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Celkilt - On the table lyrics

we got a lot of booze sitting on the table And if we drink it ... all we'll end up on the table We're gonna give it all, ... Balls upon the table but tryin' to get on my feet

Puddle Of Mudd - Blood on the table lyrics

given everything that's left The blood spilled on the table ... ve given everything I've got The blood's on the table You ... lied you cried The blood's on the table You cried ,you

Kate Ryan - Tapping on the table lyrics

ain't tapping on the table 'till You get home ... Waiting for my man here all alone I ain't tapping on the table 'till You get home waiting ... When our love has hit the ground You want me to pick

Josh Thompson - Beer on the table lyrics

straight to somewhere I don't even want to go Eggs and ... bacon in my belly and a Folger's ... detector it protects me from the fuzz Well I do what I gotta ... 9 to 5 It's killing me but then again it's keeping me alive

Lil' O - Food on the table, pt. 1 lyrics

talking] Food on the table, see when I became a man I ... it wasn't about what these niggas was Saying about me ... it wasn't about what these hoes Was saying about me,

Jim Johnston - Meat on the table (ryback) lyrics

FEED ME MORE! Hey! Meat on the table, yeah, that's what you

Lil' O - Food on the table, pt. 2 lyrics

talking] Food on the table, see that's what it's all ... ain't trying to get no real money What you doing it fo' ... [Hook] See all these bitch niggas, always say they wanna shine But never wanna

Crywank - Harvey milk shit on the table lyrics

to its claws I'll hurt anyone I try to adore I may be ... t seem to struggle at all They say that it happens They ... say that nothing can be done But how could I listen

Manafest - The moment lyrics

Shout it out taking action Ambition taking over Every ... and what I am And when I get the call Deals are on the table ... about to bust Upon a million Manifest a destiny Pressure

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - The table lyrics

will feast at the table of the Lord I will feast at the table of the Lord I won't hunger ... anymore At His table Come all you weary; come ... is able; He will restore At the table of the Lord There is

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The ballad of robert moore and betty coltrane lyrics

eyes who was standing by the door and a little bald man ... wing-nut ears was waiting in the car Well Robert Moore passed ... eyed man as he walked into the bar, and Betty Coltrane she

Tracy Lawrence - The cards lyrics

s one from last August That came ... out of the blue Says summer's been a ... babe And I'm still hot on you There must be 25 or more You ... signed them every one Now I'm sitting in this lonely room Wondering what went

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - On the grind lyrics

Whaaat You can find me on the corner with stones, quarters ... and zones or dope and powder broke, ... you? I distribute ki's to the kings and z's to the fiends,

Saywecanfly - The art of anesthesia lyrics

about who I should believe The people that are dead or the ... are free Sometimes I hear them as they whisper to me I try ... to stay awake so I don't die in my sleep And I

The Game - The good, the bad, the ugly lyrics

you can keep asking them f***in questions all f***in ... you what- I told you what the f*** happened man Told your ... partner the same thing man, how long a ... stay here? [Verse 1] There was money on the table with

Joshua Radin - The ones with the light lyrics

bus is here 'til 3 So we got an hour to see The ones tonight The ones with the light That keeps shining ... s clear Checks herself feeds the fear Of the one tonight The one with the light That

Levellers - The game lyrics

And nothing could be heard The dust lay undisturbed At a table near the back, underneath a ... Two men shared a joka about the normal folk The cards are on the table The winners takes

Los Lobos - The valley lyrics

a place so far away Across the land Where the earth was As ... tough as clay Looked at their hands Looked all around ... And they seemed pleased At what they

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The table lyrics

Raekwon] Moet got me actin like a ... Yo god, remember back in the days god? When we came a long way and shit, man? (No ... question) Supposed to be blessin each

Procol Harum - The king of hearts lyrics

was trouble in the air Just a subtle hint of ... me a wager She promised me the moon So I took a chance Yes ... I played the King of Hearts Put my cards ... out on the table I thought the odds were in my favour But

Doro Pesch - The fortuneteller lyrics

never got into magic - but the magic got into me. I'd been ... of being free. Men... I don't understand them: They ... And leave you howling at the moon And thinking of... I don't know what... Yeah I do.

