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Elènne - Elènne - between us (feat. mothica) lyrics

how how.... How is it going over there ? (over there, over there...) I've got some things you wanna hear (wanna hear, wanna hear...) It's been awhile since we lays space. (space, space...) I've been trying to forget. (forget, forget...) And all that you

Loon - Between us lyrics

Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo I love Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo [Chorus - Tammy] Nothin' Nothin' can ever come between us there's a reason why we're still in love cant nobody ever break us up they should know nothin' nothin' can ever come between us there's a reason why we're still in

Tracy Lawrence - Between us lyrics

our loves an open door And we know its safe inside But we have slammed it shut before And locked our hearts outside But we get a handle on it When we let go of our pride Sometimes we put words and walls between us Lose our heads and gamble with our hearts There've been

Peter Bradley Adams - Between us lyrics

stranger when may i call you my own? I know i don't know you, but there's somewhere I've seen you before. Whatever your name is, whatever you do there's nothing between us I'm willing to loose Just call me if ever our paths may collide. I want you to call me under these darkening skies

All 4 One - Between us lyrics

yeah, oh hey Took a midnight train, headed way back east Left behind some pain, in hopes of finding some peace I thought you never called one, bound for my old neiborhood Either way, between us, it's good, ooh There buildin' a bridge, links Manhattan with the heartlan

Brendan Benson - Between us lyrics

I'm content to stay at home But other days I get restless I can't stand to be alone Okay, I've been known to cry in my sleep But dreams often show what you don't want to know When you're awake you're not so deep Could be a bad habit I need to break Or some kind of sentiment That

Hell Is For Heroes - Between us lyrics

let you go and now I am light As scattered ash My solar plexus pulled to the ground I'm pulled to the ground With my arms in the air Diamond shaped craft above Beckons us to ascend A spectacle of light And fluorescent halogens This lingering pain, they take i

Bush lyricsBush - The chemicals between us lyrics

chemicals between us I want you to remember A love so full it could send us all ways I want you to surrender All my feelings rose today And I want you to remain The power of children can amaze I'll try not to complain I know that's a pisse

Bonnie Raitt - Lets keep it between us lyrics

s keep it between us These people meddling in our affairs They're not our friends Let's keep it between us Before the whole door closes And it comes to an end They'll tell you one thing, me another 'Til we don't know who to trust Oh darlin', let's keep it between us Let'

Armin Van Buuren - This light between us lyrics

you see this light between us Keeps me breathing through the storm My head above the crowd Can you see this light between us So come a little bit closer now It’s in our eyes You and me, we’re just believers Believing what we hold But sometimes we fall to pieces

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - The difference between us lyrics

you really love me Don't try and change me When you look in the mirror It's not me you see I don't want your choice as mine No, that never crossed my mind I want you just the way you are 'Cause boy, you're everything I'm not And that's all I've ever wanted If

Scouting For Girls - The light between us lyrics

s too much light between us, and I’m trying to mind the Gap. I'd do anything to fix us, not just paper up the cracks. Sliding doors are closing; did I let you get away? There's light in this tunnel, but I think it’s a train. Something’s missing in my heart, It’s the bit where you ar

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - The difference between us lyrics

you really love me Don't try and change me When you look in the mirror It's not me you see I don't want your choice as mine No, that never crossed my mind I want you just the way you are 'Cause boy, you're everything I'm not And that's all I've ever wanted If we ever c

Dina Carroll - World come between us lyrics

here I am Baby close the door 'Cos what I've got to say Won't take all night long You have got to know It was no more than a kiss That tempted me from your arms It was feelings of neglect Led to feelings of regret That tore this love apart My love If yo

Brooks Elkie - Too much between us lyrics

day we're gentle Next day we're sad Discovering the way to make us bleed Sometimes regretting Sometimes almost glad We undermined the fences that we need How can I give you reasons How can I explain That after every sunshine And even after rain

Belasco - Something between us lyrics

you to dance then followed you home torn by a love that didn't belong i know there's something between us after the dance we left for the bridge they followed us there right up to the ridge you know there's something between us and fall cursed by

Sade - Nothing can come between us lyrics

always hope that you remember We'll never really learn the meaning of it all What we have is strong and tender So hold on In the middle of the madness When the time is running out and you're left alone All I want is you to know that It's strong still Can't pull us apart Not

After Forever - Between love and fire lyrics

Mother) Here I am, the future is mine (Father) And mine as well We'll stand at the top of a prosperous society (Mother) Our dreams can become reality (Both) I am in charge of life's great circle I control my path of wealth (Parents) Ambitions high, burning T

Jettblack - War between us lyrics

m gonna sweet talk you into submission Sweet talk my way to your heart Cuz baby you and me are gonna fight 'till the bitter end Cuz there's a war between us I don't dream for an angel in white But goddamn she fights a dirty fight A black sun rise si

Shawn Mcdonald - The space between us lyrics

m still up, and it’s 3 in the morning I try to sleep but my mind keeps going Am I awake cause You're trying to speak to me Lying here with my ears wide open Can You fix what I know I have broken There's a hole in my heart where I need You to be Bu

