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Every Wounded Soldier Needs A lyrics

Browse for Every Wounded Soldier Needs A song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Every Wounded Soldier Needs A lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Every Wounded Soldier Needs A.

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Kenny Rogers - Soldier of love lyrics

am only one of those who care Who care about the faith ... of love I know there's many others just like me I know ... they two ain't had enough 'Cause this heart�s doin� battle on the front

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Soldier of love lyrics

am loyal on those who care Who care about the fate of ... love I know there's many others just like me I know ... they too had enough Of these hearts doin ... battle on the frontlines Love's

Mark Knopfler - Radio city serenade lyrics

got to have no credit cards To know how good it ... of the bridges The sidewalks bound with steel Sitting ... on the sidewalk With a party to arrange May you never

Eminem lyricsEminem - Soldier lyrics

m a soldier I'm a soldier I'm a soldier I'm a soldier Yo', never was a thug, ... just infatuated with guns, never was a gangsta, 'til I graduated to one

At Vance - Soldier of time lyrics

eyes to discover your mind raisin your weapons against the ... in glorious fights don't waste a word as you fight with ... the knights graceful they stand honored they

Little Big Town - Wounded lyrics

plowed over me like a tractor You used me up and put ... me out to pasture I'm left to eat your ... dust Guess you're thinkin' that we must be done You said

Gloriana - Soldier song lyrics

Mike; Gossin, Tom; Serletic, Matt Here's a song for the ones ... Who sacrifice so much So that we can be free In this ... country that we love If you're proud of all you're given Sing along,

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Every soldier in the hood lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] Yo, yo, yo, yo Not ... moving, soon Don't stand over there Shaolin over ... chill, chill, chill, police, man [Hook x2: Raekwon] To every soldier in the hood, go in

Jack Savoretti - Soldier's eyes lyrics

I've been wondering what's been going on I've been ... but I don't remember when And every time we get to where ... entering I feel my beliefs and hopes surrendering But I

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Soldier's things lyrics

and kettle drums and swallow tail coats table cloths and patent leather shoes bathing suits and bowling balls ... and clarinets and rings and all this radio really needs is

George Shelley - Soldier lyrics

falling from your eyes Born for ... survive Hold on in for dear life Hopes don’t ever back down March onto the battle ... Feel the meaning of proud I’m your soldier, I will fight for You and I

Rossell Mitch - Soldier's memoir lyrics

ve been home about six months now And I ... still have my doubts I'm not sure ... I got here Or how I'm gonna get out My Mama says I ... look the same As I did before I left But if

Luke James - Soldier lyrics

made love Nuclear angels reign from above It was ... so right I cant get it out of my mind, yeah ... It was a late Saturday in the pouring rain I walked you home, you begged me

Captain Jack - Soldier soldier lyrics

told Mary not to go downtown Too many lovely boys hanging around ... Mary didn't listen, she went anyway There she met a boy who ... took her away Soldier soldier don't look down I'm here for

Sade - Soldier of love lyrics

ve lost the use of my heart But I'm still alive ... Still looking for the light And the endless pool on the ... I'm doing my best I'm at the borderline of my faith

Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Soldier lyrics

want a soldier) Well, you got it I'm the ... hottest around They'll know it when ... they see you rollin' Impalas around it (I got a soldier) ... top down feelin the sounds Quakin' and vibratin' your thighs

Sammy Hagar - Wounded in love lyrics

used to be the one that I dreamed of So good for me or so ... it seemed But now I can feel there's something around you And it's uneasy babe, but it's plain to see, yeah Tell me, is there a

Leo Sayer - Wounded heart lyrics

need you to mend my broken heart Not afraid you can throw ... your sticks and stones But this love is tearing me apart I've got a wounded heart And it won't stop beating Tried to keep it a casual

Marilyn Monroe - Every baby needs a dadadaddy lyrics

was cold outside of Tiffany's, I was shivering in the ... storm. I walked in and asked a gentleman "could I please keep warm?". He asked

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Wounded lyrics

there's a whole lot of hurting being ... going on Well I've been wounded, wounded, wounded This ain't ... no way to be carrying on You see me wounded, ... wounded, wounded I'm taken like a stone That you've

