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Eat It Like A Burrito lyrics

Browse for Eat It Like A Burrito song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Eat It Like A Burrito lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Eat It Like A Burrito.

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Better Than Ezra - Like it like that lyrics


A Tribe Called Quest - Like it like that lyrics

Ya (echoes) Say What? We was in the back of the joint ... cooling out And I saw this girl Asked her if she like it like that Nod her head ... I didn?t stress Let my beat keep knocking cause we rock it like that Bust your ass slow

Call The Cops - Like it like that lyrics

Cause you know I like it like that And I'll teach you ... something like that And I know you like it like that You've heard, about my ... reputation Of rumors spread by haters Just stories they

Marcus & Martinus lyricsMarcus & Martinus - Like it like it (feat. silentó) lyrics

re the type of girl that got everything that I'm ... looking for I like your new Yeezys, the love, ... your style Girl you're beautiful Yeah, the way you walk

Field Mob - Eat em up beat em up lyrics

.. I.... [Chorus] You say you got a man at home But ... he dont dig deep in ya guts And he aint freaky enough, But ... me I eat um up, beat um up then switch sides I eat um up, beat um up then switch sides I pour a little drank We smokin on a sac You like it from the front But you

Akanishi Jin - Eat ya heart out lyrics

'em hit us with a spotlight But that don't mean nothing Cause when your ... in the spotlight People always saying something Talk I ... got my mind made up baby And I'm gonna do what I do I ain't checkin on nobody Only

Jesse Rutherford - U r wut u eat lyrics

I really want it I think about it early in the mornin’ ... I love my baby she my one and only I love my baby like i ... love my money Baby got a clean p**** Baby got a mean

Dead Or Alive - Cake and eat it lyrics

m told my idea of seduction Is a bit passe' ... I hear you like to try it So I'll try it anyway I ... would try anything I swear I'd try it here and now I

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Eat to live lyrics

Talib Kweli] Yeah, this is a ghetto prayer Prayin for all ... of those who ain't got it We gotta get it there, we ... gotta get it yeah Yeah the people starvin for

Reverend Horton Heat - Eat steak lyrics

steak, eat steak eat a big ol' steer Eat steak, eat ... steak do we have one dear? Eat beef, eat beef it's a mighty ... good food It's a grade A meal when I'm in the mood.

Dio - Eat your heart out lyrics

it's long hot road, I've been a bug Through the day they ... your soul I've looked high and low for water, but it's not ... there. No-no! And all the promises of Spring-Time

Teena Marie - I'm gonna have my cake (and eat it too) lyrics

miss your gentleness that spoiled me Your tender kiss ... that so aroused me I miss your nakedness next to mine Your ... sweet familiar scent has left me With memories that

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Pick yer nose (and eat it) lyrics

don't matter who or where you are, if you're on a bus, train, ... cab or in a car. If your nose needs picking ... then go ahead, don't flick the bogies eat ... them instead. Pick, pick, pick your

Beck - Total soul future (eat it) lyrics

got some soul Yeah she got some soul She got ... some soul Yeah she got some soul She got ... finger snap She put the lit cigarette On my birthday cake Oh, yeah She rock and

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Drop it like its hot lyrics

Lil Wayne] Drop, drop, drop, what ... what what After you back it up then stop What, what, wha ... drop it like its hot After you back it up and stop ... What, what, wha, drop it like its hot Now drop it like it

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Work it lyrics

please pick up your phone I'm on ... the request line This is a Missy Elliott one-time ... exclusive (Come on) Is it worth it, let me work it I ... put my thang down, flip it and reverse it I put my thang

Run Dmc - Can you rock it like this lyrics

I eat, a little kid, sticks his finger in ... my plate I be signing autographs, for three months straight ... jet-set women, who offer me favors My face is a thousand

Azealia Banks - Can't do it like me lyrics

Verse 1] Bitches better off leavin' their ... mans at the hotel waitin' Players drinkin', posted up ... flingin' out bands That's for them hoes be naked ... Poppin' p****, pullin' it, shakin' it Smokin' hot, boilin'

Annihilator - Like father like gun lyrics

violence The cycle begins again Bred to carry on A lesson ... that never ends Spoon-fed propaganda To the children of the ... damned Spreading it like a disease Spreading across the

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Like you don't love me lyrics

Verse 1:] I saw your manhood rising Cause you were fantasizing I guess that model ... in the lingerie got you excited That night crawled into ... bed Wearing that same teddy bear You only said I

