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Mirai Nikki Soundtrack - Running for your life -theme of cruth- (kurus.. lyrics

tatsu toki no minamo ni Yurameku usumurasaki no homura Sono hikari ni ukiagaru kage wa Oi tsudzuketa negapoji no hazama Shoot it down...Nerai utsu wa itsumo Shoot it down...Kawaru mirai Shoot it down...Mawari mawatte kimi no koto Mata sagashite iru Running for your

Anvil - Running lyrics

off my ass Getting on my feet Gotta get going, I'm ready to compete Keeping the pace Gonna win the race I'm running, I'm running, running for my life I'm running, I'm running, running for my life Off with a quickstart Fast as I can go Make it

Fancy - Running man lyrics

kind of man am I A hero in the sky Some kind of idle child Believing my own lies Feel creeping up my spine Black holes in my brain Why this hurt is driving me insane Running man I'm running for my life I'll do anything to arrive Where I can be free Running man I'm r

Andrzej Zaucha - I run for my life lyrics

fears rising high I run for my life I run for my life There's no place to hide Cause I have seen the heat melt down the hourglass. Seen the fire burning all to dust. My flesh crawls with fright I run for my life Cause I have seen you dancing wild at the ball. Not a sign you foll

Blaze Bayley - Waiting for my life to begin lyrics

wake up to a grinding day In a grinding week In a grinding month In a grinding year Grinding away The daily grind is grinding me I just go to work Then I go back home And I try to sleep And I go to work again I'm waiting for my life to begin Waiting

Michael Bolton - Fighting for my life lyrics

I am, thinking of you Things we say and things we do Doesn't seem long ago I was holding you so safe and warm Suddenly my life is changed And I find myself like a ship in a raging storm I'm fighting to hold on, will you look at me now Fight

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Looking for my life lyrics

Lord, won't you listen in to me now Oh Love, I got to get me back to you somehow I never knew that life was loaded I'd only hung around birds and bees I never knew that things exploded I only found it out when I was down upon my knees Looking for my life, looking fo

Savannah Outen - Fighting for my life lyrics

stole my words and twisted them to yours 'till there was Nothing left to say You were the chill in the air whenever I turned Turned away Honestly you had to know how much it was killing me I had no choice, I just had to leave You tried to loc

Blitzkrieg - My life is my own lyrics

life is full of danger, all the World's my stage, I am their eyes, surprise is my way of life, I won't stop 'til I'm done, I get to know their secrets, the things they try to hide, Tap the phone, alone make good my escape, I won't rest until I've won. Carry no passengers, don't tak

Don Henley - For my wedding lyrics

my weddin' I will dress in black Never again will I look back All my dark angels we must part For I have made a sanctuary of my heart To want what I have to take what I'm given with grace For this I pray on my wedding day. For my wedding I don't want violins Or se

The Game - For my gangstaz lyrics

scratched:] "Livin in Compton, California C-A" Charlie O, drop that hot shit [The Game] Motherf***er it's the Game, mister tint the windows wit'cha brain Since a young'n up and comin, all I did was cop 'caine They try and change the Game

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Running for cover lyrics

the best of my life running scared In the city Left my shoes and my clothes and My lovers behind, yeah Oh but I felt incomplete Living out there in the street I was always alone and afraid Such a pity Little girls just don't know what comes Out after

Flame - Running (feat. steve t) lyrics

ya Steve T. in the building hey We got our hands to the plow and we running man we working hard over here Let's go Used to run from Him but now I'm running for my God Running for my God [x2] [x2] Every time this record play run it back Hop in the word to run the plays like

Alter In Mind - Running for the time lyrics

life is going to the end The game is over, can´t start it again Now I think about the way I lived My eyes are crying for silly life tricks Now I´m standing on a place I should know Can´t remember what I see now Everything seems to be changing w

Loudness - Running for cover lyrics

shelter, cold was the night, Fires burn deep in the sky. I been trying so hard just to weather The storm in your eyes Stranger, fire and ice, diamonds that glow in the dark You look, but don't touch, oh I wanna so much She says burn. Take no prisoner, steal your soul Give you n

Marianne Faithfull - Running for our lives lyrics

along staying close to the wall Looking over your shoulder just in time. Avoid the light, close your eyes And put your hand in mine. And put your hand in mine. Are we in danger, or is it that You think we might be ? But I think I’d like to get out of he

Nightmare (fra) - Running for the deal lyrics

in the nightlight he's making shine his blade but he's just a gipsy's child he 's playing a fool game what a crazy game injecting in his veins the serum of death he's hating all these men who bring him to his place 'cause it's his only way to survive

Ivan & Alyosha - Running for cover lyrics

I could wake my crooked heart If I was there right from the start To feel what it was like to be turned on If you could fly the battling wind To miss the mark correct within If your wish came true -- your dreams made real. Running for cover Runn

Baltimora - Running for your love lyrics


Jean-pierre Taieb - Running after my fate (feat. kafkaz) lyrics

in your frame feel the strain Got a crash in my head Wanted love wanted fame Got a flick on my face Dive for shell got your hell And thoughts you'd never tell Keep it up cut me up Crucifying myself Sin of the time, of the minds Are we ruining ourselves

