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Dying In A Moment Of Splendour (echoes Of lyrics

Browse for Dying In A Moment Of Splendour (echoes Of song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Dying In A Moment Of Splendour (echoes Of lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Dying In A Moment Of Splendour (echoes Of.

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Ancient Rites - Dying in a moment of splendour (echoes of mel.. lyrics

umarme die Finsternis Seit dem Tag an dem ... meine Reise began Always embraced the Dark Since the day my ... journey began With length of time We gain a step in

Doobie Brothers - Echoes of love lyrics

hear your voice everywhere It's ... echoes of love Making me look back over my ... shoulder Echoes of love are started all over Echoes ... of love Keeps on haunting I'm out of control Keeps

The Poodles - Echoes of the past lyrics

you remember, do you recall. Oh, that moment we lost ... it all. Everything, Id die, if you choose not ... to fight. On and on, the same old story. Another night

Origin - Echoes of decimation lyrics

Voice of Dying Perishing Multitudes of Crying Have ... Been Saved Echoes of the Conquered Resounding--- ... Through All Our Minds Blessings of Their Hatred Are Merging--- Confluence of Their Screams Conducing--- Revberate Injecting Their Venom In Our Brains--- Horrid Convulsions Upon

Moonlight Agony - Echoes of a nightmare lyrics

mysteries of darkness buried in the shadows of the my life Still, hatred inside me Will I ever find a way to die? CHORUS: Years of ... sleepless nights, insomnia Didn't help me fear this

Rage - Echoes of evil lyrics

tell you Jesus Christ was just an ordinary man But he ... was wise, much wiser than the rest The few to see ... wrote tales 'bout him but time ... perverted it all The banner's changed, the world ain

Hymny - Dominika - isle of beauty, isle of splendour lyrics

of beauty, isle of splendour, Isle to all so sweet and fair, All must surely gaze in ... wonder At thy gifts so rich and rare. Rivers, valleys, ... hills and mountains, All these gifts we do extol.

Ikon - Echoes of silence lyrics

have waited an eternity to be with you All my life I have waited I ... would give it all to be with you Anything ... give my life to be with you Anything to be by your side I

End Of Green - Dying in moments lyrics

is the moment all the time. Still be ... surrounded by pale lights. Sad is the moment when you go. ... There has nothing changed when all the days are ... gone. But there's one thing now here in this night, one

Darkseed - Echoes of tomorrow lyrics

did I feel a truer grief Full of regret an failing I hear Echoes of ... tomorrow My heart to borrow I wish to lose ... My past I won't live and Love my misery So I can't

Kim Richey - Echoes of love lyrics

in the valley of love There's a big ol' ... lonesome cave Where all the broken hearts mourn ... The love they gave. On coal black nights Their tears are carried on the wind And wash you with the feeling That

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Dying in la lyrics

moment you arrived they built you up The ... sun was in your eyes You couldn't ... believe it Riches all around, you're walking Stars are on the ground You start to

Atrocious Abnormality - Echoes of the rotting lyrics

souls of the past Decaying for years, putrid mass Dormant evil to rise again ... Resurrection to begin Crypts of mutilation Graves of desecration Corpses of

Avalanch - Echoes of a life lyrics

of a life Resounding from in his soul Sacrificed freedom ... cries Echoes from a light Reflections of his hard work He was building his ... own life For a soul meant to fly He smiles like a

Caladan Brood - Echoes of battle lyrics

is a deep pathos here A monumental sorrow Blood has ... stained this ground The very land ... itself a barrow The echoes of battle ring cold through the ages The moon shines on old

David Mead - Echoes of a heart lyrics

I'm crossing Broadway towards a rising sun In a waking city ... I'm a loaded gun I came home tonight to no one ... Not a sound, then it starts Something speaks from

New Element - Echoes of you lyrics

I close my eyes The dream I had is fading This empty ... space A haunted place My heart’s in need of saving Livin’ here in my head Are the words that you said

Morbid Death - Echoes of solitude lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found N...

