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Death - Voice of the soul lyrics

objects of flight on a voyage To correct what they have done, what we are doing Perhaps submerged, living in the inner most Recesses of the planet -- no choice but To adapt to an underground world Limiting our passages of thought Are they the examples of regression A life form's ab

Corrosion Of Conformity - Minds are controlled lyrics

mass mind control Through cathode rays beliefs are sold. Examples of what is correct and what is not. Opinions are presented as fact. Minds are controlled Death and war are portrayed realistically. As not to raise objection to patriotic slaughter. If they show realisti

Auaesuve - The benighted era of the new age lyrics

a civilizarion of outer-things and their and native slaves filling a whole of existence, consciousness taken over by new heights of deception…their angle of dimensions just a corner of our own, filling the native minds with pre-euclidean forms and pr

Ceremonial Castings - Of warriors who gather lyrics

tuto piesen od skupiny Ceremonial Castings nie je ziaden text... je to cisto instrumentalny song..

Anaal Nathrakh - Of fire, and f***ing pigs lyrics

available not available not available not available not available not

Bloodthorn - ...of aeons to come lyrics

.. instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental..

Despite - ...of the end lyrics

found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found No

Kidcrusher - Of f*** my christmas tree lyrics

is an Australian Horrorcore artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Originating in 1996, KidCrusher has collaborated with several producers from around the world. He was a featured artist on the Insane Clown Posse‘s Compilation Album Tunnel Runners released on Psychopathic Records sub-

Mortal Love - Of keeping the fire down lyrics

in hand, a choice ahead. Buried in sand. Once blessed, now dead. Wake from my dream so it may seem still I regret And I make sure is? All is gone (To the hate hunting me) Still lost, somehow. To understand I must? I dig with both hands through a promise I kept Deeper

Psyclon Nine - Of decay (an exit) lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental

Above This - Of suns above lyrics

6x] Hatred aside, I’m nothing but a lost man now Conflict, has never stopped me Only in the end, do we ever see What you did to me Liar, take ever liar Far away from me Just so I can breathe, without you at my feet Life flashes before my eye

Ad Hominem - Of wolf and the devil lyrics

Billeder hafver eengang Til Hex & Diefvels Stolthed tienet - Om Gudstroe vidnet, mørck men mæcktig - Ja med Grenser viide som dend Verden dend là øde Satan skabede det som for deris Bilk Blifver ofverjordisk - Han er slik, Een Mand i Ulveham Sel

Afi - Of greetings and goodbyes lyrics

ending discreetly, just like a hidden sin, as i go under please tuck me in. make me invisible. this hidden explosion calls for a wandering cast with no direction. enter all monsters let us twist another fairy tale. go kill the lights, we'll glow till morning comes.

After The Burial - Of fearful men lyrics

There is no chance of breathing inside this vessel Blue lipped and anemic We are constantly questioning our safety So much pressure. We struggle I just want to give in Please help me To keep the waters from crashing over me This ship is sin

Asaf Avidan - Of scorpions & bells lyrics

know that my grip was a little too tight But from where I was coming you were the only thing right I guess I'm sorry for that. But if you think these bars of love you have forged Will keep me here locked up, and waiting, and yours Baby' you're wrong.

Borrowed Time - Of nymph and nihil lyrics

whims and wiles, Of fools will sway Your hapless vain, Romantic swain Pendulum prelude For sacrifice With chariot, and leaves in hair Debaucherous intent to share No laurel tree Will clothe thee On this night My ready-made, will occupy No fra

Bury Tomorrow - Of glory lyrics

are alive We woke again to see the sun rise When we were falling, falling from grace, did you catch us? You never did, you never did When we were falling, falling from grace, did you catch us? You never did, you never did We never asked you for your

Ceremonial Castings - Of ruins shameful supremacy lyrics

Souls, Killing Off The Weak Butchered & Scorn Servants Leading To Deceit Beheading The Captured, Punished For Their Lies A Slaughter So Sweet Even A King Cries Alone & Unmastered, Godless & Cruel Free From Restriction; The Ord

Clannad - Of this land lyrics

gentle was the breeze that surrounded the way How loud the sea's roar on the four winds everyday Sharing love, wounded gifts from ancient long ago Together they closed in the circles we know Will we treasure all the secrets with life's changing scenes? Where our hearts were

