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Sirenia - Elixir lyrics

The riddle of life An elixir.. is all I need An elixir.. ... I beg and plead An elixir.. let me drink my fill Of ... this cure-all remedy An elixir.. I come undone An elixir..

Sabbat - Elixir de vie lyrics

all is lost, be void The elixir of life gives you a true hell ... many pains and tortures (repeat

Angelspit - Elixir lyrics

nectar will distort your body (liquor) We'll make you better ... nature fails reach for the elixir Boldly rush where angels won

Manic Street Preachers - Uk channel boredom lyrics

of self-love corruption UK channel boredom - tune in ... reception control UK channel boredom - underclass ... death smile of acceptance UK channel boredom - mainline on

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Uk '82 lyrics

of town and all run down UK 82 making love in her flat ... so are they americans UK 82 my guess is that you are ... s wrong with russian lads UK 82 just throw the body on

Poema Arcanvs - Elixir lyrics

Drink of this potion brought from the night Dark human night, your scent deep inside Of a sea in which thoughts fly Forgotten passions appear like stars in the...

Ghostemane - Elixir lyrics

up something to help me (Breathe

Mc Lars - Uk visa versa lyrics

Fab music scene, though, UK bands are ace, And you guys

The Kinks - Uk jive lyrics

K. O.K. gimme that U.K. Jive (Repeat) You gotta swing to ... U.K. O.K. Do that U.K. Jive (Repeat

Burial - Uk lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Clean Bandit lyricsClean Bandit - Uk shanty (with lily cole) lyrics

[Verse 1] January always brings a fear of creatures Strong-holdings and salt in places yet to heal Crying at the site of strings She was there when the...

Elixir ( Uk ) - All together again lyrics

The road is long & the times are hard Every hand you play has losing cards But we'll remember all the good things not the bad Yeah we'll remember Look...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Children of tomorrow lyrics

In another time, another century Four magic children did walk upon this land To keep us all from pain from sin and misery To bring us news again and make us understand T...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Dead man's gold lyrics

On the day that we set sail The sun rose on a shiny sea Spray fell in a misty veil And we were free We heard tales in the tavern We heard the legends told Of one man's ...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Edge of eternity lyrics

Don't ask me the question,you know I can't answer you that It's nobody's fault that we're both caught like rats in a trap You do as you're told,we're all her...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Hold high the flame lyrics

Remember the men The young and the old Who on Flanders Field Lay still and so cold Remember the men The aircrafts and crew Whose spirits and souls Still f...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Last rays of the sun lyrics

Was that the end,has time stood still ? Just a flash of light that shined so bright it turned night into day Am I alone,left all alone Or another weary trav...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Light in your heart lyrics

When you're all alone And needing some protection Seek the ways of thrith And follow their direction Look around It can be found You need a light in your heart A light ...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Llagaeran lyrics

Skin of oyster white,cascading flaxen hair Always sought but never found Green eyes shing bright with captivating stare Feel the shaking of the ground,she'll asto...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Louise lyrics

Louise the time has come to see things as they are It seems that even now I love you from afar Louise why could we never see Louise that it was not to be ...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Metal trance / visions of darkness lyrics

Cursed with second sight I see visions in the night Our future destiny It comes & shows itself to me In my mind's eye,I've seen it all Our fate,our des...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Pandora's box lyrics

I must leave you now my daughter With the key to all mankind Within there lies the sins of all creation And whatever happens to me You must promise me o...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Shadows of the night lyrics

Alone in darkened city streets You realise what people mean by fear You hear a distant ethnic tongue And warning signs start flashing crystal clear Night hunters,t...

Elixir ( Uk ) - She's got it lyrics

She walks like a panther,talks like a cat Fights like a lion with her claws in your back More precious than diamonds & softer than rain A kiss from her li...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Son of odin lyrics

When you're in danger You feel your life blood slip away Then you wonder Do the Gods hear you when you pray? But if you stand strong Don't let your spirit ever die T...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Sovereign remedy lyrics

Life is ebbing away from the king His evil son watches & waits in the wings His time has come,his father will die Up in the tower the sorcerer schemes Tire...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Starflight lyrics

Darkness is all around You won't know day from night Helpless there's no laws here There are no wrongs or rights On a starflight Your retro - rockers burn On a star...

Elixir ( Uk ) - The star of beshaan lyrics

Long ago they placed a charm Upon this jewel of the damned On any man who crossed his palm With the ancient Star of Beshaan Deep within there burns a ...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Treachery (ride like the wind) lyrics

To gain the king's glory They'll fabricate stories and lie They've offered me reasons But murder and treason, not I Must ride like the wind Treachery...

Elixir ( Uk ) - Trial by fire lyrics

As darkness draws near The coven appears Weaving together a spell All through the night Performing their rites Calling the demons from hell The prisoners they ...

Salad - Drink the elixir lyrics

will bother me Drink the Elixir With Saturn on the

Manian - Ravers in the uk lyrics

Mayday, mayday, ravers in the UK [2x] Jump, jump [3x] Put ... jump [3x] Ravers in the UK Here comes the beat, the ... Mayday, mayday, ravers in the UK [2x] Jump, jump [3x] Put

Ram ( Swe ) - The elixir lyrics

London 1888 Dr. Francis Tumblety: Heureka! The drops work according to my design, The dreaded hour glass of death no longer includes me The Grim Reaper: I can...

From Dawn To Fall - Alexis elixir lyrics

The things we love things we need Take my heart away I am standing here in front of you now Take my heart as a gift I am saying sorry The family we used to be ...