Malrun - Wounded pride lyrics

absent for so long Though appearing awake Someone says I ... belong But it’s all the same to me It’s too late to ... turn the tide It’s too late for wounded pride Somehow

Ruth Dustin - Every knee lyrics

need You, like a cloud needs rain, like a car needs roads ... like a gambler needs the game.I need You, like a fire needs fuel, like a flower needs ... the soil, like a band needs fame.There's no way in if you

Take That lyricsTake That - Every guy lyrics

guy needs a girl like you, Every girl needs a guy like me, oh ... yeah Every guy needs a guy like you, like you See ... cause that's how it's meant to be OK so I've stared

Better Than Ezra - Wounded lyrics

can't tell you why The struggle ... to survive Falling so hard And all my senses lie I can't ... my eyes Keep on moving With all the blood that i can give

The Kelly Family - Every baby lyrics

dodo Dodo, dodo, dodo, do La da da da da da da Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa ... Close at hand Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa To hold

Construcdead - Wounded lyrics

is the end A screaming silence in my head Like ... I was dead I walk the streets unseeing Crawling inside The beast within ... me tears me apart The words that you spoke As a knife right through my heart Let it all out, I'm wounded Shuttin

Elephantis - Wounded doves lyrics

a wounded dove brought to its knees ... through the trees Like a wounded dove torn at the wings Trapped in this cage, I see the ... through the trees They say this endeavour is a waste of

George Watsky - Wounded healer (deer tick sample) lyrics

footprints are fading away from the beach We're not a ... family to pray or to preach But daddy's best friend ... took a handful of pills and now he's at a podium making

Kari Jobe - Every needs a little lyrics

all ye weary and ye broken Come to the table of the Lord Come sing the ... song of the forgiven Come lay your burden on the word ... Come and find peace Everyone needs a little rest Everyone needs a little joy And a

Oasis lyricsOasis - Soldier on lyrics

line Friend of mine Sing a song Soldier on Shine a ... me tonight Don't be long Soldier on Who's to say That you ... were right And I was wrong Soldier on Come the day Come the

Mason Jennings - Soldier boy lyrics

was born on a railroad track With the weight of the ... world strapped to my back Born to be a soldier boy, ... born to be a soldier boy Looking for a life in a graveyard town If you never

Stevie Nicks - Soldier's angel lyrics

am a soldier's angel Through the eyes of a soldier Through the eyes of a soldier I am a soldier's mother ... Through the eyes of an angel I am a soldier myself And no one walks away From

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Soldier lyrics

be there just in time Wanna be your shining knight ... Protect you like a soldier I wanna be the first in line ... Be the one to save your life All I wanna do

Lil' Corey - Soldier lyrics

rode my bike passed your house at least a ... thousand times No matter what I do I just can't get you ... off my mind All the guys in the ... neighborhood they wanna know your name Well, it's

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Soldier blue lyrics

come on now Soldier blue, bloodstained red Hey ... people, he's gonna bust your head A real bad ... dream, yeah, you know it's true Kiss ... Out of the night comes a soldier right Line you up in his

Cymphonique - Soldier girl lyrics

quot;Soldier Girl" Verse 1 Haterade ... - comes in many flavors, pick one Can't nobody ... knock you off, long as you on yo ten hut Said I ... done, I did it, now so then what, then what Swag in tact, I

Royce Da 5'9" - Soldier's story lyrics

re in a situation, where everybody involved knows the stakes ... (What up Reef) We're soldier's [echoes] Soldiers don't go ... to hell, it's war I'm horse-back on the

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Soldier (feat. g-unit) lyrics

I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang (I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (I'm a soldier) G ... UNIT! I started my own gang (I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! ... It's a fact homie, eagles don't fly in flocks But

Giles Corey - Wounded wolf lyrics

know I know I can't bear To bear this love where it ... I feel I don't feel it Because we all live in a wounded ... house And living here will be the death of me Because we all live

Jethro Tull - Wounded, old and treacherous lyrics

walk on the quiet side, late in the day Don't mean to ... get in anybody's way. The Gods seem willing: sun ... s in the sky. Old crows cawing as the straight crows fly

