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Gap Band - You dropped a bomb on me lyrics

were the girl that changed my world You were the ... for me You lit the fuse, I stand accused You were the first ... me But you turned me out, baby You dropped a bomb on me

Potty Mouth - The bomb lyrics

ve found a place where the trees have the ... coolest shade I've a need to for hiding when the ... world is prying 'cause... I dropped a bomb and ... the bomb was me I dropped a bomb and the bomb was me Some of

Isa - Bomb lyrics

must be kept away from fire Cause I’m light that flying ... higher Everyone knows you’re an igniter I might just blow ... up in your face If you cut the wrong

Phantom Planet - Dropped lyrics

can swear I feel the beating of a cold, cold heart Or ... there's a chill 'cause it's showing through your ... clothing And as far as I can tell there's nothing underneath your V-neck tee I'm

Aaa - Bomb a head! lyrics

a head! Bomb a head! Moe dasu you na atsui tamashii! Bomb a head! Bomb a head! Mucha ... shite shitta hontou no ore wo Bomb bomb bomb a head! Bomb bomb bomb

The's - Bomb the twist lyrics


Municipal Waste - Dropped out lyrics

of alarms that wake me up I'm sick of school I ... hate the bus So fed up with all these daily things That teacher's push inside my brain I ... sit and close my eyes and count the seconds that go past Just to go home to some

Gun Barrel - Bomb attack lyrics

the sound take you back to "Thunder & road ... quot; Raise up these dirty hands into the air Let metal ... speak, gonna set you free and let the power flow Won't

2pac lyrics2pac - Bomb first lyrics

niggas still f***ing talking You niggas still breathing, F***ing roaches Alright this is the raid on All day You punk mutha-f***as ... The shit nigga Killuminati Style Makaveli the Don

Berryz Koubou - Bomb bomb jump lyrics

bon bonbo bonbon Yume no mama ja owarenai Kumo wo ... let's jump! Shinnen wo tsuranuite Sono te de tsukamitoreba ii Hoppu suteppu de let's ... jump! Koi ni kujikesou na yatsu Harikitte doji suru yatsu

Bliss N Eso - Bomb like banksy lyrics

want it, and they need it I stay on it, ... it's no secret So I talk to you through telekinesis ... Then bomb like Banksy, you better believe it ... myself I did it for the crew and when we did it, it was felt

Capricorn - Bomb eden lyrics

in undershelters taste of bitter on their tongues ... Masks to hide their image gas to fill their lungs A ... kingdom in a greenhouse, the wasteland on its knees Accept

Gehennah - Bomb raid over paradise lyrics

were so happy living in paradise You felt so good your ... religion wasn't lies But it's something ... I want to tell Suddenly your paradise turns into an exploding

Mindless Self Indulgence - Bomb this track lyrics

for the party And the Maserati Y'all rocked my body But ... now I'm goin', bye Thanks for the party The mo' ... with the girls and the front row tickets Yeah

Bush lyricsBush - Bomb lyrics

Wanted to buy you shiny red ... the end How did I know that I would be there Blow me away See if I care Death ... of a future Goodbye to my ... Wish I could see you all again Family hollow Family real Wish you were here see how

Maniac Spider Trash - Bomb the playground lyrics

see the children as they laugh and run and play I'm ... going to plant a bomb, blow the little ... motherf***ers away I'll do it all with a big ... smile on my face Nothing's better than to

Metal Church - Bomb to drop lyrics

K. Vanderhoof / R. Munroe] Dreams of the dark embracing me, ... these thoughts I can't control Searching for ... from my troubled soul Good against evil battles in my mind

Inara George - Bomb lyrics

the bomb on everyone oh so the ... feeling's gone how can i dance and sing? i don't know ... you've gone for good i'm breaking up my house for firewood ... nothing comes out it's like a dream and i am trying,

Agathocles - Bomb the bastard lyrics

bombed 'cause Clinton has f***ed Civilians died, to ... cover it up Bombraid tactics and propaganda Clinton's ... blowjob led to massacre Bomb the

Atoms For Peace - Dropped lyrics

slipped Out Of my hands Went deep down Wandering ... Stumbling I don’t wanna start Don’t want to start When ... I got your heart I got your heart It

Imany - Dropped down lyrics

No lyrics found Tekstiä ei löytynyt Văn bản không tìm thấy Tekst blev ikke fundet Texte introuvable...

