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Back Of The Class - My moms on facebook lyrics

used to be a special place for all my college ... friends. A sanctuary in cyberspace, but every love ... to go and lose your exclusivity? Now all my nightmares

Rhett And Link - Facebook song lyrics

wouldn't call myself a social butterfly And there's not ... from the other guy But when I login I begin to live ... There's an online world where I am king Of a

Frank Ocean - Facebook story lyrics

was just telling that I got this girl before And I was ... together since 3 years And uhh, I was ... not even cheating her or what And Facebook ... arrived and uhh she wanted me to

Knife Party - Internet friends (you blocked me on facebook) lyrics

now, surely we can be friends? I know so much about ... you I love you, look at everything I've done for you You would be ... nothing without me Why won't you answer me? I bet you

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Facebook lyrics

at pictures on Facebook, Of your ex-girlfriend At ... three in the morning Never helped anyone, ... Never helped anyone, Never helped Getting ... so drunk you fall over Singing up at lamp-posts At two in

Allisyn Ashley Arm - The facebook song unfriend you lyrics

see you posting on every single wall but mine I might ... unfriend you I guess you changed your status ... when I wasn't online I might, unfriend you & unfriend her too When I was with ya, we took a picture, but

Dan Bull - Facebook epic rap lyrics

log onto Facebook sometimes and it's telling me your ... gallery's updated but five hundred of your pictures ... are the same, it looks like you're pissed up every day

Blood Of Tigercat - My moms of facebook lyrics

used to be a special place for all my college ... friends A sanctuary in cyberspace but every love ... to go and lose your exclusivity? Now all my nightmares

Dethklok - Duncan hills coffee jingle lyrics

you folks like coffee? Real coffee, From ... the hills of Columbia? The Duncan Hills will awake you, From a ... A cup of blackened blood. (Die, DIE!) I'm dying for a cup.

David May - Facebook love lyrics

met the scene a girl in a my life I do before Her eyes, her ... lips, her face, that’s all I ever wanted And this is how ... all went She added me as a friend, I accepted ... And now into her profile, just to check

Brad Paisley - Facebook friends lyrics

was looking at shoes on Amazon A pop-up ad said, "Find ... anyone." She thought about ... the first boy that she loved Just a ... couple clicks and there he was That night she sent a friend request

Paul Simon - Duncan lyrics

in the next room Bound to win a prize They've been going ... at it all night long Well, I'm trying to get some sleep ... these motel walls are cheap Lincoln Duncan is my name And

Cannibal Accident - Facebook lyrics

howls of joy When I put my tongue on pages Can't resist the ... semenstorm When I taste the salt of faces ... Real life facebook With a knife and meathook I wish to

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Status back baby lyrics

m losing status at the high school I used to think ... that it was my school WAH WAH WAH ... WAH I was the king of every school activity ... s no more... Oh mama, what will come of me? The other night we painted posters We

Andrew Allen - Facebook prophet lyrics

goes: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch Everybody ... says: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch Everybody ... knows: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch Where ... everybody goes: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch

Gabriel & Dresden - Duncan sheik lyrics

m on a high, on a high I'm on a high, on a high I'm on a ... high, on a high nothing more to it we are the sea ... the blue that runs through it, yea and there are some who

Gogo Mtv - Facebook lyrics

............. .............gogo. ............. ................... .........gogo. ................. ........ .......gogo...... ......... gogo....... .....

