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Eminem Ft. 2pac Pull The Trigger lyrics

Browse for Eminem Ft. 2pac Pull The Trigger song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Eminem Ft. 2pac Pull The Trigger lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Eminem Ft. 2pac Pull The Trigger.

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Carnal Forge - Pull the trigger lyrics

It Go Restless Souls Rule The World With Their Bare Hands ... I Feel No Fear As I Face The Gun I Pulled The Trigger, ... Slave To Your Own Restraint The Obsessions Of Carnal Lust

Poisonblack - Pull the trigger lyrics

ends, no matter what you do There's no escape, soon it will ... Cause not a single word they will believe Everyone ... waits for you to pull the trigger Everyone's cheering for you

Eidolon - Pull the trigger lyrics

- as the rain keeps falling down ... Waiting - for the pain to knock me down Malign ... at your peace and glory The naked truth - fish-hooked in ... your halo-story The grand illusion - will you

Blitzkrieg - Pull the trigger (satan cover) lyrics

night is out and the lights fade, And I’m alone ... in the street, Running round in a ... Don’t know where I’m going, There’s nothing left to live for,

Blitzkrieg - Hair trigger (pull the trigger part 2) lyrics

time he pulled the trigger, he aimed it at himself, ... he would be, Kill for the highest bidder, now he'll ... take aim, shoot kill Hair Trigger. Contacts signed and

Dismember - As i pull the trigger lyrics

are these visions that trouble my ... do whatever it takes to send them out of my head Goodbye to the world Cannot find final ... words The dark shadows disappear As I pull the

Danger Silent - To pull the trigger lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Phillip Phillips - Trigger lyrics

heard the words come out of your mouth ... far away From this fear that pulls me near? Will you take it ... Inside your hand it holds the question to it all You start

Anne-marie lyricsAnne-marie - Trigger lyrics

our history is scattered on the floor Blurring all the enemy ... lines We're too far from the start to remember Why there ... tired of fighting Put the gun down, do the right thing

Shinee - Trigger lyrics

simjanggwa songgeute georrin trigger ddeorrimdeuri meomchumyeon ... now sijakhae ja shoot the gun i akmongeun got geutna ... nal hwanyeonghae tonight Pull the trigger Come on baby Pull

Redman - Eminem feat redman - off the wall lyrics

m gon keep doin my thing [Eminem] I'm almost as famous as fat ... Aguilera When I grab her by the hair and drag her across the ... of this rap terrorist with a therapist With a hair up his ass

Like Vultures - The monster (eminem ft rihanna cover) lyrics

m friends with the monster that's under my bed ... Get along with the voices inside of my head You ... think I'm crazy I wanted the fame, but not the cover of

Dagoba - The white guy (suicide) (feat. ics vortex) lyrics

this face you hate Even the darkest sky seems to cry ... - fill your glass Smoke another cigarette (least but not ... )... Memories drive away the lies The dawn always

Skylar Stecker - Eminem ft. rihanna - the monster ft. mattybra.. lyrics

Skylar) I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed ... Get along with the voices inside of my head You ... crazy (MattyB) I wanted the fame, but not the cover of

Inkt - Trigger lyrics

how we do. can you see me? There is no time to stop. Sō sa ... nda Get back in time again. There is no need to lie. ... Samayoi aruita toki o komete Pull the trigger!! Atama n chū

Jackson United - Trigger happy lyrics

at the ending You should give up ... A losing battle never ending The beginning of your war There's s no backing down now An ... way out Still clinging to the door Y'know you laugh when

Accept lyricsAccept - The quick and the dead lyrics

hand is winding the clock in your head Tensions ... rise, push the needle to red Pick up the ... What now lies in between the hunter and the prey Set ... sail, apart from the rest, let nothing get in your

Ledapple - The monster - eminem (ft. rihanna) (ledapple:.. lyrics

m friends with the monster that's under my bed ... Get along with the voices inside of my head You ... think I'm crazy I wanted the fame, but not the cover of

Morcheeba - Trigger hippie lyrics

in, drop out of love, Pull the trigger, I'm a hippie, So ... Alive and well, You push the buttons. Standing in line ... of fire, For the whole, My soul, Step codes,

