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Babyshambles - East of eden lyrics

ve been wandering East of Eden Been lost, cold, lonesome ... t be coming this way again And it ain't nobody's business if ... There's a slow train rumbling east of a place called Eden Ah,

Crows - East of eden lyrics

Faint resignation Takes hold of convictions Increasing ... rules to Cheat your state of mind Running - running ... rules to Cheat your state of mind Quick mutilation Of

The Bridgeheads - East of eden lyrics

me that night: "get out of my sight" the blade

Mason Jennings - East of eden lyrics

m just a student of this life, just like my ... just like my mother Oh, and brother you should know That ... s still filled with sadness and regret But i'm learning as i

Dead Can Dance - East of eden lyrics

was told this in a distant land where tortured souls have to ... fight together in anguish And the scenes of the show are of a cruel and violent nature

Lc9 - Lc9 - 에덴의 동쪽 (east of eden) lyrics

byeori doel geoya uri yaksokhandaero nega bol su itdorok deo

Impellitteri - Garden of eden lyrics

and over-rated, and you will burn in hell So ... stay away from the reaper and run from his ringing bell ... Don't you play with his fire and light yourself ablaze Climb

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - East of the river lyrics

your eyes Let me take your hand And we'll go to wonderland ... Cos you're the girl from the East of the River Cos you're the ... girl from the East of the River Cos you're the

A-ha lyricsA-ha - East of the sun lyrics

from I forgot too soon… East of the sun And west of the ... moon Money talks And hey, I'm listening I've ... going I'll get there soon… East of the sun And west of the

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - East of the sun west of the moon lyrics

of the sun and west of the moon, We'll build a ... our love in memory Just you and I, forever and a day, Love ... stars we'll find A harmony of life, too lovely tune East of the sun and west of the moon,

Diana Krall - East of the sun (west of the moon) lyrics

of the sun and west of the moon We'll build a ... dream house of love dear Close to the sun ... pale moonlight Just you and I, forever and a day Love ... stars we'll find a harmony of life to a lovely tune East of the sun and west of the moon

Gordon Lightfoot - East of midnight lyrics

me somewhere east of midnight West of the ... turnpike Anywhere I wander is where I'll take my rest ... who love you right now Sea of dreams I long for you Forget

Tony Bennett - East of the sun lyrics

of the sun and west of the moon, We'll build a ... dream house of love, dear, Near to the sun ... way dear, living on love And pale moonlight, Just you and ... I, forever and a day, Love will not die, we

Anaal Nathrakh - Of fire, and f***ing pigs lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Creation's End - Of shadow and flame lyrics

from the mire An empty shell of blackened flesh It thirsts ... slowly darken The weight of sin bears down on me My ... Ever reigns the shadow of sin in my heart My soul,

Lacrimas Profundere - Of words and rain lyrics

abused by hate Losing sight of life Living in your lies

Afi - Of greetings and goodbyes lyrics

hidden explosion calls for a wandering cast with no direction. ... comes. i'll say goodnight and bow to everyone. then we go

The Decemberists - Of angels and angles lyrics

at the sill There's a purr of a pigeon to break the still of day As on we go drowning ... Down we go away And darling, we go a-drowning ... there's a calm Here's a hand to lay on your open palm

Extol - Of light and shade lyrics

the void inside I can wander by the source of hell For ... the Lord of all lives in me In these ... God, In Him I am not a part of this My inspiration, Giver of Life I want to shine,

Bal-sagoth - Of carnage and a gathering of the wolves lyrics

labyrinthine depths of the Darkenhold forest... ... [VOICE OF THE NIGHT:] Who are you, wanderer? [WANDERING SPIRIT:] ... I can't remember... [VOICE OF THE NIGHT:] The wolves are

Enthroned - Of shrines and sovereigns lyrics

do I put my works O my left hand, thou hast said unto me ... named me I am the portion of thy inheritance I maintain ... you with menstrual blood and by the wretched carcass of

