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Driving In The Afternoon lyrics

Browse for Driving In The Afternoon song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Driving In The Afternoon lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Driving In The Afternoon.

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Van Morrison - In the afternoon lyrics

light is fading in the afternoon Won't you see me baby in my ... room There's something that I wanna say to you ... Tell me baby am I getting through Wanna make, wanna

The Cardigans - In the afternoon lyrics

came by my bedroom today falling in rows and covering the ... lane morning shone on my windows today passing the time I ... slumber away to kill all the day stumbling up at one

Saves The Day - Driving in the dark lyrics

leaks from you fingertips onto sparkling ... pavement havent heard the news you stumble stuttering ... confused Helicopters line the sky marching men are rolling

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Driving in the circles lyrics

around Touch myself to pass the time Role around I wish you ... were mine I close my eyes Hold ... myself and I picture us In a place I don't recognize

Cranes - Driving in the sun lyrics

would go driving in the sun Into a world where we were one ... and we'd become As free as the sun and moon that shone ... us all along And even when the shades have passed And what

Rage - Death in the afternoon lyrics

young man He'd got a house in the country He was a member ... of the club and His girlfriend ... money or a job Wednesday afternoon, 5 p.m. It happened on the

Carpenters - Making love in the afternoon lyrics

love in the afternoon Makin' love to another Beatle tune ... And I know you're feelin' the same way too All alone on a ... I'd never make it alone Makin' love on a sunny day Makin'

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Nine in the afternoon lyrics

to the street where we began Feeling as good as lovers can, you ... know Yeah we´re feeling so good Pickin' up things ... shouldn't read It looks like the end of history as we know

Just Creew - Nikkky - nine in the afternoon (panic! at the.. lyrics

to the street where we began Feeling as good as lovers can, you ... know Yeah we´re feeling so good Pickin’ up things ... shouldn’t read It looks like the end of history as we know

Half Moon Run - Call me in the afternoon lyrics

can have it if you don't mind some or all the others stay ... generosity 2x Call me in the afternoon even by one by one ... price to pay 2x Call me in the afternoon even by one by one

Norah Jones - In the morning lyrics

can't stop myself from callin' Callin' out your name I ... can't stop myself from fallin' Fallin' back again In the mornin' Baby in the afternoon Dark like the shady

Janis Ian - In the winter lyrics

days are okay I watch the TV in the afternoon If I get ... lonely The sound of other voices, other rooms Are ... to me...I'm not afraid. The operator, she tells the time

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - In the wee small hours of the morning lyrics

the sun is high In the afternoon sky You can always find ... something to do But from dusk til ... dawn As the clock ticks on Something ... happens to you In the wee small hours of the morning While the whole wide world

The Moody Blues - The afternoon: forever afternoon (tuesday?) lyrics

afternoon, I'm just beginning to see, Now I'm on my way, ... It doesn't matter to me, Chasing the clouds away. Something, calls to me, The trees are

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - The afternoon's hat lyrics

to tradition, grabbed me by the wrist to silently insist ... And when i'm in the confines of crawling walls, you hold ... me in place The ripples on the ceiling the avenues,

Kelis - In the morning lyrics

baby what you doing? Your flight left yet? ... Pshh, I'm half way there I can't wait to see you ... you left yet, damn I'm running late to the airport Every

Joe Bonamassa - Driving towards the daylight lyrics

upon a mountain, Waitin' on a train. Baby I know it ... And it still happened again Waiting on my destiny, ... Learning from my abilities. Who was ... we even know why we are fighting? So take your eyes off of

Mac Miller - In the bag lyrics

in my car, Sunday afternoon, chillin' Who is coming up ... car? What? I know niggas think you white and you not bout ... to go in with these bars, my nigga, but that is

Jets To Brazil - In the summer's when you really know lyrics

repast and i'm sweet nothings come hell i'm your lover ... man your friend your fair weather it's a world stopped afternoon passion legs your wordless ... your birth place chalk white wincing pretty in it summer

