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As I Lay Dying - Electric eye (cover by. judas priest) lyrics

here in space I'm looking down on you My lasers trace Everything you do You think you've private lives Think nothing of the kind There is no true escape I'm watching all the time I'm made of metal My circuits gleam I am perpetual I keep th

Blue Öyster Cult - Eye of the hurricane lyrics

I let it take me like a greased and vertical sled I know the trick won't break me, it's all dancing in my head People think that they can change most people it ain't true It's easy to talk about change, ain't easy followin' through Once it starts, it has to f

Lee Aaron - Eye for an eye lyrics

you can be what you wanna be, (fine by me) An' you can believe what you wanna believe it's your (rivalry) But if it's war you're askin' for just wait an' see If I were you I'd watch my step Cuz what you give is what you get It's an (eye for an eye), no love lost here (Ey

Sia lyricsSia - Eye of the needle lyrics

me down Whoa-oah-oh I’m feeling now Whoa-oah-oh And if I move on Whoa-oah-oh I admit you’re gone And I ain’t ready And I’ll hold steady Yeah, I’ll hold you in my arms, in my arms, in my arms Whoa-oah-oh You’re locked inside my heart Whoa-oah

Burning Point - Eye for an eye lyrics

the shadows you rose gave me a lethal doze rip the heart of my chest and left me to die Pointless arguments i dive in to the deep end watching the world go by ...oh no...am i living in a lie... Do they hate me because of my sins Won`t you save me from the evil within Eye

H.e.a.t - Eye for an eye lyrics

to me, tell me the news The word is out that you're heading out Rock with me, the denim shoes I got the feelin' you got nothin' to loose Don't go there, don't pull the trigger It's not too late to turn around now Doesn't matter who you are It

Innerwish - Eye of the storm lyrics

moon is watching over me Stars are spying silently the night calls out my name Born to fight, to change the world hearts so warm but eyes are cold Steps straight across the road Always alone, against myself against the world passion rules my l

Mind Key - Eye of a stranger lyrics

hear your voices, I feel your movin' I can control your mind I stop your freedom, I touch your footsteps You can't live on your own We are the "Party" and words between us You have to, to respect are: "Who controls the past, contro

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - Eye of the storm lyrics

you hear the calling The Force is reborn God’s angels falling In the eyes of the storm Can you hear the calling The Force is reborn God’s angels falling In the eyes of the storm They are coming at night You better run for your life The demon

From Our Hands - Eye for an eye lyrics

: Eye for an eye And dust to dust We’ve got no future We respect the past Eye for an eye And dust to dust Like there’s no tomorrow We will live our lives I wish I didn’t know you It is no way back It is no way back from hell I can’t say I don’t

Onward - Eye of the nightmare lyrics

of days, my greatest fear My body tires and sleep is near Close my eyes and I will pray for dreams of rapture But still it comes, the storm of spiraling clouds of nightmares chasing me Fed from boiling seas of sorrow, blackened yawns of deadpan horror Stand, upon these sho

220 Volt - Eye to eye lyrics

with my torment heart I know the games you like Lead me to the precious part And then turn out the light Anybody, anybody there My body's anybody there My body's taking off My mind is going nowhere You're of a kind I've seen that face before I know,

Blood Red Throne - Eye-licker lyrics

walls, black drapery, bloody mural artistry. Self provoked insomnia. The Mescaline is wearing off, teeth grinding, lights flashing. Pseudo-psycho kaleidoscope. Stiff grin, nervous finger-tricks. Subconscience overload. Chained to the floor, ragged filthy do

Bullet For My Valentine - Eye of the storm lyrics

you hear the thunder? Can you feel the rain it pours? Nail down all your windows, Then barricade the doors! Mother Nature's Fury! Takes you by the hand! Showing all but mercy! Wreaking death upon the land! GO! Caught in the eye of the storm! Did the h

Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye for an eye lyrics

on the cross to die Crucified for your crimes Spikes in your limbs To pay for your sins An eye for an eye An eye for an eye An eye for an eye Will justify murder by the state

