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Eye For An Life Lucii lyrics

Browse for Eye For An Life Lucii song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Eye For An Life Lucii lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Eye For An Life Lucii.

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Nightingale - Eye for an eye lyrics

if I do will I wake up Before we reach the forest Where ... stop Thinking about the woman That has saved me from the ... need her here now, I need a hand to hold And the more that

Made Of Hate - An eye for an eye lyrics

scar for a scar, Your nails wound ... is the same: attack! An eye for an eye makes that world ... blind! An eye for an eye! Oh Can't you see Desire for vendetta's covered your eyes

Berzerker - Eye for an eye lyrics

I see the rage is building And I know there's nothing ... stopping Stopping me from changing into What it is almost ... I Continue in this fashion And continue to be free

Dreamland - Eye for an eye lyrics

appears where you cannot hide And the bones in ... Starts to shake one mistake And it blows your mind Rise ... or fall You aim for the white line To sell the

Heights - Eye for an eye lyrics

back your words I would change a moment Clock hands I'll ... of sleep I'll close my eyes So I cant hear or see you ... Don't tell me life hangs on The beating of a heart I

Paragon - Eye for an eye lyrics

t bother me Don't really want you around don't you see ... The wrong you have done can't be reversed You're poison ... you have betrayed Damage cannot be undone it's too late

Burning Point - Eye for an eye lyrics

rip the heart of my chest and left me to die Pointless ... me from the evil within Eye for an eye welcome to my ... blind leading the blind Eye for an eye haven`t you heard It

Dezperadoz - An eye for an eye lyrics

sitting here in a death row And now my fear will start to ... grow I had my time I had my life Times are changed now I ... My story’s full of lost and missin’ There ain’t no need

Ironsword - Eye for an eye lyrics

heft my sword And show no fear The beast ... lurches forth The end draws near Time ... has come for glory or death I will fight ... until my last breath Eye for an eye I chop off his talon

G-unit - Eye for an eye lyrics

me, i'll put a hit on you A eye for an eye nigga Survive the ... shots or die nigga [Lloyd Banks] You can't roll wit me i ... m Lloyd Banks the one and only not your buddy, not

Sodom - An eye for an eye lyrics

Spoken)Come on God, answer me If you really exist For many years, I am asking you ... Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is ... big is brewing You can see it in my eyes They burn

Lee Aaron - Eye for an eye lyrics

you can be what you wanna be, (fine by me) An' you can believe what you wanna ... But if it's war you're askin' for just wait an' see If I were ... give is what you get It's an (eye for an eye), no love

Pegazus - Eye for an eye lyrics

ll meet your maker It's an Eye for an Eye - Tooth for a ... That's my revelation It's an Eye for an Eye - Tooth for a ... You're staring trouble in the eye Sick and tired of all the

Quiet Riot - Eye for an eye lyrics

I found You'll be my queen for a day I'm no matinee idol ... d been the same It's like an eye for an eye Give me some ... Speak up now or it's a tooth for a tooth An eye for an eye

Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye for an eye lyrics

the cross to die Crucified for your crimes Spikes in your ... limbs To pay for your sins An eye for an eye An eye for an eye An eye for an eye Will justify murder

Shadow Host - Eye for an eye lyrics

opened my eyes feel the pain inside Only ... signs of death everywhere Eye for an eye, I swear revenge ... shall not survive Fear my angry battle cry, eye for an eye

A Perfect Murder - Eye for an eye lyrics

ve Been Tolerating Your Shit For Way Too Long You're One ... Its All About Revenge Hate And Dedication To Bring You ... You Look From Me So Many Times, I Just Gave Up So Many Times, You Would Pull Me

From Our Hands - Eye for an eye lyrics

: Eye for an eye And dust to dust We’ve got no ... future We respect the past Eye for an eye And dust to dust ... is no way back from hell I can’t say I don’t miss you But

Evil Conduct - Eye for an eye lyrics

on the streets Fighting and struggling, to cater for ... t no fiction, it ain't no fantasy This is the real world, ... reality [Chorus 2x:] Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