Loudness - Like hell lyrics

many times, I've been lost And blinded by the light Caught up in a maze Now I feel ... just like a wolf Who forgot how to fight ... And frozen by the haze I was a hungry mean beast I'll

Phora - Like me lyrics

if I was him Id never make you feel like that Hate to ... be blunt But I just gotta keep it real like that Ill ... never know why He wanna make you feel like that But if

At The Lake - Like a northern wind lyrics

was fear, there was fight They have led you on ... your earth path There’s no anguish, there’s no pain We ... will lead you to your heaven People cry for wealth and fame People beg for love

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Like i used to lyrics

know you expected me To act just like a schoolgirl ... Followed your rules Just like a fool Wrapped up in your ... world What's good for you Don't mean ... that's so good for me What can I do, but hang around And

Parade - Like you lyrics

ALL] Ooh getcha body, body Come getcha body, ... body (Repeat x 2) Verse 1 [SIAN] You ... wanted to get out, so you got ... out I wanted to talk, so you ran out Come chasing after me with a box of

Akanishi Jin - Like you lyrics

finger to the haters Two fingers to the past ... High five girl we made it Yeah we made it One finger to ... the haters Two fingers to the past ... High five girl we made it Yeah we made it Ain't nobody bad, mean Micheal Jackson,

Kita Alexander - Like you want to lyrics

the edge of your dream you don't seem to see me, ... Only what you wanna see Oh, what you wanna be? ... Why won't you come with me? Take a piece of this, ... be free I want to take you to the highest,

Anita Baker - Like you used to do lyrics

can smell the scent of fresh cut ... grass You know it kind'a took me back To yesterday ... when we was young, oh so young I ... remember we were so scared To even hold each other's

Andreea Bălan - Like a bunny lyrics

it like a bunny, bunny, bunny! Just ... take your clothes off! Just take your clothes off! Hey ... everybody in the club, pay attention You look like a... walls in detention I wanna party like we're at the Playboy

Bardot - Play it like that lyrics

say I'm tough - instead I say I'm strong You say I'm much ... too cool - well I say that you're wrong It turns you ... off - because I got it goin' on I say you got to

Big Time Rush - Like nobody's around lyrics

you to cry 'Cause you're laughing so hard tonight Playing air guitar alright We're ... being who we are even if they hate that Want you to shout At the top of

Lil' B - Twurk it like dat lyrics

s a lot of thick bitches, I like skinny bitches I like big fat girls What do you mean? ... Don't discrimate on anybody, I like all women Boy ... what you talkin bout? Man I like girls that weight 250 pounds

Chamillionaire - It's on lyrics

4 million, 5 million Haha, we gon' need a money exchange It's on, it's on, it's ... on, it's on... [Talking over chants of "It ... quot;] September 18th, the album is done baby Yeah! Ultimate Victory! Uh, Mixtape Messiah, I'm on fire And you know

Christopher - Twerk it like miley ft.brandon beal lyrics

this yo song, let's see that padonkpadodon I'mma try to ... do the things that you don't Baby, it's yo party, I just wanna play What's ... that sound? What's that thang that's got me like wow? I

Chase & Status - Like that (feat. moko) lyrics

s no telling what you do to me We get it all ... up We got it all wrong Now everywhere I go ... I know I'll see That everyone's dust, and ... done Now everybody knows what we've been through And you

Colt Ford - Like me lyrics

hoo! Lord have mercy. This here makes me ... feel good! I believe I'm about to get my fishin pole out ... my truck. Oh, I gotta tell y'all what it feels like to be me

Common - Like they used to say lyrics

amp;quot;Like they used to say" *repeated in background* [Common] We dealin ... wit some very critical and crucial times Some of the ... most critical and crucial times I've ever seen I

Confederate Railroad - She took it like a man lyrics

hated like the devil To tell her we ... were through I was sure it would break her heart Tear ... world in two She is such a fragile thing Lord, I hate

Alesha Dixon - Ooh baby i like it like that lyrics

yeah yeah yeah So you did it, do it again Youu kill it 10 at of 10 ... Yeah you did it do it again And the middle I tell you when ... on my mind but I Got you making on my own if I Try a feak it is a crime cause I And I

Fleur East - Like that lyrics

la la la la La la la la la Hey, la la la la I'ma dance till I die I'ma hot head and hold my shit Till I fly I ... m gon' make you remember me Hey, whatchu say? Ain't got nothing