Evermore - This unavoidable thing between us lyrics

us I feel this undeniable thing Between us so real this unavoidable thing Between us I see this undefinable thing, between us Everytime you say the words it's real And everytime you say the words, I feel The night is long today, my love for you has changed The ni

The Dead Weather - The difference between us lyrics

m not the way that you found me I'm never here nor there One day I'm happy and healthy Next I ain't doing so well Let's go walk to the border Let's go walk along the edge Let's go when no one can see us And find the difference between us

Curtis Mayfield - Between you baby and me lyrics

here we are It's kind of nice, we're like this Very special treat though, I like that Between you baby and me, love I can't believe this feelin' You're so sweet honey, delicious All our world is true, true You're so nice, a lot of talent, I li

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - The difference between us lyrics

you really love me don't try to change me If you look in the mirror, it's not me you see I don't want what's yours as mine No I'll never cross that line I want you just the way you are Boy you're everything I'm not And that's all I've ever wanted If we ever come close If we e

Liz Phair - Everything between us lyrics

have everything we need here We have everything between us You have nothing left to fear dear Cause it ain't ever gonna leave us We might get a room downtown now Get away for a half day We might drave a car to the next town Get away from our family Let your body move real

Alexandra Burke - Between the sheets lyrics

can make you better babe i could wipe your tears away i can make you better babe if you let me i could be the better plays i could be your everyday i could be your saving grace if you let me [chorus] the only thing between us should be the sheets i wanna feel your hear

4him - Between you and me lyrics

I wonder how it would be If things would have stayed just the same Its certain that things would be different of course But we both know its better this way Cause theres no denying its so clear to me That life gives us choices to make And somehow some things Are ju

John Michael Montgomery - 'til nothing comes between us lyrics

your eyes, can you see me... Rollin' down the Rocky Mountains Movin' like the wind that sweeps the Kansas plains I know you're with me As I make my way through Oklahoma Pass the barns and weather vanes There are motels, cafes, fields and billboard signs A thousand miles of hig

Florence + The Machine - Between two lungs lyrics

two lungs it was released The breath that carried me The sigh that blew me forward 'Cause it was trapped Trapped between two lungs It was trapped between two lungs It was trapped between two lungs And my running feet could fly Each breath screaming &

Christina Milian - Us agains the world lyrics

the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more I would still have you, baby If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war I’ll be fighting with you, baby Cuz I know if I’m falling, you won’t let me hit the ground If the boat is sinkin

Christina Milian - Us against the world lyrics

the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more I would still have you, baby If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war I'll be fighting with you, baby Cuz I know if I'm falling, you won't let me hit the ground If the boat is sink

Coal Chamber - Bad blood between us lyrics

t take offense I don't mean offense It's just that truth is a process, you see It what gets by me That makes me lose my mind I even called you a friend casually! [Pre-Chorus:] Poison in your heart and in your mind Look in the mirror [?] That no one in here is just wa

The Downtown Fiction - Oceans between us lyrics

say, that we'll never make it I know one day, we can overtake it And we'll Say, we don't have to worry. Call me, they did not tell me that you love me, Crying cause you're feeling so damn lonely, Waiting for the day when we can Hold on so tight an

Kelly Rowland - Keep it between us lyrics

Verse 1:] They say true love, is enough forever, forever Then I'll stay here in your arms forever, forever Not a thing in this world I won't give up Can't live in this world, if I'm not next to you, to you, to you Just a plain ol' girl, I don't need nothin' They say I

Sense Field - Nothing between us lyrics

ve kept myself down we can say that I did not know that I help you to bulild this house with the love of everyone and the love of everything I talk to you for hours and I still lose to myself when I'm with you I watch you swing and I watch your body shifting I know th

Blutengel - The war between us lyrics

time you talk to me you are only talking about yourself And you don't see, that I am not listening anymore I refrain to talk about me because it always turns into a war A war between me and you Between me and you It's the morning after the war

Anarbor - Between you and i lyrics

on our favorite porch the sweat is sweeter if you can't remember i well then it never happens at all it's been to long since the last time that we got hug your bottle baby hug your bottle baby and kiss away the sun goodbye and say hello to the winter time forget about

As I Lay Dying - An ocean between us lyrics

many years have we waited for a ship that never set sail? And how many days have we wasted chasing a love that was not our own? I sat ashore and watched as one hopeless wave crashed upon another while my thoughts ran to the hills my heart never reac

Procol Harum - Too much between us lyrics

s you, you're sleeping over there whilst me I'm sitting here with so much sea between us I can't make it much more clear There'll be no time for crying We won't make it more than six I could change my plea to guilty but I don't think it would stick

Snow Patrol - The planets bend between us lyrics

winters mar the Earth It's floor was frozen glass You slip into my arms And you quickly correct yourself Your freezing speech bubbles Seem to hold your words aloft I want the smoky clouds of laughter To swim about me forever more I will race you to the watersid

