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Satan's Host - Dragons - darkness lyrics

Spirit of Darkness. From all Shadows of the Unknown. Left Hand Sorcery. Perspective Emerging. Demons Conjuring. Hidden Witchcraft, Enter this ring. Between the veils of light and darkness. Ahriman exists, In now...the beyond. Shadow Spirit, Demon.

Galloglass - Dragons revenge lyrics

s written in stone... my way... my path... it leads me home... Storming, the gate, the dragons Storming, the gate, the dragons, gate High above the sky, where golden dragons fly In this mystic land, that lies beyond all time A holy place so free, for

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Darkness lyrics

can never leave you when you’re lying in the bed face to the wall I slept on the floor What did you mean by that What did you mean by that Take it as a self invitation Take it as your own means of salvation If I could take it all If I could t

Mineworksanimations - Dragons lyrics

m waking up to TNT I eat my pork and I craft my sword I'm covered in, these spider webs oh woah they're breakin in, suprise attack, so I jump on my horse's back this is it, the apocalypse woah...I'm waking up, I made a dumb mistake enough to make an earthquake Welcome to a n

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Dragons lyrics

wanna go to heaven but you never want to die A silent scream for freedom turn to fire turn to water turn to Stone's the same, the sky's the same, it doesn't roll away The other side where life goes on is close and yet you know it's just a lie But you're str

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Dragons into dreams lyrics

moment I wake up In my imaginary world Standing on the roof top See the sorrow and the hurt I look at all the people Fighting battles down below Everybody is a hero But they just don't know But I know 'Cause every night when I'm asleep I'm turning d

Pegasus - Dragons of hope lyrics

sun is rising, a new day begins In my heart I feel the emptiness An unbearable pain, to live without my queen I need a chance to get her free Now you see that we're stronger than before Cause we've found the dragons of hope Together we fight against the dark A

Anguish Force - Dragons through the rainbow lyrics

in the middle ages A town of the reign Little and quiet Day after day Under attack Of this dragons of hell Age of wizards and sprites Magic surprises Unholy fairys In mistery (Through) reality and lies In this fabulous time Obscured is the sun From these beast

Rebellion - Dragons fly lyrics

ll sail across the seas for glory and for gold Raid the Saxon shores tales are to be told One thousand northern warriors axes made of steel Our banners drenched in blood the nightmare it is real On the wing of the storn We let the dragons fly Dragons

Einherjer - Dragons of the north lyrics

blood for wolves for riches and lust Onward with hammers to chest Villages burn, burn citys to dust And for fun they tortue the rest Cold, blue steel through a nice day's breast An avalanche of heathnes set sail To show to the world of which men is beast

Fire And Ice - Dragons in the sunset lyrics

in the sunset Upon the darkened sea Sailing through the mists of time Calling unto me Ghost ship black and gleaming Lindens shining bright Ancient kinsmen call my name Far off in the night My heart it stood restless And I knew not why Memory's spar

Magnum - Dragons are real lyrics

get myself to the top of the stairs Into my room, to the land of nowhere And read about all the princes and kings Soldiers at war doing treacherous things I've crossed the seas to a different land Shot through the skies at the wave of a hand And when I've looked up at c

Bathory - Dragons breath lyrics

the Dragon's breath, mist of poison green Come yee flemes, a burning death, face the unseen Deep within the cave, lit p by the torch, a plae gleam As told of in the ancient tales, the Sword of gold and steel Eyes of ember, fangs and claws Creature of fire Jaws

Ironsword - Dragons of the sea lyrics

are the pirates of Vilayet Sea Sailing away to lands of mystery Looting treasures at Turan's coast But tides of war slowly approach Upon our masts, black flags fly high Ready for boarding, we win or die Follow the queen and be free Our dragon sails across the sea We are the sco

Melechesh - Dragons legacy lyrics

Music: Ashmedi / Lyrics: Ashmedi] As I sit in a trance like state Streams of uncensored consciousness appear Flooded by images before me The prophecy realized...soon to be I am the watcher I have power I see the slithering Serpent In the foretold Dark Age I see

The Darling Buds - Dragons are real lyrics

says What she does And how she loves that Keeps me from falling apart It's how she lives How she smiles And how she laughs That fixed my broken heart So I'll stop, stop to consider what Could have been and what's been done and I know, we got each

The Green Children - Dragons lyrics

morning I was climbing woods Like I heard, my mamma said I never should But I knew I’d rather fail and fall Then never have tried at all And now there’s a Dragon in my room Heating up, like forty at noon My hair must have caught in it when I fell Caught up in pain

Iron Savior - Dragons rising lyrics

I look at tomorrow Who will I be What will I find Seems I'm drowning in sorrow Everything changes My life's redefined When I look at tomorrow Where will I go What will I see Seems I'm stuck in this hollow Stuck in this heep, this heep of

Jackie Chan - 龙的梦想 dragons dream lyrics


Morgana Lefay - Dragons lair lyrics

guarded the treasure Glittering gold and silver Smell of sulphur and fire In the dragon's lair Hidden in his mountain Upon the bones of those who failed With their heroic mission To kill the sleeping beast One eye always open Watching you Guarding