Jon D - Of monsters and men - little talks lyrics

don't like walking around this old and empty house So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear The stairs creak as I sleep, it's keeping me awake It's the house telling you to close your eyes Some days I can't even trust myself It's killing me to see you this way 'Cau

Current 93 - Of ruine or some blazing starre lyrics

the Ball still Softly round it on all sides. The Goal is in each Kits Eye The Ball fixs each eye open It roles to each paws love: Bounced home, where it

The Decemberists - Of angels and angles lyrics

are angels in your angles There's a low moon caught in your tangles There's a ticking at the sill There's a purr of a pigeon to break the still of day As on we go drowning Down we go away And darling, we go a-drowning Down we go away Away There's a tough w

Dismember - Of fire lyrics

Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. K„rki.] The night erupts with the sound of small arms fire tracer rounds snakes through the air signal flares fly towards the sky prepare yourself for another assault I raise my gun and let lead fly living the horrors of war mo

F.o.b. - Of a martyr lyrics


John Frusciante - Of before lyrics

this light I'm lost In the darkness of before I walked and knew where I was all the time Seeing with every part of who I am Anyway, you're a ghost in life Pushed right out and kept inside of a bodiless weight Pressure that has no space As he goes along He takes what he's lo

Holding Onto Hope - Of the sea lyrics

awake from a deep sleep Everything’s changed I find myself alone My thoughts are louder than words My bones feel weak My eyes are tired Hands are pulsing Something is calling I walked the less traveled road I know not what’s ahead The dust fills my shoes

Imagika - Of weaker men lyrics

trouble the problems in your head This wasn't the life you wanted But the one you got instead You were looking for the easy way out When you found the hard way in Unevading madness You let the sorrow in Didn't believe in your solutions So you l

Immolation - Of martyrs men lyrics

by the world, too weak to deal with life Bow to show your love, bow to show devotion Drowning in the sickness that vomits forth deceit Fear not what is said, but fear what you believe Ravaged by their words and into their open arms Like thieves

Jackob's Dream - Of love and sorrow lyrics

guess I'll walk alone in the pouring rain I hold this candle that burns in your name With every teardrop that falls from my eyes I can't forget you, your memory never dies But I can't help a feeling that I've been betrayed 'cause I'm the one

Jamie Lostein - Of mine lyrics

scars of mine, they signify, All that I've seen in my life The turning tide, not coming by, Taking too long to fly It's not always light, Sometimes it's grey, Chasing yesterday... When one ocean is done, There's another one, With higher waves When y

Jane's Addiction - Of course lyrics

course this land is dangerous! All of the animals Are capably murderous. When I was a boy, My big brother held on to my hands, Then he made me slap my own face. I looked up to him then, and still do. He was trying to teach me something. Now I know what it was! Now

Lil Kim - Of the wall lyrics

Lil' Cease] Now get your back up off the wall Dance come on Now get your back up off the wall Dance come on Now do it! [Puffy] (Kim) Queen Bee, Bad Boy baby (Uh, uh, uh) Let's go! [Lil' Kim] Ah! Ready or not here I come I'm a Bentley y'all something like a Hyunda

Masters Of Reality - Of to tiki ti lyrics

tiki ti ti video ho Rum tiki ti ti video Rum tiki ti ti video ho Rum tiki ti ti video A jigger, a splatter, it doesn't really matter O-ho, o-ho, o-ho Sunset off tea time tiki ti ho Sunset off tea time tiki ti Sunset off tea time tiki ti ho Sunset off tea time tiki t

Moonspell - ...of dream and drama (midnight ride) lyrics

ve no mother to feed you or to lick your so deep wounds nor Earth where to lay your timid crown You've suffered by your father and even the Moon lies to you When she shines... The seduction of an altar Is a weakness in her movements of Death It is a mere

Ne Obliviscaris - Of the leper butterflies lyrics

why? Oh why the butterfly of man? Oh why? Oh why precious beauty? With eyes that speak tongues Foresight and memory, maelstrom wormholes Behind, the vast passion A wish is made upon a nebula From the leper's kiss Conjuring ordered chaos Kaleidoscope in motion Ador