The Cruxshadows - Eye of the storm lyrics

trials you now are facing They are not greater than your will For there is nothing under heaven You cannot overcome See the door that lies before you And know this too shall pass The confrontation of your tears In strength drawn from the past When the silent voices whi

Grave Miasma - Ascension eye lyrics

by the hands of idolators Carved by winds,there stands an efface A grotesque hue from aeons past Aligned on eroded walls of negation Resemblance to valley is olfactory Where deities crumbled and shattered By afflicted feet,on sands of polarities The ruminant paths cross

The Guess Who - Eye lyrics

eye can be a world For in it are the things it sees outside and the eye is troubled. An eye can be a time And watch the changing patterns hurry by And the eye is wisdom. An eye can be a clown It makes a merry fool of merry fools And the ey

Killswitch Engage - Eye of the storm lyrics

time goes by Nothing has changed I wont stand and watch You wither away After all this time I stand by you Through all of the years I've been with you Through pain and affliction With every addiction I will never let you down I will live by this code Never su

Patriarch - The watching eye lyrics

by this power The council of the wise The keepers of my soul The shadows of the night Roaming through the city Searching a place to hide Trying to escape The watching eye Reigning the entire nation Ruling with the iron hand They will brainwash the masses Programmed to a

Dot Hacker - Eye opener lyrics

re an eye opener I'm an eye closer Split by lids now See what's lying there behind our eyes. I'm tired of explaining what I've seen. Does that secret handshake include me? and you? Are you a part of me? I don't know... You and I both kno

Grave Digger - The hangman's eye lyrics

man without name A grave without corpse A song without tunes No signs in the runes I feel the hate When I come too late I see the blood stain In his face again What's done is done When the reaper will come Graves are open And souls are broken Hey hey the hangman's eye Ha

Metalium - Eye of the storm lyrics

A Never Ending Plain, Awakening My Senses A Breeze Is Growing Stirring Skies Above Something's Not The Same, The Air Around Is Seething A Godly Presence, Spirits Taking Off Coming Nearer Overtaking Storm Is Brewing Ready To Fight Eye Of The St

Bloden-wedd - Eye of horus lyrics

PART I: Osiris Destiny] Long ago... Osiris was murdered by his own brother Seth. His body was turned into 14 pieces and scattered through Egypt [PART II: Isis Cry] Anger feels stronger as time is pasing through my eyes No answers, just sorrow... Someday I will back you int

Cloven Hoof - Eye of the sun lyrics

reaches to the sky, in this year of feathered serpent. Proud young warrior stands in sun light, with his back against the world. Sweat gets in his eyes, starts to climb the giant stairway. Head is bowed, mouth is dry. Awaiting death the final word.

Bombshell Rocks - By the blink of an eye lyrics

I get this creeping fear I don't know where to, where to go from here Everything seems like a waste of time It's so frustrating Everything comes in a rhyme Well I'm used to feeling blue Now it's time I pay my bills It's time I pay my dues Oh oh! Oh yeah! I hear the be

Ice-t - Eye of the storm lyrics

Intro: KAM] Aiyyo this is Kam representin' Watts in Compton [Buckshot Shorty] Anything can happen Don't stop, huh, ha, huh, uh, yeah, shit [Buckshot, Ice-T] Buckshot, he be the emcee What, watch your step [Buckshot Shorty] Can I hear it for Buckshot? (Buckshot) Buck's ho

Fueled By Fire - Eye of the demon lyrics

from the darkness are calling the walls that surround you draw near the whole world beneath you is falling stricken by the torture of fear Stare into the eye of the demon it stares back into your soul f*** everything you believe in follow them thr

Mygrain - Eye of the void lyrics

of the metamorphic kill filling the sky Reflecting the total Termination in a blinding blink of an eye... Intoxicated bliss... Decayed, one last kiss... The countdown starts from here Shape shifting face of deformed quality Blazed by sun winds Smokescreen

