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Nana Mizuki - Looking on the moon lyrics

looking on the moon, Let's heal a heart... ... nanka saikin ukanai kibun ha~ah~ man'in densha eki ... made ato gobun ame ha mada futteru kana ... senaka no nami no sukima chotto mieteru mado no

James Marsters - Looking at you lyrics

day I take you Dancing in the garden You could be my ... woman That would be fine If you'd be my baby I would drive you crazy Every night and ... day All of the time Look at me Looking at you Looking at me Looking in your eyes Look at me Looking at

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Looking for you ft. migos lyrics

What's up Migos? What up JB, it's time to ... go to the club, time to pull those toys out man ... - let's do it Hey where the party at? ... Let's go Let's ride Let's roll Yea,

Gotthard - Looking at you (cobra cover) lyrics

all the games i’ve played It seems the dice were always ... wrong Never stood a chance, and i ... know But i found a love so good That i ... wanna hold it It’s something that I’ll have to see

The Damned - Looking at you lyrics

it happened Something snapped inside me Made me ... wanna hide All alone on my own, all alone on my own I stood up on the stand my eyes ... shut tight Didn't wanna see anybody Feeling alright, having a good time

Matthew Perryman Jones - Looking for you again lyrics

was easy to see And it took you away, further from me Sifting through mishaps and ... photographs I think of you, much more than I should ... More than I should And I’m falling down Like it’s

Mc5 - Looking at you lyrics

it happened something snapped inside made me ... want to hide all alone on my own all alone on my own I stood up on the stand with ... my eyes shut tight didn´t want to see anbody feeling happy having a good time,

Roger Daltrey - Looking for you lyrics

out there, city streets Secret places ... where lovers meet But I stay in my room And look down at the ... people below Watching for the one face I've been ... lwaiting for Been living alone for far too long Now I need

Foghat - Looking for you lyrics

m on a tightrope but never look back ... Too many things that seem to distract I'm ... on the ocean but I never dive in Too many reasons don't know ... where to begin But it just beats bumming around

Liza Minnelli - Looking at you lyrics

ve gone afar, collecting objets d'art I know the ... whole game by heart Why, Joe Duveen Will tell you what I mean 'Twas ... I who gave him his start But since I looked,

Jackson Browne - Looking into you lyrics

I looked into a house I once lived in Around the time I first went on my own When the ... were as many as the places I had dreamed of And my friends and I were one Now the distance is done and the search

Kirk Franklin - Looking for you lyrics

all my people in the struggle You think God ... s forgotten about you Here's some pain medicine ... Let's go! You're in your car You at the house, on you job Be encouraged, boo I

Maplerun - Looking for you lyrics

don’t like what I saw today, a picture of this ... world turned upside down Got so sad it took my ... mind away and I was running for miles and miles and miles All this pressure I can’t

Patti Smith - Looking for you (i was) lyrics

the medieval night 'twas love's design And ... the sky was open Like a valentine All the lacy lights Where wishes fall And like shakespeare's child I wished on them all Ahh to be your destiny Was all that I

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Looking at you lyrics

a look at yourself You’re a little bit wild You might sing ... of freedom But you never smile You set your sights on a ... dream No shadow of a doubt Your a lady of power And you kicked me out I’m only looking at you I know what’s true

Smokie - Looking for you lyrics

know you're out there somewhere tonight I know our stars haven't ... thee's a chance that they might I'll find you someday Oh ... and then we'll begin Finding ways to make up for the

Jason Michael Carroll - Looking at you lyrics

was sixteen driving my old man's car Light was ... red but I ran right through And I killed a mailbox and some flowers in your ... yard Cause I was looking at you I was sittin in the stands It

Iu - Looking at you lyrics

know you wanna love me I know you wanna know me Han ... baljjaksshik chonchonhee Come to me baby by my side Mollayo Mollayo gudae ... mamul Jal morujiman Arayo Arayo nae

Jan Johnson - Am i on pause lyrics

down that street, heading for the void, just to ... catch a moment, you stole the, love so fragile, ... will it break, into a million pieces, will you forsake me?

