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Johnny Hollow - I am stretched on your grave lyrics

am stretched on your grave and will lie there ... forever With your hand held in mine I’d be sure we’d not ... sever My apple tree, my brightness, ‘tis time we were

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - I'm looking through you lyrics

m looking through you where did you go I thought I knew you ... what did I know you don't look different but you have ... changed I'm looking through you you're not the same. Your

Johnny Depp lyricsJohnny Depp - I'm looking at you through the glass lyrics

loking at you trougt the glass Don´t know ... how much time has passed Oh Got ,it ... feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever ... Feels like home,sitting all alone inside you head

Blue Öyster Cult - I am the one you warned me of lyrics

from zones of moisture And afterwards the meat ... With spangles on my long-tailed suits And songs to haunt ... the one that's saved Just call me ... Desdinova I'm sure to be The lucky one

Dean Martin - I am made of you lyrics

came a long way From out of nowhere I ... stand before you All alone Like a wolf's cry in the distance I heard the calling ... Of your soul Oh...i hear you cryin' Chorus With your

Ricky Martin - I am made of you lyrics

came a long way From out of nowhere I ... stand before you All alone Like a wolf's cry in the distance I heard the calling ... Of your soul Oh... I hear you cryin' With your love

Abney Park - I am stretched on your grave lyrics

am stretched on your grave And will lie there ... forever If your hands were in mine I'd be sure we'd not ... sever My apple tree, my brightness, It's time we were

Alice Cooper - I am made of you lyrics

the beginning I was just a shadow In the ... beginning I was alone In the beginning I was blind ... Living in a world devoid of light In the beginning there was only night

Dead Can Dance - I am stretched on your grave lyrics

am stretched on your grave and will lie there ... forever With your hands held in mine I'd be sure we'd not ... sever My apple tree my brightness 'Tis time we were

Sinead O'connor - I am stretched on your grave lyrics

am stretched on your grave And will lie there ... forever If your hands were in mine I'd be sure we'd not ... sever My apple tree my brightness It's time we were

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - I am here for you - original song lyrics

made mistakes you covered up the traces listened to the radio thought ... of him and put it on your page to write a song I ... know its been a while and I’ve took my time but I’ve

Kate Rusby - I am stretched on your grave lyrics

am stretched on your grave And I'll lie here ... forever If you hands were in mine I'd be sure they would ... sever My apple tree, my brightness, It's time we were

Enbound - I am lost to you lyrics

believe Nothing is real until you feel it It all comes ... clear The future's in our hands I've been falling down the stairs again Screaming in vain I paint the world

Everclear - I am better without you lyrics

I need your sex Like a junkie needs a hard drug We are poison to each other We are like ... opposites attract on crack Sometimes you hit me in my sleep We are poison to

Incrave - I am sorry for you - part i lyrics

outside your door Just to see you again ... I feel helpless when I am here As you are fading away ... I am sorry for you Can't believe that it's true ... I'm aware of your pain Oh, I wish you could stay Find

Incrave - I am sorry for you - part ii (hold on) lyrics

wish you could hear What I'm trying to say Am I to late ... Hear me, I am sorry for you And I'm sorry for us I did ... what I could I guess that it wasn't enough Hold on

Michelle Breathe - I am angry at you lyrics

ve had enough. You mad me more and more. I feel ... only anger. Several times. Do you feel what I do? ... Shake your on the ground in covulsions, Beg for mercy.

Mind Shredder - I am worse than you lyrics

lie to me. I lie to you. You hit me hard. I'll hit you ... too. I'll break you down. Don't hesitate. I am not yours ... of my head. Day after day It's like a war. You turned my

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - I am nothing like you lyrics

bought you death by what you say I can feel the whole thing eat away I will never be ... the same again Now it's time to break it out Your life is now a diferent fate Your life is now a diferent fate

Copeland - I am safer on an airplane lyrics

happened then, it happens now They let you in ... they let you down And it feels like we can't get out ... And it feels like hell I think I'm safer in an airplane I think I'm safer if

Prince Ea - I am not black, you are not white. lyrics

am not Black I mean, that’s what the world ... calls me, but it’s not... me I didn't come out of my mother ... s womb saying, “Hey everybody, I'm... ... Black.” No, I was taught to be black And you were taught to call me that