Haken - Celestial elixir lyrics

Oh, I still hear the angels' song whispered by a child that once belonged. With tears of joy so white, the colour of a restless night, more than a faint mem...

The Animals - Dimples (uk) lyrics

I love the way you walk Said I'm crazy 'bout your walk I love the way you talk When you're talkin' that talk I love the way you walk You're my baby Got my eye...

Luoti Mira - Anarchy in the uk lyrics

the IRA I thought it was the UK or just Another country

Alter Bridge - We don't care at all (uk bonus) lyrics

Crack the heart with true intentions Blood and scars and no redemption We’ve been a slave to your disaster Lost it all it doesn’t matter And we don’t care at all We...

Joshua Radin - I missed you [uk release special edition] lyrics

Oh oh oh Let me tell you about the way I roam I call the road my home So it makes for nights alone Without you Though I've travelled a million miles You'r...

Mis-teeq - Why? (uk garage mc radio edit) lyrics

We've Always Been So Close Together Doing Things That Only Best Friends Do Always There For One Another Through The Bad Times And The Good Tell me why It's a remix Chr...

Anna Tsuchiya - Anarchy in the uk lyrics

Right ! now ! ha ha ha ha ha I am an antichrist I am an anarchist Dont know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy the passer by cos i wanna be anarchy...

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Nowhere to go (uk bonus track) lyrics

save me, I'm fallin' again (yeah) Keep me from breakin' ... in a million pieces (In the end) In the end no ... matter what I do (oh, no) There's nowhere (nowhere),

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Helpless featuring pitbull (uk bonus track) lyrics

thing I said is I'm sorry (I'm sorry) Now I'm sitting

Butch Walker - That side of you [bonus itunes track & uk tra.. lyrics

Was it just a little too late to say Everything I wanted as you walked away Tell me, does he know how to move you like I do Is it just an easy way to say you...

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Hitsville uk lyrics

They cried the tears, they shed the fears, Up and down the land, They stole guitars or used guitars - So the tape would understand, Without even the slightest hope ...

House Of Pain - It ain't a crime (uk remix) lyrics

don't get caught [chorus (3x)] It ain't a crime if you ... called up his home boy Jose (word up) "Can I come ... crime if ya don't get caught (ha ha) [chorus] It ain't

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - A moment like this [uk bonus track] lyrics

for... A Moment like this (Some people wait a lifetime) ... For a moment like this (Some people wait a life time) ... A moment like this (Some people search forever)

Megadeth - Anarchy in the uk lyrics

Right now I am an Anti-Christ, and I am an anarchist. Don't know what I want, but I know how to get it, I want to destroy, possibly? Cause I want to be ...

New Order lyricsNew Order - Anarchy in the uk (the sex pistols cover) lyrics

Right now I am an anti-Christ And I am an anarchist Don´t know what I want, but I know how get it I want to destroy, possibly? ´Cause I want to be anarchy, no...

Mike Posner - Synthesizer (acoustic performance uk) lyrics

Don't synthesize her (synthesizer) Don't re-design ... her She's no prize for (she's no prize for) A ... synthesizer (synthesizer) Synthesizer Re-design

Reckless Love - Young n crazy (uk only exclusive bonus track) lyrics

What happened to the everyday drinkin? What happened to the crazy nights out? Where's the decadence? The lack of common sense? It was never gone So baby come along now ...

Shontelle - Evacuate my heart [us itunes / uk bonus track.. lyrics

Its a natural disaster but the news didn't warn me....me...me...me I let down all my walls thought it was okay to let you win...win..win..win Storm is coming ...

Shontelle - Licky (under the covers) [uk bonus track] lyrics

Turnin it anyway you want (any way you want it) You ... time And we could be lovers (we could be lovers) Under the ... covers (under the covers [x3]) C-c-covers covers c-c-covers

Shontelle - Stuck with each other [itunes/uk bonus track] lyrics

in love with each other (Stuck in love with each other) ... (In love with each other) [Akon] Yeah Now I can ... a part Cause it´s too late (too late, too late) There´s

Amy Winehouse lyricsAmy Winehouse - Addicted [japanese, uk & irish bonus track] lyrics

Tell your boyfriend next time he around To buy his own weed and don´t wear my shit down I wouldn´t care if bre would give me some more I´d rather him leave y...

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - A moment like this [uk bonus track] lyrics

for... A Moment like this (Some people wait a lifetime) ... For a moment like this (Some people wait a life time) ... A moment like this (Some people search forever)

Eurovision - Josh dubovie - that sounds good to me (uk) lyrics

How do I begin to imagine All the happy faces I'd like to see? The final destination, the sounds of celebration If I could find the opportunity So I wonde...

Abney Park - Two elixirs lyrics

morning He takes his first elixir It makes his brain speed up ... mood So he takes his next elixir And now he smiles and he ... swears he's gotta kick the elixirs Still he has to get through

The Shadows - The shadows final tour (part 8) lyrics

Shadows Final Tour (part 8) Alba 1961 The ... Shadows (UK #1) 1962 Out of The Shadows (UK #1) 1963 Greatest Hits ... (UK #2) [kompilace] 1964 Dance

The Shadows - The shadows final tour (part 1) lyrics

Shadows Final Tour (part 1) Alba 1961 The ... Shadows (UK #1) 1962 Out of The Shadows (UK #1) 1963 Greatest Hits ... (UK #2) [kompilace] 1964 Dance

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