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Far From Humans Alien Vampires (feat. Suici.. lyrics

Browse for Far From Humans Alien Vampires (feat. Suici.. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Far From Humans Alien Vampires (feat. Suici.. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Far From Humans Alien Vampires (feat. Suici...

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Alien Vampires - Far from humans - alien vampires (feat. suici.. lyrics

far from humans.... Today you will leave No time...for so long!!!!! And now you're equal to the time We'll one else So far from the humans And I can take as well the world Empty it over time, We'll remain like we're now No salvati

Above & Beyond - Far from in love lyrics

can see behind your eyes that you’re afraid of who you are Only silence now between us I’m amazed we’ve come this far Far from in love Far from in love Like a fire burned to embers I know this is where it ends In the ashes we are dying Almost stra

Baeza - Far from ready lyrics

Verse 1: Baeza] She said life ain't about smoking weed and f***ing bitches grow up Tears rollin' down my face heavily so I smoked one I loved you girl I swear I did I never meant to hurt you But what goes around comes around and I was in the circle Now im feeli

Big Country - Far from me to you lyrics

there are orange trees Somewhere skies are blue Somewhere us a bridge across The world from me to you Sometimes in the darkest sky Sun comes shining through And tonight it seems so far from me to you Yes tonight it seems so far from me to you Some

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Far from me lyrics

you dear, I was born For you I was raised up For you I've lived and for you I will die For you I am dying now You were my mad little lover In a world where everybody f***s everybody else over You who are so far from me Far from me So far from me Way

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - From the love sky (feat. doctor p) lyrics

the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the love sky From the lov

Basshunter - Far from home lyrics

000 metres high Life´s not complicated I guess I´m a lucky guy But still I find a reason Why I feel so empty inside I guess I´m far away from home tonight¨ Tonight All the places where I have been And the rest of this world to be seen But I feel that I´m far from home And I

Habibi - Far from right lyrics

don't really want me now, but I think you do You don't really want me now, I guess I broke it to you You think you're the only one who's out of sight Baby let me show you, how far you are far from right Far you're faraway you're far from right x2 far far far far far fro

Rev Theory - Far from over lyrics

There was a brighter day Where I could view the world Without the sorrows that I've known (What if I could feel) Now it's a different place Memories fade away Without a trace But there's a shadow A shadow I can't feel My eyes are closing softly (I never wanted to be) In

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Far from the fame lyrics

the great war is over and lost He's been wounded in war, he returns with awards Into battle again far from home From a far distant land, our Marshal command Home Siblings sent to their death His wife paid the ultimate price Still As the war rag

Hanker - Far from the cradle lyrics

all want me falling, falling, falling Just because I'm rising, rising, rising Far from the womb They all want me crying, crying, crying Just because I'm laughing, laughing, laughing Far from the womb Bridge: Oh! Their lupine ways, Oh! I am their prey Chorus: Out of the cra

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Far from the stars lyrics

time I try to take control I‘m getting mad Things are always different than you want them all to be I have learned a million times you can just make it bad Ain’t no way to change these things to what you wanna see We take control of our whole wide universe

John Prine - Far from me lyrics

the cafe was closing On a warm summer night And Cathy was cleaning the spoons The radio played the "Hit Parade" And I hummed a long with the tune She asked me to change the station Said the song just drove her insane But it weren't just the m

Chroming Rose - Far from nowhere lyrics

the memories, deep inside All the thoughts, of times I left behind Weight on my shoulders Can I face the things undone And turn around and watch the way behind Well, everybody knows That the only way to see the light is Get the truth, oh yeah, get the

Doobie Brothers - Far from home lyrics

wish you could have stayed a little longer cause it seems like only yesterday You've gotten so much stronger now I know you're on your way We've waited for this moment now it's hard to let you go Cause baby when you're gone away I know I'm gonna mis

Gareth Emery - Far from home (ft. gavrielle) lyrics

I out of my Mind Am I keepin in Time Cuz I can't keep on talkin' to myself like this Like this Now I realize that it's your voice I miss I miss When you can't run fast I'll walk with you When you can't stand up I'll carry you, too Even in the darke

Mattafix - Far from over lyrics

a time, A place, To leave without a trace. You got a song, A taste of what's to come. You had it all in your palm, Till I raised the alarm and I won't keep calm no more as I endure this. I get a little irate, They say "what you stressed out for?" I get a littl

Missquerada - Far from love lyrics

summer sun Running on the beach For all the times we had together There is still faith Fading away You said our love was forever Tears in the rain Nothing's the same I'm far from love Hurt by your flame Until we meet again I'm far, so fa

Missquerada - Far from love (remix) lyrics

summer sun Running on the beach For all the times we had together There is still faith Fading away You said our love was forever Tears in the rain Nothing's the same I'm far from love Hurt by your flame Until we meet again I'm far, so far from love. The autumn lea

Doves - Far from grace lyrics

you should fall If you should fall far from grace If you should call on him wake up to the music again you can feel sunlight in your eyes living is so useless 'round here the city's so dangerous on your own how beauty dies young but if you should fall oh, if