Espen Lind - Driving in your car lyrics

How we used to spend the days When I looking back now ... I thinking all the crazy ways Remember The ... always be That we be right there, No one else, but you and

Madness - Driving in my car lyrics

ve been driving in my car, it's not quite a ... Jaguar I bought it in Primrose Hill from a bloke ... from Brazil It was made in fifty-nine in a factory by the Tyne It says Morris on the

Devildriver - Driving down the darkness lyrics

This time it's crossed the line Beware of what's behind ... Wolfs coming quick to kill you Currents ... running strong Think your right, wrong Look, it ... hold your own Stay strong in the sight of insanity Driving down the darkness Stricken

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Driving in cars with boys lyrics

say I'm wasting time, they said that I'm no good ... Summer of my life, not doing what I should Call me ... afar, like a dark star They think I'm dangerous, they think I'm really bad, I'm just

End Of You - Driving down the void lyrics

Frustration - Tumbling down Everlasting - ... Coal-black freedom Define - Repeat No disruption - ... - Made of stone Everlasting - Variation Coal-black

Peter, Paul And Mary - The house song lyrics

on sale ev'ry Wednesday morning And taken off the market in ... the afternoon. You can buy a piece of it ... s been good for you. Take the grand look now the fire is

Madness - In the rain lyrics

is such confusion in my mind, To play your illusion is ... so unkind, I didn't know who you were ... this afternoon, You said that it didn't ... I'll see you soon. Standing here in the rain, Maybe the

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - The view from the afternoon lyrics

to set you up For disappointment in evening entertainment ... but Tonight therell be some love Tonight there'll be a ruckus yeah, ... I want to see all of the things that we've already seen The lairy girls hung out the window of the limousine And of

Bell Book & Candle - In the witchin' hour lyrics

the witchin' hour I will call your name ... I'm driving you insane I knew what you're ... missing now you're doing what I want you to do oh, ... treated like your fool, oh the game goes on and on see, I

Anna Nalick - In the rough lyrics

say you fell while holding diamonds in your hands, It ... s your fault for running holding diamonds,I said And I offer ... own. And someday love will find me in the rough. Someday

Pixies lyricsPixies - The happening lyrics

got a ranch they call Number Fifty-One They ... got a ranch they call Number Fifty-One ... see it at all 'Less your flying by Just sitting there ... square Baking in the sun Beneath the sky, sky,

Level 42 - The sleepwalkers lyrics

wear my ray-bans, driving in the car even on a cloudy day ... says "Man!, who d'you think you are?" 'cause she ... all sleepwalkers we only see the things we wanna see tunnel

Annihilator - In the blood lyrics

lamb and the lion I destroyed you I ... tore your world apart I left the pieces bleeding in the dark ... The light and the darkness Come between us I

Gordon Lightfoot - The auctioneer lyrics

y've all reg'stered, open the gate ‘n let ‘em out and walk ... come a letter number twenty-nine, what're you gonna gimme for ... bidja-biddle on a five on the five wouldja biddle on a

Emery - In a win,win situation lyrics

your design Cause I'm not blind I'm like a cigarette Burning burning every night But there's no ash that falls There ... s only telephone calls in the afternoon Stretching through a

July Talk - The come down champion lyrics

the end of the night Your clothes soaking wet With the morning Come the regrets Lovin ain't just living But his ... And his apologies Come early in the afternoon It ain't

Pulp - The boss lyrics

a shirt that was trying too hard Pissed on a train ... and he's falling around And then I turned around and you were ... out of sight And now there's nowhere for me to stay

Everclear - The twistinside lyrics

have been sleeping with the lights on Just about every ... Because we are afraid of what the dark might bring I know, I ... That grows and grows wild in the middle of me I'm gonna get a

Leroy Van Dyke - The auctioneer lyrics

was a boy in Arkansas who wouldn't listen ... go to school He'd sneak away in the afternoon, take a little ... walk and pretty soon You'dfind him at the local auction

Mxpx - The darkest places lyrics

it is dangerous to invite a stranger into the room ... with us the noise is growing louder but i'm not scared at ... all when there's no more money in politics

