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Even Though You Gone Away My Heart Has Gone With You lyrics

Browse for Even Though You Gone Away My Heart Has Gone With You song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Even Though You Gone Away My Heart Has Gone With You lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Even Though You Gone Away My Heart Has Gone With You.

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Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - You're breaking my heart again lyrics

I stand, alone with my dreams Trying to forget all ... How can I lie and fool myself Knowing just how much I ... feel for you This time won't be the ... How come I just can't get away from you It hurts so good

Aaron Carter - You get to my heart lyrics

to believe in I turn to you And you never ever let me ... down You always come through And I ... just wanna thank you for The way you make me make ... feel, heyyy Baby you get to my heart The deepest

Massad - My heart won't let you go lyrics

you're on my mind, but my mind's playing tricks on me ... It won't delete your face from my, my, my memory ... I wish that I could just let you know But there's something

The P****warmers - My time has gone lyrics

me to be what I wanted to be my parents always told me to be ... had wanted to do and now my time has gone I was ... i'll achieve before I'll pass away I was thinking about the

Saara Aalto - You had my heart lyrics

a lie I guess I closed my eyes No, I'll never turn ... hit the ground than lose my breath and drown to ... everything you said, those things, they make ... me weak You said I'd fall apart like I

LeathermØuth - My lovenote has gone flat lyrics

eyes are burning red, and thoughts of murder run through my ... head. Oh my eyes are bloodshot red, put ... a bullet right through my head. I am my own bomb,

Paul Brandt - My heart has a history lyrics

heart has a history Of hurtin' those ... mean the most to me Before you get too close to me I think you oughta know While other hearts are holdin' on While other

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - You were in my heart lyrics

things get wild Demons sleep with me in bed I can feel their ... When darkness gets around my head Sometimes I go blind ... But you were in my heart While the evil eye was

Mark Knopfler - My heart has never changed" (deluxe + box set.. lyrics

waitress Made me think about your smile I tip her a ten spot ... Since we’ve been apart But my heart don’t feel like leaving ... Or you won’t leave my heart Now and then I might take A

Tim Mcmorris - You’ve got my heart lyrics

away with me Come, lets go away to be On a new adventure for ... care as long as it’s beside you Take a road trip in a car ... I’ll just sit and stare into Your loving face graced with

Brenda Lee - You only broke my heart lyrics

for the moment I see you in someone else's arms I've ... mastered my emotions Since we've been ... apart You think I'm lonely But you ... only broke my heart. If they'd just make a

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - You know me lyrics

how I like it’s joyless Only you know me I'm doin' fine ... sun often shines What are you thinking? At the worst of my ... mind With this thunderbird wine Baby,

Naomi King - My heart beats for you lyrics

ever go through I've seen my dreams Before my eyes The ... But no one told me how my heart could ache And you never ... warned me you'd make it go away I've learnt to feel love

Dark Illusion - My heart cries out for you lyrics


R5 - Heart made up on you lyrics

my heart made up on you Oooh, oooh, oooh You said ... what you said When words are knives, ... to forget But something in my head wouldn't reset Can't ... give up on us yet No, wo-oh Your love was so real It pulled

Belinda Carlisle - My heart goes out to you lyrics

see the tears you cry They're tears I cannot ... dry Know what you're going through My heart ... goes out to you There's nothing I can say ... To take your pain away I'm not sure what to do My heart goes out to you You know I

Joe Budden - My heart will wait lyrics

be easy. Five-thousand miles with traffic of you in my mind, ... there'll be glory. Girl you don't need to worry; Cause my heart will wait. My heart

Kill It Kid - Heart rested with you lyrics

twisted like gold. When my heart, Rested with you. (x3) You were the softest spoken girl, ... as ice cut pearls. When my heart, Rested with you. (x3) You were always on my mind,

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - You're still my man lyrics

the day that you left me You said, you had no regrets ... s a bond between us That hasn't been broken yet And the ... Will never disappear How can you be far away? When your

