Egend Of The Last Of The Outlaw Truckers Aka The Ballad Of Sheriff lyrics

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Sixx:a.m. - The last time (my heart will hit the ground) lyrics

mess I couldn't get enough of this I've been broken, I ... ve been beaten down That was the last time my heart will ever ... hit the ground I can take it, I can

Paul Gilbert - Ballad of the last lions lyrics

before our mothers bore us Mighty lion roamed ... the forest When they left, we sure were sorry ... don't gotta worry Cause the last lions never give up The

Grave Digger - Ballad of a hangman lyrics

and die - at the gallows pole Where the ... hanged are singing songs of despair Hope is the last ... what they have in mind Songs of revolution are hanging in the

Eric Burdon - The last drive lyrics

came from England They came from France All the ... way from the USA Just to take a chance They came from Holland Germany, ... Scandinavia too The rebel citizen driver's, look

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The last thing you should do lyrics

been doing to yourself It's the last thing you should do ... Nobody laughs any more It's the worst thing you can do Save the last dance for me Catch the last bus with me Give the last

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - The last line lyrics

is the first line here This is the ... as it disappears I know the last line The last line will ... never pull me in This is the second line here This is the

No Connection - The last revolution lyrics

always been I’m just another brother Who’s never gonna ... history over and over So let the party begin Here comes the ... revolution yeah Here comes the last revolution baby Yea,

Allstar Weekend - The last time lyrics

say it's the wrong way To leave my heart ... on this loose frame There's fear that you can't ... ll believe it You say it's the wrong way to leave my heart ... Can I love you like it's the last time? Days go by, don't

John Farnham - The last time lyrics

be easy Well this could be the last time This could be the last time Maybe the last time - I ... feeling like I do today Well there's too much pain and too

Moby lyricsMoby - The last day lyrics

was searching Blindly night the day This life, there must be ... was like a stone And on the last day He walked out in the sun He only just discovered the sun On the last day And

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - The last time lyrics

be easy Well this could be the last time This could be the last time Maybe the last time I ... much sorrow Guess I'll feel the same tomorrow Well this

Cimorelli - The last time lyrics

that this would really be the last time You said, "Hey ... quot;, is that the sweatshirt that you wore when ... you. Do you remember on the very first night When you

Deathstars - The last ammunition lyrics

and ammo lie in front of you, the clips are all ... This is how it starts when the end glows wildly in the dark. ... This is how it starts when the last breath ends the last

Karnivool - The last few lyrics

all your loss You've taken the fall To save your skin We ... ve stymied them all These precious nailed sins They ... we are... We are strong The freedom comes when this anthem is sung The fates come

Ministry Of Magic - The last enemy defeated is death lyrics

last enemy defeated is death The last enemy defeated is death ... Neither shall live while the other survives The last ... enemy defeated is death The last enemy defeated is death

Pia Mia - The last man on earth lyrics

first kiss standing on the pier My heart raced, you ... time stand still I'd let the stars fall down as lons as I ... you Carved our names into the sand As you took my dreams

Ricardo Muñoz - The last time lyrics

m feeling like the only one with my back ... against the wall. You tell me there's no ... other one how your love from me ... I need it know This is the last time when I speak My

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - The last song lyrics

we are midair off of the cliff staring down at the ... end again but then again maybe we're finally ... on the road that's heading away from ... all your complaining of hearing the same song but

Chastain - The last ones alive lyrics

heard the early warnings, I heard the ... prophets call I heard the final broadcast, Of our fall ... I heard the silent screaming, I heard the ... anger sing I heard the last beginning, Of what it brings

Deadsy - The last story lyrics

It's getting closer to the time Where all shall be ... told in one last rhyme This is the last ... story ever The last story ever, ever again The golden princess, oh so bright

Dio - The last in line lyrics

re a ship without a storm The cold without the warm Light ... inside the darkness that it needs, yeah ... We're a laugh without a tear The hope without the fear We are

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - The last to know lyrics

me be the first to say, , , Ain't it ... always so? But there's no other way to find out What I ... my head Don't let me be the last If you thought of

Karen Elson - The last laugh lyrics

m Here To Protect You When The Stars Fall I'll Be Near ... Down For You To Remind You Of Love Won't You Save The Last Laugh For Me Save The Last ... Laugh For Me Cause In The End We're A Small Grain Of

The Joy Formidable - The last thing on my mind (acoustic) lyrics

eyes And if I'm left with the sweetest line, Take it up ... with me some day Leave it at the door I'm playing I wouldn ... t say that this is the end Too lightly But

Lights - The last thing on your mind lyrics

you down It's only one part, of the story Just let it go, ... this get you down now Sing the last thing on your mind The last word on your breath I'll be the one to keep you, keep you at

Bette Midler - The last time lyrics

this be the last time. Let this be the last ... time, Ooooooh. Let this be the last time. Let this be the last time, Ooooooh. I have no ... love me at all, let this be the last time that you break my

Ministry - The last sucker lyrics

and raised in the USA I got a different type of DNA I got a bloodline from ... Texas to Maine We run the world like a parlor game ... my family tree Now I'm the last sucker Now I'm the last one No longer in charge Of anyone! I got others tell

Anthenora - The last command lyrics

is calling from the sky It seems to see 'em for ... a while The attack is near, creeping fear ... insane will Here comes the grimmest sound Here come the

Andi Deris - The last days of rain lyrics

my scares Yeah, now is the last day the rain comes down ... on me Yeah, now is the last day the sun keeps hiding ... hypnotised You spoke words of redemption Pulled me in

The Dubliners - The last of the great whales lyrics

rent And I am crying All the beauty around me fades And I ... am screaming I am the last of the great whales And I am ... dying Last night I heard the cry Of my last companion The roar of the harpoon gun And then I was alone I thought on the days gone by When we were

