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Dusty Springfield - Every day i have to cry lyrics

day I have to cry some Every day I have to cry some Dry the ... water from my eyes some Every day I have to cry There ... was a little boy I had planned to marry This

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Every day lyrics

day I see him coming Every day he walks on by Life used to ... be so plain and simple Before he came into my life Every night I keep on ... dreaming Every night I take him home We always go to bed

Cheap Trick - Every night and every day lyrics

night I can play it Every day I can say it Oh, if I cry I ... won't delay it Every night and every day I guess I ... m living for the moment I guess you're loving for today

Seelennacht - Every day lyrics

one of million faces, I’m caring alone And where is my home ... When will we reach our shore? But ... now we’re alive and so we go on I hope for ... myself I won’t be saying: so long! And then I’m

The Slits - Love forever lyrics

forever Love forever Lover forever All this time Everyday I've been wondering ... Where he is I have said to myself He might have ... been to wonderland Cuz I've searched almost everywhere

Chloe Bennet - Every day in between lyrics

we touch I have never known that spark ... Never felt like this before It's a different life I hold ... you in my heart Can you feel the ... rhythm of my soul? It's out of sync every time you

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Every day is exactly the same lyrics

believe I can see the future Because I ... repeat the same routine I think I used to have a purpose ... Then again, that might have been a dream I think I used to have a voice Now

Ras Luta - Every day lyrics

everyday overstand emotions put me high you hit me ... with this ya goddes soul I overcome instict of mine everynight overstand emotions put ... me high you hit me with this ya goddes soul I overcome instict of mine Zw.1 life is a biggest plan support fi

Andre Rieu - Will follow him lyrics

will follow him Follow him where ever he may go And ... near him I always will be For nothing can keep me ... away He is my destiny I will follow him Ever since he

Aaron Neville - Every day of my life lyrics

lonely night I stumbled upon a dream in my ... ordinary world, with eyes like an angel, a voice like a ... from the heart, you came into my world You crossed a river of time, you climbed a

Jason Donovan - Jason donovan - every day lyrics

every day (x4) I may never give you flowers I may be working all these hours To build a ... life for me and you I may never seem to show affection Please don't take this as

Papa Jam - Every day every night lyrics

see sadness in your eyes I want to feel what you I know ... there is a place The better place ... for you We have a lot of things Which we have to do For

Blue System - Every night, every day lyrics

night, every day - oh, Im searching for my way And Im ... dreaming of you all my life Every night, every day - oh, believe me oh I pray Set the ... dream to your heart to survive Every night, every day -

Magic Man - Every day lyrics

t stop to worry, there’s nothing worse When you’re falling ... off the surface of the earth I start to wonder, how much you ... care When you’re slowly disappearing up the stairs

Darkseed - Every day lyrics

m looking now where i have been i try to see where ... i will go this are two ways shrouded in fog ... what is my existence's sense? every day i'm ... wondering, will there be a change? every

Lucas Grabeel - Every day lyrics

Troy] Once in a lifetime means there's no second ... chance So I believe that you and me should ... grab it while we can [Gabriella] Make it last forever

Itchy Poopzkid - Every girl's in love with me lyrics

We used to say hello five or six years ago So now I ... maybe we could Have a good time come on you just have to ... follow And then I will caress your toe Instead of

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Every minute every day lyrics

it seems that I was lost In intoxicated nights Following ... the trace of ecstasy With no future and no past Just ... the present was alive Like a prisoner chained on to a

Chuck Berry - Every day i have the blues lyrics

day, every day I have the blues, Every day, every day I have the blues, When ... you see me worried, baby, because it's you I ... hate to lose. Nobody loves me, nobody seems to care,

Zac Efron - Every day lyrics

Troy] Once in a lifetime means there’s no second ... chance so I believe than you and me should ... grab it while we can [Gabriella] Make it last forever

Manfred Mann - Every day another hair turns grey lyrics

happy she seems But she's living on memories and dreams ... dearly longs to recover Her life when she was a young mother ... And every day another hair turns grey Yes, every day

