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A Wilhelm Scream - You kiss their ass and they shit on you lyrics

back to our suffering, and constant letdowns in this crowded ... something that hasn't been done? It's all f***ed up politics ... Please don't speak because I can't think

Holy Moses - On you lyrics

- I had - respect - 'cause I don't like me at all I'm ... I had - respect - 'cause I Don't like loyalty - 'cause I Don't like dignity - 'cause I Don't like company - 'cause I Don't like myself - the real me

Jessi Malay - On you lyrics

ve been holding on for hours But now I got you ... stand around A gotta have you, go crazy All that I know ... It's without you on meeting I've got to fullfil

Mark 'oh - Stuck on you lyrics

check it out now O come on, come on, come on! Stuck on you, i've got this feeling ... i just can't loose, guess i'm on my way! Needed a friend and ... Now i guess i'll be with you till the end, guessi'm on my

J. Moss - You did lyrics

grace So grateful, I thank you for your presence and the ... In this moment, I partake You came, You came here even ... for all the trouble I caused you I’ve even doubted you, and

3t - Stuck on you lyrics

m stuck on you I'm stuck on you I'm stuck on you ... Stuck on you I've got this feeling down ... I just can't lose Guess I'm on my way Needed a friend

Darren Hayes - Creepin' up on you lyrics

up on you is the wrong thing to do I found your ... address got your phone number too Visit all the ... stores where you buy all your clothes Been to secret

Lionel Richie - Stuck on you lyrics

on you I've got this feeling down ... I just can't lose Guess, I'm on my way Needed a friend And ... now I guess I'll be with you till the end Guess I'm on my

Dolly Parton - You're gonna be sorry lyrics

day you're gonna want me but I ain't gonna ... be around Some day you'll find you miss the kiss ... that you're forever turnin' down When ... you decide you want the love that once you

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - You didn't try to call me lyrics

t try to call me, why didn't you try? I'm so lonely No ... I take home, I keep calling your name And you, (I need you ... so bad) you're the one babe Tell me, tell me

Sean Lennon - On again off again lyrics

is through And just as the moon knows It cannot always glow ... every evening Some days you will find me sleeping Cause ... I’m on again and off again I never

Pond - You are not an astronaut lyrics

you were the astronaut in my only shot seems so far away at ... night but how you shine like a new car you in ... reached out for paper moons, plastic charms I stayed on

Saigon - On my way lyrics

A man Yeah! [Chorus] I'm on my way to the top, no frontin ... t pay me to stop, no nothin Stayed on my own and keep my pace, I ... m runnin Cause I'm on my way up, I'm on my way up

Doro Pesch - Eye on you lyrics

couldn't close my eyes I stayed up all night I thought of ... promises You gave me for life Your words ... I just remembered that you swore You won't lie

Lil Bow Wow - You already know lyrics

x2 Uh huh Uh huh, Uh Yeah Money Bow Wow, So So To The Def ... Yeah... You Already Know Two thou, Bow ... Wow [Bow Wow] I'm a young player with his dough right

Late Nite Reading - On mainstreet lyrics

no beginning Our ending went on by too fast 'Cause he was ... fuse The resulting explosion Would daze and confuse ... Played this game for so long Not liars Their truths

Elane - On and on lyrics

he rode accompanied by moon and stars, he found the path ... the secret tale was true On and on, have faith, be strong and find the place from ... from trav'llers' hearts On and on, you'd faith, were strong and found the place from

Ayumi Hamasaki - Depend on you lyrics

ga moshi tabidatsu, sono hi ga itsuka kitara, soko ... kara futari de hajimeyou, mezashiteta gooru ni ... todokisou na toki, hontou wa mada tooi koto kizuita

Got7 - Eyes on you lyrics

gateun saram nan cheoeum bone geurimi georeo danineun geot ... dwae oh yeah~ jeokdanghi tongtonghae neomu yeppeune ... bogo sipeo deo isang nan mon chamgeseo my girl nuni ga

A Loss For Words - Shine on you crazy neil diamond lyrics

town Another muggy afternoon with our addiction Fiending ... for the next rest stop, legion hall, basement show or ... We'll get back to our lives on the road with our friends We

Coalesce - On their behalf lyrics

you've tempted me on too many times for me to ... turn my back on you again. I lust for your gift ... s role. Extricate these demons from sight. Risking life

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - I can't realy on you lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not F...