Carach Angren - The witch perished in flames lyrics

blacks out When that question is asked By this vile ... animal Nearly suffocating on her vomit in front of the ... cannibal. She awakes in the cage. Something has changed.

Jake Miller - On the move lyrics

Haha. We going old school on this one. Let's go Yeah. Uhh ... t no stopping us now, we're on the move Yeah, I'm on the ... move. You can hear me on the radio or watch me on the news

Rough Silk - The fiddler on the skeleton horse lyrics

by ridin´ side by side with the fiddler on the skeleton horse ... - used every drug I knew - the ones I didn´t know, too - ... in vain to share my pain with the fiddler on the skeleton horse

Satyricon - The ghost of rome lyrics

time, to the waters below My song, for the silence above The ... spirit of promise, on the table of stone Under my skin — all the life you have ever lived

Blutengel - The oxidising angel lyrics

rainy night He comes out of the shadows He wants to finish ... years ago He starts the engine of his machine He ... puts her body on the table He looks into her broken

Anima - The daily grind lyrics

t want to follow the grind Pass back what they ... Gave to me I don't want To be their slave I have to break their ... neck Rip of their f***ing head... Split their

Eilera - The angel you love the angel you hate lyrics

wake up there's a lit candle on the table You got up early ... You've remembered... I'm the Angel you Love the Angel ... for Beauty And this poison in my veins that you Love you

Gentle Giant - On reflection lyrics

think I really abused you On reflection now it doesn't ... made you need me more than anyone else Who can say it right ... calling, I explained exactly the falling Different ways of

Bleed From Within - The novelist lyrics

is just the beginning, hear us out to the ... sweat, and tears Laid out on the table for your judgment ... If you only knew how much this meant to ... us You would reconsider your choice of words

Bruce Hornsby - The longest night lyrics

s dancing on the table Someone's got an old book in the ... old jocks are sitting round their neighbors Exaggerating their stats Again There's Mr. D ... E. in the corner Dancing with Miss

Ferry Bryan - The right stuff lyrics

your money on the table And the devil in your eye Who is ... that woman with the crooked smile? You got to ... a dangerous thing Black is the ocean, a burning sky Her

Jack Bruce - The food lyrics

food is on the table but there's something really wrong ... you came back from that phone call you were just a little ... too long It wasn't really your ... t bring out those tears How long has this been going on has

Alan Jackson - The one you're waiting on lyrics

Does he make enough and then some Does he miss you every ... minute that he’s gone Is he funny, is he witty ... you’re pretty Did he hang the moon Can he do no wrong Is

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The last shot lyrics

shot sure killed me pour another drink Let's drink to the ... last shot and the blood on the dishes in the sink Blood ... inside the coffee cup blood on the table top But when you

Lyle Lovett - The road to ensenada lyrics

Viva Mexico My eyes just won't stay open And I dream a ... a dream of home Where there's coffee on the table And ... kindness in your hand Honey I'll help you when I'm able

Magnum - On a storytellers night lyrics

s a storm lamp on the table Throwing shadows to the ... you swallow if you're able On a storyteller's night From ... Every black heart walks the distance On a storyteller's

Jim Reeves - The tie that binds lyrics

a room so lonely and cheerless Sits a ... woman all alone By her a cradle stands ... moans. My husband, he no longer loves me His love and our ... She packed baby's things in the bundle While the tears

Snak The Ripper - The rap biz lyrics

banging tracks To kids, their calling it dope Truth is ... spitting what I wrote Another mothaf***a Undiscovered by ... Over motivated, medicated, unstable While other mothaf***as

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Sitting on the edge of the ocean lyrics

so here I am Has everything gone According to plan Don't ... something still burns As soon as we touch again That ... feeling returns A little confused But better by far To