Insyderz - Trigger happy lyrics

this world's going down the tubes With gangs and guns and ... drug abuse For the moment whatcha got to lose ... of me? Wake up and smell the coffee Any punk can point and

Asking Alexandria - The irony of your perfection lyrics

One shot One bullet in the back of my head And it came ... from the bottom of your heart You ... couldn't find the words to tell me So you ... shot me What better than the kiss of a 9mm To promote the heartbreak? Goodbye to the paramour notes We used to

Blue Cheer - The hunter lyrics

call me the Hunter And that's my name A ... I bought me a love gun Just the other day And I aim To aim ... Ain't no use to hide No there ain't no use to run 'Cause

Tracy Bonham - The one lyrics

sleep the day away giving you all I can ... to wash my hand You're the one that froze the sun Say ... you love me as you pull the trigger Better today rather than

Eldritch - The fire lyrics

and burns away your faith The fire coming from below Pull the trigger make a clean complete ... Burn, don’t speak Feel the heat Burn, don’t move Feel the groove… DOES IT LOOK LIKE

Nightstalker - Trigger happy lyrics

a damn Damn, damn What the motherf*** you’re doing ... stay high Damn, damn What the motherf*** you’re doing ... I’ve got it Who cares about the flesh you wear I’m gonna

Nasum - The new firing-squad lyrics

pull the trigger, they aim to kill Exam - condemn ... - destroy! They do it all for the excitement They'll come ... when you least expect it - The new firing-squad! He pulled his trigger, he aimed to

Cage - The trigger effect lyrics

when it came they thought the safeguards remained oh no! They knew that others had told them so Anarchy in the streets ... begins to grow The blackness made all our morals

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - The stage lyrics

yours meeting in this dance Pull the trigger I'm ready it's

69 Chambers - The peep hole lyrics

seven indignities Through the peephole You’ve got gun ... control Now pull the trigger, turn on the light I’ll be ... your target for the rest of the night I won’t protest, you

Distillers - The young crazed peeling lyrics

sad side city streets Well the birds have been freed from their cages I got freedom and my ... I grew up on Bell St. then on Bennett St. My mom ... penury Working single mother in an urban struggle Blames

Elton John lyricsElton John - The ballad of danny bailey lyrics

Bailey In cold blood, in the lobby of a downtown motel ... he couldn't handle Helped pull the trigger that cut short ... his life And there's not many knew him the way

Imagika - The hit lyrics

play Focused come what may The right price has led me to ... I am immune to your pleas Pull the trigger with ease ... I do not pass judgment On the crimes you've commit Quiet

Royal Deluxe - The payoff (kevin hart: what now? - trailer m.. lyrics

a match Let it go The fire catch Explode Blow ... That I won't cross This is the payoff! Oh! Oh! This is the ... lights Big city Smell the cash You know it's dirty

A Perfect Circle - The outsider lyrics

s just that this, this is not the way I'm wired So could you ... why You've given in to all these Reckless dark desires ... Think about it, put it on the faultline What'll it take to

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The elephunk theme lyrics

throw your hands up All the fly females make noise And ... throw your hands up All the fresh b-boys make noise All ... Flippa, mike trippa Rip up the show like i'm Jack the Rippa

Eighteen Visions - The critic lyrics

slit your throat. You're not the only one alone here. I see ... names without faces and the faces hid in fear. Have you ... ll spit it out. And you're the one with the scapegoat. And

Forevermore - The wide, the narrow lyrics

before I know how this ends Pull the trigger once again ... Following the crowd, it seems Is your new ... what it takes You'd die with them again It's true- there's

Albert King - The hunter lyrics

call me the hunter, that's my name A ... I bought me a love gun, just the other day And I aim to aim ... run 'Cause I've got you in the sights of my love gun The

Leander Rising - The devil's diary lyrics

on your tongue Taste of the cold gun that you hold Have ... god When I lift my eyes to the sky above I know you in all ... change your fate You lost the game, now you walk in shame

Neaera - The world devourers lyrics

Weapons not only kill their targets They also kill ... those who pull the trigger Violence - the language of the weak Let the pen be mightier ... than the sword Wartime absurdity Is