Emerald - Eye of the serpent lyrics

centuries we were sleepwalking - Without light Guided by fear - So much sorrow and misery We were lost - Our time had not come Kings and emperors in the palm of their hand - Without fear Religion in control of all the world - Acting under orders But more and more

Fates Warning - Eye to eye lyrics

saw YOU once again last night through a sea of sullen faces admiring eyes following the path that the spotlight traces eye to eye and the miles still divide eye to eye what was it YOU saw last night when YOU gave yourself to me was it the thread of a c

Manilla Road - Eye of the storm lyrics

south to waters never seen By western man of any creed Searching for a place to be free From Christian hate and blasphemy Sky turns black as dark clouds form Tempests blow the sails are torn Come the waves in thunderous roar Old Man Sea brings

Slaughter - Eye to eye lyrics

ready or not Here we come Gonna set this town alive The boys are ready We're out to rock Gonna turn it up tonight Ooh ya, I'm eye to eye with you We do what we want Night after night You make our dreams Come true Real people tell it like it is Don't want bad atti

Amon Düül Ii - Eye-shaking king lyrics

another day begins Life runs full circle getting older It happens to me, it happens to you I do believe you're still around me You're still around me all the time I have no doubt one day in Heaven I will see you again, I'll see you again, see you again Break the bread and dr

Baltimora - Eye to eye lyrics

We're eye to eye) (And heart to heart) (We're eye to eye) (Just you and I) Flame of my fire Every time we meet the feeling's the same Coming on again Burning desire Don't you know it's hard to stop again When the love's so high (Oh, fly-fly) Reaching for the sky, yeah

Galloglass - Eye to eye lyrics

dragon flies, on his mighty wings Towards the walls, of the dark fortress Bursting out in rage, cleansing fire rains When the towers fall, nothing will remain We will meet, eye to eye He will pay, eye for an eye I'll enjoy, his last cry We will meet, eye to eye So bitterswe

Iron Savior - Eye to eye lyrics

the night Moonless cold and black Hell is waiting There is no turning back Suddenly the air was on fire Your buddy never had a chance His blood on your hands You'll never forget his cold and lifeless glance Times of war are times of death and now the killing is o

Negacy - Eye of the thunderstorm lyrics

too long I have been crossing a way to reach a mirage standing many miles away a serpent crawling through the burning sand looking for someone else's promised land Waiting for my soul to be born in the Eye of the Thunderstorm I grew up in a pack with starving wolves hungry f

Pegazus - Eye for an eye lyrics

look at you, you look at me What the hell do you see? Don't go messin' me around Or soon you'll meet your maker It's an Eye for an Eye - Tooth for a Tooth Who do you think you are? This time you've gone too far I ain't playin' no more games That's my revelation It's an Eye

Vonda Shepard - Sail on by lyrics

ve got a mind that you'll never see i've got amazing remedies i've got a heart that only wants to please you wouldn't notice if i slapped you and i let go my friend telling you i let go my friend you know i had to let go my friend telling you i let go my friend as you sail on

A Perfect Murder - Eye for an eye lyrics

ve Been Tolerating Your Shit For Way Too Long You're One Insult Away From It Going All Wrong I Will Take Back Everything You Look From Me I Will Take Back Everything You Look From Me Now Its All About Revenge Hate And Dedication To Bring You T

All X - Eye of the tiger lyrics

up Back on the street Did my time took my chances Went the distance now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive So many times It happens too fast You trade your passion for glory Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past You

Asia - Eye to eye lyrics

don't want to see your picture On a faded video I don't want to turn the clock back To the way it used to go Can you give me any reasons Why I made this sacrifice? When you thought you walked on water You were skating on thin ice OCause we don't see Eye To Eye OCause

Kyler England - Eye of your storm lyrics

get restless every evening When the last of day is fleeting Feel like pulling stake and leaving I get restless every evening We are blowing on an ember It's the last day of december Don't know how we'll make it through the winter But we are blowing on an e

