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Mark Owen - Turn the light on lyrics

my bones and curl my toes, Nobody does it better, Spilt my head up to the core And wrap me round your finger Take a look outside There is nowhere left to hide We've been swimming in circles for too long Let us jump out of this bowl Hear some music

Thomas Anders - Turn on the light lyrics

say you lost your feelings But that's not true Oh, you'd better take it easy To what other lovers do Turn on the light Turn on the light for love Turn on the light Like a candle in the wind Turn on the light Turn on the light for love Turn on the light And I'll

Blues Brothers 2000 - Turn on your lovelight lyrics

a warning you broke my heart You took it darling and you tore it apart You left me sitting in the dark crying You said your love light for me was dying I'm begging you baby Baby please I'm begging you baby Baby please Turn on the light Let it shine on me Turn on y

Lucy Schwartz - Turn your light on me lyrics

your hands into the fire and see what you have left Leave your home if it is holding you and see what you can get I know you'd like to get to heaven, but not just yet So while you're waiting in your darkest hour Don't forget Turn your light on me Turn your light on me I bet

Jamie T - Turn on the light lyrics

run down the strip, down the strip right through me The rain on the windscreen, blistering the stop sign Turn in the rubies your mother did buy you Through this land I roar You made me bold like a whore, wish I'd never been born Got a good looking corpse h

Anshelle - Turn on lyrics

people whose eyes are filled with tears feeling blue while they’re captured by their fears I wonder if they have given up the fight defying life and even trying to make it right you’re telling me there’s nothing left to do it takes more than the strengt

Harry Nilsson - Turn on your radio lyrics

don't know where I'm goin' Now that I am gone I hope the wind that's blowin' Helps me carry on Turn on your radio, baby Listen to my song Turn on your night light baby Baby I'm gone I don't know how it happened Now that I am gone I hope I never hear it baby Just in case I

Judas Priest - Turn on your light lyrics

do I have to wait so long Before you come into my life again? Seems as though forever until I can be here by your side till then I think you feel the same way too You know you make my dreams come true If you'll just turn on your light Let me see

Between The Buried And Me - Turn on the darkness lyrics

winters grieve evenly Flickering moments engage our senses Slowly trembling and venting They won't take notice Dragging feet. Will time notice me? We turn out backs on ourselves Nothing in sight The Sighting: I see a flame erupt in the distance The charted course towards my

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Turn on the light lyrics

it's all that I can think of as I drag my feet, searching lika a diogenes, dangerous, the adjectives of the decasde and of your alluring intricacies, I can see your green-screen mentality and I can feel the sting of its consequence, and i know i shouldn't but it's too mu

Inara George - Turn on/off lyrics

another Sunday, Here’s another Sunday and Sunday. I can’t keep the distance I can’t feel any of the difference. Turn around now And see the sun It’s going down, it’s turning on. Punch me hard now And turn me on You are too soft, You turn me off. I want something

Boy George - Turn on a little light for me lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Reba Mcentire - Turn on the radio lyrics

Good, Two Timin', Lies comin' outta your mouth. Cheatin', mistreatin' games that you play brought you down. Broke my heart, tore it apart, look who's got the last laugh now. Don't you come crawlin' begging please on your knees, baby if you're missin' me. (Chorus) Well, y

Future lyricsFuture - Turn on me lyrics

Gang I seen a so-called good girl turn on me I smoke this dope to burn, burn, burn on it I gave her new waves and I watched her turn on me Yeah With this dope in my system, I know you gon' turn on me With this dope in my system, I know you gon' turn on me I been away too much, I

Nina Gordon - Turn on your radio lyrics

wanna write a song that will break your heart I want you to hear it and fall apart I wanna be there when the tears fall from your eyes I wanna see it in you face when you realize Turn on your radio and listen to these words as I repeat them Yo

Kiss - Turn on the night lyrics

s thinkin' they're so hot tonite, but there's a fire in your eyes Everybody wants you girl, but I want you more than any other guy You got what I want, I got what you need, fire below So if you know it, show it, don't let me go, whooah Turn on the night -

