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Thomas Anders - Turn on the light lyrics

say you lost your feelings But that's not true Oh, you'd better take it easy To what other lovers do Turn on the light Turn on the light for love Turn on the light Like a candle in the wind Turn on the light Turn on the light for love Turn on the light And I'll be back

Jamie T - Turn on the light lyrics

run down the strip, down the strip right through me The rain on the windscreen, blistering the stop sign Turn in the rubies your mother did buy you Through this land I roar You made me bold like a whore, wish I'd never been born Got a good looking corpse hanging on to me tigh

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Turn on the light lyrics

it's all that I can think of as I drag my feet, searching lika a diogenes, dangerous, the adjectives of the decasde and of your alluring intricacies, I can see your green-screen mentality and I can feel the sting of its consequence, and i know i shouldn't but it's too much to ign

New York Dolls - Gimme luv and turn on the light lyrics

has shot me through Just like the livin' truth Gimme luv and turn on the light How long has it been dark Without the slightest spark Gimme luv and turn on the light All light shines in darkness Where else could it shine? Could it? We're the proper troglodytes

Kidz Bop - Turn off the light lyrics

People, people, people) It's getting so lonely inside this bed Don't know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead And there's an aching inside my head It's telling me you're better off alone But after midnight morning will come And

Nelly Furtado - Turn off the light lyrics

It's getting so lonely inside this bed Don't know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead And there's an aching inside my head It's telling me I'm better off alone But after midnight morning will come And the day will see if you will get some

One More Time - Turn out the light lyrics

we are sitting so close yet you're turning away Wishing that you could avoid what you're now gonna say Outside the city is burning with life Inside it's cold, am I dead or alive I don't wanna hear anyone just hold me, hold me and Turn Out The Light Le

Blues Brothers 2000 - Turn on your lovelight lyrics

a warning you broke my heart You took it darling and you tore it apart You left me sitting in the dark crying You said your love light for me was dying I'm begging you baby Baby please I'm begging you baby Baby please Turn on the light Let it s

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Turn out the light lyrics

lover, why is there light in the itchy gitchy evening and it's dark outside And what's the difference between wrong and right wrong and right Isn't it funny how pain goes away and then comes back another day The air feels very good today good today Lover, lover, why is th

Kenny Chesney - (turn out the light and) love me tonight lyrics

I've been lonesome I've been empty I got an aching Way deep down inside And I need someone Someone to hold me Pull down the shade, Turn out the light And love me tonight. Chorus: Don't think about tomorrow It don't matter anymore We can turn the key And lock

Lui Freedom - Im here to turn on your light lyrics

quot;Im here to turn on your light" Sleep my darling, sleep In the sweetest dream, without cry And when you´ll wake up I´ll be here Everytime! Sleep my darling, sleep I will never let you down! I will give you my hand Everytime you will fall -------- You was bor

Harry Nilsson - Turn out the light lyrics

you will be sleeping And you'll wake up in a dream Close your eyes, it's time to go to sleep. Soon it will be morning Time to start another day But now it's time for you to go to sleep. So turn out the light, it's time to say goodnight Turn out the

Amy Holland - Turn out the light lyrics

this another conspiracy? The Ruined stars ganging up on me I wake the planet and it's underhand It won't work, it won't work It's the odd of deception dear And to the author I guarantee to you To steal the heart by the clover of dot And getting me trapped I'm not g

Daichi Miura - Turn off the light lyrics

kidzuku to afureru bokura wo oou kono yami mae mo ushiro mo mou wakarazu fuan ni naru deguchi wo motomete hisshi ni mogaku kedo nakanaka nukedasezu mienaku natteku atama de wa tachiuchi dekinai nagai yoru mo karada ni wa tachimukaeru you oboesaseteru

Judas Priest - Turn on your light lyrics

do I have to wait so long Before you come into my life again? Seems as though forever until I can be here by your side till then I think you feel the same way too You know you make my dreams come true If you'll just turn on your light Let me see it shining through the n