Fabolous - It's ghetto lyrics

Intro - Fabolous] From hood to hood ... they see what's hood And know who I be! uh! ... [Verse - Fabolous] I got the Yankee leaning, just sittin over to

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - Like mariah (feat. tyga) lyrics

it when you call me baby When you're lighting up my ... phone Makes me want you like I'm crazy I'm running home, ... I'm running home Just to hear your heartbeat So sweet like honey comb I gotta have you

Jamie Foxx - Hit it like this lyrics

on, yeah, uh, yeah, come on, yeah [Chorus] ... Girl I'ma hit it like that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it ... like that, can't miss her Girl I'ma hit it

Girlschool - I like it like that lyrics

It Like That ...................... ...

Handsome Boy Modeling School - It's like that lyrics

it's getting really close to the election day ... I'm voting please don't cut off my section ... eight As soon as pastor pass the collection plate I'm like shit I'm trying to stack for a escalade But pay your tithes

Hot Chelle Rae - I like it like that (ft. new boyz) lyrics

get it on, yeah, y’all can come along Everybody drinks ... on me, buy out the bar Just to feel like I’m a star, now I’m thanking the academy Missed my ride home,

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - It's like that (feat. kid capri & liz leite) lyrics

Jay-Z] Yeah, un huh, watch this y'all, come on,watch ... this y'all, Jigga Roc-a-fella ya'll, uhhhh, come on yea ! ... [Kid Capri] It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z, It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z Cause I'm Like That

Jojo - Like this. lyrics

[Chorus] He told me that he like this, he like this ... He wanna take his time with me, like this Let me show ... you how I wind it, like this Let me show you like, like, show you like, like Take

Kendall Schmidt - Like nobody's around lyrics

you to cry 'Cause you're laughing so hard tonight Playing air guitar alright We're ... being who we are even if they hate that Want you to shout At the top of

Lisa Hype - Bubbler how yuh do it like dat lyrics

Intro:] [Vybz:] My girl you a champion bubbler (bubble fi ... di teacher) You a champion bubbler (bubble fi di teacher) You a champion bubbler ... (bubble fi di teacher) You a champion bubbler (bubble my

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - It's going down lyrics

X-ecutioners] Watch them flee... watch them ... flee Rap rap rap up Watch them flee Hip-Hop hits And you do it like this ... [Mike Shinoda] [Verse 1] It's going down The rhythm

Logic lyricsLogic - Like me lyrics

feat. Casey Veggies) [Hook:] Tryna ... get it like me, can't get it like me Tryna get it like, like ... me Tryna get it like, can't get it like [Verse 1:]

Logic lyricsLogic - Like woah lyrics

this that shit I'm looking at you 6ix I've been feeling like a I've been feeling like a ... mothaf***in' postman Sending letters to the ... people All this knowledge that I got, I'm like an old man

Lordi - Bite it like a bulldog lyrics

red handed Blood drops cover your face The gun still smoking in ... your hand You did not do it The rest of the world is always wrong As you see it from

Maribelle Añes - Do it like a dude lyrics

stomp I've arrived Drop the beat, nasty ... face Why ya lookin' at me? Flyin', flyin', ... through the sky In my spaceship I'm an alien tonight ... dirty dirty dirty dirty sucka You think I can't get hurt like you, you motherf***a I can

Mims - Like this lyrics

You know what it is what it is When we do what we do Uh ... Yea Look If good girls get ... floor Tell me how low will a bad girl go She probably ... pick it up drop it down real slow Look at that she's

Pink Cream 69 - Do you like it like that lyrics

many times have I died because of sorrows ? So many ... times I've been scared about tomorrow Never brew why, ... now I'm asking for a reason How many tears, tell me,

Mudhoney - Take it like a man lyrics

the big picture makes you feel small And your ... good friends are good for nothing at all ... Don't pretend that it's not your fault You gotta ... take it like a man Take it like a man When you lash out against society And find

Nas lyricsNas - It ain't hard to tell lyrics

ain't hard to tell, I excel, then prevail The mic is contacted, I attract clientele My mic check ... is life or death, breathin a sniper's breath I exhale the

Never Say Die - Like a nightmare lyrics

under the pressure Rising up and getting underneath your ... skin  Feel it turn into leather Watch it peeling off the ... broken bones Of a discount soul forever I'll always be the one to watch you

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