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Evolution Trilogy Part 2 Rampant Marco Life lyrics

Browse for Evolution Trilogy Part 2 Rampant Marco Life song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Evolution Trilogy Part 2 Rampant Marco Life lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Evolution Trilogy Part 2 Rampant Marco Life.

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Alchemist - Evolution trilogy part 2 - rampant marco life lyrics

cells mutate, reform, degenerate. Reposes our stolen fate. Nuclei tears it's self in two. Reproduction breaking through, Confirming what is true. [repeat] this womb is warm, so life must form. Unaware of living, continue to divide. Through aeons

Alchemist - Evolution trilogy part 1 - the bio approach lyrics

rock lays dormant, around a tiny star, As microscopic life forms, approaches from afar. Traveling infinity, the rock and ice collides, Hostile possibilities, destruction bringing life. Hurling through the cosmos, a frozen world of ice macro amin

Alchemist - Evolution trilogy part 3 - warring tribes-eve.. lyrics

beings congregate. Difference within this race. Take control to rule the world, Slowly as our fate unfurls. Human beings segregate, Self destruction is our fate. Destroy each other for control, Naturally destructive souls. Hear the call of warring

Aquilo - Part of your life lyrics

sunrise is born It falls fast with the wind And no one walks with the stain Like you can't fly just the same! Here, sunrise is born It falls fast with the tide And no one walks with the stain There's time here - stays just the same! It's a part of

Kris Kristofferson - Part of your life lyrics

draw the line and I will walk it. You say the word and I’ll talk it Show me your cross and I will bear it. Tell me your dream and I’ll share it. [CHORUS:] I just want to be a part of your life. Sharin’, carin’ laughin’ and crying Livin’ and dying… just for yo

Hangar - The massacre trilogy -part 2- to tame a land lyrics

long shall we fight to tame a land? How much blood is needed From the lives spent? Thunder and lightning Flashes of metal Forces uprising In the heat of the battle Violence and force Weapons and power Armored corps Fearless marching forward Surrender or die

Hangar - The massacre trilogy -part 3- five hundred's .. lyrics

white man Rape, European Come, bastards To steal us all In the name of God Rise the swords of Christ And smash every little worm That cries for freedom On your knees, Indians The old world Barbarian Is here to reign You must kiss the cross Raise c

Hangar - The massacre trilogy -part 1- sailing the sea.. lyrics

Lord, no sign to relief Of this agony inside Such a pain is not fair How long shall it last Sailing the sea of sorrow Beyond this point There's no turning back No time to repent No time to regreat Sailing the sea of sorrow My soul is bleedi

Clawfinger - Evolution lyrics

part one 1.We're a superior lifeform 2.We think we're an intelligent race 3.We know that we've got all the right solutions 4.We've travelled to the moon and explored new ground in space 5.We've Improved and developed our senses 6.We've built up this la

Mikelwj - Life lyrics

would our childern Ever be the things that we are not? The world around us can not be changed With a simple thought It's your duty to be a soldier Or to DIE if you haven't fought Now if you're like me You're sick of this lie That people have bought But the pe

Lunarsea - Evolution plan.txt lyrics

run in a circuits, like in a golden bullet God surrounded by those whores, one of these can dance Profane, vision and files, under her nose Monolites has grown from silver seeds Brave men inside proud woman We are flowing in the lunar sea, evolut

Darkwoods My Betrothed - The witchhunts trilogy lyrics

Part One: "THE PREACHER CAME TO TOWN"] A peaceful town down by the lake A cradle of goodness and righteousness it was said Quite prosperous one might add Rye fields, cattle, and the riches of the lake Fallacious was their dormancy of shelter Blindfolded h

Sean Lennon - Part one of the cowboy trilogy lyrics

left me just the other night Came back the very next day I decided to drink some wine Cause I couldn't get my way Oh I said I'm gonna leave But I guess I'm gonna stay If I was a rooster I would cockadoodle all day If I was an eagle I would t