Gordon Lightfoot - Echoes of heroes lyrics

the echo of the heroes is heard everywhere In the conflict ... of old in the times of despair All down through the ages ... the voices do ring They cry out of victory and

Dezperadoz - Echoes of eternity lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental

Rhapsody Of Fire - Echoes of tragedy lyrics

sun creates shadow's games where tragic echoes speak ... of death why Lord why between the ... ruins through lakes of holy blood I walk in tears ... for my wasted land Echoes of tragedy carved on my steel in this neverending fight against the beast soldiers of

Citadellion - Echoes of solitude lyrics

interlude where Lithas buries his dead girlfriend, ... Brega. Lithas: You were my world. You knew ... the me. But now you're leaving. Sleep my love, sleep

Dawn Of Tears - Echoes of eternal life lyrics

my oath is over My soul spreads its wings A shroud will ... hide your beauty No hope left inside me ... I've traveled around the world To reach ... eternal life No signs of hope ravish my soul I'll

Grailknights - Echoes of wisdom lyrics

reigns In the halls of our fathers Echoes of wisdom they all tried to seek Silence swallows the sorrows of ages The ... kingdom of twilight Devours our sons

Matthew Perryman Jones - Echoes of eden lyrics

ve been driving On the highway That leads to my hometown All the memories Buried inside ... me I'm diggin' up like treasure in the ground My father told me As I grew older

Sadus - Echoes of forever lyrics

is consumed by vanity Whims of short lived mortality Our ... desperate cries of pity Are carried on winds for eternity And lost in forgotten echoes... ... forever The more that is known The greater there

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Echoes of silence lyrics

1: Talk to me baby Tell me what you're feeling You say you don't need to ... you didn't know How all of this would end up Girl I saw ... it in your eyes And baby I can read your mind And expectations were not in sight You

Immolation - Echoes of despair lyrics

dawn of our collapse Our system in decay At ... the precipice of war No longer can we last ... We followed faithfully Those who hold the ... keys Lead us to the edge Holding our

As Blood Runs Black - Echoes of an era lyrics

these desperate days where anything goes We must take back control of this world This ... is our time and the time is now These are ... the echoes of an era Remove the barriers – tear

Picture Me Broken - Echoes of an empire lyrics

re wide-awake Only you can let yourself out When no ... one hears you screaming From behind these walls ... The cure is in our blood we're Finding our ... way out here We'll fall beneath the fear Make a killing

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Dying in the sun lyrics

you remember The things we used to say? I feel so ... nervous When I think of yesterday How could I let ... things Get to me so bad? How did I let things get

Burning Everafter - Echoes of the past lyrics

I can still remember But desire ... me your lies Not forever holding burning the ground strayed ... away forgive me forgive me ... me forgive me So you say you see my stars behind my

Abominant - Echoes of sorrow lyrics

await the blackened night. Pulled away from ... the warmth of the light. Seized by that ... which dwells inside of me. Cursed by loneliness and ... its nondesire. Dark within these four walls. Lies a Sadness no one shall bare. No

Anathema - Echoes of terror lyrics

throught a spirit's will A force, use the power of evil ... Darkness, visualize As light pierces through your ... yearning eyes Rebirth of a lost soul Your body, a channel with witch to grow old

Fear Factory - Echoes of innocence lyrics

away the shade Where babies were born and played In ... the corporate eyes These murdering machines Seeds of destruction ... Feeding their hate Slowly killing Indians As they burn their sacred place

Pestilence - Echoes of death lyrics

inside my self-capsule For a journey into an atmosphere A ... darkened space I'm floating in Although I am not here I ... m cought, a romm, it'c coloured black

The Birthday Massacre - In this moment lyrics

I was younger The days all seemed to last So much ... longer But that was once upon a time There was no one to remind us A shadow waits behind us To steal

Goatmoon - Echoes of eternity lyrics

the frost is gone. I breathe the bitter wind. And inhale the scent of spring in the ... Dimensions secret summoning. And beyond the rainwaters ... Entrance of the brave to the other side. Depths

