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Jethro Tull - Farm on the freeway lyrics

with barbed wire laid by the father for the son. Good ... shelter down there on the valley floor, down by where the sweet stream run. Now they ... might give me compensation... That's not what I'm

Lil' Keke - On the come up lyrics

Talking] Check the game, we gon do it like this For the 2 ... I'll cash it It's all about the cream, and getting paid you ... see I'm from the fourth largest city, called 7

Porno For Pyros - Freeway lyrics

a couple of hours I'm on the freeway Rain's so hard, the ... sky's one color The wettest, coldest grey Then ... at me I tell her it's okay Driving around with her She's taking

Evil Invaders - Driving fast lyrics

roaring in my ears Raging on towards you without a sign of ... fear Bring it on harder! FASTER COME ON! Lemmy's voice ... it up louder! LOUDER COME ON! (Chorus) Driving like a

Everything But The Girl - Driving lyrics

loverboy To you I belong But maybe one day you'll ... wake and you'll find me gone But loverboy If you call me ... home I'll come driving I'll come driving fast as

Aretha Franklin - Freeway of love lyrics

you'd be a vision in white How'd you get your ... pants so tight? Don't know what you're doin' But ... places to see I brought all the maps with me So jump in, it

L7 - Freeway lyrics

on the freeway, sippin' from a can Parked ... on the freeway, f*** it man Parked on the ... sippin' from a can Parked on the freeway, he's our man ... Yeah, he's our man Don't burn the dog Go get the

The Decemberists - On the bus mall lyrics

From stairway to station We made a sensation With the gadabout crowd. And oh, ... We're two easy targets For the old men at the off-tracks, ... In our rat trap hotel by the freeway. And we slept-in

Marauder - The beast is on the highway lyrics

see the beast dressed in black I see ... its lights staring at me The tires are flat ready to conquer the galaxy All the seats ... are dressed in leather The radio cries with a metal

Aimee Mann - Driving with one hand on the wheel lyrics

re an amnesiac Chorus: Driving with one hand on the wheel ... luck with every meal Feeding on hope again never mind how ... Small a portion Verse 2: I said like we

The Dream - Fast car lyrics

sweet for me Aw, baby, I don't know if you got what I need ... ya, baby I wanna show ya there's nobody like me And I ... for me [Chorus:] I need a fast car (fast car) Candy coated

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Fly on the windshield lyrics

s something solid forming in the air, The wall of death is ... lowered in Times Square. No-one seems to care, They carry on as if nothing was there. The

D.r.i. - The trade lyrics

m on a roll, out of control another one-night stand ... I can't get away 'cause I'm on display but I can't see you, ... man smile for the cameras, smile for the fans

Rapid Fire - Fast like the fire lyrics

symbol we met in the dark of the night is spreading the word ... command I hope this will be the first verse Hmmm! A race ... with the devil's the passing of time your life

Schuyler Fisk - The last day of our lives lyrics

now the speeding clock on Sunday 'Cause I don't wanna ... go another week again I hang on to everything you left me ... 'Cause I can't go back When the days go by I'm making

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The adventures of grandmaster flash on the wh.. lyrics

You say You say You say one for the trouble Two for the ... time Come on girls let rock that [whistle] ... are savin' my mind Flash is fast Flash is fast Flash is fast

Leeway - On the outside lyrics

too many But once not enough Wall of stone ... Being on your own (chorus) Oh, in ... grind I want you through Alone in your solitude First ... it's all about Going nowhere fast Being the first and the last

Officium Triste - On the crossroad of souls lyrics

Souls with different goals They've all got various destinies ... So many but on their own They're moving fast A life like ... this won't last No time to stop

A Close Second - On the way to sudden change lyrics

see your face again Or the people you take home at night ... too much for me to hold on to (Me to hold on to) ... for worse You lost your conscience late last year I

David Jordan - On the money lyrics

don’t ever get you anywhere but ... up let my voice be known I won’t sit back pretend my name ... from my goal I’ll face the music with my soul Don’t

Buddy Guy - On the road lyrics

with a snakeskin top Gonna keep on driving, I'll never ... s riding in a shotgun seat Don't let no grass grow under our ... feet I'm on the road, yes, I'll take it on the road Give it some juice,

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - On the boulevard (featuring kokane & snoop do.. lyrics

Dre] You in the office of the good doc again, let's walk ... again It's like clock again, the hood rock again You should ... t take it out That shit play on, you can't make it out The

Pinhead Gunpowder - On the ave lyrics

chased each other wet and soggy like a ... wave Grey and filthy in the gutter breaking all over the place Down the ave. in the ... even more! even more! At the reservoir you impaled your

Saga - On the air lyrics

on the air tonight We’re on the air tonight Reach up high ... as you wave good-bye On the air, on the air tonight You ... you can fly all night No-one’s there, everything’s all

Anachronaeon - The darkness in the corner of my eyes lyrics

Recently it has grown stronger forbidding me to feel at ... It appears as twisted faces on every reflecting surface ... Sometimes it freezes the world and everyone but me

Graham Nash - On the line lyrics

I'm starting to frown at everyone I see, I'm taking the calls ... and playing the halls, But staring at walls ... is all I ever see So is the money I make Worth the price

Kurt Nilsen - On the road lyrics

on the road, I miss my home I keep ... on driving, to the break of dawn And every ... house looks all the same I can’t tell the ... I’m all right Claim to be the same But I’m not, anymore

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - On the grind (featuring sick jacken) lyrics