Last Empire - Trilogy of the unicorn (pt.3) lyrics

so they reach the dark lord palace Knowing this could mean certain death Pushing forth the ground starts to rumble Falling down into the dungeons of the dammed Fearful for their have ended On meeting the sprite comes to aide Releasing them from the p

Oliver Onions - Marco polo lyrics

Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco

Marco V - Marco v more than a life away lyrics

moring 8:45 Light shines of the white walls into your eyes The kitchensink throws a pittyful smile You're way out of time You're way out of time Sit down coffee bluecheeze and serial Living today is a god given miracle Live in the moment is more than a li

Shawanda Crystal - Evolution lyrics

spent five years in faded cut off blue jeans Had dreams of living like a gypsy Made a few friends Fell head over for a delinquent, yeah I guess a lot of things go down and up in smoke I stayed up town, been dead broke Made a living, paid my dues and

Marco Masini - Marco come me lyrics

poi non resta tempo per raccontare di me i riflettori ormai si sono spenti,e il pubblico non c'è E l'eco delle voci e degli applausi sfuma un pò di autografi, e qualcuno sa dove si cena Ho raccontato storie, confezionato bugie verissime e sincere le ho rubate oppure

Modestep - Evolution theory (feat. d power, jammin, fris.. lyrics

s go back Listen, power Let's go back in a day I'm talking back in a day Before I used to MC When D-Power D he was just a DJ I was in the jungle vibe Selling records from 9 to 5 I used to go old school And skip a bus right then I lost a vibe

Bow Wow - Marco polo lyrics

swag to official man (I mean so is my swag) Yall cant catch upp Ay Bow what yu rocking tho my niqqa? New jeans shop(check) Yellow Lamborgini( bow) bbc shirt with a fresh pair of jeans (wow) black card spending when i hit the mall (stunting) you cant catch me. Im so ahead of ya

Dominici - The real life lyrics

sun breaks through A tear in the sky A ray of hope in the darkness The light cannot stay To the black it gives way The next is the real life, anyway This world is but a stop on the journey The path must be narrow and true If I lose my way I can only pray

The Cinematic Orchestra - Evolution lyrics

stars light up my life The stars light up my life So bright Everlasting The sun Light up my life Oh, oh yeah Oh, oh yeah Oh, oh yeah Oh, oh yeah What I need The sun And dawn Your love Or your life So bright Everlasting Oh, oh yeah Oh, oh yeah

Last Empire - Trilogy of the unicorn (pt.2) lyrics

now the damage is done Death is closing fast Into the mortals realm Here lies the unicorns fate Relies upon the few To turn the tides of war The forest creatures have learned The dark lords return to harness the power The mortals know the will unite To conquer the reigning terr

Last Empire - Trilogy of the unicorn (pt.1) lyrics

long before there was time Darkness enveloped the earth Up from the depths came the dawning of the unicorn Shedding light unto darkness Lord of darkness plotting his return Return of power by banishing light Forever the evil tormented Pushing the c

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Trilogy lyrics

ve tried to mend The love that ended Long ago although we still pretend Our love is surely coming to an end Don't waste the time you've got to love again We tried to lie But you and I Know better than to let each other lie The thought of lying to you makes

Kelis - Trilogy lyrics

Chorus:) There's only one way to my galaxy Hop on your moon soon Don't separate it from me Your feet wont' touch the ground Cause there's no gravity Experiencing my trilogy It seems like you're ready to go Got your bags packed up And your mind is set on touching the star

Elize Ryd - Evolution (feat. dreamstate and tommy levin) lyrics

I'm awake and I'm alive Coming back from the other side On way to final destination Adrenaline intensifye Hold on and you can find I believe in the power of my de...

Girugämesh - Evolution lyrics

Evolution Listen to my evolution Listen to my evolution Listen to my evolution Listen to my evolution (Ready go, Let me go) Sagashitsuzuke (Ready go, Let me ...

