Every Inch Every Inch Of The Pain Oh The Higher I'll Rise lyrics

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Sick Of It All - The pain strikes lyrics

pain strikes, the pain ascends too much to ... come down, remove the breath come down, remove ... what's left loss of the will to live, the loss of everything i know we'll say

Patty Loveless - The pain of loving you lyrics

the pain of loving you Oh, the mis'ry I go through Never ... knowing what to do Oh, the pain of loving you. You just ... Still I go on loving you But I'll never understand. Oh, the pain of loving you Oh, the mis'ry

Fearless Vampire Killers - The pleasure of the pain lyrics

the back alley cabaret Where the girls and the boys are ... claimed We'll find solace in the sticky floors And the body ... heat of those aflame Is it wrong of me to feel so much In this

Nightwish - The poet and the pendulum lyrics

Poet And The Pendulum "WHITE LANDS ... OF EMPATHICA" The end. The songwriter's dead ... The blade fell upon him Taking ... him to the white lands Of Empathica Of Innocence

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The pain of loving you lyrics

the pain of loving you Oh, the misery I go through Never ... knowing what to do Oh, the pain of loving you You just can ... To love and hate at the same time The line between the two is fine The two have

Sinate - The pain lyrics

A rage I can no longer hide There's no denying the depth of ... this pain I know I'll never be the same You will ... never know The pain The pain RAGE! PAIN! HATE! PAIN!

Brody Dalle - Meet the foetus/oh the joy lyrics

have sailed through the eye of my needle A perfect parasite ... get away Shot through the heart, baby I'm gonna love ... you forever When they take me away You know I'll

Patty Loveless - The trouble with the truth lyrics

the trouble with the truth Is it's always the ... impossible for me to change Everytime I try to fight it I know ... I'll be left to blame Oh the trouble with the truth Is it

Nightcore - F*** away the pain (divide the day) (nightcor.. lyrics

enough for it to wash away the sin Such a shitty thing he ... did, the way he said goodbye You can ... me if you like F*** away the pain, erase him from your

Chuck Berry - The man and the donkey lyrics

As he rode into town. And the man, the man sing to the ... he sing such a sad song, and the guitar he broke. The donkey ... stop, the man he reach to get a big jug

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - The good, the bad and the dirty lyrics

the good, the bad, and the dirty Oh, the good, the bad, ... and the dirty Truth is that it was ... in my head Took a market of filth And sold it like ... summer True all of the good girls act so good Til

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - The origin of love lyrics

earth was still flat, And the clouds made of fire, And ... mountains stretched up to the sky, Sometimes higher, ... Folks roamed the earth Like big rolling kegs.

Julie Laughs Nomore - The iron gate lyrics

in the night lies the bringer of sorrow, Sheltered by death ... surrounded by pain Carved into stone the ... symbols of power, The power of death hidden in the night

Cris Cab - The fire (feat. the green) lyrics

let your problems go Wipe the sweat up off your back, let’s ... take it slow Everyday you wearing out your soul ... Raise it higher, higher And you can start taking

Elvis Costello - Inch by inch lyrics

take a drink You can keep the shrink And the kitchen sink ... me under You can give me the slip Take off everything or ... tear me off a strip Like a lady in the

Burning Point - Higher lyrics

in you we passed the turning point there s ... maze you can t see my point of view we re drowning in lies ... chorus ---------- Show me, the darkness of your heart grown

Glamour Of The Kill - Rise from your grave lyrics

here for one reason (whoa oh oh) (and i can't wait!) I ... We'll take our chance Move the ground And then we'll rise ... won't stop us now [x2] Rise from your grave, and take my

Narnia - Shelter through the pain lyrics

Love It Should Last Forever There're So much Whys That I Can ... t Understand Oh My Lord From Heaven Above ... Help Me Oh My Lord From Heaven Above ... On Lord Give Me Shelter Every Night, Every Morning Lord

Thomas Anders - The heat between the girls and the boys lyrics

jeans like a boy We shared the same toys Plays Cowboys and ... Indians Were the best friends all those years ... racing I felt it coming Every inch of my skin Was