Dream Theater - Status seeker lyrics

sick at the sight of the Status Seeker In a sense I'm not ... beyond reproach the aspiration to drop a name When any rose ... might smell the same Maybe you

Pro-pain - Status quo lyrics

are tied - the scene is set To take advantage of ... the meek As sacrificial lambs are killed The ... blood will run into the street Mass migration - exodus All lemmings

Coroner - Status: still thinking lyrics

know your brother's name Don't wanna know your sister's ... face Don't wanna know your mother's ... age Don't wanna know your father's ... wage Don't wanna know your former friends Don't wanna know your

Duncan Sheik - On a high lyrics

m on a high, I'm on a high There's nothing more to it ... the blue that runs through it, yeah. And there are some ... who say there are so many things I need So I run or I fight and I crawl or I scream

Duncan Sheik - On her mind lyrics

s wearing the t-shirt Of a band I really like ... Maybe it's coincidence Maybe it's alright I ... keep thinking about the way She said, ... "I'll see you soon" Was it more than words

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - On to the next one lyrics

Swizz Beats -Chorus) I got a million ways to get it ... Choose one (choose one) Hey, bring it back (bring ... it back) Now double your money and make a stack I’m on

Oar - On my way lyrics

t fear the morning It's okay, it's okay Hurt weighs heavy It's okay, it's ... When your body's cold and shaking I'll steer you Darlin', ... When your body's old and aging I'll heal you Darlin',

Oar - On top the cage lyrics

look out below me the clouds on top the blue kids thinking ... about nothing, cause there's absolutely ... nothing to do. The door ain't wide just open, open to

A Close Second - On the way to sudden change lyrics

never be more happy if I never see your face again ... the people you take home at night I replace my lack of ... words With complaints about what to say And

A Life Divided - On the edge lyrics

I can't feel you 'Cause I can't feel nothing at all ... And I can't see you I keep staring at the wall And ... I don't dream of you 'Cause every ... time I did I couldn't get you out of my

A Rocket To The Moon - On your side lyrics

your face your eyes your lips your taste I love the way ... you know just what to say It was a Saturday Remember it ... like yesterday She knew my name

Above & Beyond - On a good day (ft. oceanlab) lyrics

bit lost and... A little bit lonely Little bit cold here ... A little bit feared But I hold on And I Feel strong ... And I Know that I can Getting used to it Lit the fuse to it Like to know

Above & Beyond - On my way to heaven (ft. richard bedford) lyrics

always laugh, when I cry I’m always looking to tomorrow ... As you mourn the days gone by You always tread on my ... toes Look my guided hand of love Is helping

Above & Beyond - On the beach lyrics

goodbye to all your friends Time to leave and go home again ... Sad to fly and leave behind the sun Every day would ... pave the way For endless nights of dancing And every night would fire our minds And

Adamantra - On ember remains lyrics

my nightmares Battered in chains Crushed in fear No one will hear my cries My spirit is ... broken Into a million shards Decay into dust ... of a memory Of what remains Caught in a silent cell

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - On a day like today lyrics

you gotta be dream dreams no one else can see sometimes ya ... away but ya never know what might be comin' round your way ... ya ya ya On a day like today the whole world

The Adverts - On the roof lyrics

faced Was this what our elders taught? Dim ... the lights and live like story book I can't focus ... for the pinball I'm all shook up and I think I ... see it all But I know that it ain't that simple I got

The Adverts - On wheels lyrics

s left in the wheelchair? Who bothers what's in ... there? Who worries what life's like on wheels? No ... body to speak of No willpower, voice, love Who intends to steer us? On

Across Silent Hearts - On your side lyrics

we've made began to grow like a weed I've tryed to come ... back said it clear And tell me where ... have you been When I needed you so much,my dear ... Like a sick bird is dreaming of flying Once have

Aimee Allen - On vacation lyrics

.. You think I'm sad Think I'm blue Now, that I'm no longer with you I'm on vacation, ... far away And nothing you could say could ever ... change my mind Everything is good Now that you are gone

Akmu - On the subway lyrics

chultoegeun sigan Jeongjang gyobok hal geo eobsi ... ppaekppaekhan Jihacheol aneseo moduga ... Harureul sijakhago kkeutnaeji moduga Bukjeokbukjeogineun ... chultoegeun sigan Jeongjang gyobok hal geo eobsi

Akmu (akdong Musician) - On the subway lyrics

ineun chultoegeun sigan jeongjang gyobog hal geo eobsi ... ppaegppaeghan jihacheol aneseo moduga ... harureul sijaghago kkeutnaeji moduga bugjeogbugjeogineun