Bay City Rollers - Turn on the radio lyrics

an early air ride then you crash your car Tripping out on Sunday when you find you're a star New York on Monday when your LA was fine So you take another jet stream and get lost in your wine Everybody wants to be somebody but nobody wants to give the time Down the line East 65th Stree

Cracker - Turn on tune in drop out with me lyrics

on, turn on, tune in drop out with me Baby you need a break so let's just run away Well I'm tired of coding perl, tired of VBA Maggie throw your law books away Turn on, tune in, drop out, give up with me Now picture this I'm shopping in town for our homemade Agrarian

Dokken - Turn on the action lyrics

m like a wildcat at midnight I'm like a stick of dynamite Evil senses taking over me Gonna let the action steal the night Turn up the heat Turn down the lights (action, action) Turn up the heat Baby go all night Turn on the action Turn on the night Tur

Earth, Wind & Fire - Turn on (the beat box) lyrics

Turn it on) Have you been thinking Nothing ever changes And you could be making a difference tonight Why are you waiting anticipating Can't fight the feeling, when you know its right OOOOOh I Just want to see you smile Forget about yesterday OOOOOh I Nothing can s

Future lyricsFuture - Turn on the lights (remix) (feat. lil wayne) lyrics

Intro - Future (Lil Wayne)] I’m lookin’ for her Astronaut (Tunechi) I’m lookin’ for her I’m lookin’ for her (Remix) I’m lookin’ for her Yeah [Verse 1 - Future] Is that her in the VIP line? With the Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent Used to drive a Nis

Kellie Pickler - Turn on the radio and dance lyrics

drive down by the lake You know that old back road The one that leads right straight To our old hideout cove I need to drown out this old world yeah Turn on the radio and dance We'll wade up to our ankles In that old muddy water I'll let you twirl me

Future lyricsFuture - Turn on the lights lyrics

Intro:] I'm lookin' for 'er I'm lookin' for 'er I'm lookin' for 'er I'm lookin' for 'er [Verse 1:] Is that her in the VIP-line With the Vuitton and Yves saint Laurent Used to drive the Nissan, now she in a Beamer I don't want 'er cause she from the corner And I heard tha

Nazareth - Turn on your receiver lyrics

on your receiver I'm gonna lay it on the line 'Cause I'm a great believer In hangin' on to what is mine So come over here and listen I don't want you to be missin' What I say And I ain't gonna waste my time Sayin' it all again I've been hearin' stories

Sinplus - Turn on the lights lyrics

know you're hot You really turn me on You know what you want Even when it's wrong You say the way is written The stars are on your side You just want to life Like tomorrow won't come Turn on the lights Tonight...for love Turn on the lights Tonight...for love You know we'r

Hüsker Dü - Turn on the news lyrics

there's one thing that I can't explain Is why the world has to have so much pain With all the ways of communicating We can't get in touch with who we're hating So turn on turn on turn on the news I hear it every day on the radio Somebody

Cattle Decapitation - Turn on the masters lyrics

Are mastering dominance through negative reinforcement. Uneducated. Ignorant and f***ing mentally incompetent. Wife-beater bro needs to die. Tonight's the night we bite back -- revenge! We'll dance in our master's intestines And then go after his friends those motherf***ers. Turn o

The Pierces - Turn on billie lyrics

I woke up this afternoon I know I felt… uneasy But no matter what I do Nothing seemed to please me I couldn't get out of my head That little fight we had… last night But I would much rather be dead Than admit to myself… that you were right Oh… Oh... Oh… Ohhh Don't

Marvin Gaye - Turn on some music lyrics

of you my darling still are so fine, so fine since i love you, so is my state of mind Since we've been apart oh, i miss you, miss you with all my heart oh, baby, what else can i say? put on 3 albums & let's fly, baby aww, i've got to k

Quincy Jones - Turn on the action lyrics

Chorus:] Turn on the action, (Come on and give me your love) I'm runnin' hot, baby, give me the Love inside. (Gotta keep it hot, give it all you got) Feed me your passion, (Come on and make it alright) Don't waste no time, Baby show me a dream tonight (Cotta

Dave Martone - Turn on the heater lyrics

..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ..... Instrumental ....