Lordi - I am bigger than you lyrics

my Hellywood Hills The vulture is moving in ... for the kill Faces of the prey turning ... white (Ah) My maw was ready to bite Put your hands up nobody ... moves k-k-k-k-kill and start the grove Buhu

Chris De Burgh - I'm counting on you lyrics

night is so wild And downstairs the child is sleeping Her ... spirit is free For more than an hour ... I have walked in the rain I've been wondering What will

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - I'm counting on you lyrics

All the words that I let her know Still could not ... say How much I need you so In every way I will hope you ... will guide me And only you can do Hold my hands down

Doobie Brothers - I beem working on you lyrics

been workin', so hard Keep on workin' mama but you don't ... get far But baby I know, baby you're blind And I'll keep a-risin' mama, just ... to show you're mine And I keep workin' on you Well I been watchin' you grow And

The Gone Jackals - I'm workin' on you lyrics

down a city street Hands stuffed ... deep in my coat Collar turned up, ... against a stiff wind I'm soon to ford your moat. I'm used to wind whippin' in my

Musical Newsies - I never planned on you/don't come a-knocking lyrics

Well, hello again. Katherine: Please go away. Im working. Jack: A smart girl, eh ... Beautiful. Smart. Independent. I got no use for ... moonlight Or sappy poetry. Love at

Kj-52 - I can call on you lyrics

quot;My Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" Chorus: I can, I can call on you, I

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - I'm counting on you (with johnny o'keefe) lyrics

m counting on you Ever since we met darling I've been ... keeping score Everyday I count your charms Every day I love you more It's plain to ... see why you're the lover I waited for I'm counting the diferrent ways you melt me Your

Lil Rob - I like the way you love me lyrics

I See You Kicking Back Down The Block You ... Stole My Breath I Couldnt Talk Couldnt Walk ... Couldnt Breath Please Believe Me You Might Be The One I ... Well Talk Eventually Do You Mention Me When You Talk To Your Friends So How I Hope You Do

Kid Rock - I am the bullgod lyrics

am the bullgod...I am free...and I feed on all that ... is forsaken I'm gonna get you....I see through you...I'm gonna get you I'm like a train ... I roll hard...lettin' off much steam In the

Dj Jazzy Jeff - I'm looking for the one lyrics

i am looking for the one to be with me noware you looking for the one to be with you, ... now?i am looking for the one to be with me, noware you looking for the...do you feel the same way too?come on, clap your

The Kids - I am your mirror lyrics

can call me a bastard You can say I'm no good Try to ... keep me down But you know I'm still around I'm your mirror , oh yeah Keep lying to yourself Afraid to face the

Army Of Lovers - I am lyrics

am a liberace fan A megastar in glam I am I am what bobby is to ... pam Khashoggi to iran I am Looking in the mirror ... The beauty that I see It's hard to be this grand for

Devil You Know - I am alive lyrics

I've been running in circles for All these years I ... never want to looking inside myself and face my fears ... Waiting Why am I waiting way under me I realize, I only hope that I regain my sight

Bobby Darin - I’m sitting on top of the world lyrics

am sittin’ on top of the world Just rollin’ along Just rolllin’ along ... And I am quittin’ the blues of the world ... Just singin’ a song Just singin’ a song Glory

Foghat - Looking for you lyrics

m on a tightrope but never look back ... Too many things that seem to distract I'm ... on the ocean but I never dive in Too many reasons don't know ... where to begin But it just beats bumming around

Rooney - You're what i'm looking for lyrics

met you at a time in my life when I was lost, when I was ... down, And every hope had hit the ground I couldn't see ... how good you were, I was blind I didn't know what I was looking for It's funny sometimes

Matthew Perryman Jones - Looking for you again lyrics

was easy to see And it took you away, further from me Sifting through mishaps and ... photographs I think of you, much more than I should ... More than I should And I’m falling down Like it’s

Patti Smith - Looking for you (i was) lyrics

the medieval night 'twas love's design And ... the sky was open Like a valentine All the lacy lights Where wishes fall And like shakespeare's child I wished on them all Ahh to be your destiny Was all that I