Daniel Powter - My life so called lyrics

late, in my hit at my coffee table then I run out of gas I heard the count but ended up in the middle of nowhere and someone stole all my cash guess,guess oh what a tango way by wave I've got no tricks that left on my sleeves I've tossed my head into

Saxon - Running for the border lyrics

were standing at the border Waiting for the man to come We didn't have a problem Till he invented one He said take it easy, take it slow No one moves Till I say so Running for the border Down in Mexico We made it to Chihuahua With the setting sun The fans wer

Budgie - Running from my soul lyrics

woman, taste my rock and roll Ooh woman, make it hot as coal And I’m running Running to my very soul One day woman walking down that street I saw my lover she sure looked sweet Oh now mean I feel my rock and roll And I’m running Running to my soul Ooh woman, taste

Leo Sayer - Running to my freedom lyrics

should have been there when I gave the newsI know you would have been surprised to seethe smoke and the fire that was comin' out of menow that I've finally shaken you looseand I have cut the chains that held me backfeelin' more and more like a train rolling down the track ru

Emmelie De Forest - Running in my sleep lyrics

have a hold on me Will this fever ever leave And wake me from my sleep again? Careful, I am somewhere else And I’m walking in the dark, concealing all my scars I see a new horizon Over the hills and far away It’s not too late to escape Yeah, yeah, eh yeah Over t

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - My life ft. eminem, adam levine lyrics

Adam Levine - Chorus] My life, my life Makes me wanna run away But there's no place to go, no place to go All the confusion, it's an illusion Like a movie, got nowhere to go Nowhere to run and hide, No matter how hard I try [50 Cent - verse 1] Yeah, '03

Darkthrone - Running for borders lyrics

in stellar dust We create beginning and end Crumbles constantly We know the center of End Who are you on stage? Breathe deeply Lungs filled with waste Running for borders Helpless heart Pumping fuel, veins splintered Thoughts divided Building up chaos

Girlschool - Running for cover lyrics

for Cover ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

Group Home - Run for ya life lyrics

persons never have a chance to get into a recording studio Never get to see or hear a record being made And only experience the finished product Until now, you had no way of learning Of the anormous complexity of the recording process And this limits appre

K. Michelle - My life lyrics

feat. Meek Mill) [Intro] My life My life Isn't my life [Verse 1] What you know 'bout the grind in the street He move and work out of town every week I know about it I know about it What y'all know bout them girls on the pole She make her money every night Taking off

Lil' Keke - My life lyrics

Talking:] Yo 2003, this for my gangsta niggaz this for my gangstas A product-dizzle, from Pimp Snizzle himself This one's about my life man, you heard me 2003 it's none other the Young Don, representing Big Unit [Lil' Keke:] This is my life, for

Kip Moore - Running for you lyrics

had a good run But I knew, I knew, I knew I knew this day would come As bad as I want to Ain't no way, not me girl I ain't gonna stop you [Chorus:] But if the rain stops falling, falling on you And your heart stops breaking, breaking in two If

Shakra - My life - my world lyrics

I'm dreaming, you are there No more hard words, no despair It's the way it should have been Then I wake up and there's only me Broke your promise, broke our dreams You were never what you seemed I was foolish, all in all No running now when you call This is m

Small Faces - My mind's eye lyrics

seeking everyday Looking at the sky ever wondering why I dream my dream’s away And I’m living for today In my mind’s eye Things are clearer than before Showing me the way Asking me to stay I’ll never close the door To all this things and more In

Aaron Sprinkle - Running in my head lyrics

I had a dime for every question I could buy myself a band to keep the answers in When the house you rent was getting painted I thought this out and wrote it down and mailed it When I think of it, it makes me crazy And if I hear from you You know it will amaze me I'm gonna ta

Combichrist - My life my rules lyrics

you know it's changing And now you're running away We got the hate, we got the soul I got it, f*** it, let's just throw it away I got six rounds, save one to put in my head We're not going home You know we never get enough in this city of dust We're gonna play

Eminem lyricsEminem - My life (ft. adam levine, 50 cent lyrics

Levine: My life, my life Makes me wanna run away There's no place to go, no place to go All the confusion It's an illusion like a movie Got nowhere to go Nowhere to run hide No matter how hard I try 50 Cent: Yeah, OP, I went from back filthy to filthy rich Man

Frown - Pain of my life lyrics


Adam Levine - My life ft. 50 cent & eminem lyrics

Levine: My life, my life Makes me wanna run away There's no place to go, no place to go All the confusion It's an illusion like a movie Got nowhere to go Nowhere to run hide No matter how hard I try 50 Cent: Yeah, OP, I went from back filthy to f

Lloyd - My life lyrics

baby This is my life yeah This is my life Baby ohhh This is life January 3, 1986 Busting out for the fix Took my first steps No clue at how physical life gets Round uptown Calio projects Whole life stopped when my daddy got popped One head shot he was dead on the spot Now