What? My soul is payable on death, the flow I'm layin ... is deaf Mics come with a teflon vest, my words wreck I'm a ... Psycho, ill with the voco-loco Heard a sick pedo

Blood On The Dance Floor - The untouchables lyrics

re quick, but were much faster We're one trick, disaster ... bitches better run We own these streets, we own this town ... our guns Got my posse, they're a team I can get nasty,

Evan And Jaron - On the bus lyrics

ought to know by now that I don't wait around Drag my heels ... ll wait and see From here to there I'll take a piece of all ... Never say never and don't wait forever It's an open

Crimson Shadows - On the eve of battle + freedom and salvation lyrics

+ Falling through the cracks within my mind I hold ... be but this is my declaration I know the path that's ... is my detainee Crossing the seas, the tides splash upon

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - On the line feat. jonas brothers lyrics

Cause i knew that i was wrong. Both: Yeah, i knew,i was ... wrong. One In the same. Never to change. Our ... Know i Wouldn't lie. o: But Tonight, Wel'l Laeve it On the

One Way System - On the line lyrics

m walking up the street now To see a friend ... his house now Knocking on the door Until he invites me ... inside Then he sells me a score I ... feel fine tonight On the line tonight I feel fine tonight Another line, alright

Saga - On the loose lyrics

day you feel quite stable The next you're comin' off the ... heading for a fall I see the problem start I watch the ... tension grow I see you keeping it to

3 Inches Of Blood - On the bridge (upon the boiling sea i) lyrics

a speeding shape A ship upon the waves Racing swift as ... death Torment from the pits of Hell In seas where ... pirates dwell The armada sets its course

Lita Ford - On the run lyrics

to town, I'm gonna tear it down I'm looking ... for some action To get a piece of your heart ... head It's like a chain reaction Your love has got me ... hypnotized You don't wanna see My love for you,

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - On the horizon lyrics

see different things When they look on the horizon Do you ... see dark clouds rolling in fast Cos baby they ain't gonna ... I see is love, sweet love On the horizon, oh yeah Just one

Oh Sleeper - The sirens song lyrics

came from the pile. We came from the dead ... and dying. But the moment you pulled You ... brought us back to the living. Stand here to a ... moves close, So vast that the clouds would follow? What

Rough Silk - The fiddler on the skeleton horse lyrics

my very best to get nowhere fast - lived a life of sin ... by ridin´ side by side with the fiddler on the skeleton horse ... - used every drug I knew - the ones I didn´t know, too -

Savatage - On the run lyrics

behind a door Searchlight on my trail, I hear the sirens ... wail Footsteps close behind, they're after me now Moonlight ... lights the way to a clearing up ahead _

Kool G Rap - On the run lyrics

Verse 1:] I got a job with the mob, makin G's Doin some ... and transportin keys Yeah they got me like a flunkie I'm ... my trunk G And I'm holdin the suitcase With a half a million dollars right in my motherf***in face And I'm tryin to

Canton Jones - On the floor lyrics

Verse 1:] Looks like the party started up Everybody ... let go now give it up He's the reason why you live it up ... Game done we won, the battle's won Have fun,

Illy - On the bus lyrics

I was on the bus with a Discman in my hand ... biggie with a bottle of Passion pop in the backpack, ciggies ... in the pocket Penning raps thinking ... we were getting blazed One by one rocking p-plates,

Naughty By Nature - On the run lyrics

my pocket or my peoples cause they evil to my people F*** ... from a lawsuit and a news conference at eleven Routine ... Always tryin to pull me over on these dark ass streets Gave the war two blocks, two middle

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - On the strength lyrics

God it's like this If we don't manifest our power to the ... God See we goin' show them the strength in what we doing ... (indeed) That's why it's on the strength Everything is on the strength Simultaneous

Akmu - On the subway lyrics

chultoegeun sigan Jeongjang gyobok hal geo eobsi ... chultoegeun sigan Jeongjang gyobok hal geo eobsi ... Naega deureoseomyeon imi bal didil teumdo eobsi ... Kkwak chabeorin jeondongchaui punggyeong Geurigo

Akmu (akdong Musician) - On the subway lyrics

ineun chultoegeun sigan jeongjang gyobog hal geo eobsi ... chultoegeun sigan jeongjang gyobog hal geo eobsi ... naega deureoseomyeon imi bal didil teumdo eobsi

Cloud Nothings - On the radio lyrics

wonder if it hurts to be born in ... you I wouldn't think that anyone would want to Not even ... good Start something new They want you It is all good ... Start something new They want you This ending knew

Faust - On the way to abamäe lyrics

♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫...

Chava Alberstein - On the road there's a tree lyrics

Di kaloshn tu zikh on, S'geyt a sharfer vinter Un ... dos vinter-laybl nem, Tu es on, du shovte, Oyb du vilst nit ... tsu fil zakhn, Hot di mame ongeton Ir feygele, dem shvakhn

Dia (kpop) - On the road lyrics

uriga geotdeon geu gireseo duriseo nanun ... gieokhani jigeumeun na honja geotgo issjiman naeireun ... ttara hanttae sojunghaessdeon geu yaksogi saenggakna (neon

Nina Hagen - On the battlefield lyrics

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George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - On the bed lyrics

.............Instrumental............ ..........Instrumental............ .......Instrumental............ ...Instrumental............ ..Instrumental......

Dan Hartman - On the telephone lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fou...

Hoyaa - On the edge lyrics

instrumental - TRANCE...

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