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Noah Mac lyricsNoah Mac - Electric love (the voice performance) lyrics

she's sweet like candy in my veins Baby, I'm dying for another taste And every night my mind is running around her Thunder's getting louder and louder Baby, you're like lightning in a bottle I can't let you go now that I got it And all I need is to be str

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The clown is dead (long version) lyrics

Death Of A Clown Reminds You All Lifetime, A Lake Full Of Tears Overflowed The World. The Reaper Brought Pain, So Sad Are The Children, Their Time Of Mourning Will Be Forever. Where Did He Go, No Laughter In Heaven, Where Did He Go, Where Did He Stay? T

Jag Panzer - The clown lyrics

me; follow me, where do you go To play with Charlie, Charlie O Follow me, follow me, you can’t win Loses bet, sin, sin Follow me, follow me, got a special prize Sharp as a knife, so big in size Follow me, follow me, say sick and distraught Ticket to Hell, s

Jared Dines - The clown lyrics

look up from this winding path The darkness engulfs me eyes burn into my skull as I hear the breath close in Desperately gripping onto sanity as the clown emerges from the shadows When the fear is too much to bear and your body collapses from

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The clown is dead lyrics

Death Of A Clown Reminds You All Lifetime, A Lake Full Of Tears Overflowed The World. The Reaper Brought Pain, So Sad Are The Children, Their Time Of Mourning Will Be Forever. Where Did He Go, No Laughter In Heaven, Where Did He Go, Where Did He Stay? The Clown

Roy Orbison - The clown lyrics

was a clown when I thought I had found a love for me and only me but she laughed at the clown turned him down turned him down I never frown ah, ah, ah, I'm the clown for it breaks my heart I play the part of a clown runnin round trouble bound I'm the cl

Hanker - The clown lyrics

that they're all sound asleep My Friend and I are going to meet Since the day I was born no one would ever keep Those promises that always sounded so sweet There's no one in this world I can trust but you Cause it's you I want, it's you I need Only you, I do live for... Clown» I c

Rough Silk - The clown lyrics

that the show is over and the people have all gone I face the final curtain it's just the same old song I make 'em laugh - I make 'em cry dream on loud until I die alone with a heart of stone? I'm pushing every fader for tenderness and fame

Quasimoto - The clown (episode c) lyrics

Madlib] If I could I'd buy records everyday of the week But then I would have no money for when I'm with my freak F***in with these records I ain't never going to sleep But that's how it is when you're into this shit [Quasimoto] Want this [Madlib] Paying 60 dollars for a simple

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Clown lyrics

don't you feel sorry, oh no, for me now There's no need to worry about a clown She played it cool made me a fool Now all over town they call me the clown And I really thought she loved me, but now, I know And I still can't believe, it just goes to

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Electric lyrics

the beginning I was on to you But like a magnet I was drawn to you Dont leave me waiting here in the dark Switch off the static of a broken heart We're holding a live wire, don't let it go Not before you know- You make me feel electric You turn everthing on You make me feel e

Argent - Clown lyrics

minor love can make the darkness right Alone, deserted by a warm spotlight I breathe the meaning of the words that I must need her. The colder seas of my sleeping mind Make muddy dreams until no peace I find Through Fields Elysian beg to see m

Mars Argo - Electric car lyrics

am your emergency Break down the front door for me Think about my perfect life With the windows down I am driving To a red suburban house Round ocean floating on a memory Of a time when life was green Reality is just a dream I want to build your sunshine And apara

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Electric blue lyrics

blue eyes where did you come from? Electric blue eyes who sent you? Electric blue eyes, always be near me. Electric blue eyes, I need you. Na na no, na na no... Domine, Domine Deus, Domine, Adiuva Me. Domine, Domine Deus, Domine, Adiu, Adiuma

Damnwells - Electric harmony lyrics

clock would ring just like a bell The green in her eyes dropped out and fell everywhere But I don't care I can see that she's made of something else entirely Has she completely gone crazy She kissed me back and ran She's my electric harmony and I'm her litt