Akon - On top (feat. twista) lyrics

like to watch your body move ... when your ridin on top, on top, on top, on top eh I like to watch your body move ... when your ridin on top, on top, on top, on top Moving

Alabama - On this side of the moon lyrics

a telescope And dream of flying high above the stars They ... say it won't be long 'Til we can haul on a ship to ... Mars I'm just a simple man There's a lot that I

Alabama Shakes - On your way lyrics

your way to god, did you think of me. On your way to ... heaven, did you say i'll see you again. It wasn ... t me, why wasn't it was me? On your way to to

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - On my highway lyrics

my highway the yellow lines Disappear from time to time And ... I wound up on the wrong side of the road On my highway I go too fast Afraid ... that I might finish last I hugged the curve too hard and

Almost Kings - On like that lyrics

We dropping beats not bombs to defeat ... ya'll all Give me the back pack and the ... sneaks and it's on and It's On Like That Yo baby girl and its on like that, its on like..

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - On the beach lyrics

is our place In the free and open air Under ... starry skies By the endless sea In an ... endless chain We are locked together I ... have we been closer than tonight U & I when our

Aly And Aj - On the ride lyrics

don't have to try To think the same thoughts We just ... have a way Of knowing everything's gonna be ok We'll ... laugh 'til we cry Read each others minds Live with a smile Make it all worthwhile Make it all

Amaranthe - On the rocks lyrics

is an admission and our mission Is to bring down the walls It's our mission not fall to ... submission Life is an addiction with conviction You're ... a Hollywood star My addiction to feed my conviction Light up the fire I bring you

Ananke - On nothingness lyrics

open the windows on nothingness, I'm closing the door ... of despair I watch out for something or ... someone else, I believe I dare There was a shining light, but now the clouds are

Ancient - On blackest wings lyrics

saw your face one thousand times in my dreams His mark ... clearly shown with eyes like burning coals Like the ... demon goat On blackest wings Oh your sight pierces

Thomas Anders - On my way lyrics

uuh Uh-uhu I can hear you on the telephone Asking you, ... where did you go? Down on the line, down on the line with me Whisp'rin' words that ... can break my heart It's hard to take that we're

Angel (us) - On and on lyrics

time goes on, I feel the morning light it ... seems, Seems like I've been here far too long. ... Every time I feel this way, Thinking of you, ... always makes me stay. So it goes on and on and on,

Angel (us) - On the rocks lyrics

sky was blue, and the night was young, We were havin ... just a bit of fun. But then I heard ... the front door slam, And I knew that it was time to run.

Angela - On my way ~reborn~ lyrics

sou na mama shagamikonda atashi o chirari to mita neko wa ... sugu inaku natta 'sobani oide...' te o nobashite nukumori ... ni fure takatta koe o agete ... tachiagatte ikou to suru kedo oikaketa

Anggun - On the breath of an angel lyrics

I go Whatever I see Over oceans unknown You ... are always with me Pure as the water We ... float on this wave On the breath of an angel I'll ... away At the ends of your fingers I follow tonight

Animal Collective - On a highway lyrics

m on a highway I take a mental picture of the ... place I want. Now it's living in me. On a highway thinking of the one who I left ... alone and hoping I don't know how I'm coping On a

Animal Collective - On delay lyrics

hear it doubly clear There’s a ... doubled exposure Just waiting to happen I’m sitting and ... fading Rain tapping together Two licks of ... the dog bone Me slipping through belt loops You

Another Tale - On cold seeds lyrics

cold seeds through the night With a spider on my wall Gliding ... through the past Drifting through my soul Pressure ... can be strong Captured in a cave In the right another

Tina Arena - On the line lyrics

yeah Don't you feel natural lying beside me Running your fingers ... through my hair A kiss so tender Baby surrender Is ... it so hard to say you care Don't know how to take it Don't

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