Sky Eats Airplane - World between us lyrics

still until I come back home 100 days makes my heart sick like stone Let the noise drown all your thoughts Turn up the radio Pretend that you're fine when you're not Don't you know I've been waiting so long Don't you know I've been wrong Try to bring back for the snow K

Draconian - Rivers between us lyrics

is the world I saw in your eyes? It lived through the night, then whispered goodbye The cuts in your skin and the red in my eyes This winter inside is crushing me now I am alone, I am scorn I can't remember to forget you I just weather the storm The love that I had,

Avion Roe - The difference between us lyrics

beside myself in disbelief and I stop to imagine this life underneath it All new to the reason this consequence brings I'm not calm I'm not honest You're not who I thought you'd be Lie You'll always be with me a lie Lie You'll never forget me a lie Lie Stay s

Helia - The space between us lyrics

t speak Everything around you is dead, Everything we need is frozen by this winter wind, Everything we need is closed into these memories. Everytime you cry, Everytime you say goodbye. It's not the end for you and me. Save yourself from this, Run away from me

36 Crazyfists - Nne more world lyrics

it all over, just like you used to Reason to be strong But you don't like me, but you don't even know me I will save me, I will save me Please fight for me Shut down in another light, in a hole not yet sewn Words that make you sickened inside But you're sucked d

Eyes Set To Kill - Secrets between lyrics

down tonight Make me feel alright Hold me in your arms Promise to never let go Go until I Decide it's time, our lives Come down, come down Come down to me tonight I've come to find You will never be mine Lets keep the secrets between

Eyes Set To Kill - The secrets between lyrics

down tonight. Make me feel alright. Hold me in your arms. Promise to never let go. Go until I decide it's time our lives. Come down, come down, come down. To me tonight! I've come to find, you will never be mine. Let's keep the secrets between us, you and me. R

Sarah Kelly - Between the lines lyrics

me one reason to trust you Give me one reason to try Even beauty gets broken, Sometimes, sometimes No regrets, no mistakes Take another look between the lines Where color fades from gray Don't look back, don't be afraid Cause every little thing between the lines Got us

Collective Soul - In between lyrics

between us Good and evil wait To lie beside us In our bed we make In between us Caution never heeds We prey on weakness Then beg for sympathy In between words Silence parades so confusion is heard Our voices afraid To speak up and reassure So in between words

John Cougar Mellencamp - Between a laugh and a tear lyrics

paradise is no longer fit for you to live in And your adolescent dreams are gone Through the days you feel a little used up And you don't know where your energy's gone wrong It's just your soul feelin' a little downhearted Sometimes life is too ridic

Every Avenue - Between you i lyrics

you believe me if I said I was sorry The question wasn't mean to hurt, It was just my fear of losing you. And now you're filling all the space that surrounds you I'll soon be tucked away underneath your bed Where you gave yourself to me. Where I gave myself to you. Maybe it's all

Roxy Music - The space between lyrics

way I see it This relationship ain't right The space between us Better close it up tonight The space between us Close it up tonight The way I see it This relationship ain't right The space between us Listen here listen, listen here listen We better Close it up

Dua Lipa lyricsDua Lipa - Between a bullet and heartbreak lyrics

Verse 1] You don't know what you've lost 'til it's gone You can't hear silence up to this lung You can't tie heartstrings when they're left undone You can't go back when you've left too long I try to push us to the very end I needed a lover more than

Common - Between me, you and liberation lyrics

First Verse] She rested her head upon my chest Sensed liberation in between breaths Wonder if sex is what she found it in Peace, found it laying down with men Wasn't there to judge her, many ways I loved her It was more than bodies we shared with each other We lay under the co

Evermore - Between the lines lyrics

caught a glimpse of past and future But I did not understand Darkness and light, blindness and sight Not everything is so black and white Separate the truth from lies With the stories written between the lines Only you can tell the wrong from right

Tim Mcgraw - Between the river and me lyrics

was fifteen when my daddy died, Momma worked two jobs just to get by. It seemed like a blessing when Harley came around, So she took his name but I had my doubts. It didnt' take long for his drinking ways To start showin up on Momma's face One violent ni

Marduk - Between the wolf-packs lyrics

walls A mountain of silence Beast of prey's perspiration The hangman's chorus echoes forth Where suicide and silence whisper Their sacrosanct promises Keep smell of station and gray death Millions of snowflakes between the wolf-packs Grinding thunder in the east Got

Flogging Molly - Between a man and a woman lyrics

a man and a woman Life begins again Between love and confusion There Lies only pain Take my word, Heal my soul, Shake my pride, I'm too proud to let go Give me the sun And the moon above If the stars should fall Then only heaven knows Between a man and a woman It's everythin

Atmosphere - Between the lines lyrics

What it tis it taint,& What it taint it tis Its the theme of ?where we're goin'?) [Verse 1: Slug] See the police man, notice the lonely man How do you think he keeps his head on straight? Can you feel his rhythm? What do you think he

Senses Fail - Between the mountains and the sea lyrics

do you ever ask yourself If the person that you are Is the person you were meant to be Or are you too afraid to go that far Courage is to walk Through the valley of our thoughts And in the desert that you fear Sit down with open ears Becau

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