H.e.a.t - Eye for an eye lyrics

you are It's the taking back for an eye ya ya ya You make the ... world go by Can we take away your scars? Can ... take away for a lie ya ya ya We'll make it

Ill Niño - Eye for an eye (soulfly cover) lyrics

name All that I am doing Can never be ruined My song ... remains insane Eye For An Eye Got to watch my back ... a better way F***ing envy changes everything I hit the

Iamx - An i for an i lyrics

white light. Double bluff and figure: An eye for an eye. ... into the TV, To the motherland smile, Apocalypse and ... rapture psyche in: An eye for an eye. If you're not

Primal Fear - Eye of an eagle lyrics

Are Stories Told, Nobody Wants To Believe it There Are ... Flew Out From The Clouds And It Smoked And Smoked And ... In Silver Blue A Few Humans Disappeared Chaos Reigns And There Is Fear There Is

Galloglass - Eye to eye lyrics

the walls, of the dark fortress Bursting out in rage, ... cleansing fire rains When the ... will remain We will meet, eye to eye He will pay, eye for an eye I'll enjoy, his last cry

Rosetta Stone - An eye for the main chance lyrics

have been many times Where I've took it ... in the face of this Cannot begin to understand No ... explanations No mix of words ... Inspired and lost all at once It's no

Helalyn Flowers - Eye for a day lyrics

Maybe it is your awakening And nobody let you see... ... Break the time And describe what you feel Are ... valley of dreams So that I can believe That nobody let you

Elenium - Eye for a lie lyrics

me, for I'm the one Hold me, cause I ... m just one Satisfy my urges And need my company Keep me on

Moddi lyricsModdi - For an unborn lyrics

it’s part of the plan that we add up in twos then ... comes to a point where you cannot choose with the world at ... but grow weak as you’re there and you don’t know in whose

Michelle Branch - For dear life lyrics

premonition on my skin Can you feel the storm that’s ... One moment more and I’m holding onto you For ... dear life And now that I’m sure I am ... holding onto you For dear life A deep blue night comes

Kublai Khan - Life for a life lyrics

ghost Coast to coast the balance broke while My life slips ... keep this Sound alive, alive for now Forfeit my name Given ... a second chance I’d stay away This road

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - For a life time lyrics

somewhere, there is a star for you, oh my love I promised ... you baby, forever my love I promised you ... So if you'll love me, for a life time I will give you

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - For your life lyrics

oh With my lemon in your hand Exhibition is your habit ... Emotions second hand, oh, oh Had to pull away to ... me Maybe next time around And she said, don't you wannit?

Matakopas - For your life lyrics

hunt you down better fight for your life death has been ... as the cold knife takes your life away They're on the move ... hunt you down better fight for your life death has been

Nahko And Medicine For The People - San quentin lyrics

coastal California Cradle me City of Angels ... a cab, 6 a.m Do it just before I'm driving Hold up, seat ... check, am I crazy Greet him and release him from mental

Entombed - I for an eye lyrics

hating Endlessly Loss of life means nothing now That ... your wildest dreams could you anticipate this loss impotent ... redeemer hanging helpless on the cross

Bullet For My Valentine - Breaking point lyrics

on the tip of my tongue I can't take you You're so bitter, ... better get up and run WARNING! Eye for an eye When revenge comes calling ... WARNING! Eye for an eye You won't see it coming You

Jakob Dylan - Truth for a truth lyrics

in they climb There's too many people running loose in the ... a king or someone else that can bring Some order where ... otherwise everything is Eye for an eye and truth for a

Hellyeah - Sangre por sangre (blood for blood) lyrics

por sangre, blood for blood Sangre por sangre, ... blood for blood Sangre por sangre, blood for ... blood Sangre por sangre, blood for blood ... difference? So come on in and take a seat, And listen to

Dezperadoz - Tooth for a tooth lyrics

sittin’ here in my dead man’s coat A lonely end on a ... That was my time, a wasted life The devil’s waitin’ I have ... hear them come To kill the man that I’ve become There’s no

