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Sido - Es war einmal lyrics

weiter Sie drehen sich und machen mich ein kleines bisschen ... reifer Was war, das war Es war einmal. (Es war einmal) Was ... war, das war einmal. (Es war einmal) Wir werden sehen was die

Sex Pistols - Belsen was a gas lyrics

Ok this time for real... "Belsen Was A Gasser ... quot; Belsen was a gas I heard the other day In the open ... graves where all the jews lay Life is fun and I wish you

Wolfgang Petry - Einmal noch lyrics

würd alles dafür geben dich wieder mal zu ... von mir erzähl´n Wenn ich abens spät nach hause komm ... denk ich manchmal du bist da und es will in meinen Kopf

Heldmaschine - Einmal ist keinmal lyrics

ich ihren Körper seh'n Das lichte Kleid gewährte mir ... Zimmertür Die Glieder schwach, nur eines stark Als ich ... in ihre Nähe trat Der Kopf geneigt, lächelnd

Qntal - Vos attestor lyrics

genus demoniorum cecorum, claudorum, attendite issum ... meorum, sive confusorum. Vos attestor vos contestor per ... ne zeletis quem soletis vos vexare, homini. Per

Feuerschwanz - Es war einmal lyrics

war’n einmal zwei Ritter die zogen, ... vertrieben aus der Heimat Generjerusalem mit einem ... , so treffen sich die zwei wackeren Recken, im Freudenhaus ... zu Jericho, um sich nach all den Entbehrungen mal wieder

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Einmal lyrics

kann die Sprüche nicht mehr ... hören Du bist jung, was soll's, Kopf hoch Du kommst ... auch noch dran Er kann den Briefkasten nicht mehr ... leeren Tausend mal: es tut uns leid Wir

Andrea Berg - Einmal nur mit dir alleine sein lyrics

stehst da und schaust zur Tür, ich seh' dich ... fragend an. Ich weiß, dass sie noch kommen kann Du ... stehst da und schaust zur Tür, ich seh' dich fragend an. Ich weiß, dass sie

Yvonne Catterfeld - Einmal ist keinmal lyrics

hast Lust auf den Moment auch wenn du mich gar nicht ... kennst Weist du was du da anfängst Wenn ich dich ganz ... einfach will Mein Tabu heut' ignorier Fang ich

Helene Fischer - Einmal berührt lyrics

- du bist ein Fraunversteher Du - du bist ein ... ich bin heut' früh in deinem Arm erwacht Du - mit dir ... vielleicht für immer Du -hab' bei dir Seelen-Flimmern

Luxuslärm - Einmal im leben lyrics

vielleicht glaubst du es ist hoffnungslos ... Es ist unerreichbar Viel zu groß Ja vielleicht ... bin ich auch irgendwie durchgeknallt ... mit Herz und Seele Dir verfallen Sag mir wie oft trifft man diesen Menschen? Und alles

Connie Francis - Einmal wirst du kommen lyrics

wirst du kommen Dann werde ich nie wieder einsam ... sein Wer du auch bist und wo du auch bist ... immer du bist - I love you Einmal wirst du kommen Und bringst

Nena - Einmal ist keinmal lyrics

abgefahr'n, fang noch mal von vorne an. Warte auf die ... zarte Hand, das Feuer ist noch nicht verbrannt. Einmal ist keinmal... ... Der Ruf ins andere Land, das Ziel ist nicht bekannt Es

Cro - Einmal um die welt lyrics

bitte mach dir niemehr Sorgen um Geld ... Gib mir nur deine Hand ich kauf dir Morgen die Welt Egal ... wir fliegen um die Welt Haun' sofort wieder ab, wenn es

Dilated Peoples - War lyrics

Iriscience] War is life and war is death War's a vaccum but ... war's a breath And war is a war that can never be won But war is the way Johnny got his

Grave Digger - War god lyrics

through fields of agony Soldiers kill without ... morality War is conducted highest brutality Each lost life is a tragedy Again and again turns ... the wheel of time On and on until the last king dies

Fightstar - War machine lyrics

of us will die alone. Some of us will never ... reach the end of the road. It isn't enough. Some of ... us will never know the meaning of trust. Some of us ... will feed off all the people who give. It's

