Ever Since A Youngin I’ve Always Wanted To Be Icy So Icy lyrics

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Ice-t - Always wanted to be a ho lyrics

Intro] This goes out to all you ladies out there. A ... lot of you won't grow up to be lawyers or doctors, but you ... have a dream. And I think you should follow

Kim Lucas - To be you (remix) lyrics

be you To be you Everybody needs somebody Even if ... it's just a friend If nobody's there for ... you to give A hand then I will lend I can see ... in your mind Open up to me and you will find You've a

George Jones - A man i always wanted to meet lyrics

was thrilled to death the day that Babe Ruth signed my baseball bat I always remember ... that, the greatest one of all When I was out in ... Hollywood John Wayne tipped his cowboy hat And

Daniel Lioneye - I have never wanted to be number one lyrics

have always known Never been alone Always running back to ... you I am kinda proud Of everything I've found But now its ... time to throw it all away Its always happening to

Melvins - Ever since my accident lyrics

since my accident From her throat to ... her lips And it's wild, is the wild ... Well I stand all alone like a tree All alone I stand

Harry Nilsson - I guess the lord must be in new york city lyrics

ll say goodbye to all my sorrow And by tomorrow I'll be ... on my way I guess the Lord must be in ... New York City I'm so tired of getting nowhere ... Seein' my prayers goin' unanswered I guess the Lord must

Lucinda Williams - I just wanted to see you so bad lyrics

drove my car in the middle of the night ... I just wanted to see you so bad The road was dark but the ... stars were bright I just wanted to see you so bad It

Kyla La Grange - To be torn lyrics

God, I'm stuck. They are hell bent on us, and I've ... got nothing to offer you. My skin trembles, ... it wants to be used. Oh God, I'm thrown. ... I am only happy on my own. My heart grows

Tom Odell - Supposed to be lyrics

on the rooftop Watching the birds flying free ... Watching the clouds walk And watching the rain become ... the sea Hearing my love talk Every breath she ever breathes Like it was always

Manic Street Preachers - The girl who wanted to be god lyrics

just silence You could see that she was true and faithless ... But see through the future and forget all the lies Black ... out the words for the blind have eyes I am the girl who wanted to be God I am the girl

Infected Mushroom - Wanted to lyrics

in the end I failed in so many plans Wanted to be sure I ... care and I want some more Little things in life ... And some pleasures that I was denied I feel satisfied That I left all my past

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - I wanted to be wrong lyrics

where I come from you know what I feel you're Yul Brenner ... from the field. I threw it into reverse, made a motion to ... repeal. You kicked my legs from

Kim Lucas - To be you lyrics

be you To be you Everybody needs somebody Even if ... it's just a friend If nobody's there for ... you To give a hand then I will lend I can ... in your mind Open up to me and you will find You've a

Lastletters. - The future is fading/the past is still beggin.. lyrics

put my love in the ground before I ever met my love and Ive convinced myself that nothing ... on this earth will ever be enough.” So when the petals fall upon your chest and the earth makes do of what is left,

Roses For Raychael - I is for i want to be with you... lyrics

Right now the only thing I can say is, I hope you wake up ... one day And realise that what you’ve done only leaves ... yourself to blame I fought endlessly for you

The Lighthouse Family - Lifes a dream lyrics

you gonna do with your Life? When you ... gonna spend your time? The way ... that you've always wanted When you gonna make up ... your mind? You won't get anywhere until You know what

Nb Ridaz - Ever since the first time lyrics

wanna love you Like you never been loved before baby ... [Chorus: Angelina] Ever since the first time I looked into ... I knew right then we would never be apart And ever since the

Rachel Sermanni - Ever since the chocolate lyrics

had a chocolate bar, the finest you could find, ... It swallowed up my mind and I was free to find you. ... Keepers beckoned from their doors, ... Syrup glass, marshmallow floors but I slipped

Ashley Parker Angel - Wanted lyrics

here on the bed Can we talk about nothing Pictures in my ... head 'Cause we know whats coming Whatever it takes ... Wherever it takes us Can I always find you here Outside