220 Volt - Eye to eye lyrics

Lead me to the precious part And then turn out the light Anybody, anybody there My body ... s anybody there My body's taking ... a kind I've seen that face before I know, could be on video

Raven - On the wings of an eagle lyrics

challenge Enemy to the left and the right Never have so many owed So much to so few ... Reach for the sky, it's do or die Our ... on you On the wings of an eagle Heading straight for

Hatesphere - Low life vendetta lyrics

hole Like a parasite, not wanted here Why won't you ... .. The ride will end, and so will you Now found your ... smell, I come for you I'll turn the switch I

Like Moths To Flames - A feast for crows

without a sense of regret Forgive but never f***ing forget ... our shallow graves Is this life worth the sacrifices made ... a past that I regret Forgive but never forget Cut

Prince - Life 'o' the party lyrics

is the life o' the party We gonna do it ... U got the news That the life o' the party is gonna party ... the sun'll come up Sweet Candy gonna b there Yeah, it's

Lonewolf - Song for the fallen lyrics

through the darkness, again and again Facing the evil, no ... fight is in vain No rest for the warrior, but anger and ... pain Life is a struggle, from birth

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - Eye of the storm lyrics

you hear the calling The Force is reborn God’s angels ... falling In the eyes of the storm Can you hear ... the calling The Force is reborn God’s angels

Just For Being - Compensation lyrics

brother turn around and tell me what you see, it´s ... prayers, when the postman brings only one letter. ... Mom blames herself for decision that she is never

Quiet Riot - Last call for rock\'n\'roll lyrics

off your seat The passion and the glory tell a different ... sound is getting louder Can't you feel the power It's ... the last call for Rock'N'Roll Rhythm is the

Behemoth - No sympathy for fools lyrics

fear I am all which you can never be A truth revealing ... above? No shining glory and no god You question not, ... believe Upon your ignorance I shall feast Damn higher

Demonical - March for victory lyrics

night is cold, silent and wide as we head towards the ... the open fields destroy and ruin is our call we bring ... them one by one we head on and on towards a victorious

Jethro Tull - Life is a long song lyrics

you're falling awake and you take stock of the new ... day, and you hear your voice croak as ... will give you good cheer. Life's a long song. Life's a ... long song. Life's a long song. If you

Jethro Tull - Life's a long song lyrics

you've fallen awake And you take Stock of the new ... day. And you hear your voice croak ... will give you good chear. Life's a long song. Life's a

Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of Queer Decay - Eat your soul! (eye for eye ii) lyrics

faith? So you will suffer forth, oh girl Piles of empty ... the hunger, starving one! For whom are you doing this? ... in libraries... Have you forgot to live, oh man? Always

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - An easier affair lyrics

comes one for the ladies For the ones who love me To ... could be some kind of family man I told myself I was straight ... ‘Cos my Maker had a better plan for me And I’m dancing

Karelia - Intro + letter for an angel lyrics

comrades of mine said we can begin to crow Dirty war's ... in the mud all day, I can hear guns and distant shouts ... I have no thought but for you and the cursed day I had

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Looking for an angel lyrics

it's easy It's meant to be Dream of the moment ... ll be with me 'Cause I wanna look down now I wanna get ... deeper Can you let me in? To show me

Grim Reaper - Run for your life lyrics

sunshine, When they come to an end, Alright all of our kin ... have to defend. Run, run for your life, their coming now ... Run, run for your life, their coming over Run, run for your life, their coming now

Sam Smith lyricsSam Smith - Life support lyrics

my world, this is my choice And you’re the drug that gets me ... through I’ve been waiting for an answer Because I build ... this bed for two I’m just hanging on your answer I built

Jello Biafra - Nostalgia for an age that never existed lyrics

Mommy used to make Nostalgia for an age That never existed ... Art-deco knick-knacks and flings The stars on the ... silver screen Made you forget Hooverville View the

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Wait for an answer lyrics

cannot say that I don't care ... cause I'm aware Of everyone and everything they're ... brain The cautious hare cannot be seen as a coward He's ... simply aware (He constantly) knows what's going on

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