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Electric ocean lyrics

yeah Ah-ah Oh yeah Standin' at the shore A hurricane calls my name Beyond all i dream The electric ocean Oh yeah Ah-ah Oh yeah The spirit is free Where the wild things roam Next to the sea The electric ocean Ocean of love (ocean of love)

Manfred Mann - Ha, ha said the clown lyrics

Ha! Said the clown, as the king shit himself Is the night being tight on romance Ha! Ha! Said the clown, is it bringing you down That you've lost your chance Feeling low, gotta go, see a show in town Hear the jokes, have a smoke, and a laugh at the clown In a whirl, see a g

The Pant - Electric stream lyrics

You Feel The Power Of The Band That´S Here Tonight Do You Know Who´S This It´S The Pant Couple Guys Of Nowhere Giving You Some Rock Delight Never Ending Game That´S The Plan Oh…….Tonight We´Re Giving Power To You Oh…….It´S Electric Shock For All Power Of Electric Stream In

Dream Evil - Electric lyrics

damn their poetic rock You're in for a metal shock Like a bomb we will blow your mind We never leave our friends behind Like a clan we aim for the night We won't give up without a fight Together we are strong We always have the will to go on Blood

Enuff Z' Nuff - Kiss the clown lyrics

m gonna tease my hair, I'm gonna get my new suit on I'll check my little black book and see who will be the lucky one four star Rosy gets to have me all night long but she gets too friendly when the hanky panky's done And then she hangs out in

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Pierrot the clown lyrics

me dreaming on the bed, see you right back here tomorrow, for the next round. Keep this scene inside your head, as the bruises turn to yellow, and the swelling goes down. And if you're ever around, in the city or the suburbs, of this town, Be sure to come a

Crisix - Electric possession lyrics

the gates of death, with enormous sorrow The lies of men condemned me to this punishment Driven by the lightning of doom’s hollow The hammer of justice smashed my brain Electric embodiment! Pre-Chorus: Now you’ll pay the price I will take my vengeance

Evil Masquerade - Bozo the clown lyrics

to my circus sideshow world amusement park Let me take your hand Surprise you in the dark Hear no evil, see no evil Building strong believers Led by no deceiver Trust the shark Now look - in comes the clown Such a poor disguise for telling us lies We all

George Jones - Wino the clown lyrics

s got a funny red nose, old baggy pants When he staggers down the street it's a funny little dance Children gather 'round as he falls down Everybody laughs at wino the clown. They just know the reason why But when she died, he died inside He lost

Nofx - Cokie the clown lyrics

the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox Show him a warm welcome, let's get some applause Greetings all, hello Welcome to my show I'm sure you'll have fun Watching me juggle 8 balls at one time I'm no f***ing mime I play practical jokes This squirting flower

Nofx - Cookie the clown lyrics

the way from palm springs, just out of detox show him a warm welcome, lets give some applause greetings, all hello welcome to my show I'm sure you'll have fun watching me juggle eight balls at one time I'm no f***ing mime I play practical jokes this squirting flower, that wasnt

Ommega - Clown lyrics

hair, the joker´s crowl, big red nose and pants full down, yes, he´s the clown. Show is over, his act is done, but people still keep laughing on, yes, he´s the clown. Papapa, papapa, rapapapa... Papapa, papapa, rapapapa... At the end of the show, make up off then

Shakira lyricsShakira - Costume makes the clown lyrics

you I felt lucky with my humble breasts Well I don't Said that I was sure the world was gonna change Well I'm not Swore I didn't give a damn 'bout what they say But I do Promised that I'd never ever lie to you So look at how I'm takin' the make-up off my face Before

Devendra Banhart - Electric heart lyrics

electric heart shines for you It's given up sparks But that's nothing new The electric heart Spins its lightning web The spider sparkle lights the way ahead I eat the biscuits, a gift for her I eat the fishes, they got no fur The open road Oh, God's final town I'll

Dead Kennedys - Rambozo the clown lyrics

a deadly toy To brainwash your boy An egocentric muscle thug Kicks butt on screen like a brat outa hell Bullshitter in the Indochina shop Pull the string in his back, we win the war That we never should have started at all A cabbage p

