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Emmylou Harris - Everytime you leave lyrics

you leave You tear the soul from me I die ... turn and lock its door when you return I know that you'll ... come back again As soon as you get blue And I know what

Karma - Everytime you leave me lyrics

Hands up, hands up! Put your hands up in the air Put your hands up in the air... x8 ... Are you ready? Every time you leave I feel so fine I was ... time I can't take more of you, no I can't take and you

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Red dawn rising lyrics

of thousand thorns The red dawn is rising Sealing the ... end of our time The red sun is shining Burning all that

Jamie Christopherson - Red sun lyrics

sun Red sun over paradise Red sun Red sun over paradise ... Golden rays of the glorious sunshine Setting down, such a ... blood-red light Now the animals slowly

Screamer - Red moon rising lyrics

in the ground I saw the red moon rising We're riding ... of man will come again Red moon rising I saw the red

Orange Goblin - Red tide rising lyrics

times Thoughts paralysed, a red tide will rise Dystopia seen ... No visionary.....can save you from what has begun! ... the guardians flesh Azrael rising, wings of the angel of death

Morandi - Sun goes down lyrics

the sun goes down I feel like I ... need you around But you're like Butterflies in May, ... Always flying away Everytime you leave I feel like I ... just cannot breathe Cause you're like Killing me inside

Panychida - Red moon rising (the drink offering) lyrics

friend, the moon is glowing red Enemies born from western

Lucinda Williams - Big red sun blues lyrics

the way we did before Sun is hangin' in the sky sinkin ... love of someone and a big red sun How'm I gonna lose ... these big red sun blues Big red sun big red sun big red sun

Moby lyricsMoby - Everytime you touch me lyrics

are colors in the sky The sun on my face, and oh I've ... under controls? 'Cause everytime you touch me I feel like I'm ... being born Everytime you touch me I feel like I need

Inxs lyricsInxs - Red red sun lyrics

s a red red sun And it's coming for you I ... it sinks out of view One sun apart One heart within Red sun shines on Sees no tomorrow ... And a shadow of pain One sun apart One heart within Red sun shines on Sees no tomorrow

Levellers - Red sun burns lyrics

for any of this But the red sun burns Brighter in the ... night Red sun burns Can make you feel all ... right But everywhere you go There's still not enough

Ott - Everytime you go lyrics

don't you know I need you, you know I still love you I want ... to hold you in my arms, ooh ooh yeh I'm ... together, sweet memories of you and me girl A love so strong

Army Of Lovers - Everytime you lie lyrics

The ending of a dynasty You turn into eternity In love ... know I can't believe that you were such a liar As the ... been burned I will arise As you will fade away And of the

Christina Grimmie - Everytime you lie lyrics

da da da ooh ooh yeah now you told me on a sunday that it ... was burning out i know what you were thinking before you say ... it aloud don't say you're sorry cause i'm not even

Hall & Oates - Everytime you go away lyrics

we lose so many tears? Oh so you go again when the leading man ... the same theme But can't you see we've got everything ... on and on and on (chorus) Everytime you go away you take a piece

Izak Hannard - Everytime you go lyrics

with a picture And it sits in your frame And we part with a ... with a touch And I know that you're clever And I don't ask for ... me up Wake me up Stop my fall Everytime you go Tape me up Then break

Mud Flow - Everytime you talk lyrics

Gonna be great anyway Everytime you laugh It's just all the ... Live on the pressure Everytime we talk It's just all the

Daniel Küblböck - Everytime you go away lyrics

angel love - you have a thousand hearts in one ... Why are you crying? Oh angel love - can ... t find a way where you belong Your heart is dying ... But when you go, I'm just a loser But

Kelly Rowland - Everytime you walk out that door lyrics

only just for one Staring at your empty chair Remembering all ... of the crazy laughs we shared Last time you were sitting ... there I can hear your voice still calling out my