Dj Bl3nd - (bomb mix) dj bl3nd lyrics

g tg ht zhz zh hz hn njum kmu junhz nzj zn n hjnjnht bht bh bhvt h hv bh bhvbvh bh hb hb bh hbhbhbz zh b bhz hzb hbz bhz bh hbz hb hbz hzub h...

Band Of Skulls - Bomb lyrics

that you do All that you say To get to home is To get away You can stay home Or go away To get to home is To get ... away I hear it. Ohh ohh ohh I hear

Kreator - Bomb threat lyrics

doom, assassinate Aggressive drive explodes ... Uncontrollable resistance Parallised dismay Agenda carried all around The world is ... in a shock terroristic action brutal Sacrifice and

Psy lyricsPsy - Bomb (feat. b.i, bobby) lyrics

wiro manse Heundeureo bamsae Jigeumbuteo nalsae ... Everybody yeollyeora chamkkae Janeul wiro geonbae Jebal ... gajima jibe Been there done that I ... don’t give a fun baby Nan pureun chowon wireul dallineun yasaengma Bamsaewo

Kix - She dropped me the bomb lyrics

I'm lightning Flying high above her town She got a tailspin She knew that I was ... coming down I had a radar Saw a flash on my screen Well I ... went too far She turned around and wiped me clean She dropped me the bomb She dropped me

Kids In Glass Houses - Fire lyrics

I met you I was younger Full of brimstone ... with a burning hunger You broke the ... ice like a messiah To my surprise you could ... not walk on water You took my hand and lead

Jamiroquai - 7 days in sunny june lyrics

pebbles you've arranged In the sand, they're strange They speak to me like ... constellations As we lie here There's a magic ... I can hold Your smile of honey

Ice Cube - The bomb lyrics

s like a holocaust to the boss when I toss ... kicked then you're lost In a shuffle of feet, Jinx the ... fiddler And I control your mind like ... Hitler You bow and vow to authority See now, a sucker

Chantal Kreviazuk - Surrounded lyrics

was there When you shone as bright as Bethlehem from afar I was there When you were ... young and strong and perverted And everything ... that makes a young man a star Oh, you were a star I was there And I swear to God and on my mother's grave On

Bonaparte - Who took the pill lyrics

) – who took it? who? who came along to start a fight? – ... it wasn’t me who said it hurts but it’s alright? ... – it wasn’t me who was the one who pushed’n’shoved?

Dan Bull - Counter-strike rap battle lyrics

Dave Brown] Smash through the gates of the ... nuclear plant Not just some dudes in a van, we're going through with a ... plan Maximum impact's the thing that we're after We're gonna bring back

Ice Cube - Steady mobbin lyrics

c'mon G) [JD] Police, eat a dick straight up Look here ... you little god damn nigger, your not gafflin ... nobody You f***in understand me (kick his ass) That's

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Neva have 2 worry lyrics

Deep Cover hit the world and fell in love with Snoop ... Doggystyle came out, it's like I dropped a bomb One of the greatest hip-hop ... records of all time I was young gettin' money, livin'

Divinyls - Science fiction lyrics


Method Man - Perfect world lyrics

they dropped the bomb Then came the disease Then death ... world! Yo, on foreign land keep your toast up, hot ... rocks Catch a close up your snot box, broke

Bootsy Collins - The bomb lyrics

got the Bomb I’ve got the Bomb I’ve got the Bomb I’ve got ... the Bomb (You’ve gotta, you’ve got) I’ve got the Bomb I’ve got the Bomb I’ve got

Brand Nubian - Drop the bomb lyrics

Grand Puba] PEACE my Nubian brothers.. ("Peace! ... ") Aiyyo knowledge this we came ... here to do one thing And this is what we gonna do

Joe - You dropped your dime lyrics

playboy naw man, u cant keep callin me with this shit, man naw she told u what she wanted, all you had to do was give it ... to her im gonna give u some free game, listen

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - Ragga bomb ft. ragga twins lyrics

it drop de bomb pon dema (2x) Gwan drop de bomb pon ... dema Drop it drop de bomb pon dema (4x) Gwan drop de bomb pon dema Drop it drop de bomb pon dema (2x) Dema Fake a