Four Year Strong - Come on bessie slow and steady lyrics

s perfect, or so they say But it's hard to see it ... Turn out that way To keep it going, to keep it ... going, breathing breathe deep, breathe deep Try to

Cardiant - Ever since lyrics

time the morning comes The wall is always higher Desire stands still Every time you try to be awake The see-through ... smile reminds you That your place is in the darkened room With a girl who'd

Mekong Delta - Ever since time began lyrics

back in ancient days I took the shape of a golden idol ... front on me Worshipped me prayed to me I saw the greed in ... eyes [Chorus]: Longing - fame and fortune Yearning -

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - I witness lyrics

The Desert Of The Burning Dark, A Darkness Which Illuminates You, There's A Place You ... ve Always Wanted To Be, Whose Pleasures Always Did ... Escape You, It's Always Been So Out Of Reach, Nothing, So Near Ever Felt So Far And

Etta Bond - King to be lyrics

Verse 1] Maybe you're my king to be Cause ... out the queen in me You make me wanna hide my body ... unless it's you that sees Maybe you're a king to be So I'm

Katie Costello - Ever since the stork came lyrics

since the stork came We've heard of scholarly pride And passionate drive Every since ... the stork came We've held the flag at ... highest highs Looked at by dishonest eyes And now

Hoodie Allen - So much closer (feat. rocky business) lyrics

need you so much closer, I need you na na now. I need you na na now. ... I need you so much closer, I need you na na now. I need you na na now. ... I know we got a ways to go, but lately I've been

Pixie Lott - I only want to be with you lyrics

don't know what it is that makes love you so I only know I ... never want to let you go, 'Cause you started something, can ... t you see?! Ever since we met you've had a hold on

Bay City Rollers - I only want to be with you lyrics

don't know what it is that makes me love you so I only ... know I never want to let you go Cause you started ... something Oh can't you see Ever since we met you've had a

Between The Trees - The fort lyrics

we had one opportunity One chance just a chance to go and ... we were young, when we were Best friends running through the ... woods And we were acting like we're lost just to

Chicago - Flight 602 lyrics

are on a plane now And on you way up north Canada ... is so far from where you want to be Be in California, with ... sunshine in your heart But you know ther are

Harry Styles lyricsHarry Styles - Ever since new york lyrics

me something, tell me something You don’t know ... just pretend you do I need something, tell me something new ... Choose your words 'cause there's no antidote For

Megan And Liz - To be wanted ft. plug in stereo lyrics

don’t know what you got so you just give it away To anyone who’s lookin’ Makes ... your heart wanna stop when he refuses to stay Oh, ... oh So save your love for somebody who earns it Don’t cave because all the wait’ll be

Diana Ross - So you wanted to see the wizard lyrics

you wanted to meet the wizard Let me tell you that you ... ve come to the right place Shall i make you a frog or a lizard You should see the strange ... expression on your face If the way i come on is

Maywood - I only want to be with you lyrics

I don't know what it is that makes me love you so. I ... only know I never want to let you go. 'cause you started something, oh can't you ... see? That ever since we met, you've got a hold on

Cat Power - Song to bobby lyrics

wanna tell you I've always wanted to tell you But I never ... had the chance to say What I feel in my heart from the beginning till my till my dying ... day I was fifteen, sixteen maybe In

Avenue Q - It sucks to be me lyrics

MONSTER Morning, Brian! BRIAN Hi, Kate Monster. ... KATE MONSTER How's life? BRIAN Disappointing! KATE ... MONSTER What's the matter? BRIAN The caterine

Diana Ross - So they say lyrics

I think about all the love and fun that we used to have ... There's no doubt that I do miss your touch And all the good times and the bad ... But I, I realize that we were not meant to be So

Pennywise - Still can be great lyrics

time you try to change something always goes wrong And by the time you figure it ... out everything you wanted was gone do you know there is a ... way to be everything you always wanted to be Can I Say if

Artvox - I'll be free lyrics

trying to find the truth Oh I feel so ... naked In this place You, you can be the first ... one Who will hear my song Of loneliness ... I always wanted to be free To find real freedom

