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Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Everybody dies in their nightmares lyrics

up with me Tired of feelin' like I'm trapped in my damn ... mind Tired of feelin' like I'm wrapped in a damn ... lie Tired of feelin' like my life is a damn game

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - In their hearts is right lyrics

s something pathetic in the world today And I don't ... shame and punishment Will finally make me understand A ... word means nothing wanting action Intentions are

Lena Fayre - Everybody's in lyrics

else on the outside? Is everybody else on the inside? Everybody's in Im a loser, big loser ... I shipped in time enough But I guess it's ... else on the outside? Is everybody else on the inside? Everybody's in Give me what I need

Hardwell - Everybody is in the place lyrics

body is in the place (8x) LETS GO! ... Every body is in the place (8x) LETS GO

Atrophy - In their eyes lyrics

is a world I wish could be Their definitions of this life ... one to hurt them and everything is fair The cruelty around ... them seems hidden from their stare Chorus: In their

Nile - In their darkened shrines, part ii lyrics

are faithful to me To share in the Black Kingdom that shall ... we shall witness The breaking of the chains which Enslave ... what powers lurk and Dream in these murky Tombs They hold

Nile - In their darkened shrines, part i: hall of sa.. lyrics

Subterranean Labyrinths of Catacombs We Hath ... Crawled To Gather in this Dimly Lit Hall Of ... Tier after Tier of Carven Painted Sarcophagi Each Standing in a Niche in the Stone The

Nile - In their darkened shrines, part iii lyrics

Malicious Fiends Spawn of Inertness Impotent Rebels ... Nameless Filth For whom Blazing Pits of Fire have been ... Your Skulls are Crushed in You are Destroyed

Nile - In their darkened shrines, part iv: ruins lyrics

were these nameless desert ruins Crumbling and inarticulate ... of the Deluge This crumbling antidiluvial ancestor Of ... Pyramid Only the grim brooding desert Gods Knew what

Semblant - Nightmare world lyrics

can save you From your inner demons The weakness of ... your sad feelings Just causes your decay ... Can you save me from the innocence Of divinity?

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Everybody knows lyrics

Old Black Joe´s still pickin´cotton For your ribbons and ... bows Everybody knows that the dice are ... loaded Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed Everybody

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Nightmare lyrics

This is the sound of an army in rage The kids are taking ... over the streets again The sound of broken bottles in the night, intense fright. ... Attack! The crew is out again. It's a nightmare. No

Ricky Nelson - Everybody cries sometimes lyrics

s gonna save me? I can see it in your eyes (Whoa)-You think ... it's over... But everybody cries sometimes and everybody ... s got their alibis Well, I know that you

Cryptopsy - In the kingdom where everything dies, the sky.. lyrics

that we are: We are breathing... This is our present ... exhalation (and) then comes inspiration ...wait for it... ... mortals, a cataclysm Wherein all (that) thou knowest shall

Anthony Hamilton - Everybody lyrics

We have seen some things in our lives, we have some long ... hard, walk tall, do right, find love hold on for life, ... you are there, I feel a burnin in my bones, free us from

Impellitteri - Nightmare lyrics

to my nightmare people Fear all, all the ... that you see Welcome to nay nightmare people Save me, from my own ... reality In my head the games begin, ... round and round they spin again Thoughts deranged come back

Brazen Angel - Nightmare lyrics

black to white As you sleep, in the dead of night Spirits ... appear, before your eyes Trying to tell apart the truth from ... the lies Tossing and turning and wondering why You're

Iron Fire - Nightmare lyrics

wake but my eyes are closed In the darkness comes a ghost I ... no place to go Isolated in a horrow show When I’m ... with misery Bloody madness in my mind There is no open

The Amity Affliction - Nightmare lyrics

you living in a nightmare, One that eats away your ... soul? Does it leave you feeling empty, Does it leave you ... feeling cold? So you're living in a nightmare Well I'm

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Nightmare lyrics

own, Welcome the dark, extinguish the spark, will it ... happen again? You're screaming in the night and there's no ... place to hide. You're losing your mind and your soul.