Simple Minds - My life lyrics

can feel it in the darkness Getting closer in the night Like a sacred song You linger on You give me the wings of flight And I love your sense of power Every hour every need When the red light shows Your arms enclose Like the pillars of destiny With one step forward

Sleeping With Sirens - My life lyrics

Verse 1] I tore a hole in the sky, the stars fall at my feet I took a shot at the sun, so I could black out the streets I'm like a wolf in the night in a world full of sheep Better not close your eyes 'cause I'm coming with blood on my teeth So go and tell your friends to start runn

Anouk - My life lyrics

m gonna get out of my shell Try without anybody's help To loose this heavy load And get my life back on the road I've seen the worst when I was down Only loneliness I found Now I'm climbing to the top And I ain't never gonna stop I'll carry on, though the road is long I'm g

Jin - Running thru my head lyrics

know I gotta say something I often sit and ponder, what's the meaning of it all Is it a conspiracy, am I set up to fall? They say "you better slow down, you can't walk before you crawl" I ain't walking, I am runnin', just ran straight

Fake Shark - Real Zombie! - Running for the razors lyrics

perfect world a mute atrocity your little girl from a university counting my blades, counting my fingers how many motherf***ers in this room are sinners? hello change! delicious meds, flavored therapy serating love into static melody counting my knifes, spinning my

Frou Frou - Running through my head lyrics

the things she said all the things she said runnin through my head runnin through my head runnin through my head all the things she said all the things she said runnin through my head runnin through my head all the things she said (this is not in mind..) let me tell you this,

Michelle Branch - For dear life lyrics

you reach out I move in A little premonition on my skin Can you feel the storm that’s rolling in? Do you hear a new love whispering? One moment more and I’m holding onto you For dear life And now that I’m sure I am holding onto you For dear life

Bliss N Eso - My life (feat. ceekay jones) lyrics

life, my life. Yeah, yo, yo. Pump this tape in the deck, place the key in ignition. We won't wait in the red light, only green's in my vision. Yeah, journey to the mind again, aboard the brain. These feathers make me levitate in waterfalls o

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - For your life lyrics

said I was the only, oh, oh With my lemon in your hand Exhibition is your habit Emotions second hand, oh, oh Had to pull away to save me Maybe next time around And she said, don't you wannit? Don't you want coca-coca-cocaine? Hadn't planned to, c

Matakopas - For your life lyrics

the night when all the children are free there's a place they go nowhere to be seen they stalk all night always on the go gonna kill you first then steal your soul They're on the move gonna hunt you down better fight for your life death has been foun

Oar - My life lyrics

takes it deep to her heart right from the start she talks softly over a glass of whine now and again she is more than a friend but don't you just throw me a line say now it would be great if she'd dedicate just a minute from her precious time said i'll give it a while but thats not

Agnostic Front - My life my way lyrics

I die before I wake, if I make it to another day This is my life, it's my destiny - so I will do it my way! If I fail or I succeed, if I make it through another day It's my life, it's my destiny - so I will do it my way! I've learned the hard way In this life,

Athena - Take my life away lyrics

I know why I am alone Answers grow, in this room I will know my past. Two different minds inside my brain I fear my ashes once again Watching in silence all alone I sold lies, and I have burnt my life. Live to kill, kill to live Is it life or a crazy dream?

Balgeatles - My life dream lyrics

a star is the dream of my life I want to prove something I'm not just an normal boy, Just do not know if I try, I do not know how to do it, I want to be famous, but I have enough... I have weakness I do not know what awaits me, but I think it can not. Fate I neve

Big Star - My life is right lyrics

I walked a lonely road Had no one to share my love But then you came and showed the way And now I hope you're here to stay You give me light You are my day You give me life And that's right You give me light You are my day You give me life An

Billy Joel - My life lyrics

a call from an old friend we'd used to be real close Said he couldn't go on the American way Closed the shop, sold the house, bought a ticket to the west coast Now he gives them a stand-up routine in L.A. I don't need you to worry for me 'cause I'm

Biohazard - My life, my way lyrics

this world of death and pain The memory remains, The dragon that can't be slain I live life like a warrior Taking control of everything and everyone Who stands in front of me weakly Unafraid to stand my ground I don't f*** around Get in my face and

Mary J Blige - My life lyrics

Delvalle, Arlene; Ayers, Roy; Thompson, Carl; Blige, Mary J; Combs, Sean; Ooh (My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine) If you looked in my life And see what I've seen If you looked in my life And see what I've seen If you looked in my life And see what I

Mary J Blige - My life (interlude) lyrics

oh oh oh oh Oh baby Oh oh thank you thank you Oh this is my life (this is my life) You are my life (you are my life) You are my life And I thank you (I wanna thank you) Oh I thank you (I wanna thank you) I thank you for that For blessing

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - For once in my life lyrics

once in my life I've got someone who needs me Someone I've needed so long For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me And somehow I know I'll be strong For once I can touch What my heart used to dream of Long before I knew Someone warm like you Co

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