Blue October - The end lyrics

in our lawn, Worms squeezing their way through my toes ... "Let him go!" Then through the glass I see your ... dress fall to the floor as he embraces every inch of you The woman I adore. I

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - The sky is the limit lyrics

Like a dream, come alive for the very first time. When we ... touch, in the dark. Baby you, glow in my ... you and me in this moment of time. You got it but I

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The day the world went away lyrics

d listen to the words he'd say But in his ... voice I heard decay The plastic face forced to ... portray All the insides left cold and gray There is a place that still

At The Gates - The red in the sky is ours lyrics

the word of wolves Rhythms collapse ... time Blood stains our sight The red in the sky is ours ... Hunger, soul rot Thirst for higher rush of pain Hands raised

At The Gates - The red in the sky is ours / the season to co.. lyrics

the word of wolves Rhythms collapse ... Blood stains our sight The red in the sky is ours ... Hunger, soulrot Thirst for higher rush of pain Hands raised

Extreme Music - Rise up lyrics

It's time to start living Then seize the day And take the ... fall When the world starts to crumble I'm ... taking on the impossible And I'll rise ... up through the fire I'll rise up through the fire Take

Galadriel - The grave is the last lyrics

: They appointed their words for the truth Which everyone must to take for own When ... (the) mind (will) rise against their arogance Then ... (the) body will leave (the) world in the flames I

A Change Of Pace - Every second lyrics

last drop of the bottle fell out Reluctant ... fading lights From top of the stage Set in broken glass ... And all these tears and pain Silent but screaming Out every name that we've ever loved

Artist Vs. Poet - The best that you can be lyrics

I catch you before you hit the ground The words cut deep ... I know And the pain will surely grow But your ... wounds will fade with every step you take So please know

Damh The Bard - The sun & the rose lyrics

at the Sun, see how he shines, ... Lighting up every part of our lives, Calling the life, ... out from the dark, Climbing up higher ... into the light, I wonder if he, feels

The Dubliners - The dundee weaver lyrics

took me oot a'walking dun by the Calvin Ha' And there the ... My thingamajig awa' And there the dirty wee rascal sto' ... took me oot a'walking dun by the Ruthen glen He showed to me the bonny wee birds And he

Fleshgod Apocalypse - The fall of asterion lyrics

before my inner slime, mirror of disgrace To look into the ... deepest void where the evil lies For I was lost ... into these spires A maze of self-destructive torment of the reason And now I know there

Fleshless - The pain is a domain lyrics

the higher justice works taking your ... body beyond the border of suffering out from the ... reality going with you thru the life till death Inhuman ... mind brain must explode The Pain is Domain Suffering,

Krokus - We'll rise lyrics

was the night, tears on my face We ... gathered in the candlelight as the whole ... can I forget that prayer for the dead Underneath that ... close as we could get It's the age we're livin' in A dark

Lil Kim - The queen lyrics

glocks, ten rocks up in front of 'em Like they sprayin' ... somethin', like they sayin' somethin' Get my ... When ya'll catch a knock out, these fools cop out Two for five

Deep Insight - Every minute every second lyrics

with my love again And all the misery and pain Why do I ... work it out for us 'Cause every minute, every second My ... heartbeat counts the hours And every day I pay

Noah And The Whale - The first days of spring lyrics

s the first day of spring And my life is ... starting over again Well the trees grow, the river flows ... my sin For I do believe that everyone has one chance to f*** up

Slaves - The king and the army that stand behind him (.. lyrics

Jonny Craig:) They love you when the lines get ... blurred, our hearts become the source as we push through ... all of these feelings, failure always ... disappoints. Oh it's nights like these where

Emeli Sandé lyricsEmeli Sandé - Every single little piece lyrics

jump into your indigo blue Ooh, ooh, here I am And we'll be ... slow dancing through the rock 'n' the roll And I ... you if ever you fall Ooh, ooh, well here I am Oh, every

Aesop Rock - The mayor and the crook lyrics

no more books I built the city out one brick It had a ... mayor and a crook I made the crook stab the mayor then ... slay himself in the guilt I stole the brick back