Everyone Dies In Utah - Factor x lyrics

make a single sound I can see all that ... I come from hell I fear nothing and I fear no one Your time ... it was wasn’t fair You snuck in and saw the opportunity waiting there You found the

Lykke Li - Everybody but me lyrics

I'm standing in the corner Thinking all I ... I buy me another glass of wine And forget about time ... tight Don't feel like dancing And all this light is too

Necrophobic - Nightmare (venom cover) lyrics

the shores of the ageing sea Fools scream out destiny They speak of vengeance and ... your gods into the fire - out of the flame ... All hallows hail - your falling waves Nightmare - this is

Leo Sayer - Paris dies in the morning lyrics

feel so lost and lonely Standing by the river Seine I don't ... But everywhere I see her smiling face I remember We met ... somewhere in the back streets In this city of another age And

Saxon - Nightmare lyrics

Where were you in the night) (Where were you in the night) As the night ... closes in I lay in my bed Since you went away it's been ... driving me mad I stand in my room I can't the light I

Almora - Nightmare lyrics

the nightmare My soul is cold in the ... night This silence is wounding my heart Infinite fear ... Now it's controlling all my mind The fear that deep inside

Jakob Dylan - Everybody pays as they go lyrics

m worried 'bout you baby down in your rabbit hole The evening of our great escape is starting to unfold Out of bed, ... it's different than you know Everybody pays as they go Now pull

Mavis Staples - In times like these lyrics

on And right what's wrong In times like these We need to ... find a way To make a better day ... my feet on the ground turning 'round Come what may Everybody Everybody needs someone they

Mest - Nightmare lyrics

heart is pounding From all of my surrounding ... Enemies are closing in In this nightmare I don't win ... No one left to trust Living in disgust The memory brings the start again As I

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Everybody in the place (fairground remix) lyrics

Let's go Let's go Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Let ... s go, let's go Let's beat Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the pl

The Boomtown Rats - In the pouring rain lyrics

s gonna catch their death In the pouring rain Everybody ... better hold their breath In the pouring rain Everybody's ... away Everbody's gonna pull their blinds And stay inside and

Dark Moor - Living in a nightmare lyrics

in black is coming back there is a Light ... dreams I can think in black ink about the world ... War disaster Goya Living in a nightmare Manic Mind in

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Lonely in your nightmare lyrics

empty hand And soldiers coming home like shadows turning ... the lights of hope are fading quickly, then look to me I ... ll be your homing angel, I'll be in your head

Klaatu - Everybody took a holiday lyrics

happened back in ancient times When people ... worked overtime overtime In fact I think in 1985 Life ... was busy in the big city And the union ... was sitting pretty It wasn't easy to

Pentagram (us) - Nightmare gown lyrics

rob the grave last night I think it was you in your nightmare ... all upside down What's behind those games you play in the ... The way that you looked in your nightmare gown What's

Dgm - Nightmare lyrics

was seeing him in the night I tried to visit ... vision At the last I went in his dreams I was there very ... Very clear I saw everything he was seeing Very clear I

Lucifer's Friend - Everybody's clown lyrics

got to find a good time TRAIN I know you say I'm looking ... The summer's been and gone again I don't know where and I don ... t CARE WHERE I'm going You tried so hard to bring

Dawn Of Destiny - In a heartless world lyrics

lies beyond and pain rules our life When one ... one bleeds We all are insecure and sad Our humanity, ... drives us mad We are born in a heartless world We are

Ill Niño - Not alive in my nightmare lyrics

are you Hey, don't you f***ing point your finger Don't ... are they And don't you f***ing point your finger Don't ... plan And don't you ever think to f***ing question me again

Nocturnal Rites - Nightmare lyrics

light of day There's something wicked in us all We meet inside our dreams When awake we ... free Twilight, dream time defines our glory In silence we ... the story We're alive in a nightmare His idle hands, when aware