Marco Polo - Marco polo feat. masta ace - nostalgia lyrics

Verse 1: Masta Ace] People in the audience, Masta Ace the name I write rhymes and insert them inside your vein They run through your bloodstream, get inside your brain Cause I first put my name up inside the train My mic control has been unprecenden

Marco V - Marco v false light lyrics

fall far from me I guess your state of mind Is not yours to design And all you need is time to find your place in false

Marco V - Marco v i feel you lyrics

feel you in the morning fog in the winter clouds I feel you when my fears are gone all is soft and warm Teaching me love when i was cold exposing the lies that i was living by I feel you I feel you in the morning fog in the winter clouds I feel you when my fear

Marco V - Marco v second bite lyrics

that feeling inside like fire that will never stop as the clocks run down got to show me what you want Move move move a little tigher Think think think a little sharper Breath breath breath a little faster Can you catch yourself Told you once, told you twice

Abigor - Part ii lyrics

o great father Satan, reveal thy mystery to me I devote my existence to praise thee lead me on thy path to infinity ENTHEOGENESIS come forth demise! what sweet revelation do you bring? this is the end of everything this is the bottomless bet

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - Evolution is solution lyrics

woke up and looked around the room only thing I found is bloom of doom white floor, white wall, white cealling, everything is white oh shit, I can't remember last night Oh-oh, on the way home Oh-oh, I dropped the phone when I bent down to pick it up s

Chastain - Evolution of terror lyrics

eyes have seen the glory of nations and their downfall My eyes have seen lost messiahs and their angels call I know the mourning... I know the end Evolution of Terror, It rules the fools Evolution of Terror, Bid your farewells I know the reasons for disaster and despai

Earth Wind And Fire - Evolution orange lyrics

, seein' is believin' It's the greatest feelin', knowin' in your heart Trust yourself, look ahead, feel the motion growin' Love is where it's goin', this is where our real journey starts Down through the years, throughout the stars Ancient the dream, future evol

Eminence - Evolution lyrics

Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution

Martin Jech - Evolution lyrics

was looking for the pointer of way Of the way of degenerations ruin To stop the wrong The evolution I didn't please and got world war three Just bang bang and always perversely That's our destiny The evolution It's in you and it's in me And everybody it

Secrets Of The Moon - Evolution valour admission lyrics

valour admission Conjuration of the next confession Profound and deep but spiked with pain Like a slot burned out on silent ground Let her remember the logic of life Let her share the fire I want to die in hunger Getting thinner and thinner

Ghost Town - Evolution lyrics

horrible awoke In us last night But it feels so right A blessing in disguise Something beautiful and free From this mess in sea? for a lust that bleeds Boy you and me Out with the old and in with the rude And take all the bad I know what t

Heavens Gate - Evolution lyrics

The whole world is tangled in reins The horse's running fast, you can't tame it Vision attack and the devil is hung on it's back Lifestyle, a multiple choice Captu...

Lemon Angel Project - Evolution lyrics

me aozora ni tobitatsu junkan ni wa Ready for your flight KIMI wa dare no kao wo omoidasu no? samishisa ni umorenagara sakebi tsudzuketa kinou ni wa mou modoritakunai yo You've got a Evolution ima wa mada chiisa na koe da to shite mo

Lemon Angel Project - Evolution 1st lemen angels lyrics

me aozora ni tobitatsu junkan ni wa Ready for your flight KIMI wa dare no kao wo omoidasu no? samishisa ni umorenagara sakebi tsudzuketa kinou ni wa mou modoritakunai yo You've got a Evolution ima wa mada chiisa na koe da to shite mo mou sugu

Lyfthrasyr - Evolution lyrics

From man to machine Desegregate between With progress unfolding Acceptancy within For a better nation In anticipation Of sophistication And eternal sanity Humans are afraid Of progress' upper grade Surveillance in the fiend And foolish

