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Ash - Folk song lyrics

Blossom on the trees Springtime's slipping away my love Yeah ... springtime's slipping away When it comes around ... again It will never be the same ... Heaven's slipping away my love Yeah heaven's

David Gray - Folk song lyrics

we should be married Sailing westward ho Such words ... must die There's no light in heaven My eye can see That ... free Like honey the ocean In the morning breeze I'll take

Jack Bruce - Folk song lyrics

will I find you O my love In the darkness of day I will ... look in glass forests Where electric ... How will I see you when I find you In the brightness of

One More Time - Song of fête lyrics

are sharpening the swords When there is time to get aboard And leave for ... unknown destinies Well known as barbarians ... But most of them were trading men And full of curiousity

Ane Brun - Humming one of your songs lyrics

am walking I am walking alone And I am humming I ... am humming one of your songs I just know one small ... verse in the middle of it but it makes me want to

Bailey Madilyn - In these halls (graduation song) lyrics

away from here We spent 4 years growing up together ... And the time the it took felt like forever ... We spent 4 years racing to this day Now we're wishing that we hadn't Wished all

Los Lobos - Somewhere in time (feat. dave alvin) lyrics

hear a voice singing somewhere in time A song I ... me back to places somewhere in time To everyone I used to ... a face I remember somewhere in time Someone I love who's

Chumbawamba - Song of the mother in debt lyrics

m always waiting I'm sick of waiting For the day my luck ... change I've spent enough time In queues and bread lines In hope of better days These ... who's to blame us When none of us can pay? Will heaven's

Baek Chung Kang - In time lyrics

sok gaseumi neomudo chagawojin gieok sok kkeuchi eomneun ... wihaeseo ireonal geoya (In Time) maeil naega kkumeul kkuneun ... geudaeui sarang hanaro na (In Time) naega geotneun giri

Fka Twigs - In time lyrics

Verse 1] In time You'll learn to say sorry ... I will play tender with you In time Your hands on my body ... commitment And stay with me in this Stay with me in this

Beverley Knight - In time lyrics

way for me to go through Things seem to crowd me when I ... over how it should be Thinking it over just makes me see ... That for once in my lifetime I'll do right by me Break inhibitions, loose all my fears

Roy Orbison - In time lyrics

and blue, waiting for someone like yu To come ... by in time This feeling is new, your love came ... through You came along in time In time to show which way

The Black Keys - In time lyrics

t want you to know, oh Livin' in chains, the heart's ... You gotta lure it back, all of the time Now tell me I'm ... right, oh And I got a thing I really can't say You've

Blackguard - In time lyrics

time for war and a time for peace There’s a time to ... laugh and a time to weep A time tear down and a time to build ... up A time to be silent and a time to shout When it’s time to

Maze - In time lyrics

for our children to live in In time A man won't be judge by ... the color of his skin Some day We will mend the ... things that tear us apart In time We'll learn to love

7th Heaven - In time you'll be mine lyrics

looked at you and said "In time you'll be mine" ... how I got so happy Just knowing that you loved me Bridge: ... So I'm waiting, always waiting For you to answer me So I'm

Kris Allen - In time lyrics

like forever since I felt alive My whole ... world was shaken in the blink of an eye And everybody's got a ... the hurt And make everything alright But give me just a

Grey Daze - In time lyrics

why must it fly so slow Waiting, is something that's easy ... the plug, send it down the drain Pain is easy to get used to ... What's in me, is in you What's got me, has got

Demon Hunter - In time lyrics

the calling comes for the rest of us ... to give For the deserted mind I have the same fear tearing the plot in two I know it’s ... fight… right? But the weight of it is breaking upon my back

Dj Jazzy Jeff - In time lyrics

at work Touch of jazz, collabo Take time to ... make time For all things work out so perfectly ... There is a place i often Close my eyes and drift off to Where time stands steel

Jefferson Airplane - In time lyrics

time since I climbed down this mountain before Things I've seen ... here make me want to go running home Lean close put your ... & green Are the colors of what I feel And my mind y

Mud Flow - In time lyrics

we try hard to hide the sense of the time, but With make-up, ... lotions and styles, the eye of life, right But in time ... everybody else We were dancing in the dark (Our terrifier

Abney Park - In time lyrics

the moment they met they were in love a love as deep and ... a curse was on them as old as time and time was running out for ... and grim, alone and grim, in time The more joy he felt, the

Blood Red Shoes - In time to voices lyrics

fire like a paper plane Falling down again, back to the ... built you up just like a pack of cards Walking separate paths ... into the dark In time to voices In time to voices

Collie Mark - In time lyrics

can hear what you're thinking, All your doubts and fears, ... And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find, The reason ... I'm here. And in time all things shall pass away, In time, you may come back

Dog Eat Dog - In time lyrics

tomorrow's another day in live. I heard that growth ... goes, variety's the spice of life. My life, We're not ... the same, growing came, Who can explain why

Earth, Wind & Fire - In time lyrics

in time love is gonna find its way Into you life ... vanishing your times of gray Baby, in time the past ... reveals the lessons Maybe, in time, you'll learn to count

Ben Moody - In time lyrics

my heart heal now Is there time left for me It seems the ... grace Of God has left this place So ... wrong We take too long To find our way to never We all

Morta Skuld - Time will never forget lyrics

the fight between two minds one heart, one stone, ... heart turned to stone in time of war, in time of peace in time of need I stand alone ... manipulate, destiny by forced control

Setherial - ...of suicide lyrics

the light, into the night As warm of ... darkness takes form Mind eating serpent crawling within Inside rages a poisonous storm ... Joy fills my heart now it's time to depart The devil is in me

My Dying Bride - Of sorry eyes in march lyrics

marks your life With a knowing finger The act of desire ... left to eat. Flies lie dying on your sorry lips And on ... young love's broken wings. And the stone that lets

The Pandoras - In and out of my life (in a day) lyrics

and Out of My Life (In a Day) .....................

