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Babyface - Every time i close my eyes lyrics

it's been a long, long time comin' But I, I know that it's been worth the wait It ... feels like springtime in winter It feels like Christmas in June It feels like heaven

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Every time i hear that song lyrics

s something 'bout yesterday How fast it all flies away I don't know ... what it is about a goodbye kiss That makes you wanna stay ... we were over We were breaking up, making love, a runaway

Seal lyricsSeal - Every time i'm with you lyrics

we going insane? Do we need to explain? ... I feel like we know it Am I doing it right? Cause when ... you show me that candlelight I don't wanna blow it Coming

Hoku - Every time i speak lyrics

Time I Speak I don't believe in true love I am alone ... by nature I did not want to let you in So ... why does it feel so classic Like some romantic story Now

Dave Edmunds - Every time i see her lyrics

spill out on an empty page, Every time I see her, My friends ... say ‘better act your age’, Every time I see her. I don´t ... care if it seems I´ve lost my mind, Is it just

Luke Bryan - Every time i see you lyrics

s like a bolt of lightning hits me in my chest Right out ... of the blue Every time I see you, every time I see you ... Top of the world I'm standing rocking at my best Then I

Keith Anderson - Every time i hear your name lyrics

Anderson, Keith; Steele, Jeffrey; Hambridge ... Tom; Finally got over that song of ... ours stopped chasin' little red sports cars To check ... the license plates an' back wood drivin' by your place Back makin'

Chris Norman - Every time i close my eyes ( chris norman & n.. lyrics

.ohhh.. AAAAhhha ... I see my baby Everytime I ... my eyes And when my baby is close to me my time flyes ... And if you baby You would fall ... toooo Everytime I cloes my eyes Everytime I visualise The way she holds me

Pat Benatar - Every time i fall back lyrics

don't know if it's me Or just the sign of ... the times But I want a better life Than the ... one I've been livin Ain't no one says That you can ... t change who you are Ain't no law says You gotta

Children Of Bodom - Every time i die lyrics

faint blaze of the candle of my life, slowly dying like a fire ... in a pouring rain. No sparks of hope inside, ... no shooting stars on my sky. On ... broken wings, no flying high... Another night,

Kiss - Every time i look at you lyrics

to say I'm sorry, didn't mean to break your heart ... And find you waitin' up by the light of day ... There's a lot I want to tell you, but I don ... t know where to start And I don't know what I'd do if you

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Every time i see her lyrics

she stumbled into my life, with a bottle in her hand. And ... when she spilt it all over my jeans, I fell to ... her command. Oh ! I wanted to make her mine, ... take care of her mess, and mix her drinks, begin to

Autograph - Every time i dream lyrics

are falling Moon's getting bright Feeling's getting ... stronger Closing in with the night I know it's coming Everynight's the same ... Wake up in a cold sweat Reaching out

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Every time i look at you lyrics

brings back an old feeling Running into you like this I'm really not afraid of ... hurting But I can't stand the awkwardness ... Do I laugh Do I cry Do I dare look in your eyes Oh

George Jones - Every time i look at you lyrics

see a beautiful rose And my heart with ... love overflows I get a feeling that I never knew Evertime ... that I look at you. The world ... looks so different to me Everythings so pretty I see I get

Glen Campbell - Every time i itch i wind up scratchin' you lyrics

know, my love, my only wish is happiness for you So I work ... real hard to strike it rich but everytime I do I blow it all on some old witch I ... hardly ever knew How come everytime I itch I wind up scratchin' you When everything's ain

Metro Station - Every time i touch you (e.t.i.t.y) lyrics

my eyes off you. Lets shut this off right now, Take this ... the whole night through. Can't wait one minute more, Lets take this ... somewhere else. Girl I don't mean to push, But I

James Morrison - I need you tonight lyrics

quot;I Need You Tonight" Need you tonight, need ya, need ya tonight ... Yeah I need ya tonight, yeaahhh Oh I tell ... myself that I can be a stronger man Than I know I can be But I can't

Flame - I been redeemed lyrics

HOOK] Jesus did it - I been I been I been redeemed Jesus did it - Every time I think ... about it I get amped [VERSE (FLAME)] I ... m bout to snap Man this feeling's medicinal This redemption

Freak Morice - I still love you lyrics

6 months to the day The day I watched you walk away I'm still waiting, Why am I waiting.. ... ? I still wear your shirt to bed Like I'm in your ... arms instead When did I become a victim of this love?