Natalie Merchant - Soldier, soldier lyrics

"soldier, now soldier Would you marry me Before ... on?" "how can I marry Such a pretty ... went to the dry goods store Hard as she could run She

Folkodia - Soldier of rome lyrics

stands Facing Boudicca The 14th Gemina 'Gainst the ... Briton horde... "I'm a solder of Rome - I will not ... yield! I will earn in blood The legion's Martia!" "Fear not

Inkubus Sukkubus - Wounded lyrics

the walking wounded You, the hopeless victim ... You, who craved new feelings Risked it all to get them I thought you ... may be stronger Thought your

Riot ( Usa ) - Wounded heart lyrics

my father I'll take your command So my brother I'll ride ... through you hand All i feel is the painm in my ... heart, it won't let me be Save my people from all that you

Thomas Anders - Soldier lyrics

these days of desteny Uncertainty Be strong And if you ... wilds In the skies Beware For I will, I'll be your ... Yes I will, I'll be your soldier I will, I'll always be your

Charles & Eddie - Wounded bird lyrics

m way too tired to be lonely I ... spend my days as an only I want to be saved, but I just don ... t know Alone we've got nothing, or haven't you heard? I guess we

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Soldier with a broken heart lyrics

quot;Soldier With A Broken Heart" [Verse 1:] In ... the dark it's hard to find Single spark to ... ignite When one leaves Can you start, to believe The

Hanson - Soldier lyrics

I hear the story about the one legged soldier? ... Please? And can you tell me the story of the ... soldier? Please? One more time Or I'll ... your nose off Not so long ago in a toy room not so far away Lived a boy who had so many

Samantha Jade - Soldier lyrics

.. Mmm... I'm laying here in the darkness The ... There's no one in sight Caught in the madness Don't wanna be like this I'm losing ... my mind Wanna see inside your head What's

North Mississippi Allstars - Soldier lyrics

on the roof, no help has come Floods overflowing ... High water everywhere, we lost our homes ... My cup is empty and my mouth is dry Old hand at beating down from up on high

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Soldier of love lyrics

down your arms (Soldier of love) And surrender to me ... Lay down your arms (Soldier of love( And love me peacefully Yeah, use your arms ... for loving me Baby, that's the way it's gotta be

Before You Exit - Soldier lyrics

got holes in your jeans, and a few in your heart. you don't ... know what it means to me, to watch you fall apart. Cause you're broken and ... bruised... But I can hold you through. I'll take

Emmelie De Forest - Soldier of love lyrics

you think that we can grow? Do you think that we ... can grow in the same way? Do you think that we can ... know? I don’t think that is ever gonna change ‘Cause you will not love me now

Jeremy Greene - Soldier lyrics

ve been on this battlefield I wave my love like ... surrenderin' today I feel I've been pretty ... tough Back and forth, now I'm going against Because the bomb start falling And I can't find cover And I know you got my heart in

Ingrid Michaelson - Soldier lyrics

don't believe in anything but myself I don't ... believe in anything but myself But then ... opened up the door Now I start to believe in something ... But how do I know if I'll make it through? How do I know?

Fleurie - Soldier lyrics

keep on marchin' on Head down til the work is done Waiting on that morning sun Soldier keep on marchin' on Head ... the dust, feet in the fire Labor on that midnight wire

Lucky Dube - Soldier lyrics

for the truth you stand alone Government will cover up ... I saw a man sitting in a room Holding a gun to his head He said man oh man What am ... I gonna do I can't change the past but I can change

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Soldier lyrics

t close the door when you leave It's cold out I need to ... see the air when you breathe And say out loud That you'll ... Not to worry You're gonna hurry back Has anybody

Breathe Carolina - Soldier lyrics

to find a way out, out of here Somehow ... the fault holds you down Till the ... cost is clear I don't wanna hear your cry How come out ... of prison And take a knife for now I'll be your

Fates Warning - Soldier boy lyrics

soldier, plastic pistol aiming for the head. Now you ... t. You missed me, you're dead. Laughing, hiding in the ... bushes, scatter for your life. Little soldier tripped and fell, get him

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