Jon Foreman - I am still running lyrics

remember me before I learned to run At the kissing tree before I learned my ... guns We were 17 17 years young I am still running I am ... still running I had no idea the pain would be this strong I had no idea the fight

Heaven's Basement - I am electric lyrics

am the new-born, I'm the creator I am velocity ... I am the rapture I'm the destroyer, I am the ... cavalry I am the poison, I am the powder I am the fighter

Hypnos - I am the wind lyrics

am the wind, lost in time deep forest ghost, your silent...silent laugh I am the ... wind all over the world watching the stars hidden in crawling fog I am the wind, a

Jackson 5 - You need love like i do (don't you) lyrics

well, well, well Seems like it was only yesterday When my ... mama told me don't fall in love With the first girl ... that comes your way He was handsome and nice But I took her advice and

Killing Joke - I am the virus lyrics

misery and tears Calculated ... waves of fear Drawn up by think tanks There's a darkness in the west Oil swilling guzzling corporate Central banking ... mind f***ing omnipotence I am the fury the spirit of

Jason Michael Carroll - Looking at you lyrics

was sixteen driving my old man's car Light was ... red but I ran right through And I killed a mailbox and some flowers in your ... yard Cause I was looking at you I was sittin in the stands It

Plan B - I don't hate you lyrics

What's up man? How longs it been? How longs it been Dad? ... I don't know. I'd say about... 16 years since you went searching for the ... holy ghost And got lost along the way like money in the

Cloud Nothings - I am rooftop lyrics

wake up and call My mother I am ill Do you know what to say ... If they do not answer Will you wake up and call My mother I ... am full Of insects that fall into my mouth where I stand I am just a I am just a Heroine

Crowder - I am lyrics

no space that His love can’t reach There’s no ... place where we can’t find peace There’s no end to amazing grace Take me in with Your arms spread wide Take me in

Broken Hope - I am god lyrics

am God Creator of all You will see my power Once I get ... past these padded walls I am God I made your mortal soul ... Delusions, disillusioned No hallucinations here.

Nocturnal Fear - I am war lyrics

death, sorrow and pain, Absolute power is how I reign. Charge into battle, red ... horse I ride, Fighting and killing, watching you die. ... Ghoulish king, laughing with pride, Millions are

Gaynor Gloria - I am what i am lyrics

am what I am I don't want praise I don't want pity I bang ... my own drum Some think it's noise I think it's pretty ... And so what if I love each sparkle and each

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - I am ft. wyclef & david correy lyrics

you can say what you have to say (yeah, yeah) I am complete and you can't take ... we are We are what we say I am Worth it I am Blessed ... beyond belief I am Perfect I am I am I am What I say

Oasis lyricsOasis - I am the walrus lyrics

am he as you are he as youare me and we are all together ... See how we run like pigs from a gun, see how we fly, ... I'm cryin' Sitting on a cornflake, I'm waiting for

The Afters - I am yours lyrics

quot;I Am Yours" I am Yours I am Yours I am Yours I am Yours I can walk across ... the world And never find the answer I could search ... And never get any closer You made it all And I will have

Mary J Blige - I am lyrics

no … noo oooooh Ain’t nobody gonna treat you ... better Ain’t nobody gonna touch you better Ain’t ... nobody gonna love you better boy than I am Than I am When your out at night

Bro`sis - I'm what i am lyrics

m what I am I do what I want But I am Ok You're not ... here and It's OK It's OK so Ok And I'm not on ... the right way So I make me the right way It's ... Ok You're Ok But they aren't Ok

Convictions - I am nothing lyrics

was wrong. Every word I said wasn't for you. It was for ... me, my own personal gain. It was for me. The drunken nights, the pity fights. I ... used my time so carelessly. And all the

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - You know who i am lyrics

cannot follow you, my love, You cannot follow me. I am the distance you put between All of ... the moments that we will be. You know who I am, You've stared at the sun, Well I

Natalie Grant - I am not alone lyrics

are here in my heart, You're the light that guides me ... through the dark. You walk beside me, the night ... seems cold each time I fall, Your arms are there to hold. You walk beside me, giving

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