Joan Armatrading - Turn out the light lyrics

and down And all around I've been looking for you In and out And all about I've been reaching for you I've got to tell you baby Now my mind is made up Things have looked bad But now some years later We still Turn out the light I'm gonn

Mania ( Ger ) - Turn towards the light lyrics

is the first that I feel A nightmare or is it real Where am I, what's going wrong? I must be stranded in a strange place A blazing ball explodes Over an endless sea While violent storms Whip silver clouds across a mighty sky [bridge] I come out of night into the light A stra

Between The Buried And Me - Turn on the darkness lyrics

winters grieve evenly Flickering moments engage our senses Slowly trembling and venting They won't take notice Dragging feet. Will time notice me? We turn out backs on ourselves Nothing in sight The Sighting: I see a flame erupt in the distance The charted course

Don Williams - Turn out the light and love me tonight 1982 lyrics

tkfktf lfktfg lufktfk tf frfd ,kgftf, ,kgft ,kdczf, ukftf g ff,tuk ftf ,gkztgf ufu ktfgf .,kgzg. ,gz .fcfnhtf ff kgf, ugf

Kiss - Turn on the night lyrics

s thinkin' they're so hot tonite, but there's a fire in your eyes Everybody wants you girl, but I want you more than any other guy You got what I want, I got what you need, fire below So if you know it, show it, don't let me go, whooah Turn on the night - I

Reba Mcentire - Turn on the radio lyrics

Good, Two Timin', Lies comin' outta your mouth. Cheatin', mistreatin' games that you play brought you down. Broke my heart, tore it apart, look who's got the last laugh now. Don't you come crawlin' begging please on your knees, baby if you're missin' me. (

Bay City Rollers - Turn on the radio lyrics

an early air ride then you crash your car Tripping out on Sunday when you find you're a star New York on Monday when your LA was fine So you take another jet stream and get lost in your wine Everybody wants to be somebody but nobody wants to give the time

Dokken - Turn on the action lyrics

m like a wildcat at midnight I'm like a stick of dynamite Evil senses taking over me Gonna let the action steal the night Turn up the heat Turn down the lights (action, action) Turn up the heat Baby go all night Turn on the action

Earth, Wind & Fire - Turn on (the beat box) lyrics

Turn it on) Have you been thinking Nothing ever changes And you could be making a difference tonight Why are you waiting anticipating Can't fight the feeling, when you know its right OOOOOh I Just want to see you smile Forget about yesterday OOOOOh I

Future lyricsFuture - Turn on the lights (remix) (feat. lil wayne) lyrics

Intro - Future (Lil Wayne)] I’m lookin’ for her Astronaut (Tunechi) I’m lookin’ for her I’m lookin’ for her (Remix) I’m lookin’ for her Yeah [Verse 1 - Future] Is that her in the VIP line? With the Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent Used to drive a Nissan now she in a Beamer I d

Kellie Pickler - Turn on the radio and dance lyrics

drive down by the lake You know that old back road The one that leads right straight To our old hideout cove I need to drown out this old world yeah Turn on the radio and dance We'll wade up to our ankles In that old muddy water I'll let you twirl me around To some old la

Sinplus - Turn on the lights lyrics

know you're hot You really turn me on You know what you want Even when it's wrong You say the way is written The stars are on your side You just want to life Like tomorrow won't come Turn on the lights Tonight...for love Turn on the lights Tonight...for

Hüsker Dü - Turn on the news lyrics

there's one thing that I can't explain Is why the world has to have so much pain With all the ways of communicating We can't get in touch with who we're hating So turn on turn on turn on the news I hear it every day on the radio Somebody shoots a guy

Cattle Decapitation - Turn on the masters lyrics

Are mastering dominance through negative reinforcement. Uneducated. Ignorant and f***ing mentally incompetent. Wife-beater bro needs to die. Tonight's the night we bite back -- revenge! We'll dance in our master's intestines And then go after his friends those motherf***ers. Tu

Future lyricsFuture - Turn on the lights lyrics

Intro:] I'm lookin' for 'er I'm lookin' for 'er I'm lookin' for 'er I'm lookin' for 'er [Verse 1:] Is that her in the VIP-line With the Vuitton and Yves saint Laurent Used to drive the Nissan, now she in a Beamer I don't want 'er cause she from the

Dave Martone - Turn on the heater lyrics

..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ....