Berzerker - Evolution lyrics

animals, acclimatised Bones that have changed, never the same You're so low For what it's worth Before no time You'll be walking on your own Isolation, no turning back Untouchable, I'll go on Propaganda So farfetched Your last chance To

I See Monstas - Evolution lyrics

through now No ones coming back The war isn’t over Hear no more doubts Give me courage when I’m changing again You know Cool of the winter Eye of the storm I’ll transform and disappear End of my days, no more can this face read my mind I stand with no shield My body can’t figh

Jay Park - Evolution (feat. gray) lyrics

doel juriya amudo mollatji Gilgeorieseo chumchwotdeon aega gasuga dwaesseo Unmyeongin geotcheoreom i jikeobi nareul taekhaetji Jukeul deusi himdeun geot deureul swipge gyeondyeonaesseo Wonrae hangukmaldo jedaero mothaetdeon Naega ije jaksagaga dwaesseo U

Korn - Evolution lyrics

m digging with my fingertips, I'm gripping at the ground I stand upon. I'm searching for fragile bones. (Evolution) I'm never gonna be refined; keep trying but I won't assimilate. Sure, we have come far in time... (Watch the bough break) And I'm sor

Mob Rules - Evolution's falling lyrics

lessons that they've learned from history Should help all men to glorify the hallowed name Whenever they may reach eternity They have to realize the rate that they will have to pay Find the path for us to go We're looking for an answer We're searching

The Pharcyde - Evolution (featuring diana brooks) lyrics

Slimkid3] Yo..inhale, exhale Been a long time coming, still a long way to go Evolution of manhood Evolution, revolution [Slimkid3] Born with sight but became sightless Rehabilitated visions from being frightened In the dark, just bits of light when Lightning spa

Anastacia - Evolution lyrics

You tell me I’m so full of shit Just cause you’re not prepared for this Well I helped you changing I know it I say that I’m so different now Faces change and still some...

Artension - Evolution in reverse lyrics

the roads lead into the light Blinding my eyes with shades of white But it doesn't matter to me So far away And I never thought it could be Ending this way Evolution in reverse, it's not in my mind Evolution in reverse, I told you, it's not in my mind Fo

Cyne - Evolution fight lyrics

While optimists dream I weave my life with esteem In and out of what's logic, shit ain't quite what it seems I pause, soaking in applauds and criticism I cr...

Evergrey - Trilogy of the damned lyrics

a garden of sorrow Among the mourning of souls A silent whisper you must walk alone Even though my tears tells me not to I must walk alone I seek shelter Cause I am hiding As light is our darkness We seek the day But when the shade of the night comes

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Evolution lyrics

Evolution is a mystery Full of change that no one sees Clock makes a fool of history Yesterday's too long ago Don't agree with what I know Tomorrow becomes the place to...

Darkest Horizon - Evolution's downfall lyrics

so powerful, unmerciful The instance we breathe to live again The order died, so new ways can rise The moment we can't recall our past This frozen hell, it bids us farewell We're bound to a force we can't conceive Crystallized, immortalized The world is

Falchion - Evolution in reverse lyrics

was a time many years ago As it's told by among the living The world was living it was breathing Before the war, before it all We are going back to ancient times But not to the time of some old wisdom What we're going through, what we are Evolution in reverse

Earth, Wind & Fire - Evolution orange lyrics

Seeing is believing It's the greates feeling Knowing in your heart Just trust yourself Look ahead Feel the motion growing Love is where it's going This is where our real journey starts Down through the years Throughout the stars Ancient the dream

Lana Lane - Evolution revolution lyrics

hundred billion years ago We came out of the fire Hands and feet from gills and fins Pulled us from the mire Generations come and go With each a subtle change Time enough to watch the seasons Turn from snow to rain Sands are shifting the eart

Lana Lane - Evolution revolution (long version) lyrics

hundred billion years ago We came out of the fire Hands and feet from gills and fins Pulled us from the mire Generations come and go With each a subtle change Time enough to watch the seasons Turn from snow to rain Sands are shifting the eart

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