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Always run to you lyrics

ten Out on the streets again I been looking for something to please me since I ... don't know when Out on the dark side of town Another ... rumble's gone down And life on the high side isn't

New Order lyricsNew Order - Run wild lyrics

hearts Empty spaces Dusty roads To distant places But all ... the time When I'm alone I think of you And how ... you've grown Far and wide Sweet and simple

Eddie Rabbitt - Both to each other (friends and lovers) lyrics

would you say if I told you I've always wanted to ... hold you I don't know what we're afraid of Nothing ... would change if we made love So I'll be your ... friend and I'll be your lover 'Cause I know in

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Every part of me lyrics

oh I feel like I'm a million miles away From ... myself More and more these days I've been down So many ... open roads But they never lead me home And now I just don

Kataklysm - To reign again lyrics

conquered all but still we're searching ... for blood To thirst the quench a thousand ... years old I want to hear the screams of nation's ... colliding Soaked in sorrow, the fate of tomorrow

Mewithoutyou - Be still, child lyrics

said my goodbyes to the sun my little one, so far away. And how strange, how ... small we must become yet as familiar as yesterday The ... bluest iris that I'd ever seen She vanished like a dream, sinking back into the

Queen - Let me entertain you lyrics

- it's a sellout Hey - let me ... welcome you ladies and gentlemen I would like to say hello Are you ready for ... some entertainment? Are you ready for a show?

Queen - Let me entertain you (live) lyrics

- it's a sellout Hey - let me ... welcome you ladies and gentlemen I would like to say hello Are you ready for ... some entertainment? Are you ready for a show?

Adelitas Way - Different kind of animal lyrics

you feel your future set in stone? Do you fear the thought ... of the unknown? Here's to the nights that'll change ... your whole life Here's to the times we'll go and give

Blackmore's Night - Be mine tonight lyrics

mine tonight We'll travel through all our memories ... In our own little space in time You've always been mine Through the years ... I feel your love beside me Through the laughter

Cock Sparrer - Time to be me lyrics

you think you're gonna cause a splash You're gonna make some cash You're gonna open every door With the wind in your ... hair and the sun on your face Everything's gonna fall into place You're so sure And

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Can it be all so simple lyrics

Raekwon the Chef] (Can it be that it was all so simple ... then) KnowhatI'msayin, take you on this lyrical high real quick Nineteen ninety three ... exoticness KnowhatI'msayin, let's get technical

Ani Difranco - Not so soft lyrics

a forest of stone Underneath the corporate canopy Where ... the sun rarely filters down The ground ... is not so soft Not so soft They build buildings to

King Kobra - Breakin' out lyrics

King Kobra] [Chorus:] Breakin' out ... And I'm singin' it from the heart Bustin' out I'm bustin' ... out of this empty shell Breakin' out Sit alone and

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - To be wanted lyrics

move your hand across my neck You trace your ... hand across my cheek And all is said, though we never ... speak To be Wanted ... To Want I want to be wanted, to want I move my hand across

Reach The Shore - Nothing to do here lyrics

s time to leave Finally be myself I'll discard the ... rest As free as I was down yesterday No more ... duty, no more chore All these burdens are just

Jay Sean - Come with me lyrics

I wake up in the morning I see Everybody's looking at me ... Whispering and talking, pointin fingers at me ... What is it that they want me to be Can't keep up this fight

Set Your Goals - To be continued... lyrics

time, we've got a first class motive. we should start. ... i wrote it long ago and never wrote it off. try and we ... might. don't and... let's take this

Atmosphere - To all my friends lyrics

I saw the sign in the window, for ... the job Yeah I got a high school education, but that's all Skills? You wanna ... know if I got some skills? Yeah I got some skills This goes

Emmylou Harris - To daddy lyrics

never seemed to miss the finer things of life ... If she did she never did say so to daddy She never wanted to ... be more than a mother and a wife If she did she never

No Brake - Be yourself lyrics

can go only with the fashion You can hide your only ... expression You can follow everyone who´s "special" ... Separated from yourself You can

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