Eric Burdon - Darkness, darkness lyrics

darkness Be my pillow Take me in and let me sleep In the coolness of the shadow In the silence of the deep Darkness, darkness Hide my yearning for the things that cannot be Keep my mind from constant turning Towards the thing that cannot s

Robert Plant - Darkness darkness lyrics

darkness be my pillow Take my hand and let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow In the silence of your deep Darkness, darkness hide my yearning For the things I cannot see Keep my mind from constant turning To the things I cannot be Darkness, darkness be my blanket Cover m

Golden Earring - Darkness darkness lyrics

darkness, be my pillow Take my head and let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow In the silence of your deep Darkness, darkness, hide my yearning For the things I cannot see Keep my mind from constant turning Towards the things I cannot be Ah yes, the things

Human League - Darkness lyrics

darkness Where my dreams are all too clear Darkness, darkness Filled with all the sounds of fear I hear voices (don't turn out the light) Calling faraway I see shadows (don't turn out the light) Moving, changing shape And the clock stops As

King Diamond - Darkness lyrics

13 days.. we have trained and trained We're learning to walk again, we're learning to stretch our skin Every time THEY bring us back to life Little jars come down from the shelves Every time we feel the sting Every time we feel the Blood going in O

Aesma Daeva - Darkness lyrics

night's black bird (her sad) infamy sings. Hark you shadows that in darkness dwell, Hark you shadows that in darkness dwell, Exiled for ever, let me mourn Where night's black bird (her sad) infamy sings. Down vain lights, shine you no more, Learn t

Divine Symphony - Darkness lyrics

genocide, apostasy - each have marked chaotic period through which the church has passed. The Roman Empire was conquered by barbarians and once more time the church suffered. However difficult these time were, there wasn't a lack of Christians with convictions who offer

Go Go Berlin - Darkness lyrics

darkness is your enemy You're falling, and you're left in tears Then sunshine could cure your mind Just take my hand and we'll move from here Despite that it hurts now, Just think, things will be alright 'cause Darkness ain't your friend, please don't be that hard

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Darkness lyrics

Darkness, hungry to the bone Darkness, Darkness, take my body home God, I'm in love, I'm in love I'm in love, I'm in love She like a boo-k (It has to be book! It can't be pooka, what's that mean) She holy roller, love me like a song She like a lightning She

Aesma Daeva - Darkness (stromkern) lyrics

you shadows that in darkness dwell, Hark you shadows that in darkness dwell, Exiled for ever, let me mourn, Where night's black bird (her sad) infamy sings. Down vain lights, shine you no more, Down vain lights, shine you no more, Learn to cont

Dispatched - Darkness lyrics

rules the world, straight down to hell They are hanging by their throats and laughing at us Because they have the power of darkness and can rule the human It's like a dark angel flying around in their heads They can feel the endless pain, over and over again Dark

Forest Of Doom - Darkness lyrics

strong winds of darkness across the night hate, the forest whispers my name with screaming voices... the call of hell... the call of woods... Inner hate flowing in my veins like black blood of a wolf in the night This night I feel so good alone and awa

Darren Hayes - Darkness lyrics

spending so much time underground I guess my eyes adjusted To the lack of light I got Covered in darkness Covered in darkness I have been waiting Always waiting for something new Happiness has always ended In the blink of an eye There was no one attending No on

Itchy Poopzkid - Darkness lyrics

is taking over now We called out to the darkest Place Were at the End of our longest Day And nothing left to keep on understand We turn off the Lights and sounds again now we just keep moving on And then we just keep doing wrong if you want just put the Blame on me let's

The Mekons - Darkness and doubt lyrics

room was filled with flashing lights They spoke in tongues: waaah Darkness and doubt Just follow me around In the clear red dawn We moved like a tide But I went down In a baton charge Darkness and doubt Just follow me around The valley grew still We

Excretion - Darkness falls lyrics

rain of shadows, a storm. The daylight falls, the night opens its gate. If good is light, if evil is dark then the world is surrounded by evil walls. Now I see the end of day with fear. Darkness falls. Fear, fear of the laugh in my screams. The darkness beh

Miles Kane - Darkness in our hearts lyrics

be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready for it Gotta be, gotta be ready fo

Lana Lane - Darkness falls lyrics

meet the morning sun, first light Everything's possible, feeling the future's a friend of mine But through the hourglass of time Clearer than cellophane, darker than we want to realize Ah, ah Darkness falls on every sunny day Darkness falls takes your breath away

Milow - Darkness ahead and behind lyrics

always dumps something in your lap You're constantly busy redrawing your map You leave behind a fading trail Of images and words that you hope will prevail Life always dumps something in your way You try to make the best of it everyday You could give up and give in but you prefer

Roy Orbison - Darkness lyrics

only darkness Land of shadow That's where my heart goes Now I'm alone, I'm on my own Voices, I hear voices Sounds in the still night every where But you're not there No, you're not there Imagination brings you so near I reach for your lips, but they're not here All o