Geasa - The last one on earth lyrics

filthy shell I mourn Outside of this barren world I live ... Tears of fire I weep forever more ... Alone the last one on earth Forever the ... first one to die Alone the last one on earth Forever the

Neurosis - The last you'll know lyrics

is the last we'll know - mercy for you ... he is the last you'll know all revealed ... crimes trial waits everyone the presence of old eyes is here ... grant me the pure heart - we've lived

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - The last country song lyrics

a roadhouse just outside of town on a two-lane blacktop ... Where all the folks come to hear country ... music play And every year the city's gettin' closer, Lord

Civil War - The last full measure lyrics

at night again and again But there ain't no turning back I ... must carry on Pray for me mother pray for me dad It's a ... slaughter in the sun And we try to get some

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - The last song lyrics

you will find the place It's the place where love takes over ... hate Then you'll see all the things you do Affect ... everyone around you Then you'll see there's no fear

Forefather - The last battle lyrics

chaos has reigned, the battle has been won No time ... we must re-group and march The final hurdle lies upon the ... fight on we must Away from the carnage we ride Bloodied and

Hypnosia - The last remains lyrics

of the earth Imprisoned for life ... Open your eyes See through the lies Dreams of obscurity ... Source of all life The last remains Screams from the

Jughead's Revenge - The last, last laugh lyrics

force to leave you behind The more I think the more I laugh ... comedy comes to life The imagined have come real You ... is done Till you're ashamed of what you see in yourself The last laugh will be mine

Kenziner - The last horizon lyrics

re all seated, it's our last night Last ones to go, ... prepared for the flight Motors are roaring, ... no one can stay If there's a new home, please tell

The Kinks - The last assembly lyrics

I walked to the last assembly, There were tears ... in the back of my eyes, And I saw all my ... friends all around me, They were there to wish me ... I felt such a feeling of pride, And I forgot all the

Mest - The last time lyrics

its the last time I ever want to see you ... It's the last time I ever want to hear you ... It's the last time I'm getting out of this ... for good And it's the last time If at all you taught

Pertness - The last survival lyrics

and blizzards, or waves of heat The forces of Nature ... will kill us all The last survival, in between live and ... revival, forever done The last survival, extinction waits

The Pretenders - The last ride lyrics

I couldn't sleep in it With the man in red tracking me minute ... looking behind me But of course he would always find ... Hey friend My pal My brother We take shelter in each other I'll keep it simple You

Sevendust - The last song lyrics

it be found again (Bite the hand that fed you all these ... disgrace (This won't) be the first time (I ever) wrote a ... you but this will be (The last time I ever write about you)

The Bled - The last american cowboy lyrics

yourself for the plight of the born. As the spotlight ... bare. Just a useless Act in the Play of Life. Cast as the ... role of "The Lover". And I feel

Broadway - The last saturday lyrics

hearts Lose the battle every time Kingdoms ... start With the closest of friends Maybe I will write ... and no one else It was the last Saturday my eyes would ever

Coldworker - The last bitter twist lyrics

hands are the pestilence Everything shall ... crumble at their touch Lips drip of ... malevolence Tirades of hate erupt Fingers slithering unseen Reaching for the

Andre Nickatina - The last rap i'll ever write lyrics

the night of the last rap that I write MC's all ... over will bless the mic Point two double glocks ... in the air Stunt Caps go down they were as share Real rap take

Rhapsody Of Fire - The last winged unicorn lyrics

seven red flames of the cave are lightning the ... torture constricted to see the regrets to have had the life ... sheds black tears supporting the terrible rape the fury of the sons of the thunder is

Blackmore's Night - The last leaf lyrics

field Branches reach for the sun With the green of a ... world that has just begun The springtime is here again ... and blossoms abound Promises of future days And new life

Cales - The last winter dance lyrics

teeth In our necks. Heads of noble birds swimming on the ... surface Flew to thousands of parts just before it froze ... Little peevish parts of icy air consumed Everything

10cc - The second sitting for the last supper lyrics

fish head in the dustbin Another loser in the queue for the ... soup kitchen Another reason for a visit We think ... you'd better come down Another nigger on the woodpile Another honky on the dole Another

Crisix - The last monkey lyrics

to a primitive state What is the meaning of life? If I am ... alone in the world I am the last monkey (Monkey…) ... Hallowed be the monkey! (Monkey…) I am the last monkey (Monkey…) One against

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The last hope burned down the dust lyrics

live is to die the last hope burned down to dust ... Out of mind but without any fear ... waiting for the end now On our way to ... thoughts drifting in the sea of passion I had read the book

Tuomas Holopainen - The last sled lyrics

It's luring me on as of old Yet it isn't the gold ... so much as just finding the gold It's the great big, ... broad land, 'way up yonder The great big, broad land, 'way

Marillion - The last century for man lyrics

we are At the beginning of the last century for man Usin' ... up parts of the world we haven't even seen or ... been to The wretched of the earth exploited by the rich

Pigeon John - The last sunshine lyrics

with me through the waves on the TV screen Flash back the ... it means Escape from the present time date and ... and a full plate 106th where they maintain the wall of fame

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The last one for life lyrics

hear the silent whispers, Darkness ... All those empty words from the buried heart I don't know ... where hate begins, It's all the same to me, Life is falling

Conquest - The last sphinx lyrics

many years ago the sphinxes ruled the world But ... people came here and the Earth became so cold The ... fell and people turned them into stone But one of them

Sigh - The last elegy lyrics

am standing in the wilderness - looking up to the sky I am thinking of the day ... I finally die I can see my coffin burning - before my very ... sigh Listen to my song of shadows - for my end Oh, I

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