Omega - The hall of floaters in the sky lyrics

you that place? Everything that you believe to be lost ... long ago Everything that passed, floats over there Here is a song, which ... ended; the coin that rolled away An afternoon that flew by, here it's the

Seals & Crofts - The boy down the road lyrics

long ago in a house up the road Lived a maiden so ... Day after day she looked the same old way As the sun shone ... of gold. Someday I would go there and ask for her hand Just

Kate Miller-heidke - Caught in the crowd lyrics

a guy at my school when I was in high school We'd ride side ... by side in the morning on our bicycles Never even ... spoken or faced each other But on the last hill we'd

Escape With Romeo - Face in the river lyrics

is pointless without someone to love ... even in the strangest moments I just can ... t get enough I wake up in the afternoon ignore the fairies ... call inside I'm so touched by your

Marillion - The fruit of the wild rose lyrics

I cannot sleep For all these dreams They come to play ... Till dawn comes stealin' them away.. The fruit of the ... gone Voluptuous crimson As the days become colder The fruit

Megan And Liz - In the shadows tonight lyrics

there’s mountains in my mind I keep on trying to move them And I’m just wasting time ... Cuz you can’t move a mountain And they’ll never move for

Roger Daltrey - The pride your hide lyrics

m not the kind of guy to let jealousy ... Break me up inside I've got no time for ... of my hair But Lord knows, the pride you hide Hanging ... around the same old parts And driving in the same old cars With the

Mungo Jerry - In the summertime lyrics

the summertime when the weather is high you can stretch ... right up and touch the sky when the weather is fine ... you got women on your mind have a drink have a drive

Overload - In the mind of a slayer lyrics

me to slaughter I just love the blood and the pain I’m an ... artist for the insane I slice cut eat brain ... blood flow eyeball I tear the bodies to pieces I possess the flesh that I slice As I cut

Echo & The Bunnymen - In the margins lyrics

me in I need to sleep now I need ... I used to dream Look me in Look me in the face now ... Now do you see how They're in the margins Below and ... I'll see now How life wins When all that's left is

Marissa Nadler - In the time of the lorry low lyrics

to your home again Forgive me to the rain It's ... Each night upon my bed Driving down your road again A winding road of green Your face a ... memory An autumn leaf in spring It was a long time ago In the time of the lorry low It

Anachronaeon - The darkness in the corner of my eyes lyrics

is something in my head I see glimpses of it ... it has grown stronger forbidding me to feel at ease It ... faces on every reflecting surface Sometimes it

Eurovision Song Contest - The common linnets - calm after the storm (th.. lyrics

in the fast lane counting mile marker signs The empty ... beside me keeps you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache ... was never something I pursued I can't keep on

Oliver Onions - In the middle of all that trouble again lyrics

round running around Round, round running ... around Hidden down the long long road upon my roller ... skates Hidden where the sun don't stop to shine You

Eurovision - The common linnets - calm after the storm (th.. lyrics

in the fast lane counting mile marker signs The empty ... beside me keeps you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache ... was never something I pursued I can't keep on

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - In the blue lyrics

same damn conversation playing over and over in my mind ... and heavy but my body's on the run Cause the night is gonna ... s only just begun I keep livin' on the memory of you and me,

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Goddess in the doorway lyrics

in the bedroom Dogs are on the roof I am in the basement ... Looking for the truth Tired of being ... patient For the voice to come If you want the answer There is only one -

Lp lyricsLp - In the pines (leadbelly ukulele cover) lyrics

did you sleep last night In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't ever shine I would ... shiver the whole night through My ... where will you go I'm going where the cold wind blows In the pines, in the pines

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Goddess in the doorway lyrics

in the bedroom Dogs are on the roof I am in the basement ... Looking for the truth Tired of being ... patient For the voice to come If you want the answer There is only one -

Afterschool - In the night sky lyrics

love don't wanna love you again Siltago hal tten onjego ... dugo bwa No obsido jal jinelgoya gogoya Nege mal ... mengseheee Du bon dasin nol boji anketdago Nam molle

Animal Collective - In the singing box lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

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