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Eternal Reign - Drowned + beyond the black lyrics

life's great ocean I swim within my tears Sinking deeper inside a flood of fears I'm lost inside – I'm searching for the way Down to the ground the core of human clay As I try to hold my breath And reflecting all of my past + As the colours bleed into

Mystic Circle - Beyond the black dawn lyrics

of perdition are rising above They come from the depths of the realm of death Wtih them the legions of locusts They herald the monarchy of hell Beyond the black dawn – Resurrection of evil Beyond the balck dawn – Firestorm breaks out Beyond the black dawn – Destroy the heavenly

Gamma Ray - Beyond the black hole lyrics

The Black Hole I have come from so far away From the sunlight of my home And I have seen it's the only way Now my sun is dead and gone I raise my head in silent anger Seems there is no place for me The only way out is to go Where no one's gone before Fly - Beyon

Distant Thunder - Beyond the black field of stars lyrics

space and time we travel Through endless nights we soar Passing the darkened horizons Pitch-black mist Eternal blackness surrounding Starlight passing by The universe everlasting what does exist Far beyond the black field of stars Through ancien

Isole - Beyond the black lyrics

tears fall still Silence drowns my will Ulcerous I've become By this Emptiness The damned nothingness Consuming me from within Black hole soul Suffocation from inside Filled with void The flame of life grows cold A new days dawn Seems so distant now Far above this starlit sky wil

Metal Church - Beyond the black lyrics

war is over The crypt we now taste In the late 1900's, there is no human race We split the planet with atomic birth Man has died We seal the urn. Negotiations are over Troops are marching to their doom All that I see is a nightmare The smoke is blotting ou

Opera Ix - Act ii beyond the black diamond gate lyrics

flames reflect a purple light Dyeing the room with a mysterious stillness Wrapped in the ineoriating haze of the fumed incense We were sitting at the table pleasantly stunned by the sweet pungent smell of storax Martyrized with ircos, oleum lib

Beyond The Black - Beyond the mirror lyrics

mime the look that you see in my eyes You hide your ego behind your disguise If I could reach you I'd join in your shadow game Stay in your frame For this world has a price Just stay beyond the mirror Beyond this shallow life And watch the mortal w

Cobra ( Peru ) - Beyond the curse lyrics

war on the horizon Came staining, fields with blood Nor fire or iron Could make it stop The hordes killed the strong ones The weak were torn apart Children and women Were toys of war They crushed our bones to ashes And ripped the flesh for blood They threw us to

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - Beyond the gates lyrics

new world, a better place for you Stand in line, a darker point of view Stan’s breath will lead you the way Immortal life, one with judgement day Master Of the underworld, the dark abyss You will get the devil’s kiss Angel in black, Lucifer’s attack Beyond the g

Zack Hemsey - Beyond the throne lyrics

hangs by a thread Hate grows when it’s fed Though blue skies overhead The sun shines on the dead And blight creeps up through the beds On calm winds plague can descend And paradise turns on its head When brutality looms and upends We’re always but steps from

Necrosis - Beyond the screen lyrics

in the sea of ink blinded by the bright screen deaf from airwave thunders networked chaos within brain-washed bit by bit corrupted in our inner being moulded as soulless clay turned into bioelectronic waste infected to the bone digital virus diseas

Bal-sagoth - Invocations beyond the outerworld night lyrics

The Testament of the Winds:] Many thousands of years ago, they ruled the globe. But the pressing fist of great power carried a heavy price, and now their dominion has fallen beyond time and shadow. Look now, to the interior world... [The Explor

Black Label Society - Beyond the down lyrics

the waste Seeking the unknown Come with me The truth it shall be shown CHORUS: Forget all you know and all that you learned Bridges of doubt shall all be burned Who you are it shall be found Through the darkenend light Beyond the down Temple of black Guil