Everly Brothers - Ebony eyes lyrics

a weekend pass I wouldn't have had time To get home and marry that baby of mine So I went to the chaplain and he authorised Me to send for my Ebony Eyes My Ebony Eyes was coming to me From out of the skies on flight 1203 In an hour or two I would whisp

New York Dolls - Gimme luv and turn on the light lyrics

has shot me through Just like the livin' truth Gimme luv and turn on the light How long has it been dark Without the slightest spark Gimme luv and turn on the light All light shines in darkness Where else could it shine? Could it? We're the proper troglodytes Everyb

Blackfoot - Left turn on a red light lyrics

s nine o'clock at this old station And my silver linin' ride is right on time And as I buy myself a one-way ticket For somewhere else on down the line And I see that on their faces Of a people that will never come home And when I stare into the mirror, mama See mys

Lui Freedom - Im here to turn on your light lyrics

quot;Im here to turn on your light" Sleep my darling, sleep In the sweetest dream, without cry And when you´ll wake up I´ll be here Everytime! Sleep my darling, sleep I will never let you down! I will give you my hand Everytime you will fall -------- Y

Saliva - Turn the lights on lyrics

the light on I want to see you the way I used to Before the moment's gone I used to know you But now we're strangers Lost in all this anger I got to face the dark to see the dawn Got to make it right before it's wrong I will throw you a lifeline Pull you ba

Better Than Ezra - Turn up the bright lights lyrics

s a lot like fire. Taking that the first step on to the street. The whole night before you, spreading out like a techno colored dream. So take this city into your arms and hold it like a kiss. Don't it feel like flying, darling, what could be better than this.

Cris Cab - Turn you on [feat. melanie fiona and shaggy] lyrics

turn you on, yeah, yeah Why are you still here remind me You think we'll have more fun here, not likely So many place that we couldn't be So many places girl I see your face when I see my back seat And now your dimples got me smiling Laughing

Barry Manilow - Turn the radio up lyrics

mon everybody open Up your windows Turn on the music Turn on the music When I feel that this old world Is just to hard to bear People comin' at me left and right Day and night Here's the thing I do Turn the radio up Hear the melody Turn reality down There's too much

Alabama - You turn on me lyrics

know how to turn me on In a special way all your own No one has been where you've gone in so long Oh baby, you turn me on Your world fits right into mine With perfection, time after time And my world's where you must belong 'Cause baby, you turn me o

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Turn off the lights lyrics

got so sick of being on my own Now the devil won't leave me alone It's almost like I found a friend Who's in it for the bitter end Our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos I set my expectations high So nothing ever comes out right So

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Turn off the radio lyrics

on the radio take a listen What you're missing Personally I'm sick of the ass-kissing What I'm kicking to you won't get rotation Nowhere in the nation Program directors and DJ's ignored me Cause I simply said f*** Top Forty And top thirty top twenty and top ten Until you pu

Charlie Brown - On my way lyrics

in circles at night You've given up the fight Like the streets that you're always walking on You died inside And you don't know why So you try to turn the light on But stand up and never say never 'Cause this life is gonna get better Take a breath, shake it off and s

Hoppeross - Turn in the music lyrics

what about up? does not say anything to you? no damage! but wake up now! start dancing, go go! now! time you run and you? those still looking into the unknown! When you arise, go immediately to dance! turn on the music, and here we go! yes go dance! Hiphop? Coun

Nazareth - Light my way lyrics

in a shadow Praying for release You found my prison Your love was the key So come on, light myday And come on, light my way Lonely's just a word now Something from my past Horizon's look brighter Loving you will last So come on, light my day And come on, li