Tim Mcmorris - Every day is mother’s day to me lyrics

I was just a child I’d watch my mother as she smiled And I could see that she ... of me Not for only what I’d done Or all the things I ... would become Not the things I would grow up to be She loved me just for who I was Not

Quietdrive - Every day lyrics

feel lost I feel alone out here Even ... though I’m surrounded by people I love ... and know I wish I could go Go back a couple ... years I’d go back to the days when I felt so invincible

Senses Fail - Every day is a struggle lyrics

was the chapstick in your purse, to keep you ... smooth. I was the finger in your throat, to keep you ... cute. My liver hates you for walking out ... on us. My kidney’s drowning in a pool of a long lost love.

Colbie Caillat - Every day is christmas (feat. jason reeves) lyrics

brought me down All the magic of December Is like a circus leaving town All I wanna ... do is to follow it around Cause everybody wishes it was Christmas all year

Diana Ross - Every day is a new day lyrics

day is a new day Since you went away Since you ... went away from me My whole life has made a change Every day's a new day and I see It was ... best for you and me Since you went away from me My

Eric Prydz - Every day lyrics

every day goes like this How do we survive If every day goes like this How do we ... survive We're working late on the night shift To ... get peace of mind If every day goes like this How do we

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Every day is a holiday lyrics

fire The cold nights The brightest of all lights You were ... we’d go We don’t need a thing under the tree You’re giving me all I need, yeahhh! Every day is a holiday (holiday)

Chuck Berry - Every day we rock & roll lyrics

Rock and roll, rock and roll Every day we're gonna rock and roll ... gonna Rock out a little bit of soul Every day we're ... gonna go, go, go Gonna kick off the shoes and dance on

Kmfdm - Every day's a good day lyrics

biggest mistake was to let you near me I'm speaking to you but you won ... touch but aeons away On a distant planet on another day ... I thought we were even I hoped it was cool Your guilty pleasures made you a fool

Donna Lewis - Love him lyrics

the cool earth you are the city lights you are the jewel ... forever in my sight you with the strong ... heart you with the trusting words you shutting your

Alexander Arthur (june) - Every day i have to cry lyrics

was a little girl I had planned to marry This ... was my love I didn't want to share it I ... thought that love would make my life bright and ... sunny She said she couldn't love me 'cause I didn't have no

Combichrist - Every day is war lyrics

lt;it's time for evolution it's time to break away away ... from urban decay no time for absolution no time for ... crowd control we've gotta do it away we rise and we fall

Ne-yo - Every day with love ft. sonna rele lyrics

hug, two kisses and a warm smile Tell somebody you don’t ... know that you like their style Trade shoes with ... someone,and walk a full mile When you get to where you

The Rasmus - Every day lyrics

get along it's like magic has come between us We did it all first and now everybody ... s gotta learn to survive gotta learn to stay alive ... Now you say that you are blowing yourself away I know well

Per Gessle - Every day outside my window lyrics

day outside my window Every day she passes by I used to be a ... person Before she came into my life Every night I ... keep on dreamin' Every night I take her home We always go

Stevie Nicks - Every day lyrics

t keep me hangin' on a string Tell me what I feel is no ... big thing Don't turn away I'm listening Over and over ... again Don't give me visions to explain There are no

Conditions - Every day is a new life lyrics

see it every time that I'm walking around Too many ... broken faces pointed straight to the ground A brand new ... beaten posture that is built by the weight Of a brand

Conditions - Every day is a new life (acoustic) lyrics

see it every time that I'm walking around Too many ... broken faces pointed straight to the ground A brand new ... beaten posture that is built by the weight Of a brand

Pyogenesis - Every day lyrics

morning, every day Same old patterns, what you ... challange, no more hypes Live your life in stereotypes Live your life, it is your your ... there's just past Don't you miss some special things like a

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Every day is yours to win lyrics

and the talk (talk) and the tick tock clock (clock) With ... the roll (roll) and the bridge (bridge) and the toll ... (toll) With the brilliance (brilliance), and the light (light) and the stink (stink), and the fight (fight)