Kurt Nilsen - On the road lyrics

road, I miss my home I keep on driving, to the break of dawn ... over again Would I have done it differently? Would I be ... love, that grows to be strong I can’t be there right now

Bananarama - Set on you lyrics

I'm so set on you Desire Falling falling ... falling I'm so set on you Desire Falling in

Echo & The Bunnymen - Lost on you lyrics

s just a dangerous bend On a slippery slope Another ... rainbow's end On the highway of hope It's ... who I am My memory lost on you I had things inside my

The Gathering - On most surfaces (inuit) lyrics

I am the snow falling down on you I tear up your face with ... my frost And make you run to somewhere warm When I ... come I see you get away I burst out about your emptyness The frost hits

Kelly Anne Kathleen (kathy) - On my path lyrics

on don’t look back you said darling to me Don’t ... look back and carry on, carry on my dear On my path to life I ... found true love On my path to love I found peace

Metric - On a slow night lyrics

beautiful one What have you gone and done I can see all ... what did that salesman do to you That catalogue replaced ... The fine mind behind your face No human trio can

Raven - On the wings of an eagle lyrics

die Our future's depending on you On the wings of an ... straight for my goal I'm gonna fight till the finish With ... for an eye, the damage is done Never have so many owed

Goldhouse - On & on lyrics

wonder if you stay the night Keep me up ... work cause it ain't enough Won't waste anymore time If ... loving you's a crime It ain't hard to ... let the music keep playing On and on, and on, and on When

Hc3 - Piss on you lyrics

Sad words, always keep your gun loaded…..It never ends ... Sometimes, keep your gun loaded now …….. It hurts ... stay away Ref: I piss on you, politicians they are

Jolin Tsai - Spying on you behind the fence lyrics

Wo zhi dao zhe shi zi nue de you xi Hao xiang shi ni sui shi ... zhe ni chen chen shui qu Dong wu yuan an yu huan yang de ... mi Chao xiao zhe wo ba zi you song gei ni Ren bu zhu de yi

Klangkarussell - All eyes on you lyrics

seconds century princess New pants ... earnest broadcast the promotion in the city state in the ... positive the promotion of the very rich, is a normal ... the denial of warcraft, phone bugging, optic kidnapping

Noemi - You lyrics

understand my jealousy Don`t cover your eyes and the ... colour inside your heart If I ever stay to ... reap our sowing seeds Don`t search out forlies, no reasons to live apart Y.O.U.

Pivit - On my own lyrics

I heard your hurting words Made me ... learned How to turn my back on (you) And you were quick to ... and walked away. Now I'm on mu own Lost without a home

Oar - On my way lyrics

It's okay, it's okay When your body's cold and shaking I ... ll steer you Darlin', steer you When your body's old and ... aging I'll heal you Darlin', heal you Your

Ac Dc - Put the finger on you lyrics

put the finger on you My hands all out of control ... I can't stop it getting down on you It's moving on it's own ... in my finger tips Radiating onto you I can't control it,

Alex & Sierra - You're the one that i want (john travolta/oli.. lyrics

re multiplyin' and I'm losin control. 'Cause the power you're ... , it's electriviyin'! You better shape up,'cause I need ... a man. And my heart is set on you. You better sheape up; you better understand to my

An Honest Year - You and all your friends lyrics

got lost along the way from the fighting I ... remind me She's bringing you down, bringing you down ... Who knows what's going on through your head I hope it