Holiday In Cambodia - On in five lyrics

fed on a hunger strike, tag them dead before you focus in, spoon feed the impact that you leave us with Bring denial with a worldwide expansion team brand so deep into our minds That it soon becomes our history and image that's been marketed well On the assembly line of our lives,

Chris Rea - Light of hope lyrics

is the garden that I know Ten thousand summers wait me here You lead and I will follow Your heart is mine tomorrow Into your womb I fade away And while she laughs Your pride is turning into snow And melting on the face of this light of hope Shine on, light of hope Light of h

Cristal Y Acero - Light of power lyrics

are no words to express to you How I feel. To feel stronger like a Light of Power Passing through my chest Like a spear of god And that has made me stronger My wounds are cured now my friend And now I'll fight for you I feel more alive when god's by my side And the clear

Elio Pace - Ebony eyes lyrics

s a Miss Beautiful Supreme A girl that others wish that they could be If there's seven wonders of the world Then I know she's got to be number one She's a girl that can't be beat Born and raised on ghetto street She's a devastating beauty A pretty girl with ebony eyes She'

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Ebony and ivory (with stevie wonder) lyrics

and ivory, live together in perfect harmony Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we? We all know that people are the same where ever we go There is good and bad in everyone We learn to live, we learn to give Each other what we need to survive to

Neil Sedaka - Ebony angel lyrics

ve told you that we're getting married, Now don't you try changing my mind. We've got a good thing together, Who cares if the world is unkind. I'm a man and you're a woman, That's all that matters to me. Baby the times are a'changing And I want the whole

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Ebony and ivory lyrics

And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard, Oh Lord, Why Don't We? We All Know That People Are The Same Where Ever you Go There Is Good And Bad In Ev'ryone, We Learn To Live, We Learn To Give Each Other What We Need To Survive Tog

Silk - Ebony eyes lyrics

Intro] Love is as love does And I choose you, I choose you Wind in your hair, sun on your skin You’re looking good girl, all over again Hey there, Miss Brown I want you to know, I love you Brown as the sand, as soft as the shore You’re leaving me hungry and crying for more

Brett Anderson - Ebony lyrics

just the other day Walked right up and asked your name Vodka in the afternoon Drunk so much we left our food Ebony now here we go, moving fast and moving slow And my liver is in your hands, make me a bad man Wandered down to Lisson Grove It was somewhere I used

Bob Welch - Ebony eyes lyrics

have you seen that girl in the corner I'd like to take her out of her chains 'Cause if I have my way with you, baby I would be changing your life today Your eyes got me dreaming Your eyes got me blind Your eyes got me hoping That I'll be holding you close

Cathedral - Ebony tears lyrics

we have discovered the languid fatigue of love interrogated all our beauty we've turned each other inside out. Drowning in Ebony Tears. The long face of cheerlessness the only bonding we share enlightened by degradation the only pleasure is pain. Drowning i

Cemetary - Ebony rain lyrics

sinners masquerade An asylum for the weak A feast for the wolf Our faces lost in the deep Empty space our souls to keep The hour of twilight As silent as sin Drifting beyond dreaming Erasing all therein Into black nightmare Cry in vain The eyes set sail Towards ebon

Cradle Of Filth - Ebony dressed for sunset lyrics

quot;The Life of all Flesh Is The Blood" "Those who Trespass against us, Beware the Shadows of Dusk" Unshadow thyselves children The reign in flesh begins again... V empire Funereal majesty awake Cneajna wreathed in snake

Ebony Day - Not just you lyrics

I know your heart seen better times I know our songs have better rhymes Before today Darling, I guess I made the wrong mistakes I understand if you need your space Please take your time Before you go away So far away You need to realize Baby

Kidz Bop - Turn off the light lyrics

People, people, people) It's getting so lonely inside this bed Don't know if I should lick my wounds or say woe is me instead And there's an aching inside my head It's telling me you're better off alone But after midnight morning will come And the day will s

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