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Shampoo - Shiny black taxi cab lyrics

re in a shiny black taxi cab Cruising through ... busy streets Neon lights shining bright On shiny black ... joyride, we love Soho Shiny black, shiny black Shiny black taxi cab When you're trowing

Ladytron - Black plastic lyrics

s coming round in the evening One touch on the face of a ... city. Boy/black plastic chair with some time to spare ... Black plastic, touching black plastic Someone's coming

Basslovers United - Black plastic bag lyrics

s paying your mortgage? Daddy's dying. Throw yourself on the ... Take out your sharp teeth. Line your lungs with noise then ... just sew it up. In and out is like this it's

Q & Not U - Black plastic bag lyrics

s paying your mortgage? Daddy's dying ... Daddy's dying. Daddy's dying, today. Throw yourself on ... your sharp teeth. Who's paying your mortgage? Daddy's dying

Acid Drinkers - In a black sail wrapped lyrics

did your wing take you??? You won't ... to the east But I see the things on the west My ears are ... yours The whispers of hills in the city My eyes and ears

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the black lyrics

a better style, See me coming, Don't look the other way, ... Don't start running, You stole my heart away, ... You know I treat you fine, You don't understand the

Mnemic - In nothingness black lyrics

harmonious whole Everything is a repetitive pattern ... time to fit the puzzle Leading to question without answer ... I - a harmonious half Awaiting death through the hourglass

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - In the black lyrics

go but I keep coming back... I might be wrong ... I'm at... Under the covers in the black... Is our own ... Now where our love keeps falling down... I know that it's

Psapp - In the black lyrics

found you in the forest And your bed was ... of needles You were sleeping In the gloaming and the ... calm I took you in my arms Oh I laid you on my ... breast Breathing in your soft sighs and your

My Passion - Plastic flesh garden lyrics

wait for me A sip of rippling orange and gin Take two ... She came for me A vision in red black red And then she ... Turn back to me A clattering shattering wall of noise

Saul Williams - Black stacey lyrics

for the light. Me and my cousin Duce would rank the girls ... cool. But I was just covering up all the insecurities that ... came bubbling up. My complexion had me

Miss Li - Plastic faces lyrics

so tired of the blogging, yeah, I’m so tired of them ... bothering, This think come all the generation is ... born of life of constant longing. Yeah, I’m so tired of opinions and all the shadow

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Black devil car lyrics

I need to put to use Let's bring this highway down I'm going ... Can't you see me over taking? All the while I'm salivating Won't you let me Push a ... thrust up you? She loves riding around In my black devil

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - We came to smash (in a black tuxedo) feat. de.. lyrics

clap your hands, you're turning heads You're jumping ship, ... jumping on my bed You snuck into my room, danced away the ... it all, What we got to lose In the black tuxedo and shiny

Lita Ford - Black lyrics

hot or cold or stark enough? Black, is it dirty or sad? Is it ... or cruel or broken or bad? Black, is it all you see When you ... close your eyes, you think of me? Black, black, black Black, is it nightmare or

Downset - Black glock lyrics

black glock A black glock my heart's pumping fast ... have been on on sight I ain't trying to act hard and I'm ... s keeper, you know it's getting deeper What am I supposed

Enuff Z' Nuff - Black rain lyrics

come, better run and hide. Ain't no fun when it gets inside ... Red sun come, better get inside. Wrong impression then ... you're dead. I said... Black rain (black rain). Black rain (black rain). A frozen heart

Astral Doors - Black rain lyrics

away; Enola Gay Carrying the bomb of judgement day In their minds they knew it too ... could break Land of the rising sun Everyone; waiting for ... the rain Atomic clouds Black Rain Black Rain Hiroshima;

Maybach Music Group - Black on black lyrics

Okay now guess who’s back In a black Maybach With a black ... like that My nigga we black on black, black on black My ... gold, but know my strap all black My nigga we black on black

Atomic Rooster - Black snake lyrics

snake living in a black hole, hiding from the sun. Black snake living in a black hole ... 'till the game is won. Black snake living in a black hole, ... hiding from the sun. Black evil hides in the darkness