Reo Speedwagon - Cant get you out of my heart lyrics

Can't get you out of my heart, can't get you out of my soul ... When i get next to you, all i get is out of control ... Can't get you out of my head, i've memorized every

B. B. King - You're breaking my heart lyrics

re breakin' my heart baby, and there ain't a damn ... thing I can do Yes, you got me wringin' my hands and ... cryin' baby, well, you're breakin' my heart in two

George Jones - You're in my heart lyrics

way Every minute of the day you're in my heart As I go down ... Please believe me when I say you're in my heart. Nothing ... dear could change my mind You're in myt heart to stay all

Doro Pesch - You gonna break my heart lyrics

as the breeze You do as you please And it's driving me ... no, I don't mind Somehow you're my kind You intrigue and ... Cause there's something about you I just can't say no to

Project Pitchfork - You rest in my heart lyrics

leave this sphere There is my question in the space But ... A thousand questions in my heart Like where to begin and how ... Hundreds of years rest in my heart But where to begin and how

Haddaway - You're taking my heart lyrics

re taking my heart, You're taking my soul, And you ... re taking my body Girl, I'm losing ... control. You're taking my heart, You're taking my soul, Now

Sean Maguire - My heart won't let you go lyrics


Harry Nilsson - You're breakin' my heart lyrics

re breakin' my heart You're tearing it apart So f*** you All I want to do is have a ... good time now I'm blue You won't boogaloo, Run down to ... have a dance or two, ooohhh You're breakin' my heart, You're

The Hollies - My life is over with you lyrics

You wanna explain, that's why you ... called Save your breath it doesn't matter at ... all Not now, my friend You played your cards and you ... made your choice I don't wanna listen

Jennifer Hudson - My heart lyrics

s up girl? Let me holler at you for a second I just want you ... never meant anything to me You're the only one for me You ... I should ask Not about your past 'cause I don't care who

Clutch - Gone cold lyrics

chains Can't seem to recall My true given name I see my ... Or only a moment ago? My heart has gone I've gone cold My heart has gone I've gone cold

Robert Plant - Even this shall pass away lyrics

and these are they, "Even this shall pass away." ... Brought him pearls to match with these; But he counted not ... the king would say; "Even this shall pass away."

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The horror has gone lyrics

horror has gone, it's become the darkness ... The horror has gone, it's become the darkness ... The horror has gone, the horror has gone The ... fear in my heart has gone forever after The fear in my

Ray Lamontagne - Gone away from me lyrics

There was a time when we were young I used to make her laugh ... But life is long, my love has gone away from me Gone away from me Gone away from me

Mary J Blige - My love lyrics

oh Baby Whatcha gonna do Baby My, my, my love [Verse 1] I was ... a fool to let you in Knowing you would play with my heart But ... that was so long ago that I Thought we could make a new start You left me broken hearted From

Device - You think you know lyrics

I really don’t give a f*** if you believe me I can see that you were not the one to confide ... in I cannot abide by you anymore Can you shut, down ... up, yeah, better believe me. You aren’t heard anymore You

Madame Macabre - Heart has value (a hobo heart themed song) lyrics

frivolous laughter, such heartache It isn't right don't ... like this end badly Do you believe that your heart has ... value? that your heart has value that your heart has

Massari - Gone away lyrics

Verse 1] its on my mind to sit around and thnk ... about it Massari you kno i like you so ima gonna ... sing about it Gone i put my living inside you and dream

Mikaila - My heart cant let you go lyrics

alone In the stillness of my room Silence fills the room ... Where I once held you There's a breeze around me ... It's tearing me apart My Heart can't let you go Though I

Evan Jared - In love with you lyrics

can't help myself girl 'cause, I'm in love with you And all you do is drive ... me crazy, I'm in love with you And even though they come ... around, I'm in love with you No I don't give a f***

A Pale Horse Named Death - As black as my heart lyrics

up and falling down, My world is burning to the ... ground, And left with a hollow soul nothing left to ... save, Put me back in my grave, Nothing as black