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The gypsy's wife lyrics

where is my Gypsy wife tonight I've heard all the wild ... reports, they can't be right But whose ... is this she's dancing with on the threshing floor Whose

Drive-by Truckers - The thanksgiving filter lyrics

s wheelchair is sitting in the corner We all sure love her, ... but the little ones avoid her Cause she's gray ... and it's twisting and shaped convoluted It don't have a

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Thunder on the mountain lyrics

on the mountain, and there's fires on the moon A ... ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soon Today ... s the day, where I'm gonna grab my trombone and blow

Frank Morey - Blame it on the devil lyrics

of whiskey off a two gallon hat It ain’t bad livin’ -IF ... you’re a cotton mill rat There’s only one reason a boy be ... sweat’n like that Blame it on the devil ‘til we get the

Hank Williams - The log train lyrics

you will listen, a song I will sing About my daddy ... drove a log train Way down in the southland, in old Alabam We ... lived in a place that they call Chapmantown. An late

Ice Nine Kills - The coffin is moving lyrics

are the walking dead I'm frozen in ... you're holding your views of the world Around never knowing ... turn it around This memory, the final enemy now We are,

Ice Nine Kills - The coffin is moving - ep lyrics

are the walking dead I'm frozen in ... you're holding your views of the world Around never knowing ... turn it around This memory, the final enemy now We are, we

Little Brother - Shorty on the lookout lyrics

coming up like I said Shorty on the lookout featuring thatbad ... man median (shorty hit the brakes to late) Uh from ... league WJLO BAM! (shorty hit the brakes too late) The future

Machine Gun Kelly - The illest, the realest & the trillest (ft. t.. lyrics

blow with Drain-O, bust it on the table Everybody say they ... loyal, tell me where the f*** is they though? We ... that I see angels Came all the way from the kitchen, frying them potatoes And y'all can talk

Machine Gun Kelly - On everything (ft. tezo) lyrics

me that I made it when I hit the hood Old girl gave it up ... like I knew you would On that fake shit, that's a ... Whoopie Cushion Old from the start type and he ain't

Machine Gun Kelly - On my way lyrics

now they say home is where the hate is. Pulling up high ... haters. I know, I've been on a hiatus, caught up in the ... by Las Vegas. Ain't it ironic? Before I was 21 I put my

Anika Moa - The blind woman lyrics

up at the sky And I cried Coz you made ... me up If you kiss me goodbye There's a bottle on the table Rub ... way with me baby Wade through the waters And drown me good Keep

Broken Bells - The changing lights lyrics

did the stone wash away Are you bailing ... out, out of the plans he already made It won ... t bother me now, and you know I'll be ... but you're not sure you know the way Well you want to walk in

Nivea - The one for me lyrics

was a lonely, lonely place that I used to know ... this fly guy we caught each others eye By then I knew that ... that it was love Cant help the feelin that we're feeln it

Raven - On the wings of an eagle lyrics

Searchlights are cutting the night Fighters rising to the ... challenge Enemy to the left and the right Never ... So much to so few Reach for the sky, it's do or die Our

Aaron Neville - The grand tour lyrics

right up, come on in If you'd like to take the ... grand tour Of the lonely house that once was home ... I know will chill you to the bone Over there, sits the

Boondox - The harvest lyrics

AMB 2x] Its the time for the harvest Time of the harvest ... Its the time of the harvest Your time [Bonez Dubb] My ride broke down on a mountain of dust im lost

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - The seventh stranger lyrics

remainders Echoes growing in the heart of twilight They lay ... Awaken all those whispers in the dusty shadow of a Passing ... Was I chasing after rainbows One thing for sure you never

Dying Fetus - The blood of power lyrics

don't revive, won't succumb Conduit of anger, ... tools of the trade Essential supply of ... of wrath, in need of the lifeblood Never ending ... skirmish for resource control When entry contested,

Example lyricsExample - The way lyrics

draw a line can't sit on the fence all day Despite what the kids may say We'll fight if they don't press play, pretty ... Gotta make a stand can't sit on the fence all day Despite

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