Eddy Arnold - Folk singer lyrics

used to sing his songs to his Sara Jane the folk singer His songs filled with ... love made the mountains ring the folk singer At first ... pushed aside Sweet mountain girl would say goodbye to the

Elliott Smith - Whatever (folk song in c) lyrics

here alone and they leave in twos Except for you and me ... said you'd be What are you doing hanging out with me? Why ... tell me stuff that's so plainly untrue? If you'll be

Gerald Levert - In my songs lyrics

want to thank you all for loving and supporting my son ... his career. He had just finished this album when we went ... It is with his wish and mine that I proudly present the

Elliott Smith - Crazy f***er/another standard folk song lyrics

s a busted main line but you ought to hear him ... out Bleeding fortified wine out of the injury that I ... call my mouth Trying to insult some crazy f***er from

Eddy Arnold - Time's a gettin' hard lyrics

s a gettin' hard boys money's gettin' ... scarce Times don't get no better boys ... by her hand... Every wind that blows boys every wind

Axis Of Awesome - Songs to sing along to lyrics

Axis of Awesome presents Songs that you can sing along to ... a classic selection of hits and favourites ... to get your toes a tapping and your lips a slapping

Ataris - Song for a mix tape lyrics

And I decorated it with lots of stars. It had all my ... favorite songs. There was jawbreaker and ... armchair martain Built to spill and the ... Hell I even put one of ours on it. Falling for

Eddy Arnold - Song of the coo coo lyrics

will get a song of the coo coo who will get a ... bark of the dog Who will see the ... stars who will point to Mars who will taste the ... smell of the fog Who will pick the

Bal-sagoth - In the ravenhaunted forests of darkenhold whe.. lyrics

Words of the Forest-King on the Eve of the Nexus: I ... am the immortal King of the Deep Woods, Servitor of ... the Old Gods of the Forest... I hear the ... whispered words of the trees... Such ancient

Eddy Arnold - Blowin' in the wind lyrics

dove sail before she sleeps in the sand How many times ... The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind the answer is ... blowin' in the wind How many times must a

Bobby Darin - I've never been in love before lyrics

ve never been in love before Now all at once ... I've never been in love before Kinda thought my ... the score But this is wine That's all too strange and

Dispatch - Time served lyrics

up the firing line hold steady on the trigger ... s time walk away counting backwards from nine holdin' ... breath so to start his own dying [CHORUS:] time served

Gaither Vocal Band - Songs that answer questions lyrics

I don't wanna spend my time a-writing songs that answer ... That nobody's even asking anyhow When the house is ... burning to the ground There's just ... no time to stand around Arranging all the pictures on the wall

Brenda Lee - One of those songs lyrics

this is one of those songs That you hear now and then ... don't know just when Its one of those songs that's over and ... then Its one of those songs that's just playing again

Pop Danthology - Pop danthology 2013 - mashup of 68 songs! lyrics

We can learn to love again catch my breath Feel ... this moment I'm covering my ears like a kid Oh ... Sparks fly like the fourth of July I'm Alive, I'm Alive,

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - Song in red and grey lyrics

reproach in your daughter's most ... just how she could know Of that something that happened ... me So much more than a long time ago Her mother, I can see,

Liza Minnelli - One of those songs lyrics

this is one of those songs that you hear now and then ... t know just when It's one of those songs that are over and ... then It's one of those songs that starts playing again

Neil Diamond - Songs of life lyrics

of life, they ring From quiet steeples to ... valleys Along the hillsides of lovers' hearts Of lovers' ... hearts Come sing you songs of life And they will keep

Example lyricsExample - Time machine lyrics

may have been away, seeing the world But stick with me ... show you the world She looking up at me as I walk in the ... room, She's stirrin' her tea kinda slow with a

Elle King - Song of sorrow lyrics

it was too soon And all the kings men say there's no tomorrow ... so I follow the sorrow song of the moon Scriptures singin ... man I can't seem to find my way back home It's been

Jethro Tull - A stitch in time lyrics

work in dark factories, a cog in the big wheel, driving grey ... satanic mills and weaving sad stories. And faceless ... their luncheon packs, harsh wine from bottles halk empty. A

Killing Joke - Song and dance lyrics

time was left behind I made my way to the basic ... filled the air and voices sing Snd then the song became ... alive Stick hit the skin - i hit the stick And we've

Oomph! - Song of death lyrics

my time is up I know you're gonna ... snake around my neck Oh my time is up I know you're gonna ... s hard for me to breathe Sing me this song of death Sing

Janick Thibault - This song saved my life (simple plan) lyrics

wanna start By letting you know this Because of ... who I am today I see myself in every word you say Sometimes it feels like nobody gets me ... Trapped in a world where everyone hates

Amasic - This song saved my life - simple plan lyrics

wanna start By letting you know this Because of ... who I am today I see myself in every word you say Sometimes it feels like nobody gets me ... Trapped in a world where everyone hates

Austrian Death Machine - Lyrics to all of the songs sound the same lyrics

of you are starting to complain. Whats wrong guys? you think the songs all sound the same ... Of coarse they sound the same,

Jeff Buckley - Song to no one lyrics

when I was a baby, a baby saying his prayers, prayers soft ... these days, days that meld into nothing, and nothing left ... your floor Ah days that melt into nothing A promise piled to

Cold In May - Songs of innocence lyrics

beautiful and sweet echoes of the empty streets And i'm ... so anxious to find the questions thrilling on ... and on in me and i'm so anxious so ... lost in senses to find the truth that bothers me

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