Runemagick - The black wall lyrics

is the ancient time carved in our eternal sign i can't look thru the black wall i can't touch the world beyond memories color the emptiness but still the wall is black i can't look thru the black wall i can't touch the world beyond where is the hungry flame that once

The Misfits - The black hole lyrics

the pull of gravity As light gets stripped away All the endless colors All turn a shade of grey I know there’s something out there Something we ain’t seen Something undiscovered A nightmare or a dream But soon we’ll know Lock contr

Pathfinder - Beyond the space beyond the time lyrics

inside I’m burning she’s flying with me Fly fly to the dark horizon of my dreams The army of light is fighting together Fight fight for the astral kingdom to the end My claws are tearing my tusks are crashing The flames embraced the skies And there are no swords

Axxis - Beyond the sky lyrics

sacrifice A candle light A virgin tear Is lost in fear The darkness grows A silver glow Mankind is pained They were unchained Calling up the demons With a magic spell The masters of all evil Screaming out their devilish yell Purple dust of twilight Confuses our minds

Black Majesty - Beyond reality lyrics

eyes filled with wonder I see a world behind The Ferris wheel of life that I am riding on In search for its answer truth it seems to disappear Hoping to find solace in the things I know are real [Pre Chorus] Can I be freed from the torment in my mind? Walking away Can

Immortal Choir - The great vast forest lyrics

quot;Courageous and valorous warriors know how dangerous can be entering this shadows_ sanctuary. Who knows what is hidden beyond the great vast forest?" We cross the infernal lines to find the great empire The ancient field of sun The Forrest now is dark its po

Skeletonwitch - Beyond the permafrost lyrics

Curse this cold frozen heart of ice Subzero torture Enslaved mind Damned I feel nothing at all As time hold my frozen soul Doomed I suffer in the ice Under the bla...

Insania ( Ger ) - Beyond the other side lyrics

The Other Side So let me tell you now What it is all about If you sell out your soul This is no game The story began some hundred years ago All of my life in fear of future Some kinda warm when he was passing by Something weird I couldn't understand So far so near, world of fe

Ancient - Beyond the realms of insanity lyrics

in another realm In a distant time and place Beyond the known world Shricking voices calling out To the neverending emptiness A shining figure is coming out Of the sea of mist that now surrounds me Reveals a woman pale Yet blacker than the darkest night With eyes of

Limbonic Art - Beyond the candles burning lyrics

am a dark star rising on the raveous bleaky sky A black diamond slunning so deep within the night Maliciously I dwell in a bluish shaded beam With a stonecold heart into the core of my being Beyond the candles burning, beyond all minds eye A vast emperic enigma awaits m

Hour Of Penance - Drowned in the abyss of ignorance lyrics

impure race of blinded sheep They follow in line an infamous shepherd Who holds their souls controls their deeds Make them believe in words venomous seeds False glorification of the unseen Silent vile submission to the master Preachers transform people

Pain Of Salvation - Beyond the mirror [japanese bonus track] lyrics

a dusty window I watch the clouds draw near A lovely vision of my doom The sunlight's fading - reflections start to dim Through the dusty window in this room I'm walking through my memories as I'm staring through the glass I have to claim I'm innocent Though I can't r

Deprive - Beyond the fields lyrics

all became black and hollow My heart felt empty, cold and bare I knew you were the one to follow And then I saw you standing there You took my light away But I see the reason for her death Somehow I didn't believe you Until I saw her final breath Take me with you, I am

Crom ( Spa ) - The dragon's prelude + wasteland lyrics

... + Witches charmers rule your land You can't stop 'em, take care Masters, servants, England cries Bleeding shouting only lies Watch disorder in a wasteland Watch their chariots, watch 'em die For how long they waited the chosen While they lived beyond the blac

Exodus - Beyond the pale lyrics

heart can't think or feel The sharp sting of slicing steel Punish, kill, repeat The death caress, so bittersweet I live outside the rule of law My one decree is shock and awe Black sheep of my kind Progeny of hate refined [Pre-chorus:] Suffering s