Dbsk - Darkness eyes lyrics

m just in deep aoi Kodoku no Umi no naka I don't know how mae ni susumu zure Tachidomatte Kagari ochiteiku Itsuwari no kakera Nigiri tsubushite Shitatte ni ochiru wa Dark in my mind Boku wa yowasa ni kakurete Deguchi no nai kunou kakae Kawaita sekai tatazunderu Kokoro

Gorement - Darkness of the dead lyrics

death - you fall into the abyss Through death - you're entering the dark domains In obscure visions Of death and dismay A lost paradise appear Icons of darkness Has been set free By your deepest fears Souls of dark domains - Darkness Embraces you w

Moonspell - Darkness and hope lyrics

So this is the exemplar deathstyle you told me about; you want my seed in is this the treason I bare the fame from? my fatal freedom; the omnis...

Cryptic Wintermoon - Darkness forever lyrics

of fear touch your heart in the darkness Thoughts of soulburning horror rip your mind Feel his presence bleed your soul - steel your life Endless black - even darkness steps aside Hear the call of the god - you die Once a god fell from grace into oblivion Entombed

Demonical - Darkness awaits lyrics

the darkness, towards the untrodden might into the unknown, away from the spiteful light the morning has broken, cold steel raging bright open the gates of blackest delight no need of salvation, I breath for sullen redemption the beast has risen, jaws of black are open wide a

Morbid Saint - Darkness unseen lyrics

in the darkness in the shadows of the unseen Motionless, soundless hear a terror filled scream Obliterate, eradicate the vileness that you abore Timeless, patient stalking life that's restored to you Restless merciless demanding your paym

Sinamore - Darkness of day lyrics

woke from the shades to fear for you Cold death on ice ground A touch of faith - face so pale All that remains looks so frail The shadow veil I wear to save your soul I'm the saviour of new day Across the waves beyond the sea I'll take you with me

Imagika - Darkness has come lyrics

I see you here Candles flicker than weep Intoxicate I feel the hate… humanity Mesmerized love it weaves alluring pain Darkness has come Tantalize the graveyard Spaces between shadowed lights Places spirits can hide They bide their time And wa

Machine Head - Darkness within lyrics

in this darkess that I lay, Depression heavy in it's weigh, And how my body aches to leave, To sing it's final eulogy. My sons I love you evermore, And though the road beckons once more, I see the damage that I've done, And search for redemption. But I am just a bro

Mason Jennings - Darkness between the fireflies lyrics

woke up before you in the total darkness Early morning I could hear the wind in the trees I was looking for the light to bring you out From the shadows Redefine you now for only me And honey i'm sure That you've been in love before Plenty of men hav

Any Given Day - Darkness within lyrics

up - wake up Wake up when the dark hits the ground I'm searching for something That can never be found - no My blood is boiling and the sweat is running cold Wake up when blue turns to black A pale face in the mirrow Cruel thoughts in my head My body is

Dark Angel - Darkness descends lyrics

world now stands ancient, showing her age Antique, senile, archaic Peroration impending, not one to assuage The human remnants of earth Pandemic winds chill the soul Eradication of the will Nihilism extracts its toll Frightening the meekly servile Sacrosanct, the

Hellish War - Darkness ride lyrics

..And I'm always on the road Turning darkness into hope Trying to find my way home I'm feeling down you need to come To heal the marks in my soul Before my mind changes our course I'm coming here to stay And there is no other way The truth lies

Lacrimosa - Darkness lyrics

heart, my love one word, and gone to stay, i will believe, and pray to see, to feel to hear, to be and gone how can i get close to you? how can i the foolish one? beauty can't be seen but only kissed i have so much love to give but where are you and how to be reached?

Lamb - Darkness lyrics

couldn't see darkness until now Only light! (though sometimes the shadows flickered across my view) Light! But darkness, this cold emptiness, Somehow passed me by Like a charmed thing I sailed Slipping through its fingers Blessed untill now Blessed untill now

Nosferatu - Darkness brings lyrics

as you turn your eyes to the sky, Born again through you, Another second and you lose it all, Rising up in you, Hold you down till you can't breathe at all, Inside you, And while you sleep he's feeding on the fear, Burning inside you. Darkness brings, The Devi

Willie Nelson - Darkness on the face of the earth lyrics

morning that you left me was just another day How could I see the sorrow that had found me Then you left and told me that I was in your way And I turned and ran as heaven fell around me I stumbled through the darkness my footsteps were unsure I live w

Cancer Bats - Darkness lives lyrics

Chorus:] Darkness lives, in the heart of me Deep inside us all, darkness lives The thrill to kill like a love song The lust in us to destroy To strike the life from another Rise above, never let this take you Don't you fear this, hate's not break

Dream Master - Darkness road lyrics

time is passing by and I'm breaking down looking for a reason to continue my painfull life The people left behind will not come back to you you need the strength to survive in this darkness road called life Sadness, unhappiness it's what you

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