Joan Jett - Eye to eye lyrics

got a word or two 'cause I don't understand Somethin's on your mind, you don't have to shout What's with me and you it's getting outta hand Why can't we just talk and figure this thing out I used to think that you and me would stay together Why oh why can't we se

King Diamond - Eye of the witch lyrics

s so cold inside on this summer night Black clouds in the sky dancing before my eyes I'm losing track of time It's the eye of the witch It's the eye of the witch Thunder bring the rain, penetrate my brain I am no more the same, that special

Devil You Know - Eye of the tiger lyrics

up, back on the street Did my time, took my chances Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive So many times it happens too fast You trade your passion for glory Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past

G-unit - Eye for an eye lyrics

Chorus] Nigga you shit on me , i'll shit on you You put a hit on me, i'll put a hit on you A eye for an eye nigga Survive the shots or die nigga [Lloyd Banks] You can't roll wit me i'm Lloyd Banks the one and only not your buddy, not your pal, no

Iron Savior - Eye of the world lyrics

the stars out in the cold Out on the quest for the old You had to leave So don't come to grief You couldn't see what is right or wrong Atlantis seemed to be gone So you attacked The ones to protect Out of control You've been pounding the world

Mortal Sin - Eye in the sky lyrics

on your hands Fear in your eyes Your retina scans have been recognised Your running for miles They're running your files Your DNA has been analysed [Pre-Chorus:] Can we trust politicians won't misuse their trust Mass surveillance they all know who we are You c

Nightingale - Eye for an eye lyrics

have no control, he's making my moves I am like a puppet on a string To get a hold of my body he must empty my soul But right now I wonder what the end will bring I wonder if I am dreaming, if I do will I wake up Before we reach the forest Where m

Pretty Maids - Eye of the storm lyrics

of a lifetime Thrills from long ago These years of joy now have flown Silhouettes in a mirror l'll recognize her face Ten thousand years out in space She She meant everything to me Scarlet woman with eyes of gold She's out on the edge of my dream Venus

Quarterflash - Eye to eye lyrics

in your doorway Nothing much to see Remember conversations Between you and me Forgot about the feeling Forgot about the pain Forgot about the hopeful nights Calling again Just a victim of the moment- Nobody's fault, nobody fooled Ah, it's funny how things seem to slip a

Quiet Riot - Eye for an eye lyrics

turned me over now I'll turn you around Mistakes are made, foul play You have givin' is what I found You'll be my queen for a day I'm no matinee idol You put it in the wrong way If I was Valentino It'd been the same It's like an eye for an eye Give me

Sara Ramirez - Eye to eye lyrics

s selling something Wanting more than what they have and Haven't got the sight of sense To sense what's really going round And no one wants to tell the truth We'll fight to know the rules That tell us to be good enough And no one knows that you and I

Shadow Host - Eye for an eye lyrics

opened my eyes feel the pain inside Only dead ruins surround me in silence Is it a dream, or is it now? Smoldering ashes rise over the ground Seems no one alive remained there Dead bodies of my party, blood's all around I see signs of death eve

Bush lyricsBush - Eye of the storm lyrics

are united We are not strangers We are united We’ll be here for ages You dream like Paris Lost in a trance Dancing through buildings On perfect boulevards All this tragedy Will surely be the death of me It’s dangerous Standing in the eye of a storm In the eye of a storm I

All-xida - Eye of the tiger lyrics

many times, it happens too fast You trade your passion for glory Don´t lose your grip on the dreams of the past You must fight just to keep them alive It´s the eye of the tiger, it´s the thrill of the fight Risin´ up to the challenge of our rival

Berzerker - Eye for an eye lyrics

I see the rage is building And I know there's nothing stopping Stopping me from changing into What it is almost pure When I'm doing what I'm doing I always take it all so I Continue in this fashion And continue to be free Mother never told me to

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Eye to eye lyrics

na na na na na na... Blood and wine may flow Only love and war make history We must share flesh and blood But we don´t share the philosophy Some people got a ways to go Some lessons they won´t ever learn To keep your enemies close The other cheek you so

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