Imx - Every time lyrics

have you ever been with a girl? That you did wrong And ... then she knew that you did wrong And then she go with ... else So now you're mad Listen up Every time I close

Grinderman - (i don't need you to) set me free lyrics

saw you walkin' down on the street I ... called out from my window but you didn't hear me I ... lay down and I tried to sleep I waited for you ... to walk on by again I don't need you to set me free

Kym Marsh - I think it's gonna rain today lyrics

thought I saw you passing me by, But you didn't see ... me. Every time I see someone who looks like ... you, You know I can't be free. I see you ... thousand faces you stand out in the crowd. I find you in

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - I begin to wonder lyrics

I'm walking down the street I call your name Inside my ... head I go insane Don't you know that it ... s really making me crazy There were days ... when I went completely blind No time to think and I

Jessica Andrews - Every time lyrics

laid the blanket there on the ... shoreline And saw the water shine with the moon What kind of ... fool would fail to notice The best thing shining ... was you Oh I laughed kinda nervous, I felt you move

Joe Cocker - Every time it rains lyrics

time it rains I sit at home and wonder why Ever ... since you said goodbye I felt so all alone Every time ... it rains And summer showers soak ... the ground I watch the rain come pouring down And I

Every Time I Die - I suck (blood) lyrics

d rather beg your forgiveness Than solicit permission I'd rather know that it ... your heart Than doubt that it will Every time we divide ... We put zeroes under the line And we publish it as our

Jackson Janet - Every time lyrics

m afraid I'm starting to feel What I said I ... would not do The last time really hurt me {BRIDGE:} ... I'm scared to fall in love Afraid to love so fast

Every Time I Die - I been gone a long time lyrics

we're doing is so wrong, and what you're ... wearing is so right (it's so tight). But I've never ... felt better so I'm going out to get her and I don ... t care what set of wheels I steal to get there. Balance is a minor setback. What she thinks is all right, and the way

Jackson Wanda - Every time they play our song lyrics

try to live without you and hold my head up ... high But every time they play our song it makes ... me cry I try to find a new love and let these ... mem'ries die But every time they play our song I have

Black Milk - Every time lyrics

ve lately been looking for That someone I'm wanting more I've opened up wide ... the door And I see you standing there I'm hoping you'll ... stay with me That you'll love me so

Little Boots - Every night i say a prayer lyrics

is darkness lying by the light love it lead you listen ... for the cry Ahhh I will find you every time I turn you ... re there Chorus: I have seen you into the future

Pennywise - Every time lyrics

time I turn around I see places that look so ... unreal Every time I try to say exactly how I feel ... And when I look at you I see a different side each and ... every time I try to find another place there's nothing I can find I wanna say

Hardline - I'll be there lyrics

na na na na na na na na na I know how you feel girl We've ... been there many times before When I've gotta pick up and walk out the door ... Sometimes hoping is all that we can do In mind

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - I'll be home on christmas day lyrics

the hills of Georgia Across the plains of ... Tennessee I've seen and I've done most everything That ... a man can do or see But if I could only borrow One dream

Willie Nelson - I'm my own grandpa lyrics

many many years ago When I was twenty three I was married to a widow Who was pretty ... as could be This widow had a grown-up daughter ... Had hair of red My father fell in

Reba Mcentire - Every time you touch her lyrics

you hold her all night long Do you sing her our ... love song Do you kiss her lips until love makes her weak, ... oh darlin' Do you promise her the moon Does she think loves coming soon Does she

Miracle Of Sound - Every time you look around by miracle of soun.. lyrics

Time You Look Around Troubles ... on the wild mind Questions in the sleepless nights ... Answers that we design Only come in mays and mights This tide gets you

Ross Lynch - I think about you lyrics

we met We started as friends I can't tell you how it ... all happened Then autumn it came We were never the same ... Those nights, everything felt like magic And I