Chicago - When all the laughter dies in sorrow lyrics

all the laughter dies in sorrow And the tears have ... the wars have found a cause In human wisdom and in blood Do ... you think they’ll cry in sadness Do you think the eye

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Sunshine in their eyes lyrics

A hungry face A barren pain A dream unchased Oh I can't ... until the day there's sunshine in their eyes A prayer is ... By one so small Let love be in the Hearts of all Oh I can

Cracker - Everybody gets one for free lyrics

But that's all I got Everybody gets one, everybody gets one ... for free Everybody gets one, everybody 'cept for ... Nations Had to use imagination She was talking about

Kansas - Everybody's my friend lyrics

I've been So what's it like in the big time? Will you be my ... Have you met Mick Jagger? Ringo, George or Paul? Do you ... give me a call? 4 o'clock in the morning I hear the

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Everybody in the place lyrics

Let's go Let's go Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go ... s go, let's go Let's beat Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Everybody's in the place Let's go Every

Dean Martin - Everybody loves somebody lyrics

loves somebody sometimes Everybody falls in love somehow ... Something in your kiss Just told me My ... sometimes is now Everybody finds somebody someplace

The Kinks - Everybody's a star (starmaker) lyrics

am a creator, Inventor and innovator. I observe the people ... The ordinary people No matter what ... your occupation is Everybody's in showbiz. 'Cos I'm a

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Everybody loves somebody lyrics

loves somebody sometime Everybody falls in love somehow Something in your kiss just told me ... My sometime is now Everybody finds somebody some place

Renascent - In the midst of persecution lyrics

apple of your eye Hide me in the shadow of your wings ... surround me They close up their callous hearts And their ... prey Like a great lion crouching in cover Their throats

Astral Doors - Fear in their eyes lyrics

the picture of the soldier In a world that's getting colder ... Colors balms for my kind Some were looking for this ... haven Rumors blowing in the wind Oh please, let me stay for

Blaine Larsen - In my high school lyrics

who only wear the best. An' in my High School, they hold ... homework, our teachers an' their rules. Yeah, they just think ... we're adolescent fools. In my High School, there's some

Axxis - The world is looking in their eyes lyrics

Lights in the demonstration Fights are ... wanna be free See the livin' history The world is looking in their eyes And sees a ... fire burning The world is looking in their eyes While the world is turning, hey Eyes have found a

Chris De Burgh - In the ghetto lyrics

little baby child is born In the ghetto (in the ghetto) ... 'Cause if there's one thing that she don't need It's ... another hungry mouth to feed In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

Galadriel - Fear in their eyes lyrics

for a fear in their eyes I see When they stand ... for they cry Who prisoned their souls, who kills them ... ... venoms already ran through their veins How long time they

In Vain - Their spirits ride with the wind lyrics

Now they ride with the wind Across the lands of the ... memories of glory and fall Their spirits will rise Arise at ... by empires Slaughtered in numbers, killed by plagues

Just Jack - Starz in their eyes lyrics

ll be making sure you stay amused They ... Maybe you'll make the evening news And when you're ... tripping over your dreams They'll ... of the night you'll be stifling your screams Since you

Magnitude 9 - Dead in their tracks lyrics

with fire, determined desire to rule all with their "Iron Fist" Eyes ... blaze To rape unknown lands in their midst Fighting the ... wars between them - Impacting innocent lives As it begun,

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Only a pawn in their game lyrics

took Medgar Evers' blood A finger fired the trigger to his ... name A handle hid out in the dark A hand set the ... Two eyes took the aim Behind a man's brain But he can't

Hatebreed - Slaughtered in their dreams lyrics

infects this place All innocence Nailed to a stake I ... I see children slaughtered in their dreams Shedding ... blood, in its wake There's no end to ... the hate So we're headed into the flames As we're

Nostradameus - In harmony lyrics

how it will be And telling us their lies We're ... drowned in their opinions We get it every day ... carry out the mission Saying 'This is the only way'

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