Impiety - The black f*** lyrics

Dark Subconscious Beyond of death, of darkness A land beyond for sure Dark it's sky... dark as my hatred Several times saw it Because of death that brings them near Memories from my past time... And now I'll see the sorcerer He must find the cure to my

Chimaira - Beyond the grave lyrics

seen the signs But I’ve ignored them Sickness has taken my soul This force deep inside has led me to this day I no longer want to be their slave I’m not meant for heaven or hell So what waits for me beyond the grave? I see the light Shining before me

Crimson Moonlight - The cold grip of terror lyrics

carry a longing, a yearning stronger than words can tell.. I carry my sword, my emblem of victory, in this chaos I flourish... I believe. My dream is the loveliest dream. Just the wish to have it fulfilled is enough. I watched my step when I entered the narrow path..

Helstar - Beyond the realms of death (judas priest cove.. lyrics

had enough He couldn't take anymore He'd found a place In his mind and slammed the door No matter how they tried They couldn't understand They washed and dressed him Fed him by hand Yeah! I've left the world behind I'm safe here in my mind Free to speak

Dark Funeral - The secrets of the black arts lyrics

Show me the secrets enshrined The hidden source of eternal wisdom That dwells within the abyss Infernal majesty Guide me in my eternal search Lead me to the ancient empire Of dark treasures that once were lost Lord of darkness I speak thy name Bestowe me a visi

Beyond The Dream - The hands on the hearts lyrics

said this spring's color is white, the white is the new black I'd like to stain that white with red with your blood 'cause it's like a drug for me and it seals the tomb I've buried inside... Once we felt, something in our hearts We were burning, we are still burning Warming

Marduk - The black tormentor of satan lyrics

the dark clouds in the sky open A thousand eyes burn in the night A kneeling shape in a void of fire gazes out over this world Within a blink of an eye A gruesome face looks down from the sky On this world where darkness soon will reign And the p

Dragonland - The black mare lyrics

"After spending a night among cheerful song and many a laughter at the Inn of Eamon Bayle, the Islander and the Elf woman, whose destinies were now closely entwined, set out to the east away from pursuing men and towards the glades of her people. Like a horse

Masterpiece - Drowned in the sea of lie lyrics

in confusion Feeding my illusion Intangible image of happiness Mirror brings me the sadness Living the darkness Fire in his soul That burns my mind Deceiving is his law It pushes me down Tries to make me drown In the sea of lies It pushes me down Tries to make me drown

Ancestor - The black waltz lyrics

moon rise, once again from beyond the woods Dark shape in its light, dancing the dance of doom You´re alone in the darkness, like a dying flame You feel the coldness of world, like a forsaken child Intersection- Face the world The dark cloud of anger drifts ac

Limbonic Art - The black heart's nirvana lyrics

be the darkness that coronates my soul Deep within its shelter I seek my highest goals I shall release what is conquered From which that I now posses All lifeforce is abandoned Into the arms of death Beyond the great dark adventures In streams fr

Beyond Twilight - The black box of reverse lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Beyond The Black - Running to the edge lyrics

winds are cold and heartless A lonely whisper in the darkness Wait for me beyond the shades ‘Cause in this world I’m bound to fade Leave a trail for me to find I will leave this world behind I am running, running, running to the edge Racing off the silver l

Borknagar - The black token lyrics

the furious river The river that comes with the time Like a burning flood A flood in the shape of every kind >From the mountains to the shores Trembling aflame within the core I have come as far as the end now To an existence where my s

Bobby Darin - Beyond the sea lyrics

beyond the sea Somewhere waiting for me My lover stands on golden sands And watches the ships that go sailin' Somewhere beyond the sea She's there watching for me If I could fly like birds on high Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing It's far beyond

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Beyond the horizon lyrics

s an evening haze settling over town Starlight by the edge of the creek The buying power of the proletariat's gone down Money's getting shallow and weak Well, the place I love best is a sweet memory It's a new path that we trod They say low wages are a r