Hotel Books - Every day, the same lyrics

down aisles of vintage stores and peacefully window shopping Stalking the nightmare that cuts your core ... and keeps you sobbing He could be anywhere ... you and you just don't know it The person who ended your

The Saints - Every day´s a holiday, every night´s a party lyrics

time, neon sign, synthetic grin Fast cars, drag bars, ice in my gin Discotheques were ... all the rage, dancing til two Champagne and misery ... you? Let's have another drink Let's have another drink

Jake Miller - Day without your love lyrics

took my heart when I was 15 I love everything about you ... And now I honestly can't see Going a single day without you You ... are the air I breathe You are my everything Baby come and follow me Till the end of the world I won

Afx - Every day lyrics

get me another tie, get me another shirt, get ... Oh, get me another tie, get me another shirt, get ... Daaaaayyyyy cuz have things piling over me have too many things and we having.. well my

Grand Magus - Every day there's a battle to fight lyrics

Who chose that way? Conformity or safety Questioning your ... sanity is brave You`re not a slave, ... stale and cold Too many die inside and fold Everyday

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Every day's like christmas lyrics

of you Thinking of all that you do to me ... Out of the blue All that I hope But live without it ... Fell into fume And to the light that moved right through

Santa Hates You - Every day we die lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Laura Pausini - Every day is a monday lyrics

like I've been frozen in time And I'm looking for an ... easy way To get on with my life But I know, you're the ... one to tell I´ve been putting on a masquerade I ain't

Chava Alberstein - כל יום אני מאבדת every day i lose lyrics

כל יום, כל יום בכל רחוב כשהוא עובר קרוב קרוב לרגע קט ואווילי אני שלו והוא שלי אני כבר חשה את שפתיו ומלטפת פאותיו הוא כבר שלי, אך תוך שניה הוא נעלם כלא היה כ...

Ill Niño - Every day lyrics

blinded I try to gather all my thoughts ... Just need to, lay restless lying broken Then why, must I ... turn and not listen to lies And confront anything that

Sick Puppies - Every day lyrics

away so long I don't remember my face That ... s how long it's been I'd like to tell you what I'm facing ... now But it ruins everything Been away so long I don

Donna Lewis - Will love grow lyrics

wonder if you're feeling I wonder if you know I wonder ... if you're feeling The change I can't ... help myself I'm falling I'm going weaker at the knees

Reba Mcentire - Every other weekend (ft. kenny chesney) lyrics

Reba:] Every other Friday It's toys and clothes and ... backpacks Is everybody in, Okay, let's go see dad ... Same time in the same spot Corner of the ... same old parking lot Half the hugs and kisses there are always sad We

Chiodos - One day women will all become monsters lyrics

i live to see you again i'll take out my eyes with this I have no way, and in ... consequence want no sight i've tried my hardest to forget ... every connection always being the blind villain my end

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - Love like crazy lyrics

know I'm in love like crazy People wanna ask ... s up, what's up They say I'm doin' way too much, too ... much I say I just can't get enough, enough ... 'Cause I'm in love like crazy I tell it everywhere

Trip Lee - Give him glory lyrics

Yeah, Yeah Hey, if they only knew, man. (Let's ... git it) I with it (Come on) I with it (What it do) I with it (Let's git it) I with it ... But don't worry about who I am, man. 'Cause I ain't nothing but a tool for God's glory.

Kamelot (usa) - Love you to death lyrics

they met she was fifteen Like a black rose blooming wild ... already knew she was gonna die "What's tomorrow ... without you? This is our last goodbye"

Colbie Caillat - Him or you lyrics

s a sinking ship, you're a shining star Him I want to ... steady rock, but you're a blazing fire He would hold me every night, but you would take me ... higher No matter what I do, I can't have two Tell me,

Estelle - She will love lyrics

man needs a woman in his life Every man needs a lady by ... his side Someone to support him through the tough times, ... through the fight Someone who can lift him

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