Hall And Oates - Everytime you go away lyrics

lose so many tears? Oh, so you go again When the leading ... the same theme But can’t you see we’ve got everything ... going on and Everytime you go away You take a piece of

Human Nature - Everytime you cry (with john farnham) lyrics

Never before have I seen you look so blue I can't find a ... cure and nothing comforts you The light at the end of the ... at the end of the day Everytime you cry Save up all your

4 The Cause - Everytime you go away lyrics

time you go away you take a piece of me with you, ... oh Every time you go away you take a piece of me with you ... so many tears Oh, and so you go again When the leading

Smokie - Everytime you go away lyrics

so many tears Oh, and so you go again When the leading ... Always the same thing Can't you see, we've got everything ... on and on and on Every time you go away you take a piece of

Ksm - Everytime you go lyrics

greyer It's the way I miss you Every time you go Why can't ... yeah It isn't easy What you put my heart through Every ... time you go I'm not myself without you Nothing feels the same So

Sebastian Wurth - You let the sun go down lyrics

day But the love that we shared You threw it away So it ... Nor set my heart free You let the sun go down on me ... - I cry But it's too late You let the sun go down on me

Manic Street Preachers - You stole the sun from my heart lyrics

Or is it to purify I love you all the same But there's ... - no real truce with my fury You don't have to believe me I ... love you all the same But you stole the sun from my heart You stole the sun from my heart You stole the sun from my heart You stole the sun from You stole

Gravestone - You are the sun lyrics

words Well, this will be your last showdown Make me ... it all to me, turn me on You are the sun, you're the light ... of my life You are the sun, make me stay awake all night

Mr. President - You are the sun lyrics

are the sun, you are my rainbow Everywhere you go the sun is shining, and ... everywhere you stay they're smiling You do ... do, that only we can do You are the sun, you are my

Toby Keith - You leave me weak lyrics

the one who gets that look in your eye And I'm the one who ... feels you tremble inside I'm the one ... who steals those kisses from your breath Sometimes it's so

The Beloved - The sun rising lyrics

Restless lovers spread your wings as the day begins ... It's just the sun rising It's just the sun rising It ... s shining It's just the sun rising It's just the sun rising

Fleet Foxes lyricsFleet Foxes - Sun it rises lyrics

squirrel in the morning Red squirrel in the evening Red ... morning I'm comin to take you home. Sun, I see you Over ... Hold me dear Into the night Sun, it will rise soon enough Sun rising Dangling there

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Come back (before you leave) lyrics

has begun and the name is You, I feel strange, you've made ... strange. Cos baby when you get close to me I say there ... Come back before you leave. I haven't got room for a

A Day Away - Leave a message lyrics

I'll slip this note into your locker, reply yes or no ... c'mon baby let's go Oh, you have my heart, you're in ... right in my face? Can you see the smoke rising oh from your place? And you knew all

Gary Numan - Dead sun rising lyrics

Just whispers that wait for you to sleep And when you ... dream, We'll come for you and breathe in your pain ... such things Hide them from you and so keep you pure I

Haujobb - Rising sun lyrics

rising sun stabilization, coordination upward, forward - linear no compromise acceleration of motion fusion of it all the motive is life that never arrives...

Mind.in.a.box - Sun and storm lyrics

I go I feel the same, and everytime I try I try in vain. you ... come to fill the void, but you always were forlorn. you had ... come into my life, and you brought both sun and storm.