Dreamtale - Eyes of the clown lyrics

take the stage Take your positions Then swallow your fears You can't turn back now Spreading your soul Selling yourself In each an every town The crowd meets their clowns Excited, ecstatic You're facing your true self on this stage And in the crowd - there

Omega - Clown lyrics

hair, the joker´s crowl, big red nose and pants full down, yes, he´s the clown. Show is over, his act is done, but people still keep laughing on, yes, he´s the clown. Papapa, papapa, rapapapa... Papapa, papapa, rapapapa... At the end of the show

The Jezabels - Electric lover lyrics

English lover makes me feel colder My English lover makes me feel colder I'm a lone rider and I can't be seen I'm a global lover but my minds not with it My Electric lover makes me feel better My Electric lover makes me feel so on And I'm lone rider and I can't be

Nuteki - The clowns lyrics

wear a mask N I was born on stage! Drop town to town, Daily engaged. It’s a Mystic life under the big top In the unseen circus, where the shows pop The funks under this joker’s gown Slapstick faces fake out my frown Foolish acts net me a lot of cherry pie Lip-servic

Pj Harvey - Electric light lyrics

beauty of her, under electric light The beauty of her, under electric light Tears my heart out every time Dawn There waiting, right outside Dawn There waiting, right outside She tears my heart out every time Siren rising across the sky Sirens rising acro

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Electric land lyrics

neon lights go flashing by Electric Land is in my eyes The underworld is on the move And everybody's got something to prove The taxi driver delivers the news Somebody out there has blown a fuse We're passing the scene a man is dead A thirty eight blew

The Hollies - Clown strike lyrics

see a clown painting his face once more Before the show has started He paints a smile on his face with his makeup now Although he's broken hearted But the rule of the clown is simple And the show must go on as always People are there to laugh at hi

Masters Of Reality - Take a shot at the clown lyrics

a shot at the clown Don't worry he's down His life is a joke Can't hurt you he's broken He prayed once to God God gave him the nod "Just do like you do We're lauging at you" Hahahaha Take a shot at the clown Don't worry he's down H

The Notwist - Electric bear lyrics

I saw the electric bear Now he's always there I can talk to him behind my door I can talk of your eyes every day Cause they don't look old And I never feel any cold All the things I do with you They don't fade away All the things I do with you They d

Atlas Genius - Electric lyrics

the corner of your eye Down to the trap you set tonight To give you nothing's what you need They give you so much you can't breathe I know the past is a lonely place And given time you could find what you couldn't replace Don't pretend like you're up in a tree The future

Insane Clown Posse - The show must go on lyrics

Shit! Yo, check it out, man, ICP back in the haugh man Violent-J, man, 2 Dope, man, wicked clownz, man. Ha ha ha Hey, quick, hurry up, bang Open your mouth cause here comes my wang I'm Violent-J, the southwest skitzo Born in a big top magical-majisto Dead-body

Eyes Of Azrael - Clown lyrics

it everyday, never the same systematic change. Serious one or may be fool, no messing around is the rule. Cool one to wear around, go the show now be the clown, real cover when you´re alone. Don´t let the others see what you have shown. That is t

Astrovamps - Clown room lyrics

are dancing with nothing on Moving to the same old songs Save your money Save your dimes `Cause you're running out of time Oh yeah, I'm in the mirrored cage you smile Looking for love, looking for lust Looking for something I can trust I might be a stranger But I'm the only one

Dog Fashion Disco - Pogo the clown lyrics

happy clown molester, Paints his face to disguise the jester, Joined the local moose lodge chapter, Spawning evil ever after, He picks his prey up at the bar, Gets him drunk and in the car, Drives him home and down the stairs, Strips him to his und

The Hollies - Clown service lyrics

that the clown service I'm callin' I've made a fool of myself again There's a hole in my pocket A patch on my pants My shoes let in water I'm feeling you're here Look up the smile service operator I've got some frown lines that need to be read I look in th

Deathstars - Night electric night (the night ignites remix.. lyrics

the night just strike through you And the night just spreads its legs and Open up fo you When the day is dead to you And the silvery starlight seductively Glimmers through It’s night… Night! When the night just comes fo you And its fingrs just crawl and mov