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - War lyrics

you think we can start over Do we have the eyes ... to see Is there any more devotion Left inside ... to be Or do you think that it's over Inevitable ... prophecy Do you see any other Way that we can

Ac Dc - War machine lyrics

no more You’ve been digging all around When you’re messing ... about Better catch her name Come on in Gimme that ... thing That thing gone wild War Machine WAR MACHINE War Machine

Ash - War with me lyrics

this our final destination? Bide my time, that's my ... situation Caught up in your personal battles Your desires, your ... you could see things more clearly Through the chaos I wish

Bathory - War supply lyrics

The ultimate. The pinnacle of friend or foe. Always ... declared by the high and fought out by the low. ... Elevated to the state of honourable feud. ... Fought to capitulation or death. Either him or you. Cannon fodder dressed up proud

Bob Catley - War in heaven lyrics

up with no memories Can't remember anything at all ... Still hear voices from my dream ... Seems like they are coming from the wall I ... can hear the hungry ones Screams

Chiara Hunter - War (embody remix) lyrics

me darling I'll be with the white ... smile Chillin' on the dark side, yeah When I open ... to get my So don't wake me, I'm sleeping Someone ... getting lost in the dreaming They won't break me,

Death Dealer - War master lyrics

is gone and forsaken There's no hope you're sadly mistaken Battle plans a ... total disaster You won't ever defeat ... the warmaster Full retreat you're battered and beaten

Dew-scented - War ensemble lyrics

Japanese Bonus Track] Propaganda death ensemble Burial ... through the night In blood laced misery Scorched earth the ... policy The reason for the siege The

Grave Forsaken - War is hell lyrics

to war, these boys are going to hell Serving nation, giving of their best Cast into a cesspit of ugliness ... Hail of fire brings reign of death upon them Called into action, fighting for the cause

Hall And Oates - War baby son of zorro lyrics

a war baby son of zorro He’s a war baby son of zorro War baby Been through momma, the ... bomb and ’nam He’s a war, he’s a war He’s a war ... He’s a war baby He’s a worn baby, born in ’45 He’s a torn baby, but he’s still alive Ate puffed wheat, x-rayed hi

Intense (uk) - War of angels lyrics

speaks, truth the final prophecy That spells the ... end for you and me They seek vengeance ... from all of us Their glory now soaked in blood With bitter,

Kensington - War lyrics

cut my hands and pull my arms in All unforeseen but no ... surprise For all the men in all your armies Throw only bait that no one bites Up and ... away we all go Into the way we run There you will find

Killing Joke - War on freedom lyrics

heritage seeds and seedbanks Vagrancy is a criminal ... offence Firing tear-gas on reporters Cyber-tracking ... cyberspace Compulsory vaccinations Guilty ’til proved

Trip Lee - War lyrics

is war Like you ain't seen This winter's long ... It's cold and mean When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll ... happen When life and death go to battle, ain't no

Bob Marley - War lyrics

life has taught me I would like to share ... with Those who want to learn... Until the philosophy which ... hold one race Superior and another inferior Is finally and permanently discredited and

Oceano - War (edwin starr cover) lyrics

huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely ... nothing, oh hoh, milos darren sam War huh yeah What ... is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all milos darren sam War

Oomph! - War lyrics

in the sky - another bullet for the head of a lie Dust in the sky - another bullet for the head of a lie Where is the sun? It ... is so far away The sun is gone - only you

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - War over me lyrics

over me I'm standing on front lines, I'm ... fighting for my soul I've walked the self-destructive ... lonely road I read the warning signs but I was to blind

Rage - War lyrics

the eyes of the big global players everything's alright, It ... s their god-given right to abuse us, So thank you and ... In the world's biggest money machine They're delivering the

Rage Against The Machine - War within a breath lyrics

official that come in Cripples us leaves ... us maimed Silent and tamed And with our flesh and ... fist Rise through tha jungle mist Clenched to smash power so cancerous Black

Sade - War of the heart lyrics

could aim But I could not fire Got a bullet to spare To kill my ... desire Who's calling the shots One of us ... must make the Peace To have or to have not The fire has got to cease I'm loaded