Remedy Drive - In a moment lyrics

a Moment In a Moment In a Moment In a Moment In a Moment ... In a

Roger Cicero - In diesem moment lyrics

diesem Moment Geht irgendwo die Sonne auf ... Nimmt ein Schicksal seinen Lauf Erlischt irgendwo ein ... Stern Scheint das Glück unendlich fern Werden ... Zwillinge geboren Und Liebeslügen

Aesthetic Perfection - Dying in the worst way lyrics

m sorry I don't know what to do The skin is broken ... But the blood spills not far from the wound I'm failing to sever The flesh from the ... bone And I suffer through all this Just too afraid to be

Trivium - Dying in your arms lyrics

m wearing thin, wearing out becoming weak, Holding ... hands with this rope, she's my ... self-destructive. Bleeding disease the things that makes it hard to breathe, But

Dio - Dying in america lyrics

upon a high The streets were gold and blue was In the sky riders ... gone Never could belong Maybe you still can dream Sleep ... through screams While we're dying in America Once upon a

Dissolving Of Prodigy - Echoes of my sadness lyrics

of my eyes, full of sadness Spread diffusely on affable curves Of your innocent ... body. My sorrow is waterfall dash tompieces About crystal surface of finded luck, Later dresses in blossom of Narcissus. I stray to gather fragments of your voice. Echo!

Necessary Response - Dying in the worst way lyrics

m sorry I don't know what to do The skin is broken ... But the blood spills not far from the wound I'm failing to sever The flesh from the ... bone And I suffer through all this Just too afraid to be

Collective Soul - In a moment lyrics

walls came up as the thoughts went down To ... the hush of disparity Sure we know the problem ... lies With some insecurities But we'll never ... see eye to eye As long as our tongues are tied And we

100 Demons - Dying in my own arms lyrics

makes you think that your death is secure? That you won't ... die alone. Your solace isn't something to seek. ... It's a sign of the weak. Who will save your rotten

Rigor Mortis - Dying in my sleep lyrics

.. instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... ... instrumental... instrumental..

Akercocke - Dying in the sun lyrics

Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [Instrumental / Ambient] [

Cavo - In a moment lyrics

so right to see through all their smiles your stone, ... you've never been let down and no one comes around to see ... with in your light say no more just wait in a moment I'll be gone with the weight

Crystal Eyes - Dying in the rain lyrics

moonlight we carry the flame but the nightfall won't take away the pain No shadows awaits on the road still the ... echo of yesterday remains On a cold and misty

Dawn Of Silence - Moment of weakness lyrics

can hear it calling, the beast that lives within my mind Again to darkness I'm falling, again the dark side calls my name For the first time in ... life, I've seen the meaning of pain Guidens by the light,

Forever The Day - In this moment (by johnny pacar) lyrics

the road up ahead hurry up and don't be late can you see ... me looking out Im at the window crying out I turn to you ... with open arms wanting to hold you close again can

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - In a moment lyrics

talk about bad days Obsessing over what they can't change ... And I used to be them too But ... then you walked into my life And I let go my vices Yes it's

Ray Davies - In a moment lyrics

and the city is barely awake As all the early morning ... drifters make their way Headlights in the distance too ... Still I love the dusk, the dawn, between times They are mine ‘Cos you can't tell if it

Tracy Lawrence - In a moment of weakness lyrics

knew she was lonely and I was alone A stranger in a strange ... town too far from home Her eyes blue as ... diamonds her hair black as coal I could feel her desire

Construcdead - In a moment of sobriety lyrics

the corrosive acid fade away? That stripped me clean ... From all humanity In a moment of sobriety A minute window of pure insanity To protect ... myself I don''t trust anyone Without placing faith

Daysend - In this moment lyrics

might think you are perfect, A specimen of light And shifting blame with Your middle finger. You're so transparent, ... Your words mean nothing And once again you are the

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