Dead Can Dance - The ubiquitous mr. lovegrove lyrics

thought that you knew it all Well you've seen it ten times before I thought that you had it down With both your feet on the ground I love slow, slow but deep Feigned affections wash over me Dream on my dear And renounce temporal obligations Dream on my dear It's a slee

F.o.b. - The need lyrics

falling from trees Full of autumn sun To white happy face Spasmodic smile in ecstasy Mirror, mirror you are my only friend my silver gate to mercyful paradise The clown Just only cleaned remains And swept the flowing tears off suffering face and devoted life in

Bobby Darin - The curtain falls lyrics

comes the make up Off comes the clown's disguise The curtain's fallin' The music softly dies But I hope your smilin' As you're filin' out the door As they say in this biz That's all there is... there isn't anymore We've shared a moment And as

Diabolical Masquerade - The eerie obzidian cirkuz lyrics

Lips Drawn Back From teeth To Reveal a Wide Humourless Grin Lifeless Eyes in a Cold Black Stare Three Years in The Grave - Undead Presence Riding the Winds of Harvest Bloodline of the Sand and Soul Miracles of the Undeserted Descending From the Vault Ab

Lostalone - The downside of heaven is the upside of hell lyrics

your eyes out And starve your thoughts of all this motion Under siege of doubt Walk your fears into the ocean This is all I need to be one step closer to lunacy Sacrifical scribe A war of the words A dark psychosis Black and blue bruised sky If

Orgy - The obvious lyrics

me from this altered state My future's looking, brighter all the time I'm stumbling and delirious Something's changed since those teenage days I'm growing into my own I'm the talk of the town Looking strange and I'll say it out loud There's nothin

Gentle Giant - The moon is down lyrics

the horse riding up through the red skies The moon is down With a gold coloured bird through the cloud flies The moon is down Look East to the Sun, Oh where do they run Look East to the Sun, Oh where do they run They live in my dreams, in my dreams, in my dreams

Bay City Rollers - The hero lyrics

like an eagle, there you go Sing on your restless jigaloo Don't bring your troubles back to me Cuz among the lines I don't wanna see you around Didn't I tell you, didn't I say don't mess me around Cause I'm already standing on the ground And I don't need your

Ryn Weaver - The fool lyrics

Ryn] And now I see in technicolor A movie script lover You chase me while I play the clown, oh But then you know, oh [Verse 2] I tend to stack the deck with wild cards You're betting all you got on a broken heart I say don't, oh But now you know, oh [Chorus] So I c

Phish - The line lyrics

mouth, push it out, I can hear my heart pound, a hero’s what I’m not Voices scream, flashes flare, frozen as the people stare, my crucifixion shot Friends were electric on the western side while triangles were shifting on the floor Squeezing out the breath that I don’t have,

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The theatre lyrics

Yeah) (Yeah) (Yeah) (Tu ru tu tu tu tu) (Tu ru tu tu tu tu) (Tu ru tu tu tu tu) (Yeah) (Tu ru tu tu tu tu) (Tu ru tu tu tu tu) (Tu ru tu tu tu tu) (Yeah) (Yeah) It's another world here The streets are gleaming I was even dreaming

Harmony - Theatre of redemption lyrics

remember when we used to play I remember how you used to feel I remember what you used to say But something remains I remember why, why we prayed Now we don't fear them I am on your side And I will go Into this theatre of redemption In the deepest memories of you You

F(x) - Electric shock lyrics

(Electric Shock) E-E-E-Electric E-E-E-Electric Shock Jeon jeon jeollyudeuli momeul tago heulleo danyeo Gi gi gijeolhal deut aseul aseul jjirit jjirit Chung chung chungbunhae ne sarangi gwabunhae Gyeok gyeok gyeokhage nal akkineun geo da ara Black hole-cheor

Neil Diamond - Clown town lyrics

a guy's been made a fool of By a gal who only wants to play He goes to a lonely place where lovers Who are broken hearted stay They call it Clown Town, Clown Town No joy around town and you see That's just where I've been stayin' Since you made a clown out of me Baby

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