Exilia - Far from the dark lyrics

me everything I need to know Before I face the oceans and I'll face the storm Give me everything that I need to have Tell me the reason Be my shelter when the rain is to fall Save me from the thunder, from my endless despair Bleeding through my sacrifice to be

Forever Ends Here - Far from me lyrics

you for the wake up call I never asked for So tell me how it feels To be just another gamble We set sail to the east to avoid a west of lost regret We start a fire just to prove we haven't finished yet Cause everything I own just turns to stone when I'm with you

In Vain ( Sp ) - Far from home lyrics

finally falls, embracing our skin The time for a long goodbye comes, the moment of tears They told us to go, they built up this dream So why do they cry? We do the right thing Chorus: Far away from home Far away from home I ride Far away from

Kendrick Lamar - Far from here lyrics

Kendrick Lamar - singing] A nigga so goddamn stressed out I feel like f*** everything right now See I've been broke too long, can't find a job to save my life But I'll be damned if I give 'em a handout See my pride is one thing I will not put aside I'm too

Axenstar - Far from heaven lyrics

have shown me the stars tonight Yet I can still see shadows in the light Dimensions of time are hidden in the sky The stars are falling I'm always wondering why The wind of ice has embraced my soul Before you I will never fall I can take you through the pain and s

Granian - Far from saved lyrics

said, "Bury me," On the brink of a tragedy, Always looking straight ahead Never saw this coming. She can't break free, On the edge of insanity, She'll wait forever just to see if it will Come along for her. But if it's over long before her

Masterplan - Far from the end of the world lyrics

way to starlight, Only a few on this flight Magnetic dreamers of the way to somewhere Close to a solar fire Behind Venus, beyond Jupiter, There's a planet for the future to explore Such a magic place To save the human race Far from the end of the world! Pulled into the

Rough Silk - Far from home lyrics

I'll find a way tonight I found just shame someday - my life delay might break this spell of fame today is like tomorrow tomorrow's just like yesterday the tales below and the skies of time's decay someday may rule the show and silent waves

Brazen Angel - Far from home lyrics

and struttin’ like they’re running the world Less than nothing is what they’re worth I cast them the enemy They lie and cheat and steal and break all the rules Then use their charm to glamor these fools It won’t phase me I’ve seen enough It doesn’t matter what I say, they’ll a

Elysion - Far from the edge lyrics

can see you walking I can hear you talking But in the end I'm alone again Far from the edge I'm going I'm holding my last breath So many left unsaid If you could only see me I'm laying in your hands You'll never understand Life or Death Can you find me

Hinder - Far from home lyrics

said i'm always saying sorre for the same old things I'm sorry for the drugs and how much I drink You said I say it so much it doesn't mean anything I'm sorry my love but I had to leave I hope most of you will never know What it's like to let a love go Leaving everything at hom

Levellers - Far from home lyrics

s warm by the river, the weir keeps us cleen The woodsmoke and cigarettes are all that we need Marking the dirt with twigs and simple words spoke Kicking the dust so we can just Dance the dance that plays with fire Play guitar and play inspired You said you would leave not ever Un

Saving Jane - Far from home lyrics

Mom I am far from home Do you miss me? Yeah I really miss you Hey Dad What's been going on? Tell me, how's my brothers? How's my sister? Lately, I feel so far away I'm too old to be your baby anymore And I've colored in my skin Yeah, I know how much you hate that But it's part

Amorphis - Far from the sun lyrics

is more than too much I'm waiting for the tarnishing touch you wish for the last kiss goodbye like the child that cannot lie I walk away now from you and your sun it goes down from you as I walk away now from you and from from your sun h

Jackson United - Far from here lyrics

I could get used to this Just pile everything up on me In burying Knee deep and rising, rising From a ripple to a tidal wave Three steps to an early grave...

Odd Dimension - Far from desire lyrics

I’ll return, from living in the sea Cruising in fear and counting my short time Away and cruel is this island That shores are far from desire Redemption is not so far from home As you’re fighting you can be alone Nomore, nomore, you can’t live Is t

Dragonheart - Far from heaven... close to hell lyrics

see a new horizon beyond our imagination In another world we walk in the shade The clamor of many deaths is spread In the wind The time of the oath begins Through stone and fire we march... to the death Here lies the coldness and the Impurity In the hall

God Is An Astronaut - Far from refuge lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Highlord - Far from the light of god lyrics

I stand, in my darkest hour Where's the light? Does it shines on me? Here I face the death of my master Where's my strenght? I cannot stop it! A dark shadow on the holy cross It's a combat that was denied, ooohhh... Shall we have to hate the heave

Push Play - Far from beautiful lyrics

da da dun ba ba bada da dun da da du dun dun ba da dum dum dummmm The key, to my heart Is far out of your reach Please detain me an intricate man I stand dignity Sure, so sure, that the avenue Is more than an option to me A contradiction to misery [Chorus:] Oh, oh oh