Eric Burdon - Black and white world lyrics

I pray for the night to come In the back row darkness I burst ... stay out of trouble I live in a black and white world I ... love those black and white movies You see

Paula Cole - Black boots lyrics

do you think she wears those black boots? Why do you think she ... dyes her hair black? She's awfully insecure She ... s trying to be cool She's hoping to be more in those black

Corey Hart - Black cloud rain lyrics

say that believing was yours and mine to break ... night, the sky was crying Is there a danger that we ... you came, saved me from (The black cloud rains) Sweet angel in

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Black sun lyrics

around? Oh yeah-yeah Burning in the black sun Like a ... jackle on the run, well Burning in the black sun Burning ... up in the black sun, whoa yeah Rotten apples

Dark Lotus - Black sand lyrics

Violent J:] A black sand storm is approaching the ... metropolis Sucking up sunlight it moves on top ... of us Beaches of black sand are littered with dead ... fish Black sand deserts grow blood red

Death Grips - Black quarterback lyrics

m so black quarterback, throw off this ... juice, pipes spike blonde kinks on my boots Approach me ... licking his fur, whining, "I demand a word"

Diva Destruction - Black heart lyrics

all to see, Is this a blessing or my worst curse? To feel ... addiction of all But your black heart will always kill With ... violence against my will. How many trials

Exciter - Black witch lyrics

on the mountain she calls my name Evil woman ... wants to mess with my brain Darkness and sorcery til I ... die Stop what you're doing I'm just a man don't

The 69 Eyes - Black lyrics

to tell me It’s all over again Don’t try to show me Loneliness my old friend Every ... night I want you back again Every night I’m in the black

Hypnos - Black nymph reveals lyrics

nymphs easy breed we're feeding their need we see that bad ... smell we smell insect well Nympf instructive ... "The things you've seen...never been

Natasha Blume - Black sea lyrics

down to the black sea swimming with me Go down with me, ... to hold on, hold on Uuuuh inject your advice to me Uuuuh incinerate our shackles Come ... down to the black sea swimming with me Go down with me,

Omnia - Black house lyrics

house Black house There's a place, ... called the black house It's a place I go when ... spirits are low I can taste, in the black house Forbidden ... s evil I know all the people In the black house I can see it

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Queen in the black lyrics

a fantasy That I have lived inside of me And it is so ... pretty And it is so fine Its the kind you'd love to ... you go You're my queen in the black With your time

Capercaillie - Black fields lyrics

a window, a vision of your world ... looks surreal in a blue and gray surround I'm ... here in a corner, a picture on your ... a bystander and I'm watching the ship going down with

Carly Rae Jepsen lyricsCarly Rae Jepsen - Black heart lyrics

don't care about your good intentions I care more about ... to me You're my miracle In your black heart, is where ... you'll find me Cutting through the cracks of the

Natalie Duncan - Black thorn lyrics

head is in a black frame Got your words all ... 'neath the portrait, Your paint covering up the crack, so ... cracked up If your coming back to visit me. He was

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Black ghost (feat. vado) lyrics

da, we da Da best Sping of ours [Verse 1:] Yo! ... Most hated, incorporated with wealth ... with help Separated myself in these decorated to bail Got ... melt God gift as a kid, blockin up all previous Like who's

Grand Magus - Black hole lyrics

I need What I've been told ain't exactly what I've seen I ... lay low here for the time being Even though I risk falling in that Black Hole Now that I

Jessica Jean - Black box lyrics

it in my black box Yeah Keep it in my black box Yeah Imma suck it ... Like I never knew it Imma black it out Like you never blew ... it Gotta draw the line '€" you drop me like a

Jessica Jean - Black box ( dubstep remix by n-fett) lyrics

it in my black box Yeah Keep it in my black box Yeah Imma suck it ... Like I never knew it Imma black it out Like you never blew ... it Gotta draw the line '€" you drop me like a

