyone,

Kt Tunstall - Girl and the ghost lyrics

and the Ghost Sit in the Corner Girl and ... the Ghost Seem to have a lot to say ... Girl and the Ghost Haven't seen each other in ... three years The Girl and the Ghost Few simple seconds slipped

Dawn Of Oblivion - Ghost of cain lyrics

paradise The Garden of Eden and the serpent's bliss The ... sets you free Corruption and greed to abuse the future ... our own demise Fragile sins and abomination The death is

Imelda May - Ghost of love lyrics

another night I'm lost again and can't get to the light And ... is as empty as my mind And the truth I search is getting ... my love for just awhile And now I found my life is on

Method Man - And you don't stop lyrics

t believe nigga, get hyper and try it Yes it is me, a total ... chi, Kung Fu fighting, ODB hands quick as lightenin' ... front, fine F*** wit me and mine, rain on your sunshine

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