Shadows Fall - Of one blood lyrics

this search for an ultimate reality Your words only used to conceal the true meaning Never speaking from the heart As you've built a wall of lies, silence falls Awakened all that you despise These lies, our chosen roles force-fed your values and your goals Why? Yo

Six Degrees Of Separation - Of common guilt lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Six Degrees Of Separation - Of unrealistic ambitions lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

A Girl A Gun A Ghost - ...of the alaskan king lyrics

well my darling, you are at rest. You’ve been set free. Bright shone the roofs, the domes, the spires, And rockets flew self-driven amid the vault of Heaven. Like a cherub borne unto the sky… Like the Sun blocked by a satellite our tears have silver lines

Aborted - Of dead skin & decay lyrics

- Purulent cadaver, the calling of the splatter Dead skin & decay, from your remains I shall gather Your wretched corpus upon the slab has been laid No anesthesia involved as I scramble your brain This is my display My perversity - foul rancid butchery Your b

Agathodaimon - Of an imaginary guilt lyrics

gave you light I seared off the oceans To show you my devotion I've lived your fright I wanna be the infamy I wanna wound your caprice I need to try your malice You should tame my misery I wanna lick your beauty I wanna scar your sweetened wound

Alan Parsons Project - Of life (there must be more) lyrics

roll out Out to sea Tasting the saltwater Tears upon her cheek Morning breaks She's not there Who could ever find her? Who would even care? No one heard No one came No angel of mercy Appears to know her name Where is hope When words fail

All That Remains - Of the deep (bonus track) lyrics

more chance Bear your souls Bite the flesh Scrap by scrap I will seak and bear forth (bear forth) Repel the spring Infect the rest of them Beware the eastern sun comes (get them!) Turn about and face The life or death Oh! To

Gary Allan - Of all the hearts lyrics

all the hearts In this big ol' world Please tell me Why did you have to break mine For every tear I've cried There must be a million fools That could have caught your eye What were the odds That you and I would meet We were just strangers On a crowded street Of all the

Anterior - Of gods and men lyrics

To march with a heart filled with rage A lust for revenge Traded for blood Stare as the life drips from the blade It seals your demise How easy the hand fits the throat Your mind so cold and hollow Will disgrace and destroy Yet still claim reprieve S

Crytcrew - Of ashes lyrics

of an ashes Do you know Brick a home I go down down down I remember How you scared All be lost all be bad I stoped breath there Down down down In ashes Ref: I believe that you hear me When secretly cry when a hope dies I can't sleep when you're near

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Of kali ma calibre lyrics

measure him by his blood-shot eyes They measure him by his thick disguise Those nights of doubt and loneliness Inside the thoughts never rest The jest, the pomp and the circumstance Won't fill the void nor soothe his sense He wears his secret like a c

Elenium - Of the man who died lyrics

used to be a grave standing here where now and old forest grows There used to be a voice to stand up and shout: "In the midst of life we are in death!" There used to be woods around here some ten thousand years ago Now look at it

Eluveitie - ...of fire, wind & wisdom lyrics

..the endless knot .... the holy grove... ...the threshold ... the place beyond... ...I enter, like a newborn child.... Embracing the eternal Like a consuming fire the knowledge grows when it's cleft Though still patchworked yet flooding the creating touch washing away t

Enthroned - Of shrines and sovereigns lyrics

..preserve me, O Mankind! For in thee do I put my works O my left hand, thou hast said unto me "Thou art my Lord" my labour extended not to thee but to the forms that dwells beyond your reach! Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after an

Falkenbach - Of forests unknown lyrics

eagle's swift and supple wings I tore through the utter black. No clouds above, no ground below The flame's my only light. I fell into nothingness until the impact ceased my fall, Into a world unknown to man.... From a forest, unspoiled, unseen, I perceived A w

Heaven Shall Burn - Of forsaken poets lyrics

did not choose to tread this path A forced journey into an unknown future As our doom eclipsed this clueless state I had to leave my world behind Their hate was so outright, it filled my heart with fright I know only too well My people chose

I Am Ghost - Of masques and martyrs lyrics

Outside these doors Of masques and martyrs ad the loveless The sin was beautiful Blank empire closed,the eyes of heaven shine a smoke screen, a voice the sound was kissed and sold Best regards to the fashion corpse of grey It thins the shallow blood in m

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