Bif Naked - You are the master lyrics

am tied up in the burning sun. Baby, you are my only ... shade. You're the bowl of water beyond ... my reach. I can only move the distance of this ... chain. I chew anything you will give me. Eat anything,

Jim Reeves - Am i losing you lyrics

I losing you? Are my fears coming true? ... How I wish I knew, Am I losing you? Is your love really ... true? Is there somebody new? Tell me ... what to do. Am I losing you? Am I too blind to see

Danny Saucedo - All on you lyrics

make me, better I'd given all I got to get to you ... Can you, taken I am all on you To be coming through I am all on you And that's why ... I spending my emotions on you Baby, feel me Cause all I

Savatage - Stuck on you lyrics

s got a hot look Girl you knock me out Tell me what you're doin' tonight my love Girl I'll show you what it's all ... about Ohhh Yeah Stuck on you I am stuck on you Ohhh Yeah

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Hooked on you lyrics

mp3s.nadruhou.net ---- Jennifer Lopez - Hooked On You I ... am hooked on you I am ready to go I am ready to ... dance Are you? I wanna see it Lights turn always like

A Wilhelm Scream - You kiss their ass and they shit on you lyrics

back to our suffering, and constant letdowns in this crowded ... world called shit. Tell me, sir, is there something that ... hasn't been done? It's all f***ed up politics.

Holy Moses - On you lyrics

wish - I had - respect - 'cause I don ... t like me at all I'm stripped of all my pride The final process is now complete I ... kindly set me aside I wish - I had - respect - 'cause I Don

Jessi Malay - On you lyrics

ve been holding on for hours But now I got you ... stand around A gotta have you, go crazy All that I know ... It's without you on meeting I've got to fullfil the

Hellogoodbye - Touchdown turnaround dont give up on me lyrics

night I see you standing on the corner Shaking that ... thang like you're playing pop warner Touchdown ... by play keep the score Would you turn me down if I'm not what you're looking for I never

Cascada - Everytime we touch (2-4 grooves radio mix) lyrics

cause everytime we touch 'cause everytime ... 'cause everytime we touch 'cause everytime ... we touch Need you by my side 'cause everytime we ... touch I get this feeling and everytime we kiss I swear I could fly

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Everytime it rains lyrics

dry The rust takes hold See it in the sky You're gonna go Everytime it rains Everytime it rains ... Clouds come, they're standin' in the doorway You run, why

Kate Ryan - Everytime lyrics

m no afraid no more, No way I'm giving in giving up ... Surrender into your love (To your love) I'm ... strong with you. You lift me up, you pull me through

Nia Peeples - You make me wanna lyrics

your finger on my pulse Feel how it races ... Put your hand over my heart Wish ... we could trade places Bridge: So you could feel how it pounds me everytime your

The Academy Is... - You might have noticed lyrics

you're under the impression I'm alright I guess you never ... noticed I guess you might have known I've been holding this together for so long ... But I guess you might have noticed Well I guess

Anouk - Looking for love lyrics

I'm in need, where's the love of my ... life? Is he hiding behind the moon? 'Cause I could ... use somebody who will treat me right, Who'll ... shout it 'I love you too' No, I cannot wait any longer, Won't you please help me

Julia Holter - Everytime boots lyrics

ll take my time here, there's no reason to ... rush I'd even let the cattle ride ... away - I wouldn't blink an eye No I wouldn't blink ... an eye He walks by, paints a freeway to go far But I

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - Am i a psycho (remix) lyrics

see you! I see you looking at me, looking at me So I ... ask: am I psycho? Am I psycho? yeah, I'm a psycho! I guess I'm a psycho! Is a ... cricket making noise outside of my window cell, I can't

Secondhand Serenade - You are a drug (bonus track) lyrics

was just another day Emotionless and stale Everytime I ... try to reach you I always seem to fail You're ... living in this shell And you don't recognize your sin You

Brandi Carlile - Looking out lyrics

went out looking for the answers and never ... left my town. I'm no good at understanding, ... but I'm good at standing ground. And when I asked a ... corner preacher I couldn't hear him for my youth. Some people get religion

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Looking in lyrics

look at me and see the girl. Who lives inside the ... golden world. But don't believe. That's all there is to ... see. You'll never know the real me. ... She smiles through a thousand tears.