Lovehatehero - Of sound and fury lyrics

d kill today to get out of this darkness of your shadow. ... say it, One look at our name and you hate it. It don't mean

Slechtvalk - Of slumber and death lyrics

it, but he failed" And then our enemies approached ... but I am still alive I wander between the corpses of my ... return to where the castle is of the king, whom I must tell of my failure, the death of his

Borrowed Time - Of nymph and nihil lyrics

whims and wiles, Of fools will sway Your hapless ... sacrifice With chariot, and leaves in hair Debaucherous ... Held in sin The past and present Are but one

Jon D - Of monsters and men - little talks lyrics

like walking around this old and empty house So hold my hand, ... Soon it will all be over and buried with our past We used ... outside when you were young and Full of life and full of love

Dakrua - Of life and will lyrics

many shadows on the path of each man? how many shadows ... will be added? a host of voices that will suffocate ... the silence of solitude an explosion of ... their emotions on the road of life reflections of billions

Gorefest - Of death and chaos lyrics

you want a hint of your future? Do you want to ... dead? Do you want a glimpse of tomorrow? Rest assured, no ... feel it present Every break of dawn Holy mother of

Highlord - Of tears and rhymes lyrics

heal my wounds I'm standing here, naked, in the ... spendour of your sight Wondering how ... much of us has been wasted and gone A wounded angel, ... heal my wounds I'm standing here, naked, in the

Melechesh - Of mercury and mercury lyrics

a thread of spider silk Burst from the ... the mind, pointing to The land of the delta prophets Step ... in the bizarre bazaar Here stands the ziggurat Bursting

Moonspell - ...of dream and drama (midnight ride) lyrics

ve suffered by your father and even the Moon lies to you ... shines... The seduction of an altar Is a weakness in ... her movements of Death It is a mere vanity of Woman to delay her midnight

Novembers Doom - Of age and origin - part 2 : a day of joy lyrics

2 : A Day of Joy This is where I belong ... And it is here where I will write ... To scribe the tale of age and origin Where words are mine and mine alone One truth, one

Novembers Doom - Of age and origin - part 1: a violent day lyrics

1 : Violent Day A vision of cruelty now burn into eyes ... Tortured, trapped, and mesmerized Living resistance ... by hand or by throat Pull me to ... hide from humanity Gallery of the assault Escape the

Skeletonwitch - Of ash and torment lyrics

Lies Suffer In The Fires Of Hell Blister In The Pain ... Flame You Shall Never Know Of Flesh Again Bound To This ... The Flame For I Am The Path Of Torment Through Me

Anterior - Of gods and men lyrics

your demise How easy the hand fits the throat Your mind ... so cold and hollow Will disgrace and ... A solemn note from callous hands These are the words you

Arcturus - Of nails and sinners lyrics

sinners pray From the depth of the dark abyss where my heart ... tedious grace to the pits of hell So can you please cease ... I saw the dreadful truth of which man wouldn`t know I,

Doom Syndicate - Of war and love lyrics

thoughts of those who will be killed ... their smell of blood quenches my inner ... hatred is the only thing left of mine heartless human being I ... getting even is the only way of mine separation from myself

Enthroned - Of feathers and flames lyrics

Mine is this yesterday of the tails of cobras, that ... Ennead, beings of the West Whom Horus has ... illumined, and who witnesses against Seth I ... from the Primeval Waters of Nu Came into being by My Own

Exlibris - Of fire and thunder lyrics

lightning strikes in the dead of night And the sky is torn ... voices rise behind a curtain of light Let the music hit you ... s no stopping this one All of you who heard the calling

I Am Ghost - Of masques and martyrs lyrics

Outside these doors Of masques and martyrs ad the ... Blank empire closed,the eyes of heaven shine a smoke screen, ... a voice the sound was kissed and sold Best regards to the

Inquisition - Of blood and darkness we are born lyrics

of the cult Circle of the elite Raise your head ... Fire burns in our name, sons of darkness, brotherhood of ... together in shadows Left hand path to Hell guide us far