Simple Plan - Everytime lyrics

was three AM when you woke me up And we jumped in ... about our lives Until the sun came up And now I'm thinking ... more day One more day with you Everytime I see your face

Fragma - Everytime u need me lyrics

you need me You know I'll be there You know ... I really care Say you will Say you dare And ... and let it shine Let it lift you off the ground Make it last,

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Everytime we touch lyrics

everytime Everytime we touch, I feel it I feel ... it Everytime we touch Everytime we touch Emotions that I ... Are sweeping over me again Everytime we touch Sensations I can

Chris Willis - Everytime we touch ft. david guetta lyrics

so right (yeah yeah) Everytime, everytime Everytime we ... I feel it I feel it Everytime we touch Everytime we ... Are sweeping over me again Everytime we touch Sensations I can

Scooter lyricsScooter - Leave in silence lyrics

of my dreams, you don't know what it means to ... live my life without you. I hope everyday when you ... way I dare to say a word to you. But everytime you look at

Blindside - You can hide it lyrics

you have been staring at the sun for a while Is it hurting your eyes I know you want to put ... with a tan To arrive and leave with style But didn't a

Human Nature - Everytime lyrics

you believe my luck Can you believe our love Everything you do is somehow just so amazing ... You take me to the clouds above ... With you the only way is up Baby in your eyes I'm helpless you drive

Red Sun Rising - Emotionless lyrics

lips closed and eyes sealed You're sculpture with a pulse I ... wanna capture your essence And keep it here ... one And I feel good about you not telling anyone You'll

Red Sun Rising - The otherside lyrics

ve been flipping through all your moments and tearing out ... How long how long can you carry this note How low, how ... what's the difference When you come out on the other side

Bambee - Red, yellow, green & blue lyrics

baby, let me take you to paradise Follow me to the ... what'cha say? Oh, why can't you look my way? When will you ... realize you and me are paradise? Hey, ... boy, can't you see? Handsome, you are meant

Befour - Everytime i hear your crying heart lyrics


Orion Riders - Leave the shades behind lyrics

Now it's time to call your soul and look at your faults ... Let your Spirit rise over every event ... Look about yourself and try to give it your ... best Look into the sky, leave the shades behind Step by

Darren Hayes - I miss you lyrics

Why I´m feeling so blue Everytime I close my eyes, all I see is ... Why I can´t feel my heart Everytime you leave my side, I just ... fall apart And when you´re fast asleep, I wonder

Lene Marlin - Leave my mind lyrics

I really cannot see, If you were good for me at all I ... . but it's not All the times you made me stay, I see it all ... If I had a choice I'd leave all behind If I had a choice

Sandra lyricsSandra - I want you lyrics

And when I dream of you I can't believe it's true ... How you came into my life I feel you ... the sky Cause I want you Forever I want you Forever

Colton Dixon - You are lyrics

To say how much it hurts You are the healing in my heart ... can see Are broken memories You are the light that's in the ... dark You are the song You are the song I'm singin' You

Hard Target - Leave me alone lyrics

me alone (x4) Why don’t you leave me alone? If you never ... sing this song Maybe in your eyes you don’t see what’s ... wrong Maybe in your eyes you don’t see what’s wrong And

Akcent - Red bikini lyrics

I'm very sorry, would you please forgive me ? Nothing ... really happened, baby don't you leave me...! And I will ... long... Never gonna bring you home some red bikini Cause you're the one I love, o-o-o...

Exumer - Rising from the sea lyrics

summon up their chosen one Rising from the sea Knowing that ... Feel the power as it unfolds Rising from the sea A benediction ... of homage fills the air Rising from the sea Arisen from

Black Lab - Sun and moon lyrics

here again and I'll never let you down Hold myself to the rising flame I will rise again and ... I'll never let you down I set myself on fire ... can find my way I'm hoping you can stay the night into the

Exmortus - Rising lyrics

darkness We are anxious for your blood Rising from the ... depths we crawl Rising to the power all Again to ... cup of shadows We relish in your fear Rising from the

Rwby - Red like roses part ii lyrics

t bear another day without you in it All of the joy that I ... away from me the minute that you died To have you in my ... ever wanted But now without you I'm a soul forever haunted

Alesana - Red and dying evening lyrics

the last of me The god’s of your innocence shall not protect you from the hate of my wrath You’ve taken the last of me ... Blame the end on yourself You deserve each tear that falls

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