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Welcome to my heart (never gone) lyrics

falls I thought I heard you call Or was it just a dream ... I'm a little scared knowing you're out there So far away ... It's been so long since you've been gone Every day I

Pertness - My will is broken lyrics

words are poisoning my mind Your doll face blinds my eyes ... Denial of the truth Until my will is broken You tell it ... comes from inside I hate my inner self Denial of the

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - God be with you lyrics

truth will ever hide Even though I tried They tried to take my pride But they only took my ... from me They only took my father Even though I cried Even though I tried again God

Jared Evan - In love with you lyrics

Chorus (2x):] I can't help myself girl cause I'm in love with ya* And all you do is drive ... me crazy I'm in love with ya And even though they come ... around I'm in love with you No I don't give a f*** about

Hanson - With you in your dreams lyrics

I'm gone when you wake up Please don't cry ... And if I'm gone when you wake up It's not goodbye ... at this time as a time Of heartbreak and distress Remember

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Tight connection to my heart has anybody seen.. lyrics

to move fast And I couldn't with you around my neck I said I ... d send for you and I did What did you ... expect ? My hands are sweating And we ... haven't even started yet I'll go along with the charade Until I can

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - With you lyrics

cold of the static, and put my cold feet on the floor ... mistake, slow to react So even though you’re so close to me ... You’re still so distant And I

Iron Mask - My angel is gone lyrics

No matter how I try I fail Without a ray of hope Warmth ... to cold I have to cope with this great loss For my ... angel is gone My angel is gone, my angel is gone My angel

Pandora - I welcome you lyrics

met a new man in my life and baby that's you ... Didn't like you from the beginning that's ... true But I welcome you Yes I welcome you I broke ... up my engagement and I packed my bags for you Don't ask me

Reel Big Fish - I dare you to break my heart lyrics

s something wrong. I don't even know you yet But I know ... what you want to do to me. My latest dream girl, My ... love-affair? I gotta tell you now, I just cannot allow,

Cain's Offering - My heart beats for no one lyrics

this scarlit skies Where you and me are but a stillborn ... be a brand new dawn Can you tell me Where is my home ... and Where is my haven Where is the heart My name has been graven in? You´re still a saint in my eyes

Chuck Berry - My heart will always belong to you lyrics

darling, you should know That I'm really, ... really in love with you Although you don't belong to me, ... darling My heart will always belong to you ... That will always remind me of you I know I'll never forget you

Caliban - My time has come lyrics

fought my way through the darkest days ... I believed in something more You are guilty for This ... darkness you gave my everyday Everytime you ... pushed me away The coldness you had shown me everyday You'll

Persephone - My music is gone lyrics

music is gone My music is gone I can`t hear my heart I can ... t hear my life My lips closed forever `Cause my music is gone My music is gone My music is gone I can`t

Queen - My life has been saved lyrics

dear friends Your love has gone Only tears to dwell upon I ... Lord I thank the Lord above, my life has been saved Yeah ... page oh Oh Lord I thank You from above, my life has been

Sentenced - Cross my heart and hope to die lyrics

your death Everything has felt so meaningless and vain ... the will to live Love, your death Ripped my heart right ... out and since you went away Life´s had nothing more to

Joan Armatrading - My baby's gone lyrics

baby's gone My baby's gone away My baby's gone My baby's gone away Come back baby come ... Come back baby come back My baby's gone My baby's gone away My baby's gone My baby's gone away Come back baby come

Mando Diao - You cant steal my love lyrics

was walking down the street with my chains chains chains ... tied up to my feet I leaned instead of ... jiggie with the sidewalk Now this ... same old boring tale that has failed in so many ways of

Saint Deamon - My heart lyrics

endless fight I've got myself to blame But you should ... It's time to say goodbye My heart bleeds for you My heart greed's the truth Too much ... and it's all because of you My heart sacrifice My heart

Mirah - You've gone away enough lyrics

the light takes you in Will you know where you've been all ... At the edge of a cliff You could almost just slip down ... there's so much to do Don't you wish you could make up your

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