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black ... morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign ... This is mad abstract All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the

Mewithoutyou - The fox, the crow and the cookie lyrics

vacant streets a Baker from the outskirts of his town earned ... cart he dragged around. The clever Fox crept close behind ... pie. Looking down was the hungry Crow: When the time

Peter, Paul And Mary - The cuckoo lyrics

She never gets lonesome till the first day of july. Ive ... and Ive gambled down in spain. I gambled with five aces, ... Ive gambled my last game. Oh, its gamblin thats brought me

Tracy Chapman - The first person on earth lyrics

the water From the rock and the dirt You were The first ... person on earth Oh the mountains And the oceans ... Wiynessed your birth The first person on earth By a

Firewater - The man on the burning tightrope lyrics

everybody in? Is everybody in? Well once upon a ... time there was a happy ever-after to ... but you wont hear one today. The man is sweating bullets and ... beats out a cold tattoo as the band begins to play. So everybody stand, everybody wont

Pulp - The night that minnie timperley died lyrics

s a light that shines on everythin' and everyone And it ... so bright, brighter even than the sun' That's what Minnie ... as she walks to meet her brother Who is nearly two years

Black Lab - The pain is gone lyrics

laugh But come on step out of the rain. You'd hate to ... catch your death All the life that you got left Lit ... a candle on your face. There are words that are fading

Fit For A King - Kill the pain lyrics

my voice just to take another breath I've broken my vows ... How can I say that I'm scared of death When I spend each ... towards my eternal grave Every move that I make, every step

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - The campaign lyrics

this for me Uhh, just another dreamer The difference is ... until I get it She been there for every step, wonders why ... grinded And timing isn't everything but everything takes

Gary Allan - Every storm (runs out of rain) lyrics

saw you standing in the middle of the thunder and ... down, 'round, down… Every storm runs, runs out of rain ... Just like every dark night turns into day Every heartache will fade away

Blue System - Every night, every day lyrics

night, every day - oh, Im searching for my way And ... Im dreaming of you all my life Every night, ... every day - oh, believe me oh I pray Set the dream to your

Earshot - Where the pain begins lyrics

s taking over me I can see the shame in your eyes (In my ... mind) I can feel the rain from the sky (Letting go ... your mind (In my mind) Where the pain begins Can't explain

Ivan B - The pursuit lyrics

Verse 1: Ivan B] This for the kids who believe they could ... never do it This for the ones too scared to try This ... is the moment you step up and own it ... Holding your head right to the sky This is my story, my

Ja Rule - The inc is back lyrics

Yo this Shadow in this motherf***er (holla) Representin ... Hoodstock (Hussein) The Stock Family nigga (yeah) ... Haha, and its a motherf***in takeover (geah,

Marillion - The sky above the rain lyrics

he's so much less Than the light heart she met The ... He feels ugly now, and the ugliness, creeps around ... him Until he really is The animal paws at him, gnaws at

Neil Halstead - Martha's mantra (for the pain) lyrics

takes the greyhounds she says she lost ... to love she cured herself of everything there's nothing left ... but hair and skin The only thing I asked her was

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The only one lyrics

I love, Oh I love, Oh I love What you do to my ... And you push me to bed Oh I love what you do to my head ... It’s a mess up there! Oh I love, oh I love, oh I love

Elton John lyricsElton John - The captain and the kid lyrics

up your town Called up the tealeaves and the tarots ... Asked the gypsy what she sees in the ... palm of our hands She saw a mountain ... But we stuck around for the fireworks Waiting to explode

King Diamond - The wheelchair lyrics

] "What you did to my mother, trying to kill me inside of ... but I'm still alive I was the sister of your father's in ... another life The father you never knew, who saved me

Florence + The Machine - The chain lyrics

to the wind blow Watch the sun rise Running in the ... saying you would never break the chain And if you don't love ... saying you would never break the chain Listen to the wind

Forever The Day - Under the twilight lyrics

bye sun. You'll rise again tomorrow. With the day ... Hello dark. Let the story start. Underneath the ... from a love I already know. The pain inside. The truth behind

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