Shadows Fall - War lyrics

the philosophy That holds one Race Superior And another inferior Is finally and Permanently ... discredited And abandoned There will be…. War ... In the East War in the West War! Up North

Slayer - War ensemble lyrics

death ensemble Burial to be Corpses rotting ... through the night In blood laced misery Scorched earth ... the policy The reason for the seige The ... pendulum it shaves the blade The strafing air blood raid Infiltration push

Tankard - War cry lyrics

me to introduce me "Predator" is my given name ... Sometimes even known as "Reaper" I don't ... care 'bout the shady fame By night (by night), by

As I Lay Dying - War ensemble (cover by. slayer) lyrics

originally by Slayer] [Hanneman/Araya] Propaganda death ensemble Burial to be ... through the night In blood laced misery Scorched earth the ... policy The reason for the siege The

Cage - War of the undead lyrics

graveyards all have been emptied The earth ... disturbed from the mist Humanity caught in the middle Of a pestilent paradigm shift Breaking our from their coffins And pouring out from the

Children Of Bodom - War inside my head lyrics

inside my head War inside my head War inside ... my head War inside my head War inside my head ain ... t a pretty sight But I don't want no sympathy It's happened a thousand times before It's

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - War paint lyrics

to face, but miles away Building trenches out of ... empty spaces Lay here, next to me And close ... the distance in between I'll take ... off yours if you take off mine Reveal the things

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - War (the process) lyrics

a war breed Get the head your soul needs Crystallize at light speed Dis the ... lies that they feed Cultivate a war breed Get the head ... your soul needs Crystallize at light speed Dis the lies

Edwin Starr - War lyrics

huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely ... nothing Uh-huh War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Say it again, y'all War, huh, good

Exciter - War is hell lyrics

was the dawn of a new day smoke rings filled the air ... Some kind of warning, allies in despair The enemy's ... coming with their backs to the sun Psych ... yourselves out & load your guns The devil is

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - War lyrics

sometimes i want to borrow watching ... violence, after fights can she go to war tomorrow to ... guarantee his rights War war we don't need a war [repeat] you must be mad that

Falconshield - War machine lyrics

that a dream? I'm awake, sitting on the forest ... floor Looking out, can't recall the thing I used to be ... before I may be rust and steel But there's simply

Former Vandal - War lyrics

like the letters on these pages. I'm not sick but still ... so far away from sane. Nightmares, but I haven ... t slept in ages. The battles won, but there's still

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - War lyrics

logic of war seems to be if the ... belligerent can fight, he will fight. That ... leaders will not surrender until ... surrender is academic. How is a national leader to explain the sacrifice

Good Charlotte - War lyrics

don't care We don't care We don't care We go to war Everybody now, war Come on ... spell it out, war Let me show you how, war ... Come on everybody You gotta learn how to spell it And

Good Charlotte - War (album version) lyrics

always hits you the hardest when you are not ready ... You better get ready, cause here it comes, oh-oh-oh, ... oh-oh-oh You know the pain, the fear, the hurt, or did

Hed Pe - War lyrics

means war!! Bring them to their ... f***ing knees! Don't you want your freedom? War Do you ... not daydream? War See how we split the atom and bring them to their f***ing

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - War child lyrics

Danny] I like to get my f***in' ... fade on I'm feeling sexy, I'm ... like oh Them haters tryin' to get their hate ... I'm like, I'm like [Funny Man] Like a war child [Danny

King 810 - War outside lyrics

here goes another gift for this world ... This world that keeps filling my body with ... holes My scars they itch and I pick my scabs and I grow ... While they all try to cut my throat

Lard - War pimp renaissance lyrics

Pimp Renaissance War Pimp Renaissance War Pimp Renaissance ... War Pimp Renaissance Yippee Tai-Yai-Yai Yo ... Commie empire's gone Yippee Tai-Yai-Yai Yay Now we're the

Lefay - War without end lyrics

tons of armored death still is rolling onward ... through their trenches damnation bell is tolling a war ... survivors destruction is at hand morbid mad mutations walking desolated land in the

Mad Max - War lyrics

is a true story The names have not been changed To ... innocent There's nothing rearranged This is a true ... story The story of war When the war is over There

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