Animosity - You can't win lyrics

up But I know I'm not the only one. I hear that life goes on, But I guess just not for ... everyone. Consumed by bliss that now all I ... pissed! Hopeless. Irrationally searching every single

Aranda - Hooked on you lyrics

out of the old I wanna give you everything I'd give you all ... my gold I wanna be your daddy I'll be you're mama ... too I'm hooked on everything Everything you do

Architects - You'll find safety lyrics

comfort in yourself Begin to believe, ... before it's over Lift your head up Everybody's talking ... Prove them wrong Before your time is up You keep it all

Tina Arena - You make me feel good lyrics

me baby You make me feel good You make me feel good What ... everybody tells me I'm gonna ruin the day But I'm just ... too hung on you baby To stay away Maybe I'm

Automatic Loveletter - Eyes on you lyrics

can you hear me? I've got something ... to tell you I was lost, but you saved me I'll go wherever you want to 'Cause I think that ... I've got to have you I've had enough I'm in

Rozzi Crane - You know i'm no good lyrics

in the bar and hurt Your rolled up sleeves on your ... skull t-shirt You say 'What did you do with him ... like I was Tanqueray Cause you're my fella, my guy Hand me your Stella and fly By the time

John Barrowman - You're the one that i want lyrics

multiplyin' And I'm losin' control 'Cause the power you're ... It's electrifyin' You better shape-up 'cause I need ... a man And my heart is set on you You better shape up, you

Jones Bentley - Depend on you depend on me lyrics

down my heart I stumble on old memories Like a ghost ... I forgot And now I’m lost on empty streets That keep ... getting dark *Oh I don’t know who you will become I

Bif Naked - Tell on you lyrics

like days had passed Are you finished? I could no longer ... Move my arms The only thing left in the room Was ... the silence Can you still hear the breaking glass

Bif Naked - You are the master lyrics

up in the burning sun. Baby, you are my only shade. You're ... the bowl of water beyond my reach. I can only move ... this chain. I chew anything you will give me. Eat anything,

Big Time Rush - Count on you ft. jordin sparks lyrics

Now I'm about to give you my heart But remember this one thing I've never been in ... love before so you gotta go easy on me ... I heard love is dangerous Once you fall you never get

Black Oak Arkansas - Our eyes are on you lyrics

you see it now you don't Singin straight to you ... right out front When we're not on stage we ... re everday Hippies Some don't dig our gig But to us our ... is trippy Our eyes ere' on you, our ears can hear you So

Bodyrockers - You got me singing lyrics

Spent so many lonely nights Dreamin' how you ... did me wrong I fall to the ground and I ... wake up You could at least, baby, take me ... dow, dow, dow I'm singing You got me singing, you got me

Box Of Light - You try lyrics

trying to figure out Why you're hanging above me We've ... spent some time on all those levels But I don't ... think you for me You try, you try To make me feel good You try, you try To make me feel

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Drunk on you lyrics

down the windows, turn it on up Pour a little crown in a ... started [Chorus:] Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom ... Dancin' on the tailgate in a full moon

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Stuck on you lyrics

hear you found one heard he's a good one ... livin out all your dreams give it some time ... girl you'll come to find you shoulda just stuck with me ... when it don't work out and then he walks

Btob - You're so fly lyrics

something I gotta tell you My eyes ain’t turning ... They’re fixed on you How’d you like to hang with me tonight ... mam Nae du nuni neol bon ttak geu sungan Sangsangeul

Jon B - Calling on you lyrics

on, calling on you I be callin on, calling on you Baby I've been a crazy ... crazy crazy man Leaving you all alone Ain't talked for ... And I know it's something you don't understand Well lady

Lil' B - You swim lyrics

10 bitches I believe that you don't have this many bitches ... .. Answered the f***ing phone! When Basedgod calls it's ... important I don't know him, I just know her

Craig David lyricsCraig David - You know what lyrics

feeling it yeah I know that you like the way that I put it ... down on you you know what yeah We were ... for eternity but now you're gone it's pain to see I was

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