Quincy Jones - Turn on the action lyrics

Chorus:] Turn on the action, (Come on and give me your love) I'm runnin' hot, baby, give me the Love inside. (Gotta keep it hot, give it all you got) Feed me your passion, (Come on and make it alright) Don't waste no time, Baby show me a dream tonight (Cotta k

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Time to turn of the light lyrics

it's time to turn off the light Now it's time to - say goodbye Planet colors is coming back Once again - someday Time was flying by, on silent wings Now we have to say goodnight Time was flying by, we gave our best Now we're turning off the

A Friend In London - The light lyrics

can't stand the light It's killing me inside And I'm getting nowhere Out of here The beauty of the night Is getting out of sight And the way I'm moving Is not right Ther's a silence A friend in London The Light Lyrics In these wa

Bare Bobby - Don't turn out the light lyrics

scarecrow and yellow moon and road house on the edge of town Hear that midnight rooster crow well I have one more before I go But Honey don't turn out the light cause I think I'm in the mood for love tonight The night is cool beneath the stars I'm ridin'

Midnight Choir - Don't turn out the light lyrics

up this morning Riding on a homebound train Pocket full of memories Thinking about the good old days Bought a bottle of wine With the last dime to my name Jumped an Oslo freight Running through the pouring rain Oh mama, don't turn out the light There's a shadow on t

Better Than Ezra - Turn up the bright lights lyrics

s a lot like fire. Taking that the first step on to the street. The whole night before you, spreading out like a techno colored dream. So take this city into your arms and hold it like a kiss. Don't it feel like flying, darling, what could be better than this. Turn up the

David Gray - The light lyrics

turn out the light And the dark sucks on the embers of the fire That shoulders in the night And these tumbling boulders of desire Come rolling off the shadows of me You say I thought time was meant to take away the hurtin' As your lonely silhouette close

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Turn up the night lyrics

rumble of thunder, I'm suddenly under your spell No rhyme or reason, or time of the season, but oh well The darkened deliver, I shake and I shiver down your soul You know what to cover, I think for another it's a story told So get a good hold, yeah

A Lot Like Birds - The blowtorch is applied to the sugar lyrics

me down easy. There’s no reason to tease me. If you don’t need me, please let me go. Playing with my dreams? Not anymore. Time is dancing on my chest and its casting stones. It's casing parts, each one of them antagonist. And I’m trying to feed the wasp inside my mouth. It’s

Tom Beck - The longing lyrics

s the light you see underneath the door and the shadow of the footsteps on the floor The hang up call that you can't ignore it's the face you cross the room that makes your heartbeat fast And the room reflection in the bottom of the broken glass ju

Gary Numan - The machman lyrics

saw him turn on Like a machine in the park Saying 'please come with me' But you've been there before I saw him whirr away Into the night Like a nightmare on wheels Saying 'never again' I'd give it all up for you I'd even be a number just fo

Lionel Richie - Dancing on the ceiling lyrics

is happening here? Something is going on That's not quite clear Somebody turn on the light We're gonna have a party It's starting tonight Oh, what a feeling! When we're dancing on the ceiling The room is hot...that's good some of my friends came By from the ne

Memory Garden - The sum of all fear lyrics

s time to go to bed again Another sleepless night in sweat and pain I can't face it again and again I hear them they are everywhere A razor-blade on my wrist again I would rather bleed to death than hear it Another sleepless night Seconds of waiting to exha

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Turn off the lights lyrics

got so sick of being on my own Now the devil won't leave me alone It's almost like I found a friend Who's in it for the bitter end Our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos I set my expectations high So nothing ever comes out right So sh