A Canorous Quintet - The black spiral lyrics

by the night anger turns into rage forced into rooms of hate bleeding althought there is no wound taking pleasure from torture I see it eating me alive I feel it burning me from inside soothing our selfish thoughts i'm empty in body and soul no longer alive, dancin

Exciter - Beyond the gates of doom lyrics

faceless man steps up to meet you Evil demons chanting "we want you" A creation where time and death collide You're feeling drawn to the other side He's calling your name tonight Ascend from the depths of your tomb Looking back at th

Power Quest - Beyond the stars lyrics

through shadows down the night of memory lane Think of the past I'm reminded once again A place where the people had gathered as one Their spirit provided a haven for all Darkness may cover the land far away Visions uncover the past once again My soul feels the

Rough Silk - Beyond the sundown lyrics

the sundown - you're just a beast without a name beyond the sundown - life is more than just a game beyond the sundown - mirrors rise and shadows fall beyond the sundown - darkness rises after all beyond the sundown - you need light and light needs p

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - Beyond the sea lyrics

beyond the sea Somewhere waiting for me My lover stands on golden sands And watches the ships that go sailing Somewhere beyond the sea She's there watching for me And if I could fly like birds on high Then straight to her arms I'd go sail

Thomas Anders - Beyond the sea lyrics

beyond the sea Somewhere waiting for me My lover stands on golden sands And watches the ships that go sailing Somewhere beyond the sea She's there watching for me If I could fly like birds on high Then straight to her arms I'd go sailing It's fa

B. J. Thomas - Beyond the sunset lyrics

the sun-set O blissful morning When with our Savior Heaven's just begun Earth's toiling end-ed O glorious dawning Beyond the sun-set when day is done Beyond the sun-set no clouds will gather No storms will threaten no fears annoy O day of glad-ness O day unending Beyond t

Demonic Resurrection - Beyond the darkness lyrics

aeons have come and gone Over landscapes and textures the wind moves their way Time had laid bare the origin of the One The cloud of deceit through which we cannot see your face I hold the key that opens the gates to realms beyond Beyond the darkness - I'm all that you can

Dan Fogelberg - Beyond the edge lyrics

the edge twenty miles a minute Shot like a bullet from a frozen gun Beyond the edge way beyond the limit Beyond the edge on a downhill run Some play it cool, some take it easy Some never know what the snow can do Some call me fool, some call my craz

Hanker - Beyond the pale lyrics

ve been livin' feeling nothing We've been watching all the pain They've been laughing and pretending We've been all insane Special I: Now! What can it be? He's been suffering, he's been waiting He's been planning all their fate Now he's shooting, we do nothing

Journey - Beyond the clouds lyrics

long ago, has it been that long Since we felt the sun Where has it gone to Has it hid from the world Have we lost our way I can remember it filling the sky And it'd warm my face The summers were endless But they're over now That was yesterday I know we'll

Cage - Beyond the apocalypse lyrics

s over, the end times have now come and gone Smoldering cities still burning in the distance - the breaking of dawn Crawling from wreckage, survivors uniting - we rise with glory and steel Inside us we're changing, evolving and knowing - a new golden age is here

Cans - Beyond the gates lyrics

told me to wait Now I'm alone outside the gate My eyes are bleeding visions fade away The sun came to late Time is here to seal my fate In pain inside the purgatory flames Now open gate let me in, let me stay I'm turning away from the light of the

Celtic Woman - Beyond the sea lyrics

sailing Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waiting for me My lover stands on golden sands And watches the ships that go sailing Somewhere beyond the sea He's there watching for me If I could fly like birds on high Then straight to his arms I'd go s

Art Garfunkel - Beyond the tears lyrics

again. I see it in your eyes you feel alone again. I made it just in time to break your fall again. You thought you'd come so far, but here we are again. Down again. I see it on your face the hope is gone just when, You thought the pieces fit, but you

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