Dan Balan - Chica bomb lyrics

have to turn the fan on The heat is getting ... I'm not the only one I'm sweatin' I'm sweatin' I start ... to take my clothes off And hope that I feel better I

Dan Balan - Chica bomb (chew fu hurt locker remix) lyrics

have to turn the fan on The heat is getting ... I'm not the only one I'm sweatin' I'm sweatin' I start ... to take my clothes off And hope that I feel better I

Kriss Kross - Da bomb lyrics

s da bomb It's da bomb I drop bombs like Hiroshima ... It's da bomb I know you hear me comin here I come So you ... besta watch ya back It's da bomb I know you hear me comin

Nerd Out Music - Nerdout! cs:go song | bomb planted lyrics

time left, knowing i can’t find the last yo. I’m ... crouch walking round the map, tryna‘ go slow. I’m hearing footsteps but i’m flash ... banged though. I get killed I

Powerman 5000 - Time bomb baby lyrics

news man said it's the end for me and you ... s nothing left for us to say or do Some shine on and ... some are paranoid Some we embrace but you ... we just avoid (Cause everybody knows) You're

Scooter lyricsScooter - Acid bomb lyrics

to the wild wild side Ready Hey you bomb bomb Hey you ... bomb bomb Hey you bomb bomb Acid acid bomb Yeah Move on ... re going to the wild side Yeah Move on up We're going to

Little Big lyricsLittle Big - Lolly bomb lyrics

Chorus] Lolly, lolly, lolly bomb, lolly, lolly, lolly Lolly, ... lolly, lolly bomb, lolly, lolly, lolly Lolly, ... lolly, lolly bomb, lolly, lolly, lolly Lolly,

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Control lyrics

baby, don't you know, times they ... are a changin' Every little moment we ... up we lose control Life's a loaded gun with no directions ... And it keeps you on the run, it

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - She's got medals lyrics

d walk through the door And she'd set up the drinks In ... the house She played a good game of darts And the men slapped her back And never took ... her out She wore a trenchcoat khaki Her hobnail boots

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Please mr. gravedigger lyrics

s a little churchyard just along the way It used to be Lambeth's finest array Of ... tombstones, epitaphs, wreaths Flowers all that jazz ... Til the war come along And someone dropped a bomb on

Electric 6 - Naked pictures lyrics

nobody wants to burn in hell But ... everybody's got a soul to sell When i was ... young my mama gave me some advice She said boy don't you ... know everybody's got a price? I'll make lots of

Flipsyde - Us history lyrics

s in my blood my father's name is Britain His history ... consisted of robbery killin' and pimpin Filthy rich and the ... biggest killer that you ever seen Once I'm

Jojo - Paper airplanes lyrics

. Oh oh oh oh whoa Oh oh oh oh whoa My love ... Oh I'm missing you baby All day.. There was a boy ... who lived in a small town He met a girl in the

Jonathan Coulton - The presidents lyrics

came first and he was perfect, John Adams kept us ... out of war with France Jefferson made a Louisiana Purchase In 1812 James Madison kicked the British in

Leftöver Crack - Operation; m.o.v.e. lyrics

down M.O.V.E. / By police state Forty-five police storm ... Powellton Village Government sanctioned rape and pillage Friendly fire ... kills officer dead The M.O.V.E. nine are framed up instead One dead cop

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Capital g lyrics

pushed the button and elected him to office and a ... He pushed the button and he dropped the bomb You pushed the ... button and could watch in on the television

Public Enemy - Do you wanna go our way??? lyrics

what sound of my DJ cuts Terminator's back on some ol' fools ... track Takes a nation of sellouts to keep us back Flippin disco raps used to ... be whack Now what you hear is what you lack Take a lil

Sia lyricsSia - You have been loved lyrics

shut me up, yeah and you filled my cup, oh You ... sailed my boat, you were my very last hope ... You took my very last hope away Oh you, you will be loved

Skid Row - Big guns lyrics

was a ballerina on a subway train Stiletto heels and a candy ... cane Looked like a number on a station wall Hot on the tail ... of a social call I wet my lips I thought

Anthrax - Harms way lyrics

comes the biggest asshole That the world has ever seen Watch as things turn to ... I never, i never meant to be Call it a ... sideeffect of... My arrested development...yeah, yeah Here with you I'm trapped,

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