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Of wolf and man lyrics

Therefore I am Harvest the land Taking of the fallen lamb ... Off through the new day's mist I ... Company we keep Roaming the land while you sleep [refrén:]

Ad Hominem - Of wolf and the devil lyrics

som for deris Bilk Blifver ofverjordisk - Han er slik, Een ... Mand i Ulveham Self Vinden er ... een Tiener i hans Haand Oc Eevigheden - hans ... gaadefulde Aand Paa ham een Stoorhed som

Architects - Of dust and nations (thrice cover) lyrics

you've written in stone sand will cover them, sand will ... your name your very flesh and your bones sand will cover ... them, sand will cover you so put your

Arise - Of life and death lyrics

an exploration of the human mind, A test ... We give you injections and you collect a reward, Where ... tuning it up, With the use of science we´ve become gods!

Babylon Whores - Of blowjobs and cocktails lyrics

faery tales / A bed of roses / A bed of nails ... strapped into a wheel / And there is nothing / There´s ... been / I´ll waste a week / And save a dime / I´m all wound

Jackob's Dream - Of love and sorrow lyrics

pouring rain I hold this candle that burns in your name ... rain I feel the touch of a hand that's so familiar How I ... world that is cruel, full of storm and ocean I lost your

A Sound Of Thunder - Of wood and steel lyrics

day Man entered the forest And dragged the tree away They ... shaved him down into a pole And armed the wood with steel ... They put him in the hands of someone Pale and thin with

Aborted - Of scabs and boils lyrics

I will create I am the seed of misery spawned of fraudulent ... filth of scabs and boils dehumanized, ... defunct, forlorn abomination of all things stone cold,

Alghazanth - Of predators and preys lyrics

from the sarcastic faces of this universe A fallen ... down to the spectral gorges of the earth Undisguised for ... The splendour in such a profane conspiracy Imprisoned and

Angelus Apatrida - Of men and tyrants lyrics

hordes burn in hell Guilty of genocide, acquitted of ... testifying False transition and political disgrace Inner ... Ride it proudly you son of a bitch Racist spirit,

Archons - Of pride and prejudice lyrics

fracture due to a lack of comprehension Negligence of knowledge only brings a surge ... a plague, the news spreads and locks up the weakened body ... That makes you blind Get out of it And think by yourself Or

Battlelore - Of orcs and elves lyrics

seems fair and proud First borns noble ... eternal tranquillity Beast, filthy kind Sick soul, ... Denote the total contrast of The race made by Morgoth ... pestilential Dark side of the distant stars Unnatural

Black Messiah - Of myths and legends lyrics

- told us by the elder ones Of gods - honour, heroes trolls and thurses Stories - Happened a ... - Living in our blood Of Myths and Legends Let us ... bring to you The secret of our father's heir Feel the

Candlemass - Of stars and smoke lyrics

at my feet Where's the altar of the gods, The warth and the ... floods? All is in vain Of stars and of smoke I am Of ... shade and of light With dragons in every

Conorach - Of spices and gold lyrics

.. The seas were too rough and the skies turned dark, Foul ... beat our ship. The promise of gold without an end, Made us ... one fateful day, A scheme of brilliance they had had. To

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Of crime and passion lyrics

take a look (before you run off and hide) At your victim ... Caught in the crossfire And it ain't no wind of change I ... m talking of crime and passion's rage Summer of

Fen - Of wilderness and ruin lyrics

paths Where once we stood and gathered as one Fragmented ... now are those of the unbound We stood and ... as the sky turned to fire And the sacred hollows of old

Hecate Enthroned - Of witchery and the blood moon lyrics

the sun sets I cast off My waking flesh as it ... Chain me here Hear my call and guide my hand, Hear these ... words of adoration Blood of the witch awakens Ever

Morgul - Of murder and misfortune lyrics

reeks of pain and cruelty Misguided flesh and ... float endlessly with no hope of achievement Splinters of ... A never ending maelstrom of misery These are the devils

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