Skindred - The target lyrics

Pam We have to hit the target [8x] As were ... looking at the clock, we see the time is getting rougher Some ... of the people in my town even dem ... dem ah stinking scruff With there words demmer slander other

Defeater - The bite and sting lyrics

spent days in this trench in the snow Just my gun by my side. ... Up keeping watch at night. The bite and the sting The ... you that you're still alive The hope and the pride That we

Nofx - The decline lyrics

are all the stupid people from? And how ... d they get to be so dumb? Bred on ... (mans destiny) Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy) ... Fear of God The fear of change The fear of

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - The day i tried to live lyrics

woke the same as any other day Except a voice was in ... my head It said seize the day, pull the trigger, drop the blade And watch the rolling ... heads The day I tried to live I stole

Astral Doors - Pull the break lyrics

I knew that I'd won Turning the steel for the king and his ... crown Scared from the start, I could never be late ... Leaving the others for a lonely day You

Jonathan Coulton - Pull the string lyrics

you're onto something And they all want in But they don't ... know about the bad news You keep underneath ... your skin And they think you've got it all ... figured out But there's one thing you never talk

Senses Fail - Pull the thorns from your heart lyrics

t want to be suffocated by the weight Who was that person I ... be? Silent compassion break these chains of misery Scared to ... did everything I could to put the walls up I locked myself and

Baltimora - Pull the wires lyrics


Cannabis Corpse - Pull the carb lyrics

billows from the rib-cage My victims torso ... with smoke I am gripping the cadavers scalp A violent ... jerk removes the head My lungs inhale the ... killed you inside your home Then I filled your corpse with

Cloudscape - Pull the brake lyrics

Can't find a reason for all their stress. No point in ... understanding people on the run. Trying hard to cry ... out loud. Listen to the words I say. Try to pull the

I Prevail lyricsI Prevail - Pull the plug lyrics

wake me up Breathe in and breathe out, that’s ... what I tell myself When the voices inside say that I ... so cold and so numb? To the hope in my mind, to the fire

Death - Pull the plug lyrics

and wait to die Little do they know That I hear their ... of life End it now, it is the only way Too cruel, that is ... what they say Release me from this

Abomination - Pull the plug lyrics

infested lives In the night they seem to fly Never ending ... road to death Neveer near the home stretch Lack of ... guidance, sudden trust Will they soon forget the loss

Army Of The Pharaohs - Pull the pins out lyrics

Titled] yeah, haha turn the lights on, party's over motherf***ers celph titled the ... ammunition magician the esoterrorist its the army of ... [Celph Titled] back with the kill death murder you better

Geezer - Pull the string lyrics

plot Brought on by the enemies Full disgrace, all ... mind Who is blind to the anarchy in life Such a waste ... I’ll never trust you again Pull the string, yeah, I’m angry

Kid Cudi - The dream time machine ft. empire of the sun lyrics

& Dot Da Genuis) WZRD-The Dream Time Machine (KId Cudi ... & Dot Da Genuis) WZRD-The Dream Time Machine (KId Cudi ... & Dot Da Genuis) WZRD-The Dream Time Machine (KId Cudi

Tony Bennett - Ft. lady gaga - the lady is a tramp lyrics

(I'm starving) She loves the theater but she never comes late ... I never bother with people i hate That’s ... And I definitely won’t dish the dirt with the rest of those

Big Ali - Ft dollarman -hit the floor the power lyrics

time to play (3x) (I've got the power!) 2x Everybody hit the floor Lets get it on You ... Don't stop, come on Now hit the floor Lets get it on You

Method Man - The glide ft. raekwon, la the darkman & u-god lyrics

it is (Oh shit... that's the Wu niggaz man) aiyo ... [Raekwon] From out the air space, I'm rockin' leather pants in the tenth grade My ... pen blaze, now we in the wind gate, killin' haze Put

Sum 41 lyricsSum 41 - Pull the curtain lyrics

Where'd I go wrong?) Pull the curtain, begin Bear a noise, ... my eyes, realize I've become the victimized now Desensitized ... now The one and only day has come I

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