Rick Ross - "black man’s dream" lyrics

Ludacris - Chorus] See I'm black man chillin with my black man ... stride See batman, cruisin' in my black man ride Making ... white man money Supplying all the fiends yeah I

King Diamond - Black of night lyrics

light, I need light to find my way around this house I ... m turning on the chandelier Nice ... see Little footsteps coming from the hallway Oh no the

King Tuff - Black moon spell lyrics

feel the sickness in your heart Cuz you drank my ... know i feel it too Oh, got a black moon spell on you Oh, and ... When your heart starts beating, Baby you'll be dreamin

Gordon Lightfoot - Black day in july lyrics

Day in July Motor City madness has ... And through the smoke and cinders you can hear it far and ... and the children locked inside Black Day in July Black ... Day in July And the soul of Motor

Tim Mcgraw - Black jacket lyrics

how it felt we were sittin' on the roof You were in my black jacket drinkin' up the view ... We were Romeo and Juliet smoking like cigarettes All night

Miike Snow - Black tin box lyrics

bought you a black tin box, Something to put your ... jewelry in. But it struck me as the ... It was cold out and warm in. The edges were sharp. ... where they used to play. Black sheep, black sheep, in the

Rage - Black in mind lyrics

ve seen it coming, it's got to be No ... Illusions at the turning of the century All our ... we lost the masterkey Leaving my dreams far behind Got no ... ambitions in time if only I'm so Black in mind! When there's no point in making it Black in mind!

Sadie - Black stars lyrics

wo sarakedasu god damn tenbin katabuku wa shura metsubou ... Yuukan ni chokkantekina hassou wa so so jitsu ni ni ... de Cracker mad song We're in the black stars rettouna

Shriekback - Black light trap lyrics

of a snake Then make our incisions Stand on one leg and ... high Old and cold and going gold A fanatical schism ... lay me down or lead me on In the ballet of Black-Light

Katie Armiger - Better in a black dress lyrics

it hurts to know a good thing went so bad. ohhh, ohhh, ... t need a white veil, I got a black dress, Don't need a preacher ... blues when I've got my red wine. wine Out on the town, or in the city, Ain't nothin like

Arthemis - Black society lyrics

i woke up from myself Searching for something that I am I ... myself Voices are whispering in my head Something I'd better ... Can you hear them screaming Can you hear the voices

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Black moon pyramid lyrics


Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Ghost in the black lyrics

are heading out on the land Raising our ... swords in the air We'll fight for ... We followed the sign Leaving our world behind Oh, ... Ghost in the Black Running and leaving, we're under

Behexen - Black metal baptism lyrics

chose the blackest robe Shadow, darkness ... deep mysteries of Satan Black metal baptism opened the ... of sorcerers The sign of black pentagram burned deep in my

Brian Setzer - Don't trust a woman (in a black cadillac) lyrics

t know the devil If she came in disguise Sittin' on the ... corner With a wicked grin She'll take the soul of a ... man Just because it's a sin Don't trust a woman Long black dress and a Coup De Ville

Devildriver - Black soul choir lyrics

ain't never seen the face of his ... foe no He aint made of flesh and bone He's ... the one who sits up close behind you He's there when you are ... with their wicked tongues Sing the black soul choir Oh

Dropkick Murphys - Black velvet band lyrics

call Brockton Apprenticed in trade I was bound And many ... an hour's sweet happiness I spent in that neat ... and companions To follow the black velvet band Well, I was

Lake Malawi - Black pearl lyrics

These days I've been raising from the dark Woo No one ... really needs me Walking in my sleep down the streets of ... Prague But the black pearl She's always counting

Lord Belial - Black void lyrics

I am, alone In utter solitude I walk I ... stalk these plains alone I'm walking the path ... My feet search for ground in the darkness I cannot see ... no one will ever answer me again I am alone in this black

Manic Street Preachers - Black garden lyrics

Our truth goes marching on Swing Swing There ... part of you Remember the feeling of a frozen embryo There ... don't want to go Welcome into your own black garden It's

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