Serenity - Far from home lyrics

sea is deep and blue No shallow waters are in sight And hearts should be so light North winds sing Tell us of an unknown coast We've gone southernmost to glorify the king We have raised his coat of arms Wherever we have landed Our dreams of

Boy Sets Fire - Far from over lyrics

to the slaughter we live our own lies Disseminate weakness to further survive Crave to be free, system of filth, put up a fight, fall further still Claws dig in deeper, the struggle ensues, an addict, despair drives the... Instinct to kill It’s the same

Dream Theater - Far from heaven lyrics

one truly has the answers Everyday I struggle through it, once more: Keep things bottled up Never speaking my mind Misinterpreted I'm doing just fine Every day I put a brave face on, serves me well Feeling helpless, facing it alone Hard to tell That I can't change

Grateful Dead - Far from me lyrics

say you want to try again, wear it down between the lines Well, I have a better end in mind it doesn't seem to really have you Close your eyes to see though I know you don't mean to be You are so far from me There was something I had caught inside screaming hard to ma

Marianas Trench - Far from here lyrics

I wondered why you came for all this after so long When it ripped into you like the son you never were And I don't think this is what you wanted now It feels alright but that's a lie that's always near Sit around and blame the one that put you here I laughed aloud to d

John Dowland - Far from triumphing court (ensemble 'si la ro.. lyrics

from triumphing Court and wonted glory, He dwelt in shadie unfrequented places, Times prisoner now he made his pastime story, Gladly forgets Courts erst afforded graces, That Goddesse whom hee servde to heav’n is gone, And hee one earth, In darknesse

Karliene Reynolds - Far from any road-temný případ 2014 the hands.. lyrics

the dusty May sun, her looming shadow grows Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun, And when I touched her skin, my fingers ran with blood In the hushing dusk, under a swollen silver moon, I came wa

Cemetary - Far from god lyrics

the aftermath Choking on the grapes of wrath Dying is what this is for "Cause dying is the art of war Put the blade to the runner Another slip, another suicide summer In this game nothing is what it seems It's time to let go, time to ki

Sinamore - Far from a dream lyrics

crushed into my life without a word Never said I need you Two souls in this madness make no sense Can you see - you drag me down Your love is a fraud where joy lays dead Never felt so lonely A killing spree towards yourself Design to numb your

Sad Lovers & Giants - Far from the sea lyrics

to a day Striped Like a cage Suits you in grey Made to withstand Too many plans Measured in sand

Five Finger Death Punch - Far from home lyrics

day in this carnival of souls Another nights ends, end as quickly as it goes The memories are shadows ink on the page And i can't seem to find my way home And it's almost like Your heaven's trying everything Your heaven's trying everything To keep me out All the places i'

Saratoga - Far from the time wheel lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

C-lekktor - C-lekktor - see my hate alien vampires remix lyrics

my own rotten breed A piece of bullshit we are become Emotionless being, dirty soul Eradicating all that we love Uncompromising, we don't care about Our children and our bros Natural selfish, we were born We're putrified We lack of mercy, we are scum A piece of bullshit, n

Alien Vampires - Far away lyrics

came to me To take my soul This is the day I have always been told I was not afraid My path has come This is the time to live You went away With all I've (ever) had Nothing will be the same again My soul is yours and so my life Nothing will change my path I know that now

Stevie Nicks - Too far from texas feat. natalie maines lyrics

s a plane, it's headed for London Twenty-four hours more and he'll be on it And I can't show my love, and I can't stop it Ooh, I can't stop it There's a house there, somebody's waiting Somebody else's arms will wrap around him And in that moment what wi

April Wine - Good from far, far from good lyrics

don't go thinkin' it's right, for somebody else I know how it is, I can see for myself, yeah Look left, right, and make up your mind If anyone tells you different, well they're wastin' your time Yet it's alright Hey baby, what's a man to do He says not

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Driftin too far from shore lyrics

didn't know that you'd be leaving Or who you thought you were talking to I figure maybe we're even Or maybe I'm one up on you I send you all my money Just like I did before I tried to reach you honey But you're driftin' too far from shore Driftin' too far from shore Driftin'

Emmylou Harris - Drifting too far from the shore lyrics

on the perilous deep, Where danger silently creeps, And storm’s so violently sweeping, You’re drifting too far from shore. Chorus: drifting too far from shore, You’re drifting too far from shore, Come to jesus today, Let him show you the way. You’re drifting too

Freedom Call - Far away lyrics

fever’s flowing through my veins The sound is driving me insane I’m gonna live my life, cos I’m not born to die I like it, you like, we like it Far, far, far away Partytime all night and day Far, far, far away On the road, no time to stay Far from home I’m only living for tod

Faydee - Far away lyrics

I'm not what I used to be Nowhere, nowhere near the other me Broken dreams, losing my identity Slowly, breaking every part of me I gave up my whole life for you Thought I knew you In my heart I tried to find the truth in your lies Oh, why did I let you get

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