A Rocket To The Moon - I think about you everyday lyrics

girl, these nights are dull I wish that I could spend them ... with you I'm looking at this wall Repeating "Girl, I love you" Just take

The Beach Boys - Isn't it time lyrics

have to reach After it's all been said The music ... spinning in our head Can't forget the ... feeling of The magic of that summer in love Oh ... I wanna take you there Do you

Easton Corbin - I think of you lyrics

mountain that I climb, every river that I cross, I think of ... you When I'm on top of the world or on ... some lonely road, I think of you Doesn't matter ... where I go or what I do, I think of you Every single time

Overkill - Time to kill lyrics

indecision, surge of mass religion let me out of prison i'm just killing time every time I turn around I start to ... hear a familiar sound counting down as time stands still

Plain White T's - Time to move on lyrics

off all these dirty sheets and burn them all I think it's time to move on ... Back stop all your shit and go to lean it on I think it's time to move on Just

George Strait - Every time you throw dirt on her lyrics

guess you think it's fun To laugh at her ... expense And point out each mistake she makes I front of ... all your friends You figure she'll let it go by

Busta Rhymes - I'll hurt you feat. eminem lyrics

Rhymes] Yeah! Guess who it is! Aiyyo Dre! I think they in ... Storch! Why you have to do it like this to them?! Feels like a new day [Verse 1: ... Busta Rhymes] Listen, now every time I come and I hit you niggaz with shit regardless You

Natalia Druyts - I want you back lyrics

Every night's a million years Since we're not ... together Time is crawling, crawling Told myself I ... Shouldn't known better Cause I'm falling, I'm falling Catch

Eternal 2 - I am blessed lyrics

hmm Here in the silence I say a prayer Though I've ... never seen you somehow I know you're there You're in ... the faces of the people that I meet You're as silent as the

Mnek - At night (i think about you) lyrics

the morning I'm okay Just fine in the afternoon But at night I think about you Like an ... echo in my brain I wonder if you hear it too 'Cause at night I think about you And it's just madness How love can

Kuh Ledesma - I think i'm in love lyrics

this love Feeling restless inside Wanting you to always be my ... side I don't even want you out of my ... sight You are in my thoughts all day and night I can't get you out of my

Hootie & The Blowfish - I go blind lyrics

time I look at you, I go blind. Every time I look at you, I go blind. In the mornin' I ... get up, and I try to Feel alive, but I can't. Every time I ... look at you, I go blind. I don't know what it is. Something in me just won't give me a

Lea Salonga - I think i'm in love lyrics

this love Feeling restless inside Wanting you To always ... be my side I don't even want you out of my ... side You are in my thoughts all day and night I can't get you out of my

Dj Hip Hop - Every time lyrics

dark clouds out my window I know the storm is coming any ... minute And the thunder just ... confirms my fears And I know the tears are in there I'll be crying unable to stop

Otis Redding - A little time lyrics

you don't think I'm loving you enough Oh, you got to ... tell me so And I bet you five dollars and a quarter I'm ... gonna love you just a little bit more Give me just a little time All I need Got to

Eddy Arnold - Every time we say goodbye lyrics

Every time we say goodbye I die a little Every time we ... say goodbye I wonder why a little Why the Gods above me ... who must be in the know Think so little of me they allow

Haim - If i could change your mind lyrics

please don't cry I've never done this before, ... drove a million miles Back when you were mine I was too young to know you ... were the one to find But if I was to say I regret it

Pleasure P - I love girls lyrics

down to my pretty, pretty girls pretty pretty girls, ... pretty pretty girls, girls i like a big girl with a big ... booty small waist and the face she a cutie i

Simply Red - Every time we say goodbye lyrics

time we say goodbye I die a little Every time we say ... goodbye I wonder why a little Why the Gods above me ... who must be in the know Think so little of me they allow

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Every time you go lyrics

anyone I knew a Dave Drove a Plymouth ... Shallow Grave Said, "My girl don't just ... walk, she unfurls" With motorcycle language He ... stumbled through his slang pledge Then he

Tom Odell - I know lyrics

hands, white light Yellow lamps on blackened ... skies Duffel hoods and deep ... brown eyes I sing you a song that I think you ... ll like And we'll walk to places

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