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Looking in lyrics

look at me and see the girl. Who lives inside the ... golden world. But don't believe. That's all there is to ... see. You'll never know the real me. ... She smiles through a thousand tears.

Dj Tiesto - You are my diamond lyrics

dont need a ring to show me what your loves ... worth dont need fancy things to show me what your loves ... worth you are my diamond, when i am with you i shine

Aviators - You found me lyrics

I am, blood and bone With a soul I've let go Unlike ... the rest, to the test I'd score average at best You ... hold the cards, won my heart You had it from the start I've

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Looking out of my window (with james taylor q.. lyrics

Now people you know who I am, And you know what I can do ... But I got a problem now and I'm gonna tell you about it, I'm looking for this woman, y'see, Listen, this is the way the

Lion's Share - On and on lyrics

some changes to come But don’t get me wrong I don’t regret ... the things I’ve done So I push on, don’t know what I am ... looking for Don’t have the answers any more

Ani Difranco - Looking for the holes lyrics

am looking for the holes The holes in ... your jeans Because I want to know Are they worn ... out in the seat Or are they worn ... out in the knees There are so

Jackson 5 - You're my best friend, my love lyrics

I need more than love You are the one that I run too ... just words aren't enough You know exactly what to do ... And everytime I need someone To turn my upside down back

Ani Difranco - On every corner lyrics

has been your lover He has brought you ... The edges of your life And now you are looking ... over And all we can say is It's gonna be all right And I am looking forward to looking

Michael Foret - On my head lyrics

my heart in my own place ride up to the stars across the ... heaven hellou, you say, you will drive me lazy meeting my ... heart, leaving the yard waiting for the night's burst,

Reba Mcentire - You must really love me lyrics

me why do you put up with my foolish ways You never ... take to heart the crazy things I say Oh I know you could ... walk out on me any day There must be a ... darn good reason why you'd even want to stay You

Bed & Breakfast - Everytime lyrics

time I see you smile I'mas happy as a child you ... know that it's true ther's nothing I ... want more that's what I'm living for yeah, only for you ... Stay a little while, 'cause I need you by my side every time you smile I see you're

George Jones - You're back again lyrics

re back again but are you here to stay Or havew you ... come again to lead my heart astray You ... know I love you though you treat me like this You're ... back again and I know I'll get burnt. Everytime I

Myname - Crush on you lyrics

i saw you at first time i want you to call my name ... Something special for me you know? Everytime i think ... never say goodbye Everytime i want don’t go no bye Me love

Shane Filan - Everytime lyrics

1 You make me laugh in awkward places you keep me ... guessing all the time little things that make me glad you’re mine It’s always brighter ... when you’re smiling you bring the thunder when you’re mad

Paul Wall - "am what i am" lyrics

is ghetto reality in Texas.. [Hook - 2x] You see I am what I am, and it is ... what it is You'd feel how I feel, if you been where I ... been Live what I live, see what I see So get

Kelly Groucutt - Am i a dreamer? lyrics

an illusion I saw you last night You were dancing under misty starlight A hundred ... from out of the blue And I was standing there just looking at you I can't explain the

Kelly Groucutt - Am i a dreamer? (remix feat. mik kaminski; 20.. lyrics

an illusion I saw you last night You were dancing under misty starlight A hundred ... from out of the blue And I was standing there just looking at you I can't explain

Dee - You lyrics

outside the river The river flows you all away Always ... look for something bigger Bigger than just an okay Looking at you You Is what you ... have to do All you have to do is just looking I

Reba Mcentire - Look at the one who's been looking at you lyrics

t you tired of looking For love you never find ... Aren't you tired of playing games With 20/20 vision How is your heart so blind It's ... all you wanted love to be Is close enough for you to see

Atomic Rooster - Do you know who's looking for you lyrics

You Think It's Safe, And You're Out At Night. Be Careful, ... Will You Know What To Do? There's Times You Hide, When There's ... Footsteps Behind. Is Anybody Looking For You? Try To Run, But You're Out Of Breath. So You

Blessthefall - Looking down from the edge lyrics

up Do I need these things that I'm asking for So I ... ll give up And turn in the dreams that I've been ... sold You'll never know The lines that were crossed Just to

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