69 Chambers - The peep hole lyrics

got every shade of color to gray Before your eyes dolled up to play I’m not crazy though you like to think so It doesn’t matter, it’s just a show, I lay [Chorus:] Twenty four hours a day naked on your silver plate Twenty four seven indignities Thr

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Turn off the radio lyrics

on the radio take a listen What you're missing Personally I'm sick of the ass-kissing What I'm kicking to you won't get rotation Nowhere in the nation Program directors and DJ's ignored me Cause I simply said f*** Top Forty And top thirty top twenty and top ten Unti

Cher - The thought of loving you lyrics

thought of loving you The way I'm longing to A thousand hopeful dreams I've had Are finally coming true I use to put you on a pedal stool Where you became untouchable But now we touch And not so much is possible Just be near to you Would b

Hoppeross - Turn in the music lyrics

what about up? does not say anything to you? no damage! but wake up now! start dancing, go go! now! time you run and you? those still looking into the unknown! When you arise, go immediately to dance! turn on the music, and here we go! y

Milow - The priest lyrics

m Peter van der Hold I'm 68 years old I doubt some questions have increased In 42 years of being a priest I'm at the end of my life I'm not sure if I'm gonna survive I often don't know what to say When I talk to Him, when I pray In reply I receive Only silence, n

Anita O'day - The walls keep talking lyrics

s a house on the hill Bound to give you a chill `Cause at night when it's still They say the walls keep talkin' The spooks keep walkin' So the folks in the town Pass the legend around Someone lives underground That's why the walls keep talkin' alright You hear a scream (Aaaaaaah

Goo Goo Dolls - Bringing on the light lyrics

hate to be a nuisance here But I've been waiting half a year to say You're bringing on the light The second hand moves way to slow Where did all those minutes go I say, you're bringing on the light Oh yeah, oh yeah, bringing on the light Oh yeah, oh yeah, bringing on

Matthew Perryman Jones - Waiting on the light to change lyrics

your defense down open up your heart and lay all of it out I know how hard it sounds but loneliness will have it's way in feeding your doubts I'm waiting on the light waiting on the light to chance I'm chasing out the lies chasing out the lies that keep you caged I'm wait

Kelly Patricia Maria - Put on the light lyrics

should I do which bay to sail A thousand lighthouses but only, only one is divine I'm in a spell it's dark again Devouring flames turned to silence can't hear your voice anymore Exquisite love divine refuge I'm captivated amazed and longing for You Lord put on the light 'cause I ca

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Turn da music up lyrics

it is: Bang! Another dope jam! Get up of your bud and start to dance come on do your stuff don't hazetate you will find the answer you will have the key change your own direction control your destiny Turn da music up, turn da music up you can turn it up yeah This is the

Smokie - Don´t turn out you light lyrics

nearly caught me out that time But let me win that's a memory of mine Time cuaht up with you too soon And I cried enough tears to put oceans on the moon Don't turn out your light Don't turn out your light Don't turn out the light that I see shining f

Boy George - Turn on a little light for me lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

The Green Children - Feel the light lyrics

still for a while And listen to the beating of your heart Beating for the ground that you stand upon Beating for that friend, though you never got on Still beating for the hurt that you've overcome 'Cause when you were blinded you could hear this song So turn off the light, just t

Mali Music - The light lyrics

Verse 1] Everywhere I go (man it's crazy) Everybody like (whoa) There go Mali Music and I'm like (whoa) Didn't even know I made it yet for folks to act Like that ya'll (Favor) I'm so glad that song blessed ya (Thank ya) and God bless ya But, I'm really wondering

Harry Nilsson - Turn on your radio lyrics

don't know where I'm goin' Now that I am gone I hope the wind that's blowin' Helps me carry on Turn on your radio, baby Listen to my song Turn on your night light baby Baby I'm gone I don't know how it happened Now that I am gone I hope I never hear it baby Just in c

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